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Futa’s Wild Passion 18: Futa Spies on the Twins

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Futa’s Wild Passion

Chapter Eighteen: Futa Spies on the Twins

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2019

Note: Thanks to FallenAngelX00 for beta reading this!

Allie had her laptop out and booted up on my bed. She was wearing a skirt, but I knew she didn’t have panties on underneath. Her naked twat had flashed at me when she’d raced before me up the stairs to reach my bedroom.

I reached beneath my skirt and shimmied out my panties. My futa-cock groaned in relief. Even these roomier panties, designed for transwomen who hadn’t had their sex change operation to remove their penis, didn’t quite have enough for a futanari. We were just hung. All fifteen or so of us in the world. So there was little chance of having clothes that fit our massive cocks.

It tented the front of my skirt. I hiked that out and let my pale shaft spill out. Allie was busy navigating her laptop with the touchpad. I slid onto the bed behind her, my cock nuzzling into her thigh. She threw a look over her shoulder, her strawberry-blonde pigtail almost smacking me in the face as it whipped around her head.

“Mmm, I need that cock in me,” she moaned, her blue eyes twinkling.

“My cock was just in you,” I pointed out. We had just returned home from our incestuous study session with my friend Pita and her hot mother. The four of us had sex in all manner of ways, thoroughly enjoying each other.

“But that was, like, fifteen minutes ago,” Allie said. “That’s so long for me to go without you in me.”

“You go longer than that every day at our college.

“And it’s just torture,” she moaned. “Don’t you know how much I suffer because your futa-cock isn’t in me.”

“My apologies,” I said, sliding my cock up her thigh. “I’ll fix that right now.”

Allie let out a theatrical sigh. “You’re the best. I love you, Jenny.”

“And I love my cute, adorable, bratty sister,” I purred.

She giggled, not objecting to any of those adjectives.

My cock reached her pussy. I nuzzled into her twat, savoring the feel of sparse, eighteen-year-old bush covering her tight cunny. She opened up the spy program she used to connect to our twin sisters’ laptops.

I could hardly contain blurting out what was about to happen. So I thrust my futa-cock into Allie’s pussy.

She gasped and shuddered. Her cunt clenched down on me as my futa-dick slid deeper and deeper into her pussy. Her wonderful snatch massaged me. The pleasure flowed down my cock to my own snatch. The heat rippled there and then washed out through my body in wonderful ripples.

I hugged my little sister tight as I marinated in her pussy. I reveled in the incestuous grip of her silky, hot flesh about me. She groaned and shifted in my arms, her back rubbing against my breasts. My nipples throbbed against my bra.

“Okay, let’s see if the twins are magically doing anything naughty,” Allie said.

She opened the webcams. We had two different feeds. One was a close up of Tara, one of our older sisters, who looked to be using her laptop. She was peering at the screen, her green eyes studious. She had the same color irises as me but had our mom’s blonde hair instead of my fiery locks. Allie was in between the twins and me. The other camera showed Sara—I could tell the difference between them by how they parted their hair, Sara always on the right side. They were identical unless you really knew them. Then you could see minute differences in facial structures and little blemishes on their skin.

Naked, of course, it got even easier to tell them apart since Tara had her clit pierced and Sara both her nipples.

“See, they’re doing nothing,” sighed Allie. “Our older sisters are so boring. They could be having hot twincest all the time.”

“And inviting a certain, bratty little sister into their bed?” I asked, drawing back my cock.

“Yes!” Allie shouted.

“Shhh,” I said. “We have to keep it down.”

“Right, right.” Allie squeezed her pussy down around my withdrawing cock, sending a flare of pleasure down it. “Can’t have those two prudes find out the rest of us our fucking. They’ll ruin it all. Ugh, I can’t believe the four of us came from the same pussy.”

“And what a yummy pussy that is,” I said, remembering the last time I had sex with our mother.

“Uh-huh,” Allie whimpered. “If the twins weren’t home, we could be having fun with Mom. They better not be around on Saturday to ruin Mrs. Asis’s visit.”

Pita and her mom were coming by on Saturday to, hopefully, let Mom join the fun.

I slid my hands beneath Allie’s shirt as I pumped away, the twins busy with their homework. My fingers slid up and up my sister’s belly to reach her breasts. I squeezed her small tits, kneading them as I savored her pussy. Her cunt squeezed around me.

She whimpered, wiggling her hips and stirring her juicy cunny around my cock. I loved my sister. Loved being in my sister, too. My cunt drank in the pleasure her pussy generated. I trembled, waiting for the fun to begin.

Tara leaned back from her laptop and thrust her arms over her shoulders. Her large breasts stretched out the tank top she wore. “I need a break.”

“Yeah, me, too,” said Sara. “My head’s starting to hurt.”

“Think we have time before dinner?”

“They’re home, Tara.”

Allie perked up. Her cunt squeezed around me. “Why do they care if we’re home.”

“That little pipsqueak is not watching us any longer. She’s got to have grown bored with spying on us.”

“They know?” Allie gasped. “Wait, does that mean…?”

“Fine, but we have to be quiet,” Sara said. “Mmm, sixty-nine?”

“I could eat you out and cum at the same time,” Tara said and popped off her tank top. Her breasts appeared, jiggling in her black bra. She unhooked that next. Her large tits spilled out right before the camera, her gold nipple rings on display.

“Holy fucking shit!” gasped Allie. “I knew it! I knew they were into twincest! I told you, Jenny! I told you they were doing more than studying in their room!”

“Yes, you did,” I moaned, thrusting harder as Tara stood up and crossed to Sara. The webcams caught them from two different sides. They were both topless as they kissed with hunger.

I knew they were lovers since the lunch break today. At the secret lesbian club meeting in the dean’s office, I had learned that Tara and Sara had been seduced into sapphic incest by none other than the head of our college.

Tara and Sara were just like me: afraid that the family would find them disgusting for engaging in incest. They had revealed themselves today in the middle of the orgy hoping I would be too turned on to care.

Little did they know I had been banging Allie and Mom all week.

“This is so hot!” Allie groaned as they kissed, her pussy squeezed around me. “We’re going to have so much fun messing with them before we reveal we want to join in.”

“Mmm, yes, it’s fun teasing a sister,” I said, rolling her nipples between my fingers.


Allie squirmed so much as I pumped away at her pussy. I thrust into her hard and fast. I savored how her snatch squeezed around my cock. She massaged me with her silky grip, sending such bliss shooting down to my twat. The pleasure grew and grew in my snatch, flowing down my clit-dick.

The twins shoved down the other’s skirt as they kissed with hunger. They wore matching panties, black and lacy that hugged their asses. They each shoved their hands into the other’s panties, cupping the other’s butt-cheeks. They gripped and kneaded each other, moaning as they kissed.

“So hot!” groaned Allie. “Mmm, Jenny, we got them.”

“Yes, we do,” I cooed.

I savored every stroke into my little sister’s twat. Her excitement sent a wicked thrill through me. The twins drifted to the bed, still kissing with their hands down the other’s panties. They reached the bed and broke the kiss. The ripped down those panties and kissed again.

Allie gasped, her cunt squeezing around my futa-cock. “Does Sara have a pierced clit? I thought I saw something.”

“No idea,” I lied, thrusting away at my little sister’s twat. I pumped hard and fast at her, reveling in plowing into her snatch. “But sure is sexy. Mmm, they’re going for it.”

Sara ended up on the bottom. Tara’s breasts swayed, her nipple piercings flashing, as she straddled her twin’s mouth. She settled down on Sara’s mouth. Blonde hair fell around Tara’s face as she went for Sara’s pussy.

The twins sixty-nined.

Allie groaned.

I thrust harder.

I pumped away with passion at my younger sister’s cunt as we watched our older sisters devouring the other’s pussy. They feasted on each other. They licked and lapped and ate each other out with such passion. It was so sexy to watch.

It made my cock so hard. I thrust into my little sister’s snatch. I pounded her hard and fast while Tara and Sara moaned their passion, their rapture coming out tinny through the laptop’s cheap speakers. They licked with enthusiasm.

“So hot!” gasped Allie. “They’ve done this a lot. Incest runs in the family! We’re all such horny perverts!”

“Yes!” I gasped, pinching her nipples. “And a certain bratty sister is the worst!”

“Yes, yes, yes!”

Her pussy went wild around my girl-cock. I shuddered at the intensity of her orgasm. Her flesh quivered and writhed with such enthusiasm around my clit-dick. It was a wild thrill to enjoy. A wicked and wild passion. I drank it in. I loved every moment of her pussy going wild around my shaft.

She sucked at my cunt. She drove me wild. I buried into her snatch as I watched the twins devour each other. Sara’s hands clenched around Tara’s butt-cheeks, holding tight. Fingers dipped into Tara’s crack.

“Yes, yes, Sara, go for it!” hissed Allie. “Finger Tara’s asshole.”

Tara spasmed.

“You wicked sluts!” Allie moaned, bucking harder in my arms, her pussy sucking at my girl-dick slamming into her heavenly snatch.

I groaned at the wild thrill of her pussy convulsing around me. That hot embrace spasmed with such hot intensity about my girl-dick. I groaned, my body bucking with wild enthusiasm. I panted and thrust into her, unable to hold back.

I erupted.

I shuddered and bucked on the bed, holding Allie tight, as I pumped her cunt full of my şişli bayan escort jizz. My little sister’s pussy went even wilder about my cock. She spasmed and writhed. She milked me with her silky glove. Juices gushed out of me. This amazing pleasure surged through me.

It was awesome.

“Jenny!” Allie moaned, bucking in my arms. “Oh, Jenny! Jenny!”

We weren’t being quiet, but it didn’t matter now.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I panted. “Oh, my god, that’s hot. That’s delicious. Mmm, I’m cumming so hard.”

“I bet you are!” Allie shuddered. “I know you are! I can feel it!”

Hot and wild eruptions of cum fired out of my dick. I groaned, the pleasure screaming through me. Stars burst across my vision. I bucked and moaned, loving every minute of that delicious rapture screaming through me.

I hit the peak of my pleasure and panted. A momentary wave of darkness washed across my expression. When it cleared, the twins were still devouring each other while Allie’s pussy wrung the last of my cum out of my dick.

“I just knew it!” Allie groaned. “Didn’t I, Jenny? I called that they were lovers.”

“Yes, you did,” I said, stroking her arm.

“Oh, we’re going to fuck with them during dinner,” Allie purred. She licked her lips. “They have no idea you’re fucking me and mom. I’ll make them squirm for keeping this from me.”

I tried to hide my smile. Luckily, Allie had her gaze glued to the screen.

The twins were moaning louder and louder. It was clear their climaxes approached. They were both squirming, their big boobs rubbing into the other’s belly. They moaned and gasped. Then they bucked.

Their orgasms moaned through the cheap speakers, almost screeching into shrilling feedback. The pair were in heaven. They licked up all that yummy pussy juices. I could say, after the last five days of fucking, that my sisters all had yummy pussies.

Not surprising since Mom’s was just divine.

Tara slid off of Sara. The pair turned around. They planted hungry kisses on the other. They loved each other like Allie and I did. I smiled at the twincest love on display. Their secret romance exposed to our eyes.

“They’re so cute together,” Allie said. “Just like me and you.”

“Uh-huh,” I said. I wanted to share my relationship with Allie to the world, but there were more and more people I could tell about it. Allie’s naughty friend, Kathy Greene, was in the lesbian club as were my friend Briana, Dean Washington, and a few other professors I didn’t know that well.

They all accepted Tara, Sara, and me having sex. Allie would be a cinch. Kathy would want threesomes with us, and then we could seduce Kathy’s mother, my professor Mrs. Greene, into our fun, too. She just had a baby and her breast milk tasted amazing.

“Dinner!” Mom called from below. “Come on, girls, get down here and eat it. Then you can get back to your studying.”

“Oh, we’re going to be studying all right!” Allie said, watching as Tara and Sara scrambled to get dress. “Mmm, studying twincest tonight!”

I giggled.

She wiggled off my cock and scampered off my bed, not bothering to do more than shove down her skirt and adjust her tank top. I grabbed my discarded panties and pulled them on while Allie pressed her ear to the door. Then she burst out into the hall.

“Oh, hey, how’s studying going?” Allie asked.

“Fine, fine,” one of the twins said. I couldn’t tell them apart by voice.

“Cool, cool, what are you studying? Biology?”

“History,” the other twin, or maybe the same one, answered smoothly.

“Oh, yeah, what? Women’s liberation? Studying how we got free to vote and own property and have jobs and be lesbians.”

“Lesbians?” One of the twins asked. “You’re weird, Allie. You know that?”

“Sure, sure, I’m weird,” said Allie. “I mean, you and Tara are always in your room. Alone. Studying all manner of things. Why, I bet it’s positively cozy when you two are feverishly studying. Just working each other into a lather as you memorize this or that. Poke around. Probe. Get into the subject matter real deep.” Allie sniffed. “What’s that smell?”

Then she darted away, giggling.

I shook my head and stepped out. The twins both had smirks on their faces. “She’s not subtle,” Tara said while Sara added, “Why didn’t she just accuse us of being dykes?”

“She wants you squirming all through supper,” I said as I strolled past them. “She wants you afraid that she’ll tell mom about what you two are doing in there.”

“What a brat,” one of the twins said.

The other grunted in agreement then added, “I’m not sure I want to play with her.”

“Oh, don’t be like that,” I said. “She’s got a pussy full of my cum. I know you’re both dying to taste it out of her tight twat.”

“Yes,” they groaned together.

Allie was helping mom set the table, something suspicious. “I kept hearing these weird noises while I was studying,” Allie said. “I don’t know what they were. Like the house was settling or something. It came from the twins’ room.”

“Oh,” Mom said. “I’m sure it was just nothing. This house isn’t young. Bound to hear funny sounds.”

“True,” Allie said, looking up. “Tara and Sara, did you two hear any weird groaning coming from your bedroom just a few minutes ago?”

“Just the normal sounds,” one of the twins said.

“Yep. Nothing unusual I heard.”

“See,” Mom said brightly, setting down a creamy mushroom and chicken casserole in the center of the table. “Go get the green beans, Allie.”

“Sure!” Allie said and gave the twins piercing looks. Then she darted off.

I set down to Mom’s right, who was at the head of the table, with Tara on my left. Sara sat across from her twin and Allie came back with the green beans and took the open seat across from me. She had this big grin on her face.

“I bet the twins wished it was tuna casserole,” said Allie as she spooned green beans onto her plate. They’d been cooked with bits of bacon for more flavor. “They just love fish, right? Especially fish tacos.”

“Oh, absolutely,” said Tara. She glanced over at Sara. “You know, Sara makes the best fish tacos I’ve ever had. Just knows how to spice them up.”

“Mmm, but Tara’s are pretty good,” Sara added as she scooped up the casserole on her plate.

“Oh, you should make them tomorrow for dinner,” said Mom. “I’d love to try them. We won’t have Jenny, so we can have a casual night.”

“Yeah, do that,” Allie said. “Show mom just how you like to each other’s fish tacos.”

“I don’t see why you’re saying that like it’s weird,” said Sara. She gave Allie a fixed look. “They’re just tacos.”

“Delicious tacos,” Tara groaned.

Allie’s vexation flashed across her face. This was not going the way she wanted. She shifted in her chair, giving Tara and Sara studious looks in turn. My sister’s blue eyes narrowed. I wondered what was going through them. Was she trying to figure out if the twins were missing her signs, or if they were playing along with her and acting like what she said was perfectly innocent?

Allie spooned up her casserole and stirred it around. I could almost hear the little hamster in her mind running fast on the wheel, her thoughts practically squeaking as she toyed with her food. Then she took a big mouthful.

“That’s a strange perfume you have on, Sara,” Allie said, glancing at our older sister beside her. Allie leaned in and inhaled. “What is that, Ode de Tara?”

“I’m not wearing any perfume,” she said.

“Then what is that musk?” Allie glanced at Mom. “You smell it.”

Mom inhaled. “I smell the casserole.”

“It’s really good,” Tara said and took a large bite.

Allie sighed then she shifted, “They’re studying history up in their rooms.”

“Yep, history of lesbians,” Tara said without missing a beat.

“Have to do a lot of research,” Sara said, not even smiling. “It’s for our class. We’re in an LGBT module.”

“It’s been quite fascinating. The things we’re learning. Just delving deep into the material. We were having a heavy study sesh when you called us down for dinner.”

“Yeah, we could have just kept going at it.” Sara smiled. “I’m eager to get back to it. I got that itch.”

Tara nodded. “You know that itch, right, Allie?”

Allie glared at them both. “This isn’t funny.”

“Why would lesbians be funny?” asked Tara.

“You’re not homophobic, are you?” Sara asked. “I know Reverend August is, but I didn’t think you are.”

Flashes of Reverend Helen August danced through my mind. I had masturbated to her and mom with my cock on Sunday. It had been while I was cumming thinking about them that Allie had burst in on me and capitalized our relationship.

“I’m not homophobic,” Allie said. “But Mom is. She doesn’t like lesbians. She agrees that it’s wrong. I don’t think she would like what you two are studying.”

“Oh, they can study lesbian history,” Mom said. “Eat your dinner before it gets cold, Allie.”

Allie let out a frustrated screech.

Mom wince. “Now, really, Allie, it’s not that bad.”

“They’re having sex!” Allie said, pointing at Tara and Sara. “They’re having sex all the time. They eat each other’s pussies. They were just doing it.”

If she expected the twins to panic at that, Allie was in for a shock because they just each took a bite of their casserole. Sara let out a groan of delight and squirmed beside me like she thought she’d eaten the best thing in the world.

“No, really, Allie,” Mom said, standing up and moving behind her. “Why would you think they were having sex just now?”

“She put software to spy on us through our laptops,” Tara said and turned to Mom. “I don’t see what the big deal is since she’s having sex with you and Jenny. You’d think she’d understand.”

Allie’s jaw dropped.

Mom leaned down and kissed Tara right on the lips, slipping in plenty of tongue.

Allie’s eyes bulged.

I leaned over to Sara and kissed her on the lips, thrusting my tongue into my older sister’s mouth.

Allie let out a strangled groan.

Mom and I kissed our respective twin, tongues dueling. I stroked Sara’s thigh beneath the table. She cupped my breast through my top, squeezing my round mound.

“What the hell is going on?” Allie demanded.

I şişli escort broke the kiss and smiled at Allie. “Why, family dinner. Now, would you like to lick a creampie out of Sara’s pussy or not.”

“Of course I would!” Allie said. Then her eyes widened. “You knew, Jenny! You knew they were having sex! You set me up!”

“You were trying to set us up,” Tara said.

“I found out at school today,” I said. “The twins knew you put spyware on their computer and they’ve been so frustrated for days thinking you were going to bust them. They haven’t been able to have sex in their bedroom like they love. So they need some extra loving.”

“Mmm, they do,” Mom purred. I had called Mom today and let her know all about our planned fun for dinner.

“I… You… This…” Allie stamped her foot. “You were all messing with me.”

“Yep,” I said as I stood up and pulled Sara with me. I grinned at my older sister, my futa-cock eager to make love to her again. “You can be a brat, Allie. I love you—I really, really do—but you deserved some teasing back, don’t you? I mean, you did put spyware on their computers.”

“So I could confirm they were in the throes of twincest, tease them to distraction, then offer to join the fun. Then the three of us were going to seduce you and then we were going to go for Mom as a team. I didn’t expect you to become a futa or… or…” Her words trailed off. “Oh.”

“Yeah, kind of a brat.” I smiled at her. “But that’s why we’re going to go to the living room, have sex, and you’ll have to watch. Then you get to join the fun. How does that sound?”

“Amazing!” Allie jumped up and down, her pigtails dancing. Then she spun around and threw her arms in the air. “The entire family. All five of the Riter girls getting it on! Oh, this will be so hot! Kathy Greene will eat her heart out if I could tell her.”

“She’s in the secret lesbian club at our college,” said Sara casually as she led me to the living room. “She’s eaten mine and Tara’s pussies loads of time. Even both of ours together.”


I giggled at Allie’s echoing screech. This was a lot of fun. Allie needed to be teased from time to time or her brattiness would grow so large, it would swallow the whole world in her mischievousness. And she was so cute when she was frustrated, too. I wanted to just rain kisses all over her.

In the living room, things progressed. The twins ripped off the sweatpants and t-shirts to reveal their naked bodies. Mom had her sweatpants and top off, too. She was equally naked beneath. Was I the only one in the family wearing panties?

Mom and Tara were making out with hunger, my sister pinned beneath Mom on the couch, by the time I was down to bra and underwear. Sara was on the floor, her legs spread wide, her pierced clit gleaming. She tugged on it, watching me.

“Hurry up!” she moaned. “I want that cock in me. Once wasn’t enough. I need you pounding me, Jenny.”

“Yes!” Allie hissed. My sister came up behind me and yanked down my panties.

I gasped as my cock popped out. My clit-dick bobbed before me. It twitched and throbbed with my wild heartbeats. The spasms rippled up my cock. I groaned, pussy juices trickling down my thighs. I unhooked my bra while Allie pushed on me from behind.

“Get in her pussy so I can lick her clean!” Allie moaned. “Right now, Jenny!”

“How do you put up with her?” Sara asked as I peeled off my bra, baring my round tits.

“When you love someone, you put up with all their brattiness.” Then I giggled. “And, honestly, she is so wild in bed. She is a minx. You’re going to love her enthusiasm channeled into appropriate places.”

Mom moaned her agreement.

She broke the kiss with Tara and kissed my sister’s neck to her boobs. Mom pressed her face between them, rubbing those lush mounds into her face. Tara groaned, her blonde hair fanned over the couch’s armrest.

“Mom!” she groaned. “Ooh, you’re a boob girl, huh, Mom?”

“They’re just so sexy. I love all my daughters’ boobs.”


“Mmm, and these are just such lush and delicious ones.”


As mom kissed all over Tara’s tits, I was pressing my cock into Sara’s pussy. I brushed her clit piercing, making her gasp, then I slid down to the entrance to her juicy twat. My older sister grinned at me, her eyes wide and bright.

I leaned down and I kissed her on the mouth. I thrust my tongue past her lips. Mine dueled around with hers while my cock slammed into her pussy. I groaned into the kiss as my clit-dick penetrated to the hilt in my sister’s snatch.

She squeezed around me. She held me tight and squirmed on the floor. Her fingernails scratched along my back. They slid down to my rump. She gripped me. She held me tight. Her digits dug into my plump ass and pulled me into her snatch.

I loved it.

I kissed her with hunger and pumped away at her twat. I thrust with hard strokes. I rammed into her, churning her up. It was so exciting to do. I reveled in it. I loved every moment of penetrating her cunt and stirring up her snatch. She kissed me with hunger. Her tongue danced and played with mine.

“That’s so hot,” Allie moaned. I felt her breath washing over my cock as it pulled out of Sara’s pussy. “Just watching you pump away at her cunt. Are you going to knock her up?”

“Maybe,” I groaned, no longer afraid of that prospect. “After all, Mom might be a mommy again.”

“Yes!” Mom groaned. She was kissing down to Tara’s pussy now.

“That would be so hot,” Allie purred. “Just like watching your cock plunge into Sara’s pussy.”

I thrust into Sara, my round breasts pressing into hers. She groaned, her blue eyes sparkling. I rubbed my nose against hers, loving the sounds she made as my cock rammed into her pussy over and over again.

Then I gasped as Allie’s lips nuzzled in to lick to my cock as it pulled out. She lapped up Sara’s juices. She was supposed to just be watching, but she felt so good on me, I couldn’t tell her no. I rammed forward. Her tongue slid through my pussy folds, teasing me.

Sara gasped, her pussy clenching around me. I shuddered, loving the feel of her around me. I pumped away at her, thrusting with all my enthusiasm into her snatch. My sister’s tongue licked at my cunt and cock. She smacked her lips in between her teasing flutters.

“Mmm, you two taste so good,” Allie groaned.

“She feels amazing in me!” panted Sara, her snatch squeezing on me.

“You should cum on her dick!”

“Yes!” Tara moaned. It might have been in answer to Allie, or It could have been because Mom devoured her. Tara thrashed on the couch, getting feasted on by Mom.

It was hot to watch with my cock driving into one sister’s twat while the other licked at my futa-dick and cunt. My ovaries brimmed with the load of cum that I would fire into Sara’s pussy. I would make her explode.

Her snatch squeezed around me. The pleasure shot down my shaft to my cunt. Allie’s tongue fluttered through my folds as I thrust back into Sara. Another exciting bit of stimulation that was driving me to the edge.

“Oh, yes, yes, Mom!” gasped Tara. “Oh, my god, I can’t believe how good you are at eating pussy! You’re amazing! Sara, you have to feel Mom eating you out!”

“Are you cumming on our mother?” asked Sara, her snatch clenching around my futa-dick.

“You better fucking believe I am! “Tara howled. “Mom! Mom! Drink down all that cream gushing out of me! Oh, fuck, isn’t that just the best fucking pussy you’ve eaten?”

“Mmm, I can’t choose between my daughters, now can I?” Mom moaned between licks.

“Besides, she hasn’t tried mine yet!” gasped Sara as I drove into hers.

“We taste the same!” gasped Tara. “Oh, yes, yes, Mom! You rock!”

“Do they taste the same, Jenny?” Allie moaned.

“Yes!” I gasped, driving hard into Sara. “Just both so delicious. But not as good as yours. Yours is the best pussy, Allie.”

“I love you so much!” Allie fluttered her tongue against my pussy lips. She drove her tongue into my cunt and swirled it around. I groaned, my twat squeezing around her. Then I was drawing back and her lips kissed down my cock.

I slammed back into Sara, and my older sister gasped. Her hands shot up and squeezed my tits while her pussy clenched around my girl-cock. The friction increased. Sara’s green eyes squeezed shut. Then her cunt went wild about my dick.

I groaned at the feel of her cumming on my cock. Her pussy juices gushed out around my girl-cock. Allie squealed in delight, no doubt getting a face full of our older sister’s cunt cream. I slammed back into that wonderful pussy and joined her.

“Jenny!” Sara gasped as I pumped into her.

“Yes, yes, Sara!” I moaned, my futa-cum firing from my girl-cock and my pussy juices squirting from my spasming twat.

Allie rubbed her face into my pussy, licking and lapping and devouring the cream flooding out of me. Her tongue fluttered through me, adding waves of delight that washed through my orgasming body. I shuddered and moaned, Sara squeezing my round breasts.

My older sister’s big boobs heaved as she came on my cock. Her climaxing pussy writhed and spasmed. Her hungry flesh sucked at my dick. She worked out all the cum in my ovaries. I groaned as I fired that final blast into her, whimpering and moaning.

“So much cum,” panted Sara. “Ooh, so much jizz is in me.”

“Yes!” Allie hissed. She fluttered her tongue through my pussy and then panted, “Out of the way, Jenny. I have cunt to eat!”

“Rude,” I panted. “You can at least ask nicely, Allie.”

“Sorry! I’m just so excited! The twins are finally playing with us, and I just want to lick all of your cum out of Sara’s pussy, so will you pretty, pretty please move so I can devour her and feast on her and enjoy every bit of her!”

Allie fell into breathless pants as I graciously slid my futa-cock out of our older sister’s twat. I slipped to the side and Allie rolled over onto her knees. Still gasping for breath, she buried her face into Sara’s shaved twat and licked.

Sara groaned in delight.

Tara purred, drawing my attention. She had turned over to kneel on the couch. Mom had moved before her, settling down on the armrest and looked prepared to be eaten to a mind-numbing orgasm by her daughter. mecidiyeköy escort Mom’s hands seized Tara’s blonde hair, pulling my sister’s head lower and lower.

“That’s it,” cooed Mom. “Mmm, just lick and lap at my pussy. That’s where you came from.”

“Mmm, and it looks yummy, Mom!” Tara pressed her head into our mother’s cunt and started licking. Mom’s back arched. Her boobs heaved. She trembled there, looking like she was in heaven. I smiled, knowing the feeling.

I moved onto the couch behind them. Mom smiled at me then nodded to Tara’s curving rump. I grinned and winked at my Mommy-slave. With my cock dripping in Sara’s pussy cream, I boldly brought it to Tara’s butt-crack.

I slid in, savoring the silky texture. Tara didn’t even lift her head as she moaned, “Do it, Jenny!”

“Ooh, anal’s hot!” groaned Sara as she shuddered on the floor, a recipient of one of Allie’s amazing pussy-eating jobs.

I found Tara’s asshole. I shuddered at the incestuous thrill rippling through me. Then I pressed forward, staring into Mom’s blue eyes. They sparkled with her own illicit delight, shuddering as Tara devoured her.

My older sister’s anal ring parted with surprising ease. She was no virgin back here. She did groan as my cock stretched her out. I popped into her bowels and, lubed by her twin’s cream. I panted, savoring every inch that I slid into her.

More and more of my cock vanished into Tara’s wonderful asshole. Her bowels devoured my clit-dick. My pussy clenched, juices running down my thighs. My boobs jiggled in delight. They swayed together as I bottomed out in my sister’s asshole.

“Ooh, fuck her hard,” Mom moaned, her large tits jiggling. “She’s got her tongue so deep in me. It’s such a delight.”

“I bet it is,” I moaned, my hands sliding up and down Tara’s sides as I let her bowels stretch around my girth. She might have taken dildos and vibrators back here, but I had a big cock. “Make her cum, Tara. She birthed us.”

“Yes, she did!” purred Tara.

“Nine months in my womb,” Mom said, this dreamy look crossing her face. Then she gasped. “Tara! You wicked slut! Mmm, I love what you’re doing to my pussy with your tongue.”

Smiling, I gripped Tara’s hips and drew back. My cock slid through her bowels. That velvety delight of my sister’s asshole massaged my cock. The pleasure surged down my shaft to my pussy. My cunt clenched, the heat boiling through them and reaching for my ovaries full of all that cum.

I slammed back into her bowels. I buried into her hard. Fast. I slammed to the hilt in her. My crotch smacked into her rump. The echoes jiggled through the bedroom. My breasts bounced and heaved with every thrust.

My hands roamed Tara’s body. I found her jiggling boobs. I squeezed them, gripping them tight as I sodomized her hard. My sister’s bowels clenched on my cock on every withdrawal, sending rapture blazing through my pussy.

“Yes!” I moaned, slamming back into her.

“Mmm, that’s it,” Mom moaned, her blue eye smoky. “That’s how you eat your Mommy’s pussy. Yes, yes, I’m going to cum.”

“Do it!” I hissed. “You can cum all you want!”

“Thank you!” My Mommy-slave shuddered. Then she gasped and bucked.

Tara groaned, clearly enjoying the mouthful of pussy cream she got to lick up. And I savored the delight of fucking her asshole hard and fast. I buried into her, watching Mom’s tits heave. Her head tossed back and forth, her mane of golden hair sweeping behind her.

She groaned and gasped. Her passion echoed around us. It was such a delicious thing to hear and witness. I slammed to the hilt in Tara. I groaned, my futa-dick throbbing and aching. The pleasure built at the tip, wanting to explode out of me.

I squeezed up my sister’s tits as she feasted on Mom, sending another climax bursting through her—she went multi-orgasmic with ease. I found my sister’s nipples. I twisted them. Tugged on them. She squealed into Mom’s pussy.


Her bowels writhed around my cock.

“Oh, Jenny, yes!” hissed my older sister, her bowels spasming and writhing around my cock.

I gasped and buried into her sucking asshole. My back arched. My pussy clenched. Then I joined my sister in incestuous heaven. I fired out my jizz. The cum spurted over and over into her bowels. I gasped and groaned, pumping my delight into her asshole. Stars burst across my vision. Great big bursts of bliss that had my mind reeling.

Tara moaned. Mom groaned. Sara gasped. She, too, was cumming. Everyone but Allie was, and she was happily feasting on Sara’s twat. I shuddered, my pumping my futa-cum into Tara’s writhing asshole. She worked out all my spunk. I hit the pinnacle of rapture.


“Ooh, you know how to fuck a girl in the ass,” panted Tara.

“Yes, yes,” Allie groaned. “Tara, I got to lick your butthole clean now. Get over here.”

“How can I say no to that?” asked Tara as I pulled out of her asshole.

“You can’t,” I told her, watching my older sister crawl off the couch and rush over to Allie.

“I’m going to eat your cunt, cutie,” Sara said, sitting up, and grabbing Allie’s waist. She tickled our little sister’s sides. Allie’s strawberry-blonde pigtails danced as she burst into giggles, her sticky face turning red.

“And you, slut, you’re going to suck my cock clean,” I said to my Mommy-slave.

“Yes, Mistress,” Mom cooed.

I stepped off the couch, and she sank down before me, big tits swayed. She opened wide and sucked my dirty cock into her mouth. I groaned as she bobbed her head with hunger. She polished my pole, sucking on it with such delight. Her blue eyes shone up at me with such joy.

She was the happiest serving. Pity she and Dad never figured out just how submissive she was when he was alive. Well, I would take care of her in his place. I stroked my hand through her hair and savored her sucking on my dick.

She bobbed her head. She worked her mouth up and down it. Her head twisted. She swirled her tongue. I groaned, loving how hungry she was. She sucked and slurped and loved my futa-dick. I smiled, my pussy clenching.

Allie knelt behind Tara and feasted on her cum-filled asshole while Sara nuzzled into our little sister’s twat and licked at her. She smiled, finding the cum I’d left in Allie earlier. I savored this moment, my pumping hips driving my cock to the depths of Mom’s throat.

She swallowed my dick with submissive ease.

I loved the way my cock slid down her gullet. I groaned, my breasts jiggling. My pussy clenched. She sucked with such hunger on me. Her fingers grabbed my rump. She held me tight. Her fingers dug into my ass while her lips nuzzled all the way into my blonde bush.

“Just like that, Mommy-slave,” I cooed.

I fucked her throat hard as my sisters moaned beside us. Mom’s hungry mouth and tight throat polished my futa-dick clean of Tara’s bowels. Mom’s tongue danced around my shaft as I buried down her gullet over and over.

She sucked. Slurped. Drool spilled out of the corners of her mouth. She stared up at me with motherly submission.

“Yes!” I moaned, pumping away at her. “Oh, yes, yes, Mom! Oh, that’s good. That’s amazing. Mmm, just keep sucking on my cock. That’s wonderful. Oh, you’re giving me all that pleasure I want. Ooh, look at you go.”

She danced her tongue around my dick. She polished it with her hunger. I drove my futa-shaft down her throat over and over. Her nose nuzzled into my blonde bush on every downstroke. The pleasure hit that wild pinnacle in me.

On my next thrust, I erupted down her throat.

Pussy juices gushed down my thighs while my cum fired straight into her belly. My sisters moaned in delight while I enjoyed our mother. I swayed, stars bursting before me. I held Mom’s head tight, my body bucking. Tits heaving.

I savored this incestuous rush. Our entire family was able to love each other. It was incredible. We were so fortunate to be so close. My head tossed back and forth. My cock spurted a final time. I hit that pinnacle of heaven.

“Yes!” I moaned.

Mom stared up at me with love.

I pulled out of her and grinned, eager to join the fun. Mom, my three sisters, and I all descended on each other into a wild tangle of incestuous passion. We loved each other the way only a family with a futa could.

Sadly, it had to end.

“Okay, it’s a school night,” Mom announced, cutting short our family orgy. We were all sticky and panting and happy. “Now, don’t pout at me, Allie, you’ll have plenty of time to have sex with your sisters and me.”

“The rest of your life,” I said, grinning at her.

“Yes, but now you have homework. I know you didn’t get any studying done at the Asis’s. I spoke to Mrs. Asis before you came down for dinner, so I know just what you four were up to.” Mom’s eyes sparkled. “And she’ll be coming over on Saturday for afternoon tea, so we’ll have plenty of fun. But only if you get your homework done.”

“Right!” Allie gasped and darted upstairs.

“Holy shit, Mom got Allie to do homework,” Tara said. She hooked Sara’s arm. “Amazing.”

Sara nodded in agreement. “Incest has really changed that girl. Mellowed her.”

“That’s just being in love,” said Mom, smiling at me. “Now, I know I’m your Mommy-slave, but you have to do your homework, too, Jenny. I’m putting my foot down. If you want to spank me for this, it’ll have to wait.”

Tara and Sara both stared at me with looks of awe.

I winked at them.

I headed upstairs to do my homework. Wendy texted me more than a few times, eager for the date we were going on. So was I. Tomorrow would be dinner, a movie, and then back to her place for another movie. Her parents weren’t home, and I was going to give her quite a wild night. I had such a huge surprise for her.

If my plan worked, my girlfriend would finally admit she was gay and be happy with that. I wanted to set her up with Victoria. I think they would be cute together. And, of course, I would be there to have kinky threesomes with them whenever they wanted.

I was looking forward to tomorrow.

Allie joined me for bed, and she fell asleep with a pussy full of my cum and my hand resting on her belly wondering if our daughter had already started growing in her. I’d done some research on futas. And we could have children. Either futas or daughters. Apparently, we had like a Z chromosome.

An X and a Z and you got a naughty girl like me!

To be continued…

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Ara 01

Harry Potter – Part 2 – Diagon Alley

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The sun beamed through the window on a glorious August morning.

“Up at last, Harry?” said Ron, who was putting a shirt on.

“Yeah,” he muttered groggily. “You’ll never guess what happened last night though!” he continued on, recalling the events and suddenly waking up

“Did something happen after I fell asleep?” inquired Ron.

“I was feeling horny, so I took a look at the book and found a spell”

“Really? Well, did you use it on someone?”

Harry paused for a moment, gazing at Ron. His expression seemed eager to know, but there also appeared to be a hint of fear etched on his face; maybe he was worried Harry had stolen his love, or Harry had done stuff with his sister. Putting Ron out of his anxiety, Harry said,

“Yes… Fleur”

For a split second, Harry saw relief flood Ron’s face, before he asked how it was. Harry went on to inform him very graphically of the details, how he had found Fleur in the kitchen and had the opportunity to use the spell on her and fucked her pussy raw

“Bloody hell Harry, you’re one lucky bastard” said Ron, full of awe. “I need to use that book as soon as possible”

“Let’s look for another spell, ” said Harry.

Ron raced across to his trunk and opened up the book to its second page. The spell there was called “deus hora.” It read “For one hour only, you will appear to be a God to all women who see you. They will instantly be fully attracted to you and willing to do your every command, as a group. At the end of the hour, everyone subject to the spell will faint for one minute, giving you the opportunity to flee the scene. They will also have no recollection of the events.”

“Wicked” gasped Ron, “But I won’t be able to use this for ages, this house is too busy for me to risk any of my brothers catching on to what is going on!”

At that exact moment, Mrs Weasley banged on their door.

“Boys, we’re going to Diagon Alley today, be ready by 11. We are all leaving at the same time, it’s not such a safe place any more, so hurry up!”

“You’re in luck mate” said Harry, winking to his pal.


It was fairly deserted. Since news of Voldemort’s return, people had been afraid to leave the relative safety of their own homes. There had been killings, murders, even news of violent rapes, so it wasn’t a surprise to see that there were very few people around. Those who were, moved in tight knit groups.

“Is that all 8 of us?” inquired Mr Weasley.

“Ron, Harry, Hermione, Ginny, Molly, Bill, Fleur and me. Yes, that’s all 10” he said.

“Right, now we must stay together alright, all of us must do everything as a group. It’s too risky for people to go off on their own. First, let’s go to Madam Malkins, best get everyone’s clothing sorted out first.”

Ron realised it would be almost impossible to get a chance to be alone with any girls, but he desperately wanted to try this spell out. After all, Harry had some action last night, it was only fair that he got some now. He quickly devised a plan and rushed to the front of the group, so as soon as they entered the old robes shop, he would be taken care of first by Madam Malkin.

The first part of his plan had worked, she took his measurements first and found him the perfect set of robes. He knew he had about one hour to work with, as three other people had to be attended to, but there weren’t many girls around he could ensnare. Nor would it be easy for him to creep off without anyone realising.

Fortune seemed to be on his side, as at that precise moment, Angelina Johnson, Alicia Spinnet and Katie Bell all entered the shop. He knew he would have to act fast, because as soon as the three girls realised the length of the queue, they would leave. He went into the furthest aisle of the shop and pointed his wand at his own neck, and performed the “deus hora” spell.

He felt a chill down his tingling spine and the hairs on the back of his neck stood on end for a moment. He looked at his image in the mirror and he seemed to be emanating some sort of golden rays of light.

He walked out to the end of the aisle and peered out. He saw the three girls about to leave the shop, looking slightly disappointed.

“Hey!” he called out, loud enough for them to hear, but not so loud that it would attract the attention of his entire family.

The three girls turned to see where the call had come from. As soon as they saw him, their eyes grew wider for a moment and they marched over towards him.

“Your wish is our command,” they spoke at the same time.

Cool he thought to himself, this is going to be fantastic.

“Go across the street to Fred and George’s shop. Sneak past them and go upstairs to their flat. Take this key to open the door. I will be there in a few minutes. “

Angelina took the key and the three girls, transfixed on fulfilling their master’s wishes, left the shop.

For many years, Ron had lusted after the three girls, in the year above him. Especially when got into the Quidditch team, he had glimpsed their perfect bodies, fit after all the training they had done, şişli bayan escort in the changing rooms. He had wanked off many times to the mere thought of having all three girls to himself, but now this was becoming a reality! His flaccid penis twitched in his pants and he felt a hard-on growing.

“Where is ze Ronald?” he heard Fleur say throatily from the other side of the shop.

“Ron!” called Mr Weasley sharply.

“Don’t worry Dad, I’m here, I’m going to try on a few more clothes, see if they fit any better, there’s a changing room this side”

“Okay” he heard the response.

Perfect, thought Ron, and quietly left the shop, running across the street and entered Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes.

Little did he notice a figure by the corner of the street, under a dark hood.

“What’s Weazelbee up to now?” pondered Draco. He had seen the three girls leave the clothing store and enter the joke shop. He hadn’t suspected anything until he saw Ron sprinting across the street moments later to join them. He had also noticed Ron’s suspicious, sneaking behaviour as he left the shop and Draco suspected something was going on. He decided to follow Ron into the shop


Ron Weasley, the youngest male Weasley, the one who always felt least loved by his mother, the one who was always second best next to his closest friend famous Harry Potter, was ecstatic. He was about to enter a room in which 3 sexy girls were waiting to give him an hour of pleasure. He was about to finally lose his virginity to three willing beauties. Life doesn’t get any better than this Ron, he told himself. Calm down and perform your best, he said, under his breath, before turning the doorknob and entering.

“Ohh Ron,” said Angelina coyly, the moment he walked through the door, “You’re so attractive”
“Handsome, dashing…” whispered Alicia
“You must fuck us” said Katie

Woah, thought Ron to himself, this spell seemed to have worked so well, he didn’t even have to tell them what to do, everything he wanted to do, somehow mentally led the girls into following his unspoken wishes.

“Ladies, please” said Ron, in a hoarse voice, barely believing his luck, “Start by giving me a show, undress each other, slowly and sexily.”

Ron sat down in the chair in the corner of the room, feeling like royalty.

The three girls immediately obliged to his wish. All three girls were wearing tight fitting t-shirts with a pair of jeans, muggle clothing, but it certainly suited them and made them all the more attractive. Firstly, Angelina and Alicia took off Katie’s t-shirt, taking their time to rub their soft hands all over her stomach, before unbuttoning her jeans and letting them fall to the ground. The same then took place on the other two girls. They paused for a moment, standing in front of Ron in their sexy lingerie, letting him take it all in.

Years of hardcore Quidditch training had left all three girls with very toned, defined and slim bodies. Angelina was wearing a white lace bra and a matching thong, which contrasted against her dark skin. Alicia was wearing a turquoise colour bra and a ruby red pair of knickers which also contrasted against her milky white skin. Katie, who was reasonably well tanned, was wearing jet black panties and a bra of similar colour.

The three girls then took off their bra and slowly pulled down whatever was covering their respective pussies. Ron could barely cope any more, there was a large bulge in his pants, the tight jeans were chafing his manhood.

Once again they stood there for a minute, letting their master have a good look at all three of them. Angelina had ample C cup breasts which dark areolas and big nipples, as well as a very large, juicy looking ass. Her stomach was tight and her abs were certainly visible. Her pussy had a neat triangle of jet black hair above it and was already moist. Alicia’s brown hair fell down on her breasts, just above her equally brown coloured areolas. Her boobs were smaller, only a B cup, but still looked perky. She was thin, but didn’t have the same muscular tone to her stomach that Angelina had, but was completely shaven. She had no hair whatsoever above her pussy Katie had massive D cup boobs, with large areolas, capped with small brown nipples, which stood erect in anticipation. She had also trimmed the hair above her pussy into an enticing triangle of dark brown hair.

“Come over and start sucking me off girls” said Ron, now desperate to get involved in the action. As the girls walked over to him, he stood up and yanked his jeans and top off, revealing a strong, muscular body. Angelina began to run her hands over his biceps, chest and defined abs. Since Ron won the Quidditch Championship with some immense goalkeeping for Gryffindor last year, he had been working out every day of the summer holiday, spending hours practicing keeping as well as lifting weights.

“You like that baby?” said Ron to Angelina, who nodded in delight and began to suck on one of his nipples.

Meanwhile, Alicia and Katie had fallen to their knees and pulled his boxers off. They began to fondle şişli escort and caress his dick and balls. Ron’s cock sprung out fully erect, standing tall and proud in all its glory. His cock was just short of 7inches and was reasonably fat.

Ron thought we was in a dream. Three girls were all over him. While Angelina stimulated the tender nerve endings in his nipple, his cock was being treated with immense care by the other two girls, who began to lick and suck the tip of Ron’s cock. His cock twitched at the new sensation, as Alicia and Katie began to kiss one another, their tongues engaged in a battle with each other, as well as taking part of Ron’s dick into their mouths. Ron let his hands wander, caressing Angelina’s boobs, tweaking her nipples, jerking them into life. He bravely moved further down and felt her fuzzy pubic hair. With one hand, he moved further down, feeling her wet juices already gushing onto his hand. He eagerly inserted one finger into her pussy, rather roughly, draw a scream of pleasure mixed with pain from his standing lover, who immediately released his nipple from her mouth and stared to the heavens, as he gently caressed her clit with the other hand. He pumped his fingers in and out of her pussy rapidly, while still rubbing her clit. It took mere seconds to send Angelina to her first orgasm of the night, letting out a sharp scream of joy. Fortunately for Ron, the shop downstairs was the only busy shop on the street and the noise of children yelling with mirth drowned out Angelina’s scream, so no-one downstairs would hear her.

Angelina collapsed onto the bed, panting after the rough fingering Ron had given her. As she recovered, Alicia had taken Ron’s cock into her mouth and Ron had his hands on the back of her head, pumping her mouth rapidly with his dick. Katie had taken to sucking on his balls in the meanwhile. However, both girls were fingering one another at the same time as pleasuring their master. Angelina decided it was time to help out her friends and lay down on the floor by Katie’s pussy and began to lick all over it, while beginning to finger Alicia. The three girls had given each other oral sex several times over the years as roommates in the Gryffindor tower, so Angelina knew exactly how to pleasure both girls. She only took a few moments to send them into their orgasms. They both moaned with carnal delight releasing their luscious vaginal juices all over Angelina.

Ron chose to take care of the mess, by joining Angelina on the floor and licking all the juices off her body and then sharing a kiss with her. He swallowed some of the nectar

“You two, ” he said, growing in confidence every moment, “On your knees and bend over so I can see your asses”

Alicia and Katie obliged, wiggling their asses enticingly in Ron’s face as he mounted Angelina. She was lying beneath him, rubbing her clit with one hand and grasping Ron’s erect penis with the other, guiding it into her pussy. Ron was about to experience something completely different to wanking off alone or even receiving a blow job. Angelina was no virgin, she had fucked Oliver Wood many times in her teenage years, yet she was still very tight. Her pussy was still wet from the orgasm, which provided the necessary lubrication for Ron to push his dick in all the way. His foreskin had been pushed back and the head of his dick made contact with the end wall of her vagina. She moaned in pleasure as Ron’s fat cock penetrated her pussy. He held his dick fully inside her for a while, allowing his cock to get used to this different environment. He wasted no time though, instead telling Angelina to squeeze her breasts together allowing him to suckle on both her nipples at once. He placed his hands on Alicia and Katie’s asses and began to lightly spank them, leaving sore red marks on their bums.

Once he felt his dick was ready, he began to pump in and out of Angelina; he felt new realms of pleasure as he ravished Angelina’s pussy. Her juices coated his cock while he began to finger the other two girls, who squealed as he inserted his thumbs into their anus. Ron began to increase the pace and Angelina’s boobs were bouncing all over the place. His hands were also moving rapidly, causing both girls to moan in jubilation. After a while, he told Angelina to get up and placed Katie on top of Angelina, and Alicia on top of her, all in doggie style. He also got down on his knees and stared at the sight in front of him. All three girls asses were staring him in the face, coated with shining, sparkling juices, ensnaring his mind. He snapped out of his staring when Angelina spanked the asses of both girls above her. Using the girls juices, he coated his hands with it, and then lubricated every girls anus.

He slowly eased his dick into Katie’s asshole, ignoring his groans of pain, began to ass-fuck her rapidly, destroying her anal virginity. He spent about half a minute on her, before doing the same to Alicia and finally returning to Angelina. Remembering he was yet to fuck Alicia or Katie’s pussy, he decided he would fuck them both, inserting his wet rod into one pussy and then into the other, alternating, causing them both to moan with delirious pleasure.

Eventually, he managed mecidiyeköy escort to send all three girls through yet another orgasm. As Katie’s pussy orgasmed for the last time, and her vaginal muscles clenched down on Ron’s dick, he felt his balls contracting and realised he was about to spunk a massive load.

“On your knees, in front of me, all of you” he yelled.

The three girls just managed to turn around and get in position in time, eyes closed, mouths open, eager to accept the gift of their master’s juice. He rubbed up and down his shaft at an incredible pace, releasing streams of cum, first aiming at Angelina, on the left, coating her dark face in his white fluid, before turning to Alicia and Katie, and depositing more cum down their throats.

After releasing almost 10 strands of sticky cum, he stuck his dick down all three girls throats once more, getting them to lick off any last bits of cum and told them to swallow and to kiss one another. As he reclothed, watching the girls smooch on the floor, their faces coated in his cum, their own juices forming pools on their legs, they all passed out.

He realised this meant the hour was up, and rushed out of the door, adjusting the zip of his jeans on the way.

Ron rushed across the street and back to Madam Malkin’s, getting through the door, only to hear his mother call his name.

“Ronald Weasley, where are you?” he heard her call from the other side of the store.

“Sorry mum,” he said, as he rushed to the main changing room area, to see his father paying Madam Malkin.

“I called you five times Ron!” she shouted at him, “I thought you had gone out on your own!”

“I wouldn’t do that mum, ” he pleaded with her, “I know the danger. I thought I heard you but wasn’t sure, doesn’t matter anyway,” he mumbled.

“Hmm” said Mrs Weasley, casting him a scornful look.

“50 galleons!” exclaimed Mr Weasley. Harry caught Ron’s eye for a moment and winked at him; Harry had seen his three Quidditch chasers leave the store and Ron follow soon after and knew exactly what had happened. Ron gave a wide grin back, realising his friend knew what he had done.

They left the shop soon after, Mr Weasley still muttering about inflation rates and overpriced clothing


As Ron ran out of the room, Draco had to hastily cast a Bedazzlement Hex, blending into the wall. As Ron made his way down the stair, Draco removed the charm and proceeded into the room, looking at the girls, lying unconscious on the floor.

“How the fuck did Weasley do that.” Draco exclaimed. “There’s no way three hot girls would fall for that bumbling buffoon, he’s not that good looking, he’s not even well off! Something unusual is going on here. He somehow tricked these girls into having sex with him. It’s not the Imperius curse, the Ministry would be onto that in a flash. I guess I’ll have to make it a point to spy on that bastard as soon as possible!”

Draco was by no means a virgin, he’d been fucking Pansy Parkinson since their first year at Hogwarts. She loved him and would do anything for him, despite the fact that he treated her like a worthless bitch and would fuck her pussy and ass raw just for sexual, animalistic pleasure, not because he had any feelings towards her. But he was definitely feeling jealous of Ron; he had never had sex with more than one girl and was furious that the cheap Weasley had beaten him to it.

His dick became hard at the sight of the three beauties and wondered if he could fuck them all now whilst they lay unconscious. However, just as he began to think this, he noticed they were stirring.

Shit, he thought to himself. They were still groggy and unaware of their surroundings, which gave him a few more moments. Suddenly he realised this was the perfect opportunity for him to put Voldemort’s plan into action. He had been forced into an impossible task of murdering the all time greatest wizard, Albus Dumbledore. A plan formulated in his mind and he grabbed hold of the nearest two girls, Alicia and Katie, who were still just waking, and with a loud pop, apparated away to the dungeon of Malfoy Manor. He knew that Voldemort would kill his family if he failed but he had an idea of how he could use these Gryffindor bitches to destroy Hogwarts and ultimately, succeed in his mission to kill Dumbledore.


“I want a firecracker set as well mum,” wailed Dennis Creevey.

“Dennis, ” she said sternly, “You and Colin can share this one.”

“Ma’am, don’t worry, we have more in the back room, ” said George Weasley courteously.

“Please mum,” said Dennis.

“Oh all right,” she said, giving in to her son.

“One moment please, I’ll be right back with it,” replied George.

George walked to the back of the store, but as he did so, heard a loud pop from upstairs.

“Hello?” he inquired, walking up the stairs. “Is anyone in there?”

He cautiously opened the door to find Angelina Johnson, stark naked, lying on the floor, covered in cum and her own pussy juices.

“Excellent…” he said to himself


Part 3 coming soon!

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Ara 01

Graveyard, the Undead

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Carla stolled down the street wearing her usual attaire. Black leather pants, black steel toed boots, a latex shirt with straps buckling at the front up and down the vestment and the sleeves ripped off. She had short but thin hair dyed black, heavy eye shadow, and black lipstick, her eyes were blue. Thin, the woman was 5’5 and just turned 19. She had shaply thighs, she ran alot. 
She was a goth.
She did what she would do often times on various night of the week, buy a bottle of whiskey, go to the cemetary and drink around the graves of the part of the cemetary that the grounds keeper would call, “that best forgotten” section. Where all the worst murderers, pedophiles, mutilators and rapists, even wiches and devil worshipers were buried. Some of them hung, others shot dead, and even some burnt alive. 
It was easy to see what attracted her to this part of the cemetary. Many of them were misunderstood and lashed out because they were outcasted and exiled from society, like her. 
But unlike her almost everysingle one of them were men, even most of the witches were men. She always sat against the tombstones, in her sick little mind she liked to think that she was giving these psycho’s one last appatite of flesh, mainly by sitting her sexy ass either over their faces or sitting at the midsection of the grave to sit on their dicks. Many of them were buried without coffins she was told.
She took a long drink of the whiskey shutting her eyes letting the burn in her throat pass. Her fingernals were painted purple and her hand covered in a thick black fishnet like glove that went up her forearm. 
She moved one of her blonde bangs from her face and with a smile strutted along the graves looking at each one and at what they did to deserve death.
She saw one unkempt with a waring granite headstone covered in moss. She could barly make out the name, saying thr name as she scraped away the moss.
“Jerrod Harrows, ?-1946 ‘Burn in hell'”
She had never seen someone so bad that their was a messege scrolled on the tombstone. She bit her lip smiling. She immeditly pulled out her iPhone looking up the name ‘Jerrod Harrows’. In her town. “Charged with serial murderer, attempted murder, robbery, torture, mutilation, kidnaping, assualt, battery, arson, conspirisy, cannibalism, and a fuckload of rape charges. He was buried with all of his murder weapons apperently.” she smiled as she slid her phone in her pocket and sat down on the grave as her ass flatened on the grass. 
“Raped all those women, I wonder how big he was.” she said with a smile, her eyes peered down, “You would tell me how big you were right sexy?” she teased the corpse laying under 6 feet of dirt. 

Eyes that had not moved in over 50 years shot open. It made a fist with it’s decaying hand causing many cracks. The unliving fiend breathed in filling it’s lungs with air, it’s once finely tailored suit shredded and filled with dust. It’s black hair down to it’s eyes, it felt it’s eye sockets. With rough withers fingers. Nothing there, but it could somehow see. It had no nose, şişli bayan escort but it could see, and smelled the sweet sweat of a female women, and perfume and whiskey under 6 feet of dirt. Why did he wake up? And why now? He remembered back, into is dreams of the abyss, he even remembered being buried. His body was still under the effects of the gas chamber when he was buried, he closed his eyes and fell alseep and just woke up. He remembered a voice while dreaming, “Raped all those women, I wonder how big he was. You would tell me right sexy.” He felt hornier then he had ever been, eager to taste her warm, soft, flesh. His fingers raised scratching at the wood. He scratched harder and started punching the wood. A crack formed and then got bigger from another hit. His purple tongue licked his nonexistent lips scratching them almost like sandpaper, only a little softer. 

“I wonder if I was this guys slut, would he let me live? I would fuck his brains out.” she giggled ass her hands rubbed her middle B-cup sized breasts and slowly started rubbing her pussy through her leather pants. She closed her eyes as she gave a small enticing moan. Her skin tight leather pants made curves for her pussy lips. She didn’t notice a hand emerge from the dirt, it’s fingers wriggled slowly in the cool night air. 
She moaned a little louder ever so slowly gyrating her hips. She stopped suddenly when she felt a cold, stiff hand grab hers slowly, it moved her hand away as another came and started rubbing her pussy.
Jerrod felt her warm lips through these pants of leather. His eyes were wide in hope for this young girls pussy. He brought his head between her legs taking in a deep wiff of her ever so wet cunt, his head traveled up and grabbed one of breasts, then brought it’s head to her neck, breathing on the nape of her neck. 
She felt a cold shroud of air on her neck, she smelled decaying flesh. She felt a stiff, rough, dry, force on her cheek going up, it was licking her. 
“I will tell you, I am huge.” he said, his voice a scratchy croak. She slowly opened her eyes to see the creature before her. A decomposed man, it’s skin was dry and stretched like beef jerky, the color of it’s skin was white with bruises of black all over it’s body. It had. An eerie, red glow in it’s eye sockets. She wanted to scream but didn’t make a sound, her nipples hardened and her pussy got wetter, she had never been so turned on or scared. It’s hand traveled up to the rim of her pants and ventured into her pants. She gasped when she felt it’s cold finger rubbing her clit.
She started to moan again.
It took out it’s hand and tasted it’s wet finger, his tongue soaked it up like a sponge, it closed it’s eyes in pleasure, having tasted the sweetest thing it had ever had the pleasure of having in it’s mouth. It growled ferally. 
She breathed in once in fear of the growl. It roared in her face grabbing her pants and with it’s black fingernails it tore off her pants. It went down on her tearing of her pure white panties with it’s teeth. The tearing sound echoed in the empty şişli escort graveyard. She backed into the tombstone in fear a it dove in it’s head ramming it’s tongue into her soaking wet cunt. She screamed in a moan of surprising pleasure. She grabbed the top of the tombstone realizing this is what she always wanted coming to this cemetary all these nights. She pumped her hips once into it’s face. She closed her eyes opening her mouth letting out a girlish cry of pleasure as she climaxe into it’s mouth.
She gushed into his mouth, he greedily swallowed every last drop motorboating his face into her still virgin pussy. She still needed to be “broken in” as he once called it.  He slowly closed his teeth around the shaved pussy, grazing her skin forcefully, it turned Carla on again. 
Carla couldn’t believe the pleasure she was getting from it. It rose to eye level again, she threw her face to his wrapping her arms around it’s neck kissing it, she drove her pierced tongue into it’s mouth fluttering it around. It threw her back down to the ground staring at her body with greed. She arched her back a bit biting her index finger with a smile, she rose to her knees and unbuttoned the suits pants. It eyed at her curiously. She slowly slid her tongue over her top lip, her black lipstick not smearing at all. She pulled it’s enormous monster out and stared in amazement. Her mouth opened in astonishment, it had to be a full 9 or 11 inches. She raised it above her head letting her tongue glide up it’s withered shaft. It grabbed her hair and looked up to the stars in amazed by the feeling. She got to the top and licked around it’s decayed head. She slowly put it in her mouth while jerking it off. She went farther and farther letting the cock slide down her throat. She may have been a virgin, but that was only for dicks, she was really a sexual diviant. She loved to suck dick and take it the ass.  
Carla slide it all the way down her throat again as she felt the cold hard dick pulse once, she took it out of her mouth as black semen exploded on her face. She smiled in joy of making her undead lover cum. 
“How was that Jerrod?” she asked suductivly with a tenuous smile. 
She laid back down on the ground seeing it get hard again. 
It got down, and had it’s body over hers. It put it’s mouth to her ear. 
“That was the best I’ve ever had.” it whispered, starting to gnaw on her ear a tad. It then dug it’s fingernails into her shirt and tore it wide open exposing her tits. It went lower and sqeezed them harshly, she moaned in a little bit of pain but mostly pleasure. It bit harshly on one hard nipple. Drawing a small bit of blood. It tasted sweet. He came up and shoved it into her exposed pussy. She gasped in shear pain, swallowing air, it was the first time she had ever been penetrated. She never expect to be penetrated by something so big for her first time either. She was at least opened a bit from being licked and fingered so many times. After 20 seconds of thrusting the pain went away and was replaced by pure pleasure. She moaned insanely, forgetting to mecidiyeköy escort breath even she would gasp to catch air. She suddenly rolled it over and was on top, she sat up on it running her hands through her hair gyrating her hips on it’s cold hard dick madly. She screamed out in an orgasm. She grasped it’s shoulders and started luging her body going up and down on the undead thing. It gave out a breath as it shot another load into her. She moaned loudly feeling the cold semen enter her pussy. 
Jerrod grabbe her by the hips and took her off, he raised he to her knees and bent her over the tombstone. She knew what was coming next and she couldn’t wait, she was already horney again. It spread her large jiggly cheeks wide. It came forward licking her asshole. She gave a low moan. It then put the head of it’s rod on her hole. 
She turned her head to get a glimpse at her new lover, “What are you waiting for sexy, fuck my ass! Ravish the fuck out of me.” she said slowly rounding her ass, causing it’s dick to rub around her asshole. It then gave no delay, it rammed her asshole, shoving it all the way in. It grabbed a hand full of her ass. She moaned extremely loud as she felt it’s fingertips dig into her soft warm flesh and felt it’s cold pelvis slam into the back of her thighs. It pulled back out and slammed in again drawing a similar moan. Her wide hips quivering if excitment and anticipation for more. It started to go a little faster feeling her warm soft ass surrounding it’s cold, dead, but very active, dick. It raise it’s hand and slapped her ass with all of it’s might. She screamed in delight as he watched her ass jiggle. He raked his finger nails up her thighs taking another high moan from the girl. He had never fucked, raped, or willing, so attacted to him. A shame that he had to kill and eat her, he was extremly hungry. He relased in side her cute little asshole. He took it out. 
“I think every woman should have a sex before they die.” it said evily,
“Die?!” she echoed paniced, “I thought I was could be your little slut.” she said trying to keep a smile.
“As much as I would like to keep you, your flesh being so enticing and your style exotic and arousing, I am terribly hungry and need to sate it.” that when a voice came from afar. The zombie looked over. An old drunkard with a flashlight was walking over with a bat in hand. 
“Whose in my fuckin’ graveyard!” he yelled, “I’ll bust your fuckin’ skull in.” he yelled. It looked back to her and she stood in front of him with a genuine smile, 
“How about, you eat this man, and I live to be your personal fuck slut. You can take me anyway, anywhere, the limits are your imagination sexy. ” she said.
He had to admit, he had never met someone as sexy as this. He realy did want to keep her to. And she was just as turned on by him as he was of her. He made his final desicion when she whispered in his ear. 
“Kill for me baby.” 
He was already turned on again. 
The old gravekeeper turned around and gasped as something ran at him. 
The next morning police found the remains of the old gravedigger burnt, it smelled like whiskey, they said it was murder and did a thorough invesitagation but never found a trace of anything. Nothing except a dug up grave.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

Ara 01

Gift of the Old Pt. 2

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Chapter 2:

When I returned dawn was just starting to brighten the sky, and I was standing in front of my house and saw Madi walking down the driveway.
“Hey Madi.” I called to her and waved my arm.
“L-Lisa? What’re you doing back?” She asked, then added, “And where are your clothes?” I looked down at myself and only then did I realise that I was stark naked.
“Come inside and I’ll tell you everything.” I told her and gestured towards the house.

Once inside I explained the demon, the roses, and my rebirth. She amazed me by sitting there quietly throughout.
“So you’re a shape-shifting centaur, who had sex with a demon, who has a massive cock, and demonic roses?” She asked when I was done and took a sip of champagne, which I had poured for us.
“Pretty much yeah.” I said and watched her carefully. For several moments neither of us said or did anything, and then:
“HOLY SHIT!” Madi shouted and I couldn’t resist grinning as the truth finally set in.
“No way! They said you were ill, that must’ve been a hallucination.” She said trying to rationalize the supernatural explanation I had given her.
“Madi,” I said without emotion, and she turned to look at me, “Watch this.” With that I felt my lower body transform into my new equine form.

To her credit Madi didn’t start screaming immediately. They began about five seconds after I’d revealed my form to her, and man she could scream. I let her since my neighbours were heavy sleepers and would be asleep by now. Once she had calmed down she became curious as to whether or not I had the body of a horse.
“Can I pet you?” She asked and giggled at how silly it sounded. I let her, and was surprised by good it felt to have her soft hands stroking my silky fur. Without meaning to I let out a low moan of pleasure.
“Oooh, that feels good.” I felt her hands go beneath my body.
“Oh my god!” She said in shock and excitement.
“What?” I asked annoyed that she had stopped. She didn’t answer, instead she reached between my hind legs and gripped my cock. I must’ve grown without a conscious decision.

She stroked my quickly hardening cock, until it was standing fully erect at seventeen inches long and three inches thick. Her other hand began stroking my massive horse cunt, so large and moist that her hand slipped in with no effort, filling my cunt though not stretching it. I moaned my approval as she began pumping her entire forearm in and out of my cunt, while her small hand stroked my cock with increasing vigour. Not wishing to be the only one receiving this incredible pleasure I added some of my own creations to my equine half. I heard Madi cry in shock, but she didn’t stop pumping and stroking, even as octopus like tentacles ripped her clothes off, not that she was wearing much besides a coat, and two suckers latched onto her already rock hard nipples.

Her moans were musical and encouraged me to go further. My skin coloured tentacles stroked every erogenous zone on her body, leaving not an inch of her over sensitive skin free. She responded to my touch by forcing more of her arm into my pussy, now she was pushing her arm in almost to the shoulder, while her other hand glided up and down my cock, now lubricated by my pre-cum. I returned the extra attention by attaching several sucker tentacles to her enlarged clit and sopping wet pussy lips. Her moans increased in intensity and I knew her orgasm was fast approaching, as was mine.
“Ah! Madi, I- I’m cumming!” I wailed.
“Oh my god! Cum, Lisa, cum all over my arm and hand!” That set both of us off and I felt my hot cum racing up my cock and my cunt juices exploded all over Madi, who was screaming that she was cumming.

I hadn’t cum with my horse cock before, and was pleasantly surprised by how much cum it produced, quickly covering my horse stomach in white along with created a large puddle on my floor. What’s more, it didn’t stop! My orgasm lasted longer than when I fucked Credo and the roses, though I hadn’t had my cock back then. Madi was also trapped in an endless orgasm and her juices joined my own cum. Thankfully our climaxes ended after nearly five minutes, ending with a near pool of cum. Madi pulled her arm out of my still clenching horse cunt and would’ve fell back if not for my tentacles holding her up.

“Lisa?” She asked having recovered enough to talk coherently.
“Yeah?” I was kneeling in centaur form though I was still higher than her standing up.
“Can you fuck me like you are now?” I was surprised by this, since Madi wasn’t very out going, though I guess that, considering how long we’ve been friends, she was more open with me.
“Are you sure? You’re pretty small Madi; I don’t think it’ll fit.” I told her worried for her safety.
“I’ll be okay. Since you left I’ve been doing certain exercises to stretch my pussy more.”
“I had a dream that I would be fucked by someone with a huge cock, I followed it on a whim, and wouldn’t you know it?” She stroked my fur, “Here you are.”
“Show me, please?” I asked interested in seeing her stretched cunt. She pointed her hips at me and raised them in the air, she then spread her lips with one hand while pushing her four fingers from her other hand into her cunt. She folded her thumb into her palm and began pushing her entire hand into her small human cunt.
“Okay now I really want to fuck you.” I said and wrapped a tentacle around her limbs and lifted her in the air.

I stood up and felt my spongy cock head bump against my stomach. Madi was moaning and pleading for me to hurry, but I didn’t like to be rushed and smacked her ass cheeks with a tentacle. Her squeak of pain was accompanied by her pussy leaking more of her juices, I quickly realised that she was a masochist as I smack her ass, cunt, tits, and hard too. Her screams were ones of encouragement rather than ones for none. Soon enough her ass cheeks, pussy lips, and tits were a deep red and almost looked like they pulsated. I stood fully upright, my cock even harder than before.
“You ready?” I asked, still unsure about whether she could take me.
“I was born ready.” She moaned in reply and pleaded with me using her large eyes.

Using my tentacles I brought her clean shaven cunt to within an inch of my cock head. I waited and took a deep breath, preparing myself to hear the terrible screams I knew would ensue. She may have enlarged her cunt and could now take her hand, but my cock was almost twice as big as her wrist. Somewhere in my mind, lust took hold of my body. I didn’t pause any further and pulled her cunt onto my cock. Her screams weren’t as I had originally feared, instead she screamed for me to fill her entire cunt, to penetrate her womb, şişli bayan escort to pump her full of my seed. That settled everything for me. Hesitation gone, I pulled her down hard and filled her petite body with my seventeen inch cock, hitting her cervix in the first stroke. The sensitivity of the barrier was so great that she cried out in discomfort.

“MORE!” She screamed and I smacked her tits with another tentacle for trying to command me. I felt pity for her, having such potential, but her body was sadly underdeveloped. I smiled, remembering the roses and how they had made my breasts as big as they are now. I grew four more tentacles, these ones tipped with sharp spikes that would inject her with demonic fluids.
“You want more?” She nodded her head vigorously, “Then you will have more.” I didn’t notice at that time, but my voice had taken on a demonic undertone.

My tentacles quickly pierced her nipples, and two others did likewise to her ass cheeks. She cried at the powerful sting of the needles penetrating her tits and ass. I waited for her to calm down before beginning to inject her with the demonic fluid. She cried out as the liquid began filling her breasts and forcing them to expand, and the same for her ass cheeks, though I pulled them out after a few seconds, not wanting to overfill her body with something completely alien. I didn’t pull the tentacles out of her tits however, letting them fill until they were as big as mine, only then did I release them. I wrapped a tentacle around her new breasts, their new size now letting me wrap around them several times. All that was left before she was perfect, was for her to grow a new appendage.

Madi was moaning in pleasure from the stretching to her breasts and ass, and now her tits were completely enveloped in slimy tentacles. She wouldn’t last much longer and knew it. Her cunt was clenching my cock hard, but wasn’t quite at her peak yet, however a quick squeeze of her tits brought her to her second climax that night. Her cunt squeezed my hard shaft while spraying a river of her cum, most of which covered the seven inches of rock hard meat still to enter her. When she had come down from her incredible high, all four of my spiked tentacles penetrated her clit and the area around it. She screamed, her entire body becoming overly sensitive due to the two powerful orgasms and the demon fluid, that was now being pumped into her clitoris. I knew she wanted to ask what I was doing to her, but the pleasure was too great, letting her only moan and cry out in bliss.

It wasn’t long before her clit began expanding. In a matter of seconds it was protruding six inches from her, but I knew that she wouldn’t be pleased with that size and so I increased the fluid production tenfold, though only for a few seconds. In those seconds however, her cock grew was average, to big, and to monstrous. I continued to spray fluid into it however, wanting it to be bigger than even my own, even bigger than Credo’s. She was grunting from the mild pain as her frail human body was forced to stretch still further, but I knew that the fluid altered the human form slightly and made them able to stretch absurdly so. I didn’t move for several minutes, I just stood there with ten inches of my throbbing cock sheathed within her. In my mind’s eye I could see her body, her breasts were absurd 28 E cups, her waist was slightly slimmer, and her tight ass was now a bubble butt, however those were not the crowning achievement on her improved form. No, that was the two foot long and seven inch thick phallus that still grew, despite almost touching the floor.

“I’m gonna fuck you now Madi.” I told her and she moaned weakly, her body having experienced countless orgasms while her new cock had been expanding. Even though I held her two and a half feet off the floor, her cock head still kissed the cum soaked carpet. Using my tentacles I forced her further down on my cock, breaking her cervix with relative ease, and began filling her womb with my massive cock. I met the walls of her uterus and knew that a good three inches still remained unsheathed. I began to pull her on and off my cock, slowly at first, but gradually increasing speed until she was practically a blur. Her moans on the other hand, were a different story. Escalating, her cries for me to fill her were all we could hear.

Her orgasm silenced her. So powerful was it that her face was stuck in the expression of a scream, yet no sound came from her mouth. From her cunt however, came a flood of her juices. Her new cock was spurting out river after river of pure white cum, soaking the carpet and gradually pooling around us, forming a near perfect circle of jizz. In the silence her juices being sprayed from her, were almost overshadowed by the squelching sound as I pummelled the walls of her uterus. I began to feel my stomach gurgling and my pussy tightening around air. I was close.
“I’m about to cum!” I announced and she found her voice again.
“Yes! YES! Cum in me! Fill my human womb and cunt with your jizz!” That was all she could get out before I hilted inside her and my already thick cock swelled to ridiculous size.

In my mind’s eye I saw and felt everything. I saw her stomach swell out with the first spurt, stretching to appear four months pregnant in an instant, the cum having nowhere to go due to my cock head plugging the exit. Another spurt, and another, and another. I couldn’t stop cumming, the previous climax was just the calm before the storm, as I shot gallon after gallon of sperm straight into her unprotected womb. By now her stomach nearly touched the floor, and her face was a mask of bliss as she had thoughts of baring my centaur children. Neither of was worried that she may die, but I could feel her concern as I just continued coming even after four minutes, and the fact that her belly button now poked from her and was pressing against the cum soaked carpet. I also didn’t want to push her any further.

I pulled her off of my cock with some effort, the head having grown to nearly six inches thick. I was unprepared for the ocean that I released. My cum flew out of her, the amount being the equivalent of a waterfall, if not more. My cock, still spurting its load, was covered in its own produce, as was my couch and rugs, though I didn’t mind them being painted white. Her womb returned to its original state, though I knew that a small pool of my cum still filled it, and my cock continued to spray my seed, effectively covering her torso and thighs in my thick white climax. Shortly after my orgasm subsided, but not before covering us both in viscous white fluid. I shifted back to my human form and laid down beside her.
“So,” şişli escort I began, “How was it?” She laughed in response and gestured to the pool of white we laid in.
“I don’t think there’s any way to explain it.” I smiled at her, and watched as exhaustion took her over. She curled up to me and laid her head on my breasts, using them as pillows.
“Sleep well, my angel.” I said and transformed back to my human form before joining her.

I woke up to the feel of a warm wetness covering my cunt. I moaned and opened my eyes to see Madi, her head between my thighs, and my juices covering her lips and chin.
“Morning Lover.” I said. She moaned into my wet heat, she then brought both her hands to my thighs, spreading them apart to reveal my pulsating sex to her.
“How big can you make it?” Once again I was surprised by how easily she accepted my new abilities.
“As big as you want babe.” She nodded and then;
“Can you make it bigger than last night?” I knew that she was referring to my horse cunt, and, despite how weird it would look I didn’t want to disappoint her.
“Of course.” I focused briefly and suddenly she gasped in shock, then clapped in child-like joy.
“It looks like I could fit my head in.” She commented and then she literally grabbed the my lips and spread my cunt wider.

I couldn’t physically see it, but in my mind I imagined it to be stretched enough to fit a large watermelon. She just continued to pull my lips further apart, stretching my hole wider. I didn’t know what she was waiting for, until she stopped and left. Perplexed I laid there, my cunt still stretched wide and pulsating with the need to be filled. Madi came back shortly after with a large pink box. I recognised it instantly; the box contained my largest dildos, so large that I mostly used to them for shits and giggles, but now I knew my cunt could take one, possibly all of them. I watched as she pulled out my custom harness, with four holes in a diamond pattern, and three of my thickest dildos, each of them a foot and a half in length, and almost six inches thick each. I almost didn’t see it, but hidden behind the three was the king. The king was three feet long and a foot thick.

I knew that even my larger cunt couldn’t take on all four. I spread my legs wider, going further than the splits, and made it my fuck hole grow, expanding it until my piss hole was pressed against my clit. She placed the dildos in the holes, the king had a six inch end so that it would go in. I swallowed hard, not in fear, but in anticipation and need. Madi was visibly burdened by the weight, but she knelt down fluently and aimed the four dildos directly at my gaping fuck hole. She teased the outer edge of it with the king, making me moan in lust and painful need, but she continued to tease me, even as my juices sprayed forth like a river.
“Please,” I begged, “Please fuck me?” The last word came as a wail, because, with a grunt of lust, she forced a combined 2 feet on of rubber cock into me.

She must’ve been with female lovers before, because her speed and power were incredible. Each thrust almost knocked the breath out of me, and she showed no signs of slowing, nor tiring. I remember listening to a friend’s death metal music, and the drum beats were going at over 300 BPM. Madi wasn’t quite as fast but I estimated her to be going at 200 BPM, if not more. Her movements were a blur, but I wasn’t complaining, with each thrust she scraped my G-spot hard. My orgasms that day were monstrosities, with each climax I gushed what must’ve been gallons of cum, and with each orgasm the amount just seemed to rise. I had no idea how I could produce that much cum, but I wasn’t gonna complain. I looked down at myself, my EE tits rising rapidly and leaking white fluid that could’ve been milk, my dildos made obvious bulges through my skin with the king’s head jutting from my womb all the way to my breasts. I scream in orgasm at the sight and finally Madi stops, panting heavily atop me. We stayed like that even after we drifted into sleep, her rubber cocks still forcing my body to stretch, and our faces masks of bliss.

I awoke first and wiggled from beneath Madi, moaning as the dildos slid from me. I surveyed my room, marvelling at the dried white cum that coated the walls and furniture. I looked at Madi, her face perfectly calm, and the huge diamond of dildos still protruding from her crotch. Once again I wondered how she was able to go so fast, but I just shrugged and decided to ask her about it when she woke. In the meantime, I was starving! You wouldn’t think I’d been gone for a month as I walked into the kitchen, there was no dust and none of the food was out of date. Had Madi been shopping for me? Possible.

I fixed a large breakfast of whatever took my fancy, turning out to be simply a LOT of cereal though not with ordinary milk. I pinched my nipples and willed the milk to come out. To my great surprise it did, I was actually producing milk, despite not being pregnant. Though this shouldn’t have surprised me, since I had near complete control over my body. Remembering that I decided to see just what my limits were, if there were any at all. I ate the cereal, and damn did my milk taste great with Lucky Charms, then I returned to the living room where Madi still slept soundly. Only now did I notice the missing piece on her body. Where the fuck did her cock go?

I clearly remembered injecting her with the demon fluid. I didn’t have a clue as to what had happened, though I suppose it was possible that I imagined it in a lust induced hallucination. I shook my head. That must’ve been it, no other explanation worked with the situation. I loved her so much that it didn’t feel right to not give her a cock. To not give her the chance to reach the epitome of pleasure.

The first thing I wanted to see was how much control over others I had. Credo had taught some of outsider body modification, but not much since it was actually relatively new magic even to them, though he seemed to think that I had the potential to fully utilise it. I cleared my mind of all thought. This was one of the preparations for the magic. Unlike normal magic use, which at most required a single word or wave of a hand, Epithet magic required neither word, nor bodily movement, but it did require the user to focus solely on what they desired. What did I desire? That’s obvious.

I quickly removed the harness from Madi’s body and concentrated hard. I imagined her with a huge cock, bigger than mine, with a near endless supply of cum. I imagined her fucking my pleading cunt with it, the head bulging from my womb obscenely. I could see it growing from her clit, all the way mecidiyeköy escort through her cleavage, until it popped up to her head, before going further beyond, growing longer than her entire body. I opened my eyes to see her awake and staring at her crotch, where her clit was growing.
“Lisa!” She cried partly scared, but mostly lust filled her voice.
“Shhh…” I put my finger to her lips as I crawled on top of her, “I’m giving you a gift Madi, and I know you’ll love it.” Before she could ask questions I kissed her with the heat of a thousand suns. She returned the kiss with equal to, if not greater passion and began grinding her burning pussy against my thigh. Her clit was already three inches long and half an inch thick. I moaned into her mouth as I thought about how big she would be by the end.

Our kiss continued. Our breasts squashed together; our hard nipples rubbing roughly against the other.
“Ahhh…. Fuck me.” She pleaded quietly, the pain and pleasure of her still growing clit almost too much to bare.
“Of course.” I said and grew my cock, “How big do you want it?” I asked her.
“I… don’t… care!” She grunted as her clit grew another inch longer, now poking from her at about seven inches long and one inch thick. I commanded my cock to become bigger than even humans could’ve imagined. I looked between us as my cock grew rapidly, followed by her slowly transforming clit. Mine was faster however, and the cock grew to greet us in mere seconds.

My cock head was between us and I knew that she wanted it. I still had no idea how she was able to take my cock last night, but I truly didn’t care. I wanted… needed… to fuck her tight cunt until it lost it’s shape forever. I moved away from her and grew a dozen tentacles from my back. They converged on her, wrapping around her waist, carefully avoiding her now nine inch cock, her thighs and calves, and tied her arms behind her back, giving the wonderfully image of tentacle rape, though this was far from it. My tentacles carried her over to me and placed her head over the head of my cock.
“Suck it!” I commanded and she didn’t waste any time. Her warm lips engulfed the tip of my throbbing member, her tiny mouth unable to take even an inch of my monstrous appendage. She made up for it though. Kissing and licking the entire head, even penetrating the hole with her tongue.

It wasn’t long before I was desperate to fuck her. The tentacles turned her around and placed her cunt directly over my cock head, which leaked pre-cum in thick streams down it’s length. Not another second passed and I was in her again, penetrating her all the way to her womb. My tentacles stroked her bulging abdomen, which was stretched so tight around my cock that I could feel their touch through her. I wrapped a smaller tentacle around her growing cock, now eleven inches, and began using it to jack her off. Her moans rose again in volume and pitch. A tentacle moved to her lips and began rubbing it’s slime all over and around her lips, before forcing itself into her warm inviting cavity, another tentacle moved to her anus.
“Uh mmmph! Mmmmph!” She cried out in protest, then screamed in pain as a four inch thick tendril forced it’s way into her.

I could feel everything. Her mouth sucking my tentacle, her ass clenching around the other, and her cunt, trying to milk me of every drop of cum I have. Once again I cleared my mind, no very easy right then, and pictured her being able to stretch to the point where she could contain my orgasm, all of it. I didn’t know if it would work, but since her cock was still growing, I assumed it would. With that I began to pull out slowly, mimicked by the tendril in her ass. When I was barely inside her I pushed back in completely, filling both her lower holes with the force of a thousand supernovas. With each withdraw and each thrust her cries turned from pain to ecstasy.

I knew that I wouldn’t last long even as I added another tentacle to her ass. I wrapped two around her breasts and pushed a third between the enormous mounds.
“Just a little more…” I moaned. Madi nodded and moaned louder, while sucking all the harder on my tentacle in an attempt to get her prize, despite having orgasm after orgasm. In five minutes I was at the breaking point and screamed my climax as my appendages doubled in girth, stretching her gaping holes further and causing her to gag as the tendril slid down her throat, cutting off her air. I could feel hot cum speeding through my cock and tentacles, racing towards their target. I watched on as the first blast filled her.

Madi’s womb inflated massively, appearing six months from just the first spurt, her stomach expanded, though not so drastically. Her tits, face and neck were covered in my thick white seed, effectively covering every inch of her face in one go. And that was just the start! My tentacles visibly bulged as they pumped gallons of my cum in and on her, shortly her small body, once lightly tanned was now painted white. Not a single inch escaped, her hair, her eyes, her back, and indeed her now fourteen inch cock were all covered in my viscous fluid. Her torso was ridiculous! Her womb had expanded as though it held a demon horse sized ball, while her stomach had inflated to the point where my cum had risen up her oesophagus and was pouring from the small gaps as the sides of her mouth. Her face was calm however, and I knew that she loved this, that she loved me, that she would be mine forever and always. Finally when her abdomen had become its own mountain I stopped cumming.

I laid her down, but I didn’t pull out of her. I wanted to know roughly how much cum was inside her and I knew the perfect way. I picked her up, my many appendages plugging the exits for my cum and carried her to my bathroom. My bathtub was large enough to be able to hold roughly eighty gallons of water. I sat cross-legged in the tub, with her resting on my lap, her barely conscious eyes trying to register where she was, only now did I pull my cock and tentacles out. The floodgates were opened.

From her cunt and ass came a flood of cum. Instantly the tub was filled about a fifth and her womb was still largely inflated, she vomited cum all over us, adding to the pool. Cum was still flowing fast from her pussy and the sperm now passed my waist and was now starting to cover my breasts. I moved a tentacle to her stomach and pushed down eliciting a groan from her lips and bringing forth yet another flood of my orgasm.
“I have to pee.” She gasped quietly.
“Go for it.” I told her and smiled at how child-like she seemed right then. Her warm urine joined the white sludge as it covered my still rock hard nipples. I held her like that for so long as she slept in my arms. I didn’t need as much as I used to and I stayed awake lightly licking her clean of my seed. I love how she and I taste.

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Ara 01

Fucking Teagan Part 2 “Who says three is a crowd?

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Fucking Teagan -Part 2 Who says three is a crowd?

I’d been replacing the hot tub filter and plumbing with a newer model and I was covered with dirt, plastic bits, and filter sand. I decided to go to the cabana and shower there, rather than drag all of the mess through the house. I had just lathered up my hair when I heard, “Need some help washing your back sailor?” I spun around and looked in the direction of the voice. Teagan was standing in the shower entrance unhooking her bra, having already stripped off her shirt and kicked off her tennis shoes.

“Damn Kiwi, you startled me. Aren’t you out of class a little early?”

“Yeah,” she said. “Mrs. Williams went home sick after lunch so they just let us go home early.” Teagan unsnapped her jeans and slid them and her thong off in one motion.

“Where’s Courtney?” I asked, knowing that where Teagan was, Courtney was usually not far away.

Teagan strolled into the shower and disinterestedly said, “I don’t know, she had to go meet with someone about one of her classes after school.” Teagan ducked under the twin rainfall shower heads.

“Mmmmmm that warm water feels soooo good.” She reached up wrapped her arms around my neck and gave me a soft kiss. Her wet body felt sensational. “I need to spend some time relaxing with my guy, after the sucky day I had.” She picked up the bottle of body wash and squirted a big splooch in her hand. Teagan worked the blob into a thick lather and said “turn around babe.”

Teagan was by all measure a petite woman, but she was surprisingly strong for her size and had wicked grip strength from years of gymnastics bar work. I relaxed and leaned against the shower wall as she went to work on my back and shoulder muscles. It didn’t take her long to transition from a hand massage to a full body massage, working her perky boobs across the small of my back and my ass, while working the kinks out of my shoulders and neck. Without warning she reached around and grabbed my cock and began to give me a slow soapy hand job; all the while massaging my lower back with her firm tits.

“Baby, that’s incredible, I don’t know if I can stand that long.” Teagan giggled as she continued to slowly but forcefully stroke me. I was getting hornier by the second. I took some of the lather in my hand and reached behind me, catching Teagan between her legs. She squealed in happy surprise and then moaned through clenched teeth as the initial wave of pleasure washed over her. Teagan let go of my cock, wrapped one arm around my waist and braced herself with the other against the wall of the shower. She stretched up on her tip toes and tensed her ass and legs, trying to help force an orgasm. The feel of my hand on her baby soft pussy changed, as her natural juices mixed with the soap creating a silky, slick lubricant. I continued to work on her, sliding my middle finger into and out of her while working her clit with the heel of my hand. It was actually easier said than done. I was rock hard by now. Watching a girl get off, any girl actually, is a huge turn on for me. I turned around and let go of Teagan’s pussy. She looked shocked for a second; as if she actually thought I was not going to help her cum.

I bent down to her, moved some wet hair out of her eyes and said, “Hold tight around my neck.” Teagan did as instructed and held on as I reached down under her legs, lifted her up and pinned her hard against the shower wall. I had her legs spread wide and the bend of her knees hooked over the bend of my elbows. I had a petite ass cheek in each hand. We paused for a moment, kissing passionately, just to make sure we both had a hold of the other securely. “You good?” I asked. “Oh hell yeah!” she said while slowly, sexily licking her lips. “Come on Mikey, fuck me!” I moved her out away from me just enough so she could guide me in. In one quick motion, I buried my cock, balls deep into her slick, wet pussy. Teagan gasped as her clit slammed into my pubic bone. There was nothing careful about it. We were two lovers locked in primal fucking. I was slamming into her as deep as I could with each stroke. She had her face buried in my neck and was sucking on my neck and kissing me intensely as our passions rose.

After several minutes Teagan slowly straitened up and began to lean back. “NNNGH, NNNGH, NNNGH was all the noise she was making with each thrust into her. She became more frantic as I continued to pump her. “Babe, yes” “Yes, baby yes” “Ohmygodyes! She pleaded. It was getting harder to hold her, as her squirming increased as she neared orgasm. I could feel her pussy beginning to tighten around my cock as she leaned back further. All at once she closed her eyes and opened her mouth in a silent scream. I took that as a sign to plunge my middle finger deep into her ass hole. Her reaction was instant and intense. Teagan came with every muscle in her body. There were simultaneous crushing sensations around my cock and finger. Teagan involuntarily slammed her body against mine, locking her legs around my waist and let out with a scream of mixed pain and pleasure, stifling it by biting my shoulder hard. I came inside her after only a couple of more thrusts.

Teagan was trembling and whimpering. She let out a sharp cry as I slipped my finger out of her ass. She opened her eyes and looked at me. For a second I thought she was mad, until the huge grin spread across her face. “Oh my god babe!” “Oh…My…GOD!” She was laughing and trying to talk at the same time. “I have never….felt anything like that, that good, not even fucking close!” She leaned in and gave me a long hard kiss, biting my lip and trying to find my tonsils with her tongue.

The adrenaline was leaving me and I began to realize that I had been holding her for more than ten minutes. Part of the trembling was from my own arm muscles. “Sweetheart, I’ve got to set you down before I drop you.” I mustered as much strength as I had left and lifted her off my still mostly hard cock. She loosened her grip around my neck and hopped down. Teagan dropped to her knees and took hold of my cock. She gently licked the last drops of cum and sucked her juices off me, looking up at me with lust filled eyes, as she did so. I was completely spent, yet my desire for more passion with this angel was haunting me.
Teagan stood up, wrapped her arms around me and held me next to her for several minutes, the warm water soothing away any remaining tension.


“Teagan, I’m sorry!” Courtney was doing her best to apologize and explain. “I just couldn’t look away; you guys were SO fucking HOT!” “When I saw Mike standing there with you wrapped around his hips and him pumping the shit out of your pussy, it was hotter than anything I have ever seen.” “I mean, it was like I needed to be in the shower with you, but I couldn’t move, all I could do was watch.” “I’m sorry! I had to tell you. I thought you deserved to know.”

“That STILL does not make it OK!” Teagan hissed. “Do you KNOW how much trouble Mike will be in if ANYBODY finds out what we are doing?” “He will go to prison Courtney, for YEARS.” “I am NOT going to let that happen!…wait, WHAT?” “What do you mean you needed to be in the shower with us?” Teagan’s mood instantly changed from seriously pissed, to seriously confused.

“I don’t know exactly what I mean, Teagan.” “When I was standing there watching Mike and you having sex, I had this overwhelming desire, I wanted to be in there with you guys and join you.” “I mean…..shit…I….” Courtney paused awkwardly. “Teagan you’re as beautiful and super sexy as any girl I have ever known, and Mike is just a stud beast.” When I saw y’all, something happened inside me. I wanted to, no, no… I needed to be with both of you right then. I wanted to kiss both of you. I wanted to eat your pussy and make you cum. I wanted Mike to cum in me. “I wanted to fuck both of you and have the three of us collapse into a wet, exhausted pile of body parts right there on the floor of the shower. There, I said it, now what? ”

Teagan was at a temporary loss for words, but was still hopping mad inside. “Both of us?!” “Oh my GOD Courtney!” “That is too weird for words.”

“IS IT?” Courtney snapped back. “Have you ever been with a girl Teagan, or are you just going to go through life scared?” “You’re willing to fuck a guy more than twice your age, but the thought of being with another girl is weird?

“Hey, guys are great. There is nothing like being fucked deep by a hot guy. But girls are good too. Girls kiss differently than guys. Girls eat pussy differently than guys. And girls know what girls like. As far as I’m concerned a hole is a hole. I really don’t care who is doing what as long as I am having a good time and I get off.” “Friends with benefits are wonderful things, Teagan.” “Maybe you ought to try one on for size sometime.”

Teagan was searching for something to say to her friend. “Ok, I guess I was not ready for all this. I am sorry I yelled at you, but I have to protect Mike. Please, Courtney, please, you can’t tell a soul what you know. He and I will be in so much deep shit if ANYONE finds out I’m fucking our coach.”
“Teagan, I’m not going to say anything. I want to fuck Mike too, remember?” “Y’alls secret is safe with me.” “Look, I gotta go, my mom will be out front any minute.” Courtney and Teagan stared awkwardly at each other for a second or two. Then almost as an act of desperation to help drive home her point, Courtney leaned forward and kissed Teagan softly on the cheek, catching the corner of her mouth as she did so.

Teagan didn’t react to the kiss from Courtney and stood silently as her friend turned and walked out the cabana door. This was not good. Teagan was frustrated, hurt and angry at the invasion of her and Mike’s privacy. Not to mention the potential risk to both of us now that our secret was out. Teagan walked over to the bar, sat down on one of the stools, put her head down on the counter and began to cry softly.

I was working at my desk when I noticed the time. “Wow. Teagan should have been here by now.” I thought to myself. I signed off the laptop and walked out of my office toward the living room. It was obvious that I was the only one in the house. I headed out to the cabana thinking the girls might be there. Teagan was sitting at the bar and looked up as I walked in. It was obvious she had been crying. Her eyes were bloodshot and her makeup was smeared. She got down off the stool and walked over to me, fighting a losing battle against another flood of tears.

“Teagan, baby, what’s wrong?” Something was up. Teagan was an emotional ice princess and was not a crier. In fact, in the year that I had known her, I had seen her cry only a couple of times before. I pulled her close to me as she continued to sob. “Kiwi, baby, please tell me what’s wrong.” “Come on, it’ll be OK.” I took her face in my hands and looked at her. I wiped away a tear with my thumb. Teagan took a deep breath and said,

“She…she knows.” (sniff) “She knows Mike.”

“Baby, who?” “Who knows what?”

“She knows about us!” “Courtney knows we are fucking each other!” The revelation hit me in the stomach like a UFC fighter and simultaneously seemed to suck all the air out of the room. Denial was my first response.

“No, No way” “She might suspect something, but there is no way….”

“NO!!” “Listen to me!” Teagan demanded. “She KNOWS!”

“Baby, I didn’t tell her and you didn’t tell her so exactly how did she find out, and what does she know?” Down inside I was hoping this was all a misunderstanding.

“Last week, when I came home early and you were in the shower.” “Remember?” I shook my head in agreement.

“Well we had an audience Mike.” “Courtney.” “She watched the whole god damn thing.” “Everything from when you picked me up, to when I cleaned you up after we were through.” “Courtney knows everything!” “And it is all my fault because I did not lock the door when I came in!” “She must have been only a few minutes behind me, not still at school like we thought!” Teagan said, once again fighting back tears. The fact was we had both screwed up. I had become too comfortable with Teagan to give anybody else a second thought. Any of the girls could have walked in on us, and that fact never crossed my mind. So this is what Mitch meant about thinking with the big head…

“Baby, it’s not your fault. I should have stopped you and moved our little party to the bedroom. It just never occurred to me that someone might see us.” “Holy shit, lemme think for a minute.” I said as I sat down on one of the futons. Teagan came over and curled up next to me, resting her head in my lap.

“OK.” My mind was reeling trying to piece together what to do next. “Courtney has known about this for almost a week.” “That was last Thursday and today is Wednesday.” “She obviously hasn’t told anyone else, other than you, that she knows.”

“How do you know that?” Teagan asked suspiciously.

“Because I’m not in jail on statutory rape charges, and you’re not on the first jet back to New Zealand with deportation papers in your hand and a one way ticket paid for by the US tax payers.”

“More good news; it’s Courtney that caught us.” “Can you just imagine how the shit would have already hit the fan if it had been Kylie?” Teagan just shook her head.

“You hungry yet?” I asked her.
“Yeah kinda, sorta” Teagan replied, sitting up.

“OK, let’s go fix dinner and work this out.” “Text Courtney and tell her you’re not mad, just a little confused, you want to still be BFF or whatever girlie thing it is y’all text to each other.”

“But I am pissed off at the sneaky little bitch!” Teagan sneered.

“Yeah, baby I know you are, so am I, a little.” “But Courtney can’t know that.” “We have to keep her on our side in this.” “The way I see it, she sat on this for almost a week because she didn’t know what to do.” “Courtney isn’t stupid; she knows that there will be hell to pay if this gets out, so she told you, because her conscience was making her tell someone.” “She needs to think you’re OK with that.” “I also need to know everything you two said to each other when she told you.” “I’m guessing that was not a pleasant chit chat.”

“Not really.” Teagan said. “I called her a sneaky fucking bitch, and it went downhill from there.”

“Ok, well, what’s done is done.” “That makes the kiss and makeup text all the more important.” I mused, hoping that once again Teagan’s acidic brand of smartass could be smoothed over.

“Funny you should mention kiss and make up.” She said as she pulled out her cell phone and began the text to Courtney.

Teagan: Hey C Just wanted to say Im sorry for yelling at u this afternoon. I way over acted and Im sorry. Pls forgive.

Courtney: its ok I would have been mad 2 I knew u would b pissed. Couldn’t keep it 2 myself any more

Teagan: almost relieved u know hard 2 keep a secret like that. Im sorry I called u a sneaky bitch that was not nice

Courtney: no worries I kind of deserved it I should have told u sooner not nice to spy on friens

Teagan: şişli bayan escort I still love u C see u in the am

Courtney: love u2 teag see u at 1st period

“OK” Teagan said, “I think Courtney and I are cool.” She handed me her phone and I scanned the text thread.

“Yeah, she doesn’t sound mad, just a bit embarrassed.” “By the way, what did you mean when you said “funny, you should mention kiss?”

“Well,” Teagan paused and blushed a bit. “Just before she left, Courtney kissed me.” “Kind of on the cheek and the lips at the same time.” “She also told me that our secret was safe, because she wants a three way with us.”

“Are you serious?” I asked in disbelief. “She said that. Really?”

“Well not in those exact words, but there was no misunderstanding what she meant.” Teagan was clearly as serious as she could be. She was hiding any emotions she may have had about the revelation.

“So, what makes you so sure she wants a three way?” I was still suspicious, but we were talking about Courtney.

“Because Courtney said she wanted to eat my pussy and make me cum; she wants you to cum inside her; and she wants all three of us to fuck each other until we pass out.” Teagan grinned, tipped her head to the side and waited for my reaction.

“Damn.” “So I guess all those rumors about her aren’t rumors after all.” The porn video in my head was already playing.

“Oh, babe, you have no idea.” “Girlfriends talk….” “A three way would not be any big deal to Courtney.” “I just never guessed that she would want me, not to mention you, in her next one.”

“So, maybe we can work this whole thing to our benefit.” I said, more thinking out loud than anything else.

“Exactly what do you have in mind, Mike?” Teagan asked with an air of curious suspicion.

“Well, we need to make sure Courtney keeps her mouth shut about us. What if we make her a co-conspirator…What if we make her twisted little fantasy come true?”

“Um…Mike I don’t know…I mean…I never, and…” Teagan paused and looked at the floor. She was looking for a way out of a situation that was quickly moving out of her comfort zone. I walked over to her and held her close to me. Teagan hugged me tight, but said nothing.

“Baby, you’ve never been with a girl or in a three way have you?” Teagan pulled away from me slightly and just shook her head.” “I’m sorry Teagan; I shouldn’t have been so quick to suggest that.”

“No, no, you are right. The best way to ensure the silence of all of the robbers is to share the loot equally.” “But…I mean I have never really thought about being with a girl.” “I like guys, I always have.” “ The way they look, the way they feel. “The way you smell after a shower, the way you taste….” “I am so happy with you, the thought of being with a girl never crossed my mind.” Teagan was clearly thinking about it now, and for the first time in her life the possibility of a bi relationship was staring her right in the face.

“So, do you think you could be with Courtney, specifically, not just any girl, but Courtney, if the opportunity came up?”

“Wow.” “I just do not know. I have to think about that for awhile.”

Over the next couple of days, Teagan and I continued to talk about the whole idea of a three way with Courtney. I re assured Teagan that she would be the one to call the shots on the whole three way con. Speaking strictly as a guy, Courtney was fucking hot. While her body wasn’t as perfect as Teagan’s, Courtney was still WAY up on the sexy scale. Her energy level just about guaranteed an “Energizer Bunny” fuck session. However, Teagan and I had been lovers for almost four months, and we worked very well together. There was the potential that fucking Courtney could damage the relationship that Teagan and I had in any number of different ways.

Teagan was still very apprehensive about the idea of me sleeping with Courtney. Over the last couple of weeks, she had pretty well warmed up to a bi session with Courtney, but me, screwing Courtney, was another thing all together. Teagan was, without admitting it openly, showing a bit of jealousy and possessiveness. We had planned to invite Courtney over the next Friday after Becca left again. Becca had been home for almost three weeks and Teagan and I were missing our sleep over arrangement. Seeing each other after school and at practices just isn’t the same as curling up next to someone and falling asleep together after screwing each other’s brains out.

Becca dropped Teagan off about 5:00pm. As soon as the front door closed, Teagan was all over me. She jumped up, wrapped her legs around my hips and kissed me hard; forcing her tongue into my mouth with a passion I had not seen from her before. She was horny and aggressive. “Wow, I missed you too baby!” I said.

“Mike, I need you to fuck me! I so need your cock right now.” Teagan replied. She let go of me and hopped down. I slipped my left arm under hers, spun her around, and pulled her to me, my left hand around her throat. Not hard, but hard enough that she couldn’t escape. I slipped my right hand into the top of her jeans as I began to kiss and suck on her neck. Teagan struggled playfully as she sucked in her tummy to give me more room. I slid my hand down into her jeans. Teagan let out a soft gasp as my finger slid past her clit and into her damp softness. “You like that don’t you kitten?” I asked in a sort of threatening voice. Teagan was enjoying the rough play and didn’t answer as she continued to breathe through clenched teeth. I rubbed her pussy aggressively for a few moments, and then pulled my hand out of her jeans. “Noooooo!” “That’s not FAIR!” Teagan protested while trying to twist away from my grasp. I gently, but firmly pulled her head back to me and whispered, “Baby, Courtney is going to be here in less than an hour.” “We have to save this for tonight like we planned.” “I need to be inside you, as bad as you want me there, but we have to wait until later.” Teagan was now about half mad and sexually frustrated. I held on to her firmly as she was still trying to twist out of my grasp.

“POPCORN!” “Let me GO!” Teagan snipped. “POPCORN” was our “safe” word. The word we could use to instantly end whatever was going on at the time. I immediately released her. She spun around and glared at me; the stress on her face was obvious. “I’m sorry baby, no harm meant.” I said cautiously.

“It’s OK, it’s ok… it’s not you…it’s me.” Teagan replied tensely. “Jesus, in just a few hours, I am going to be making out with a girl, maybe making love to a girl, having a three way…Oh, and the guy I care so much about, will probably be fucking my best friend while I watch.” “I’m sorry babe; I’m just a little bit freaked out right now.” I reached out to her and she came over to me and hugged me firmly. “Baby, I promise I won’t fuck Courtney unless you tell me I can.” Teagan didn’t release her grasp on me but said, “You promise?” “Yeah baby, I promise. If it’s that important to you, I’ll let you make that decision.” Teagan looked up at me, smiled and kissed me. It was the kind of soft, loving, kiss that told me that, at least for now, everything was OK. She let me go, stepped back and said, “I think we better get this plan started.”

The plan we had devised was simple enough, and left us several options depending on exactly how Courtney reacted. Teagan had already dangled the bait for Courtney. Teagan had invited Courtney over for dinner and a sleepover. It was the kind of thing close friends did, but she had also mentioned that I knew about Courtney spying on us, and I just wanted to talk about it. Courtney trusted me enough that she knew there would not be an ugly scene, so she accepted the sleepover invitation without a second thought. The trap was set. I was counting on Courtney’s libido, curiosity and her apparent inability to just say no to sex, to get her into bed with Teagan and me before she really knew what had happened. The bedroom was ready, the hot tub was heating, the grill was hot and the wine was chilled. I looked at Teagan and asked her “You ready for this baby?” Teagan thought for a few moments before answering. She picked up her glass of wine, took a big gulp and said “Yeah, this should be fun.” “Let’s fuck the sneaky little bitch!”
I couldn’t help but laugh out loud. Teagan coyly smiled back at me just as the doorbell rang.

Teagan went to the door and opened it. In walked Courtney and her mom, Cindy. Pleasantries were exchanged and I offered Cindy a glass of wine. Looking past Cindy, as she walked into the kitchen, I watched Teagan hug Courtney and hold on a few seconds too long. Teagan whispered something to Courtney. The look on Courtney’s face was one of happy surprise. Teagan mentioned later that she had told Courtney that she smelled amazing and given her a little kiss on the cheek. Cindy and I talked about the upcoming national tournament over the Fourth of July week in Colorado. There were only about three months to plan everything and get in as many practice games as we could. The girls had disappeared upstairs with Courtney’s bag.

Cindy and I talked for a while longer, polished off our glasses of wine and she gave me a hug as she headed out the door. It had been about twenty minutes since the girls had gone upstairs, and the steaks were ready to go on the grill. “Hey y’all!” I yelled in the general direction of Teagan’s room. Almost immediately the two beauties came out of the room and down the stairs holding hands. Courtney was a subdued and would not look directly at me. “Mike I’m so sorry I spied on y’all.” Courtney said quietly. “I just couldn’t help myself.”

“Hey Courtney, it’s OK.” “But now you know something you probably shouldn’t about me and Teagan…” Courtney interrupted, “And I won’t tell anyone, I swear to God, no one.” “Well that’s really what I wanted to make sure you understood about me and Teagan.” “What you know can go no further than the three of us right here, ever.” “Even if Teagan and I stay together until she’s 18, no one can ever know, because I could still be arrested.”

“Are you serious?” Courtney was incredulous. “Why?” “Why would anybody care once she’s 18.” “I mean shit, I don’t’ care now!” “I think it’s really kinda cool that you two are so good together.”

“Well technically, in this state, there is no statute of limitations on “crimes” involving minors.” I said. “But sex isn’t a crime!” Courtney protested. “Oh, but that’s where you’re wrong, kitten.” “To some people, you and Teagan are not, beautiful, intelligent young women, capable of making your own decisions about whom you sleep with; you are children.” “And sex with children IS illegal and a crime.”

“That’s Bullshit!” Courtney exclaimed. “I can fuck anyone I want to, and you’re telling me if they are over 18 and I’m not they can go to jail?”

“Well there are some exceptions, but yeah, basically, that’s the way it works.” “And to make matters worse, if anyone wants to make a big deal out of it, a prosecutor could bring charges and have that person arrested years after it happened.” Courtney was speechless; she just stood there looking at me like she was expecting me to say “just kidding,” or something
“So are we cool about never mentioning this to anyone other than each other, and that never around other people?” Teagan and Courtney agreed and we all hugged out our commitment to each other.

“I don’t know about y’all, but I’m hungry and the steaks are ready to go on the grill.” The girls nodded in agreement. “If y’all will get the rest of the stuff out, and the table set, I’ll get these started.” As I was picking up the platter, Teagan came up to me and gave me another hug and whispered “awesome job babe” in my ear.

Dinner was happy and light hearted. Both the girls loved wine, especially Teagan. She and I could empty a bottle with dinner just by ourselves. Courtney was into Margaritas, Rum and Coke and such, but she had no problem with a nice Pinot Noir either. While we were finishing up, Teagan began phase two of the plan.

“Babe,” she cooed, “is it OK if we start a fire outside and all soak in the hot tub?” “Sure baby, I’ve got no problem with that.” “There is already wood in the fire place and some pinion chips to make it smell good.” “You can go start the fire and check the hot tub temperature and I’ll get the kitchen cleaned up.” “Sweet!” “I’m gonna go get changed, unless y’all need my help.” Courtney chirped happily. “Nope, go get changed.” I said “I’ll be done here in a couple of minutes.”

I was already dressed in my board shorts, so all I needed was to lose the sandals and t-shirt. Teagan acted busy outside. The plan was for her to be the last one out to the hot tub. I finished loading the dishwasher and then headed out back with a bottle of Riesling in an ice bucket. Teagan and I didn’t have to wait long until Courtney joined us. She was dressed in a simple black string bikini. The effect of the black fabric against her alabaster skin and deep orangey red hair was amazingly sexy. Teagan excused herself to go and get changed. I pulled off my shirt and asked Courtney if she wanted some more wine. “Yeah, I think I’d better.” she giggled. I poured three glasses, handed one to Courtney, set one down on the edge of the hot tub for Teagan, and kept one for myself, as Courtney and I stepped into the hot tub. We small talked and watched the now roaring fire send sparks up into the dark early April sky. Teagan had started a playlist on her iPod that was primarily acoustic and Spanish guitar. Somehow everything just worked, or at least she and I hoped it would.

The light in the house went out as Teagan opened the back door and came out to join us. Teagan was wearing a tiny yellow thong back bikini bottom and a smile. She had a towel around her neck and it hung down covering her naked boobs. Her hair was like Courtney’s; pulled up in a bun on her head. Teagan reached up and slowly pulled the towel off. Courtney’s eyes got big as saucers. “Holy shit Teagan!” “What?” “Come on Courtney, it’s not like you haven’t seen them before.” Teagan teased her friend. “That’s not fair, Mikes here and…so…” Courtney whined. “So what?” I said. “So you don’t care if I take my top off too?” Courtney grinned. “Not if you don’t.” That was all the excuse Courtney needed. As she was untying the top, she said “OK, but y’all have to know something about me before this goes any further.” Teagan lifted up her glass and said “To friends!” “To friends!” Courtney and I said in unison as we all clinked our glasses together.

“OK, Courtney, what’s so important?” Teagan asked. “Well, since I know that y’all are screwing each other, and you trust me enough to keep my mouth shut, I think I can share a secret I have with you.” “I mean, it seems only fair.” “OK.” Courtney paused for dramatic effect. She was bubbling with excitement and intensity. “I love sex!” Teagan laughed, “Courtney, hellooooo….everybody loves sex!” “No!” “Y’all don’t understand, I LOVE sex, I mean I really, really, fuck me anywhere, anytime LOVE sex!” “I can’t get enough of it.” “I love it all; toys, oral, anal, girls, guys, both, everything, anything, you name it and I’m probably into it.” “I’m a fucking little nympho, I’m not interested in a 12 step program, I just wanna fuck…everybody!” “I’m going to graduate in just over two şişli escort years, and I’m not going to college.” “I’m going to Hollywood and try to be a porn actress…or maybe a call girl…but most likely a porn actress.” “I figure if I like screwing so much, why not get paid for it too?” It was hard to argue with her simple but effective logic.

Courtney and Teagan continued to talk as Courtney tried to help Teagan wrap her head around the fact that her best friend’s life goal was to literally fuck and suck her way to the top of the U.S. adult entertainment industry. Whatever path Courtney chose, if she played her cards right she was nearly guaranteed success. Off the top of my head, I could name half a dozen porn starlets that were five foot tall or less; and Courtney had the added advantage of being a natural redhead. If she could stay drug and HIV free, she probably had a career.

Courtney was a bit more apple-breasted than Teagan. Her boobs were not huge, hell, nothing on Courtney was big, but her boobs were beautiful. They were perfectly round, firm, almost C cups, with absolutely no sag to them. Even with no top on, they almost touched in the middle of her chest. Like most real redheads, her nipples were nearly invisible, no dark pigment, just a very light shade of pink against her pale skin.

Teagan and I sat and listened to Courtney spill her stories about what she wanted in the future, who she’d been with, who she wanted to be with etc. The stories alternately freaked out and fascinated Teagan. The list of people Courtney was talking about, read like a list of the high school’s Who’s Who. I recognized many of the names, though I could only put faces with some of them. Teagan seemed to know them all. I found out a couple of things about Sundee I was sure Mitch didn’t know, but would want to. Courtney swore us to secrecy, just as Teagan and I had made sure Courtney would keep her mouth shut. It was time to spring the trap on our little red headed nymphet.

As Courtney was talking, Teagan had slowly moved over close to me. She had put her arm around my shoulder and was alternating between paying attention to Courtney, and kissing my neck and gently playing with her tongue in my ear. It was tough to purposely not pay attention to her affections. Without breaking eye contact with Courtney, I reached down and ran my hand between Teagan’s legs. Courtney stopped talking and watched her friend, like a predator watches its next meal. Teagan got up on her knees and reached down to rub my cock, while planting a slow wet kiss on my lips. I was probably less than ten seconds, but when I looked up Courtney had one of her boobs in her hand and was squeezing it hard. Her other hand was between her legs.

“Y’all don’t have to stop just ‘cause I’m here, I don’t mind, really.” The tone of her voice made the statement sound like a plea to continue. Teagan moved up and sat on the edge of the hot tub, her body steaming in the cool night air. She spread her legs and adjusted her thong. Courtney’s eyes were locked on Teagan’s pussy; her unlined thong bottom leaving almost nothing to the imagination.

“Courtney” I said, “Teagan and I are going to go make love, would you like to join us?” Teagan was biting her lip trying to keep from laughing. The look on Courtney’s face was one of amazement and joy.
“Mike, are you serious?” Courtney said cautiously. “Well, yeah. I mean after everything you shared with us tonight, it seemed like the thing to do.” I replied mater of factly.

“Oh my God!” Courtney paused, then said “Teagan, are you OK with me joining y’all?” “Yeah,” Teagan smiled. “I’m cool with it.” “It should be fun.” Courtney stood up and waded across the hot tub, kneeled on the step in front of Teagan and gave her a hug and said, “Teagan, oh my god, thank you so much.” “I was afraid I had ruined our friendship, when I watched y’all having sex.” “I mean you two have something really special and hot.” “Y’all are sure you want me to be with you?” “I don’t want to mess up anything between you.” “It’s OK Courtney, you won’t.” Teagan re assured her. “Let’s go inside, I am getting cold.”
Teagan stood up and took Courtney’s hand and helped her out of the hot tub. I quickly joined them at the towel rack. We dried off and hung the towels back on the rack. I took Courtney’s left hand and Teagan grabbed her right hand as we headed inside.

Teagan suggested we rinse off quickly in the shower to get the chlorine off of us. Courtney stopped us and said “Y’all go and get started I’ll be right there.” “I gotta go get something upstairs.” She let go of our hands and sprinted up the stairs to the bedroom where she had left her bag earlier in the evening.

Teagan dropped her bikini bottom, stepped into the shower and started the shower heads and steamers. The shower in the master bath was similar to the shower out in the cabana. I picked up the tiny yellow piece of material off the floor. Wadded up, it wasn’t even the size of a golf ball. I tossed it in the sink as Courtney came into the bedroom. She was carrying a small sparkly, ice blue clutch. She walked over and set it on the nightstand, then joined Teagan and me in the bathroom.

“You go ahead Courtney; I’ll join y’all in a minute. I went back into the bedroom to light several candles, start the stereo and turn off the lights.

When I returned to the bathroom, in the shower was one of the hottest scenes I had ever witnessed. Teagan had Courtney backed into the corner. Courtney was leaning back a little and was supporting herself with the upper part of her back and shoulders on the wall, her hips were away from the wall and pushed forward slightly toward Teagan. Courtney had her arms draped loosely around Teagan’s neck. Teagan had her hands on Courtney’s boobs and was kissing her and sucking on her bottom lip. Neither girl noticed when I walked in. I dropped my board shorts, watched for a moment and then opened the door.

The sound of the shower door got their attention and they looked around at me and giggled. “Don’t stop on my account.” I said. Both of them looked back at each other, laughed, and returned to the kissing. I thought it was odd that Teagan had taken the lead and that Courtney was being so passive. I stepped up behind Teagan, took some body wash and began working on her back and ass. I slipped my hand gently between her ass cheeks and rubbed her ass hole gently. Teagan gasped softly. That got Courtney’s attention. Courtney opened her eyes, sized up the situation and said “Me next?” Teagan turned around toward me and kissed me. She then turned Courtney around. Courtney instinctively spread her legs a bit and pushed her ass toward me. I repeated what I had done to Teagan on Courtney. Courtney moaned softly. I continued rubbing for a moment and Courtney said “Mike, put your finger in my ass.” Teagan was washing Courtney’s front. We glanced at each other and smiled. I pushed my finger into her. “Oooooo…I like that. Ooooo yeah. Courtney mewed softly. Unlike Teagan, Courtney’s ass offered little resistance as I pushed my soapy finger into her. I slid my finger into and out of her for a few moments. Courtney had taken hold of Teagan’s arm with both hands and was concentrating on the anal sensations. I slipped my finger out of her and moved her under the water to rinse her off. Teagan was watching, fascinated by Courtney’s reaction. The look on Courtney’s face had changed. No longer was she the playful pixie. Her look now oozed purpose, lust and desire. She was breathing fast and deep. Courtney reached down and rubbed her clit. “Fuck me! This is going to be fun.” She said with an evil grin, never taking her eyes off Teagan. Courtney took a deep breath, let go of her pussy and stepped aside, as Teagan began to soap me up. Teagan, squeezed some body wash on her boobs and stomach and sexily began rubbing it into a lather. Teagan wrapped her arms around my neck and rubbed her body against me spreading the lather from my knees to my neck. “Fucking A!” Courtney exclaimed. “Y’all are hot as shit!” At that point Teagan and I knew we had Courtney right where we wanted her. She was into this game hook, line and sphincter.

Teagan and I rinsed off and stepped out of the shower with Courtney. The three of us dried off and headed for the bed. Teagan crawled up, lay down on her back, supported by a couple of pillows, and spread her legs. I lay down next to her, and propped myself up on one arm. Courtney kneeled between Teagan’s legs. Courtney leaned over and kissed the inside of Teagan’s leg, slowly working up her body, past her belly button, up between her boobs and then locked on to her lips. Watching these two kissing with an intensity and passion that came directly from the closeness of their relationship was stunning to witness. Teagan shivered with pleasure as her friend carefully and expertly turned her on. I watched in wonder as Teagan melted under Courtney’s erotic touches and kisses. Teagan was softly cooing, and making little gasps and noises, as Courtney used her tongue lips and teeth to work on Teagan’s nipples. I reached over and gently stroked Courtney’s side and down the curve of her ass. Her skin was as smooth, warm and soft as bunny fur. She paused, looked up at me, smiled, and mouthed the words “you’re next.”

Courtney moved back down and positioned herself to feast on Teagan’s pussy. Courtney gently spread the soft flesh between Teagan’s legs, and licked her wet slit gently. Teagan gasped and said “Oh God, that’s incredible!” Courtney continued to work her magic on Teagan. She was lost in the sensations and the growing need for release. Teagan became increasingly restless as Courtney continued to explore her with her tongue. I took hold of Teagan’s hand. She was beginning to arch her back and her breathing was becoming faster and shallower. Teagan opened her eyes as Courtney pushed her fingers deep into both holes at once. The look on her face was one of ecstasy and shock.

“You OK baby?” I asked her. Not really knowing if she heard me. She looked at me, smiled and said between breaths. “Mike…she’s so good…it’s incredible…Courtney is so good…Oh my God!..I’m gonna cummmm…YYYYeesssss! Teagan convulsed as the waves of her orgasm poured over her. Courtney did not change her grip on Teagan and continued to probe her with her tongue. “FUCK, STOP, POPCORN!” “I can’t take anymore!” Teagan reached down and rather forcefully pushed Courtney’s head away, and rolled onto her side, trapping Courtney’s arm under her hip. Courtney was laughing out loud as I helped her pull her arm free. “See!” Courtney taunted “I told you girls were good.” Teagan replied giggling “OK, you win, sue me bitch!” Both girls collapsed in laughter beside each other.

Courtney sat up and said, “Ya know Teagan, Mikey looks kinda lonely sitting there by himself, why don’t we cheer him up!” The emphasis Courtney put on the word UP, left no doubt what she had in mind. Courtney crawled across the bed like a kitten on the prowl. I rose up on my knees as Teagan joined Courtney, already on her hands and knees, in front of me. Courtney reached out and wrapped her hand around the base of my semi hard cock. She used her tongue to tease me for a few seconds, before sucking almost all of me into her mouth. Courtney was an expert blow job artist. She was using the perfect mix of hand and tongue, combined with a suction that could have pulled the cork out of a wine bottle. She had a gift, and it only took a few moments to get me rock hard. Courtney passed me off to Teagan. Teagan was not as aggressive as Courtney, but her technique was familiar and still wickedly effective.

“Mikey, you need to fuck your girlfriend.” Courtney teased. “And I wanna help.” Teagan yelped in surprise as Courtney swatted her ass and told her to turn around. Teagan grabbed a pillow, and rested her chest and head on it as she stuck her ass in the air, wiggling it slightly as an invitation. Courtney reached over and picked up her clutch from the nightstand, opened it up and pulled out a small green packet. It was warming lube. She tore open the pack and squeezed a small amount onto Teagan’s anal starfish. Teagan purred at the sensation. “Oooooo.” “Oh wow, it’s getting warm and tingly!” Courtney, spread the lube onto Teagan’s pussy as well. Courtney took hold of Teagan’s ass and spread her cheeks exposing her completely. She then looked up at me and said, “Fuck her Mikey, put that cock into her tight little pussy.” She grabbed the base of my cock and pointed me toward Teagan while spreading Teagan’s pussy open with her other hand. Teagan was whimpering with excitement at the sensations of Courtney’s touch and the warming lube. I slid all the way into Teagan in one motion. She moaned as her pussy muscles clamped down on me. I began a slow and controlled pumping into Teagan. Courtney began rubbing Teagan’s asshole and slipped a finger tip into her. Teagan cried out, but I could not tell if she was in pain or ecstasy. I continued to pump Teagan slowly. Courtney now pushed her finger deep into Teagan. I was surprised as I could feel Courtney’s fingertip pushing down on the top of my cock from inside Teagan. “Feels good don’t it” Courtney said as she stretched up and kissed me. Teagan was moaning loudly into the pillow. Courtney finger fucked Teagan’s asshole for another moment or two, then lay down and scooted under Teagan and myself, putting her face directly under Teagan’s pussy.

“That’s it Mikey, fuck her like that.” “Teagan loves your cock in her, fuck her, and make her come.” Courtney tilted her head up and licked Teagan’s clit and my cock. Teagan flinched at the sensation. “OOOO FUCK YEAH!” Teagan hissed. Courtney licked her again and continued back along my cock. I could feel her warm breath on my balls. Teagan was getting wetter and was getting close to cumming. I kept up the steady deep pumping as Courtney sucked one of my balls into her mouth and gently sucked on it. I had never felt anything so intense. Courtney returned to kissing Teagan’s clit and helped me push her over the edge. I grabbed Teagan’s hips and pulled her up to me as far as possible, impaling her on my aching cock as I came deep into her. Teagan screamed in ecstasy into the pillow as she tried to wiggle loose from my grip and Courtney’s oral attack on her clit. It was no use; Teagan used the pillow to muffle the screams as an orgasm ripped through her. Teagan’s body convulsed as each orgasmic wave contracted every muscle group in her body. I held on tightly to her hips. I became aware of Courtney’s hand clamped hard around the base of my cock and the gentle pressure guiding me out of Teagan. As I pulled out, Teagan collapsed on her side and curled up into the fetal position, trembling.

Courtney moved in to lap up the left behind liquids; my cum, Teagan’s prolific natural wetness, and whatever was left of the stuff in the little green packet. Watching Courtney clean up her friend was the hottest thing I have ever seen. It was not unlike watching one kitten clean another. Teagan twitched with each lick from Courtney, but she made no attempt to stop her. Courtney licked her lips, and was looking at me with an erotic, satisfied smile; absent mindedly wiping some of the goo off the side of her cheek. Her look reminded me of a vampire that had just fed. I smiled, leaned over and kissed her, she tasted mecidiyeköy escort like an intense wintergreen mint. “Thank you.” I whispered, hugging her tightly. “Anytime Mikey, anytime” she whispered back.

Teagan moaned and rolled over on her back. “Hey baby, welcome back.” I said as I leaned down to kiss her. Her returned kiss was gentile but a little weak. She was happily exhausted.

Courtney reached over and picked up her little blue bag. She pulled out another pack of lube and a medium sized butt plug. “Mike, can you put this in me please?” Courtney lay on her back and pulled her knees up to her chest. Teagan was watching us, but said and did nothing. Courtney’s pussy was as pretty as she was. She was completely shaved. Her labia were pale pink, small and inviting. Her clit was unshrouded, deep pink and glistening wet. The plug was about 3 inches long and about as big around as a ping pong ball. I lubed up the plug and slowly pushed it into her ass. Courtney eyes rolled back and she gasped as the plug slipped into place. “mmmmm” she shuddered gently.

It took about five minutes before Teagan was functional again. Laughing and talking softly she and Courtney kissed and made out. I was spooned up next to Courtney, she and Teagan were facing each other. Courtney’s attention was split between Teagan and me. Teagan was kissing and sucking on Courtney’s boobs, while I was fingering her pussy and playing with the base of the plug that was still in her ass. Courtney gasped as I gently pulled on the plug.
“Is that good Courtney?” I asked. “Oh hell yeah!” She replied “After a while it doesn’t hurt and it starts to really feel good.” It was obvious that Courtney was still horney. Teagan broke the slightly awkward moment.

“Hey babe, I think it’s Courtney’s turn now.” Before I could answer, Courtney asked, “Teagan, are you sure? The last thing I want to do is mess up what y’all have.” “I agree with Courtney.” I said cautiously. “You‘re sure you are OK with me screwing Courtney?”

“You two just need to stop.” Teagan said, with more than a little annoyance in her voice. “I would not be OK with it if the two of you just went off and screwed each other on your own.” “But as long as I am with you, and I can stop anything I am not comfortable with, like we all agreed…” “Let’s just have fun!” “Look this whole evening has been an eye opener for me. I thought I knew a lot about sex and what I liked and what I didn’t.” “But now, I mean…I never dreamed how hot and incredible sex like this can be.”

Teagan got up on her knees and hugged me. “Babe, the time we spend making love is the best thing I have ever done.” “I love the feeling of having you deep inside me.” “It makes me feel desired and cared for, I love every minute of it and I don’t ever want it to end.” She kissed me deeply and passionately. “But tonight, Courtney has awakened something I didn’t know was inside me.” “So yeah, I’m OK with you two screwing, as long as I can help.” She hugged me again as Courtney came up behind her and wrapped her arms around Teagan.

“So, Courtney,” Teagan cooed, “What’s your favorite way to get fucked?” “Ummm, actually, I like being on top or on my side.” “Missionary sort of makes me claustrophobic!” “Doggie’s good too…” Courtney replied happily.

I took that as my cue and lay down on my back, on some pillows. Teagan and Courtney began a slow tag team blow job. The sexy vixens were alternately sucking, licking and kissing my cock, my balls, and each other. At that moment, I decided I was the luckiest guy on the planet. After a couple of shared minutes on me, Teagan moved down and started playing with and softly kissing Courtney’s pussy. “Umm, Courtney?” Teagan asked, “What do you want me to do with this thing?” She asked, not really knowing what to think about the butt plug.

“Well if it’s OK, just kinda work around it and I’ll take it out before Mike and I hookup.” Courtney replied. “That’s cool.” Teagan said as she buried her tongue in her friend’s wet pussy.

Courtney bit her lip and sighed as Teagan pushed two fingers into her, while softly licking her clit. Teagan was watching her friend’s reactions, and was also keeping an eye on me. Courtney continued to have a near death grip on the base of my cock. I was amazed that Courtney could continue giving me an incredible blow job while obviously enjoying the oral work of her best friend. Courtney gave an amazing BJ. She somehow was able to trap the head of my cock against the upper part of the back of her throat, while simultaneously using her tongue to rub the underside of my cock. Just thinking about how that was possible made my tongue cramp. The technique was also incredibly intense. It hadn’t been all that long since I came in Teagan, so I let Courtney work her magic to get me fully hard once again.

“Holy shit Courtney,” I said “How the fuck do you do that?” She pulled my cock out of her mouth with a “pop” and said “It’s an ancient sex kitten secret, handed down from generation to generation!” Teagan started laughing. Courtney got up on her knees, reached over me and picked up her little bag of tricks. She pulled out another green packet and a condom. “Teagan, can you put this on Mikey and lube it up?” Teagan had a slightly confused look on her face, but did as she was asked.

While Teagan was fixing me up, Courtney reached between her legs and winced slightly, as she gently pulled the butt plug out of her ass. Courtney stayed on her hands and knees for a few seconds, letting the sensation subside. Teagan and I looked at each other but said nothing. Courtney stood up on the bed and stepped across me. She squatted down and took hold of my cock in one hand and spread her ass cheeks apart with the other. Then with determination and skill she slid me deep into her ass in one motion. Courtney hissed as her ass came to rest on my hips. I was completely buried inside her. I could feel her sphincter muscle tightening around the base of my cock. She began using her hands and thighs to slowly pump herself up and down on my cock. The feeling was incredible; slowly as she pumped me, her sphincter began to relax some. She began to work faster, and the look on her face changed to one of pleasure instead of endured pain.

Teagan was right beside her girlfriend. She reached down and began rubbing Courtney’s clit and pussy. “Oh yeah, that’s what I like.” Courtney said “Finger me like that, fuck yeah, fuck yeah!” Teagan continued to work her fingers into and out of Courtney’s pink pussy. Courtney dropped to her knees while straddling me. Teagan pulled her hand away waiting to see what Courtney did next. Courtney leaned forward, kissed me hard and said “Fuck my ass Mike, fuck my tight little slut ass!” I reached up and took hold of her tiny waist and began thrusting up into her. Not to be left behind, Teagan straddled my face and pressed her dripping pussy toward my mouth. The girls were facing each other and kissed as I tried my best to balance my inevitable orgasm and the lusty desires of the two girls.

Suddenly and abruptly, Courtney stopped my cock work out of her ass. As quickly as she had mounted me, she was off again, removing the condom from my cock and cleaning me with a small towel. Teagan hopped off my face, but continued to work her pussy with her hand. Courtney said “Fuck me Mike, fuck my hot pussy.” “I need to feel you inside me.” She then dropped onto her elbows and knees, her pretty hairless pussy gapping open slightly, and her glistening, deep pink clit, beckoning me inside. I paused for a second as Teagan grabbed Courtney’s ass cheeks and spread them. I looked at Teagan and she responded by smiling and nodding OK. She stretched up and kissed me reassuringly as I sunk my cock into Courtney’s tiny hole. She was different than Teagan. Teagan was always a tight fit. Her pussy muscles made our love making a snug experience. Courtney was more relaxed. Not loose by any means, just more relaxed, more practiced at the art of muscle control than Teagan.

Teagan was on her knees beside Courtney. She had one hand on Courtney’s shoulder and the other on the small of my back. It was as if she was going to make sure we finished what we had started. As I slowly pumped into Courtney, she was making little, quiet noises. “Oh, yeah!” “Oh, yeah!” “Oh god, fuck me like that!” “Its sooo good!” “Unggh, OH!” Courtney turned her head and shoulders back toward Teagan and looked up at me and then at Teagan. Courtney reached back and began rubbing Teagan’s pussy.

Both girls were now getting closer to cumming. Courtney’s mastery of technique had quickly pushed Teagan to the very edge of another orgasm. Teagan was tensed up and breathing hard. Courtney was working her just enough to hold her at that edge. Courtney on the other hand just loved to fuck, and had taught herself, how to bring herself to the edge whenever she wanted. I was determined to push Courtney over that edge.

OH…MY…GOD!!” Teagan exploded first. “OOOOOH FUCK YEAH!” Her body convulsed hard as an orgasm ripped through her. There was nothing subtle about the combination of Teagan and an orgasm. She always seemed to cum with a physical intensity that was as fun to watch as it was to experience firsthand. Teagan grabbed Courtney’s hand and pulled it away from her sopping wet pussy. She leaned over against me, breathing hard. “Finish her off babe, make her beg and scream.” Teagan had an odd, almost vindictive look on her face.

SCHWACK! The sound of Teagan’s hand swatting Courtney’s ass cheek reverberated through the room. “OWWW!!” Courtney yelled. I increased the speed of my thrusting. “Oh god.” “Oh yeah!” Courtney was struggling with different sensations of the pain and the intensity of the fucking she was receiving. I could feel her pussy muscles finally starting to involuntarily react and tighten around me. SCHWACK! “AAAHHHOOOWWW!” Courtney howled as she now had a matching red handprint on her other ass cheek. The spanking caused Courtney to tense her pussy muscles, pushing her closer to cumming. “Teagan that HURTS!” “But it’s so GOOD.” Courtney whined. She was having trouble separating the sensations. Teagan pushed down hard between Courtney’s shoulder blades, forcing her chest down on to the bed, and held her there. I was now getting close to cumming myself. Teagan looked at me and with a sinister grin, took her razor sharp nails and raked them across Courtney’s ass; directly across the now searing red handprints.

“AAAAAHHHHH…HELL YEAH! OOOOOOOYEAH” Courtney screamed and her body jerked hard as she came. Her pussy muscles clamped down on my cock as firmly as her hand had earlier. Courtney struggled to move but, Teagan was still holding her down and I had a tight hold on her hips. I continued to pump her for another moment, thrusting as deep as I could into her until I came, her pussy still clamped around me firmly.

Courtney was whimpering and almost sounded like she was crying as she feebly said “Popcorn?” “Please let me up, please?” Teagan immediately released her as I gently pulled out. Courtney didn’t move for several seconds even thought she was free from her tormentors. She collapsed on her tummy, panting hard, a mix of my cum and her juices slowly oozing from her pussy. Teagan gently touched her very red butt. “NO! Courtney begged “Please don’t hit me again!”

“I won’t.” Teagan replied, as she softly kissed the whelped up handprints. Courtney continued to whimper and it wasn’t until that moment, that I realized just how hard Teagan had unloaded on Courtney. Teagan used the towel to clean up her new fuck buddy, and then bent down and kissed the back of her neck and cheek gently.

“SHIT!” Courtney exclaimed. “MY ASS HURTS, but damn it, that was FUCKING awesome!” “Too much fun!” Courtney rolled over and sat up, wincing as her butt touched the bed. “Damn it Teagan!”
“I’m sorry Courtney; I did not mean to hurt you, really.” Teagan replied. I was not sure I believed her. Something in her earlier look made me think spanking Courtney was not a sex thing, it was a discipline thing.

“That’s OK; I’ll just sit on a pillow for a couple of days.” Both girls cracked up with laughter.

“Hey, anybody else want warm chocolate chip cookies and milk?” Teagan asked, changing the subject. I looked at the clock, it was just before midnight. “That sounds sooo good!” Courtney exclaimed. Both girls bounded out of bed, tossed on the clothes they were going to sleep in, and headed toward the kitchen. Teagan had on a cami top and sophie shorts, Courtney was in a t-shirt that had “I FUCK ON THE FIRST DATE” printed across the front, and a pair of guys boxer shorts.

“You coming babe?” Teagan asked. “I’ll be in there in a minute sweetie.” I replied. Teagan blew me a kiss, and walked out of the room.

I headed for the kitchen after a stop by the bathroom to pee. As I walked around the corner I paused and watched the girls cutting the dough and putting the pieces on the cookie sheet. Looking like two sisters from different mothers; working as one. But they weren’t sisters. As of tonight they were bi lovers, and the three of us had just spent the better part of the last two and a half hours trading orgasms and sharing body fluids. This was going to make the summer and Colorado in particular, really interesting. Teagan and I were going to have to talk about “us” and see where we stood as a couple, and where we wanted our relationship to go in the future. Just another year and change and Teagan would turn 18.

There was also the inevitable and difficult conversation with Tori looming on my horizon. She was supposed to be home for the summer in just over six weeks. Tori and I had a wonderfully close dad/daughter relationship. We talked almost every day via text or phone calls. She knew about Teagan staying at the house, and had met her at a practice over the Christmas holidays while Tori was home from college. However, it was my guess that Tori had no inkling that Teagan and I were now much more than just friends. I felt terrible that I had not shared the whole truth with Tori. We had few secrets from each other. There was also the possibility that Teagan could, eventually, become the replacement for Tori’s mom in my life. I was reasonably sure Tori was not going to handle that fact well at all. … But for now, I wanted cookies.

I walked into the kitchen and gave a little kiss to both the girls. We talked and laughed and ate warm cookies and drank ice cold milk out of frosted mugs. It seemed the perfect end to an amazing night. Back in the bed, Teagan took up her usual spot on my right side, and spooned up against me. Courtney curled up next to Teagan, facing her. “I just want to thank y’all for letting me be with you.” “You didn’t have to do that and I really enjoyed it.” Courtney said. She leaned over and kissed Teagan. “You’re welcome Courtney” I replied. “I had fun, how about you baby?” “Oh my god, tonight was awesome, we WILL have to do this again.” Teagan said enthusiastically. We all three laughed and agreed that a hot tub, under a starlit Colorado sky, might be a good place to start.

I switched off the light on the nightstand. Almost immediately Teagan turned her head and upper body back and kissed me deeply and softly. She took my hand, interlaced her fingers with mine and placed my hand and hers over her heart. She held my hand tightly against her for some time. Eventually, I felt her grip soften, as she joined her new red headed lover in exhausted, happy sleep.

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Ara 01

Friend, or something else?

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Okay, I’ll admit it, I took a little liberty with how things progressed (real life was much slower, hehe), but this is pretty close to what happened… ^_^ Tell me how you like it.


A few weeks had passed since Alan had last visited. He sat on the bed with her, again watching TV. She wasn’t sure if what had happened last time was real at all until he began to rub his leg against hers and shift his body so he was closer to her.

“Hey, do you think you could-” he began to say.
“No, that was a one time thing.” she said, cutting him off.

She crossed her arms and sat watching the cartoons. She was still mad at him for using her, and didn’t want him to just think of her like a slut. Although she had to admit, having him want her made her excited, and she felt herself start to get wet thinking about what they had done. He again started rubbing against her, and she nudged closer into him. She did miss being touched. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his growing erection, pumping it a few times.

“Come on, Mai. Look at how hard you made me.”
“What? You did that to yourself!” she responded, jumping off the bed.
“…pleeease?” he said, reaching over to grab her hand, tugging it towards his manhood.
“No, seriously,” she said. but still found herself looking.
“just a little, I swear” he said.
“God, fine.” she said, sitting down and letting him pull her hand down.

She took it in her hand and was surprised by how warm it was. She pumped it lazily for a few seconds. She looked at him and saw his eyes closed, content enjoying this experience. She spit in her hand, thinking that maybe if it felt good he’d finish sooner.

“Oh baby… thats nice.” he said while reaching down her sweats.
“oooh…” she cooed, feeling herself respond to his touch.

She could feel the tension in her body melting away, and she realized that maybe he was just a fuck buddy. She had heard a few slutty girls in her ed class talking about being in relationships like that, but she just figured that only bad girls would do that kind of thing. He started to dry out again and her hand felt rough against the soft skin of his cock. She looked down at his cut 6 inches. It wasn’t too big, but then again neither was her mouth. Last time she did it, she thought, so why not again? She let her body stretch out on the bed and put the tip in her mouth, swirling her tongue around it. He şişli bayan escort seemed to enjoy it and even held her hair back. She wondered why guys liked it so much… He gently pulled her away and pushed her shoulders back, laying her down on the bed.

“Are we going to have sex now?” she said, her voice still somewhat innocent.
“heh heh… Its time I reciprocate for how good you make me feel,” he responded.

He stood in front of the bed, pulling his shirt off, then pushing down at his pants and standing naked in front of her. He tugged at her waist and she lifted her butt, letting both her sweats and panties come off in one motion. He played with her feet, making her giggle, when he got them down to the bottom. Half naked now, sprawled on the bed, he opened her legs. But instead of crawling on top of her, he started kissing her leg down towards her pussy. She was nervous and started to wiggle, wondering exactly what he was doing.

“Just relax, close your eyes,” he said to her in a whisper between kisses.

She closed her eyes and tensed up, feeling his kisses getting closer and closer to her pussy. Was he going to kiss her there? No one had ever done that before, not even her ex boyfriend, because he said that was dirty. Finally he reached her pussy and licked from bottom to top, getting the outside just as wet as the inside. He flicked his tongue around her clit and she felt a sudden jolt of excitement shoot through her body. He continues this until he feels her juices running down her pussy to the bed.

“Do you like that? You like my hot tongue on your little pussy?” he says.
“Oh god, yes. Please, don’t stop. Not yet.”

Suddenly she feels something pushing inside her. He slowly pushes one finger in and out of her pussy, building a rhythm with his licking. She can feel a pressure developing inside of her, pushing her toward the edge of a huge orgasm. He continues to pump and adds a second finger inside of her, as she pulls her knees up with her hands, giving him full access to her pussy. He looks down and sees her cute little butt, watching her hole flex and convulse as she gets closer to an orgasm. Spreading the wetness surrounding her hole he pushes at it with his fingertip, watching it get pushed away and then finally pressing it inside of her ass.

“Ohh!” she gasps, feeling herself full from the front and the back.
“yeah baby, come for me.”

Hearing his words and knowing what he is doing sends the orgasm ripping through şişli escort her body. she tightens around his fingers over and over, getting tighter with each convulsion, the power of her squeezing almost pushing him out. She collapses on the bed, letting the smaller waves lap at her pussy and feeling the convulsions lessen in intensity. He pulls his fingers out of her pussy and plays with her anus a little more.

“You like my butt?” she asks when she finally regains some of her sense.
“Yeah, its so tight and cute.” he says, still fingering her a little.
“Do you want to put it in there?” she asks him tentatively.

He pulls his finger out of her, and she thinks maybe she went too far. He had kissed her and fingered her, but would he think it was gross? But her worries are quickly put away, as he crawled on top of her, his erect manhood pointing straight down at her. He pulls her hips toward himself and she can feel him at her entrance. He teases around her, spreading her lips with his head and covering it in her juices. She shivers each time, the sensation sending chills up her body.

“Oh god, please… please just put it in” she whispered.
“Yeah baby, oh yeah…” he grins to himself.

He positions his head at her little butthole and rubs around some of more wetness before pushing his head against her. Her body has given up resisting since the fingering, and his head slowly slips inside of her. She thought that it felt full when she had a finger in there, now it felt as though her whole body was going to burst. He begins to push inside of her, pushing his hips down.

“Oh… oh… go slowly” she says, worried that perhaps he is going to rip something open with his girth.
“Don’t worry baby, I’m gonna take care of you.” he says, slowly easing himself deeper into her.

He pushes in, she can feel him flexing inside of her periodically until he is fully buried inside. After a few seconds her body stops tensing up, and she feels herself loosen around him. He begins stroking in and out of her, long and steady. The juices flowing from her cover his shaft and lubricate the action, helping him get deeper into her. The initial pain and confusion in her body is over, and she starts to get into a rhythm of bucking her hips forward, and she starts to enjoy the feeling, excited by the fact that its such a naughty thing he is doing to her.

“Oh god, you’re so big… oh…” she breathes.
“you’re so tight… so good,” he responds, beginning to quicken mecidiyeköy escort his pace.
“are you going to come? uhhnnn…. come inside me..” she asks, and then realizes she wants him to. To fill her inside her little butt. “Yes, come inside me, come.” she breathes.

This gets him harder than even before, and he starts to earnestly pump into her ass. He sees her pussy wet and spread and rubs her clit for a few seconds before driving his thumb deep into her. Again she feels even more full than she thought possible, her body reacting and contracting around his shaft and now his finger. She can’t hold back as another orgasm builds and comes crashing down on her.

“oh god, I’m coming, I’m coming, I’m coming”, she whispers in a mantra, arching her back away from the bed.

He drops his chest down on hers, the animal need to come overwhelming him as he aggressively slams his cock into her asshole. She knows he can feel her convulsing and coming, her body grips tighter and tighter around him and she can see that it is driving him closer and closer. He unloads his sperm deep in her anus. His body naturally convulses a few times after he is finished, and he presses his body down on hers. A couple of minutes pass and then she pushes his shoulders away from her.

“Come on Alan, you’re crushing me.” she laughs.
“oh, sorry, haha. That was just so good,” he says propping himself on his shoulders and feeling himself slide out of her anus slowly.
“ooo… we’ll have to do that again sometime,” she says coyly.
“Oh really?” he says, almost surprised at her brazen sexual advance.
“Of course, next time you’re gonna bring me dinner, and then you’re gonna have to give me dessert,” she says while pushing him over on the bed and getting up.

She stands unabashed at her nudity and smiles at him and then walks over to the bathroom, grabbing a towel on the way in.

“Just let yourself out when you’re ready, but make my bed first,” she says in a light tone.
“Can I take a shower first?” he asks, looking down at his sweat and sex covered body.
“Nu-uh, you’re all sweaty and dirty” she giggles.
“then can I at least use a washcloth?”
“I don’t think thats part of our relationship, hehehe. See you soon, don’t forget the bed.” she says closing the door behind her.

She turns on the water but presses her cheek against the bathroom door. She can hear ruffling and sounds of clothing being moved. After a while she hears the door open and shut. When she opens the door her bedsheets are flat again, and even her clothes were folded and put in a nice pile near the bottom.

“ooo…” she says, giggling again. “You’re mine now.”

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Ara 01


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“I would like that, very much,” she told me. “How about next Saturday afternoon?”

When I ran the idea past my man Julian he was very eager. “Tell me all about Fiona, what does she look like?”

“About our age, fortyish. She and I were lovers once, incredible pair of tits on a size 12 body.” Some of my girlfriends claim she has a ‘liberal attitude to sexuality’ while others claim she is ‘gender fluid’.

“I want you naked on the bed on your back for Fiona,” I tell Julian just before Fiona is due. “I want both of us to spoil her and satiate her sexually, remember she hasn’t had sex for twelve-months. The thought of her using you is a big turn on for me while I watch. Let’s stretch the boundaries. Can you get it up three times in one session? I want you to for what I have in mind and what I arranged with Fiona.”

When Fiona arrives she is wearing a simple above the knee dress with half the buttons undone to display her ample cleavage. Julian is impressed. I am wearing just a skin tight pair of leather slacks and heels and enjoying being topless for two people.

“Been a long time Fiona, far too long,” I whisper as we kiss passionately eager to have her as I take her dress off. “Love your g-string and cup-less bra, you always did have magnificent tits. And how could I forget those long erect nipples of yours,” I tell her as I start licking them.

Julian had never watched me pleasure another woman before today. He is rapt as I kneel in front of Fiona, slide her g-string down to her ankles and slip it over her heels.

“Wow, that really is something,” Julian murmurs as I grasp Fiona’s ass and commence licking her cunt lips.

“Your man is hung, really well hung,” Fiona whispers with his erection in her hand as Julian is standing so he can lick and kiss her nipples as I lick and suck her cunt as she arches her torso toward me.

“Incredible pair of tits, just incredible,” Julian keeps repeating. “Never licked and kissed such magnificent tits, even better while my lady is licking her cunt.”

“I am hanging out for a fuck, absolutely hanging out for it,” Fiona is moaning as she orgasms repeatedly.

“Your man is hung and thick, love it,” Fiona smiles wickedly as she mounts his erection and takes all of it, right up to his balls with Julian laying on his back. I can remember the last time I watched Fiona fucking a man, her technique was to slide şişli bayan escort her cunt up and down the man’s cock, totally in charge as she used the man.

After all that time her technique is still the same but more determined and she is very noisy as she uses my man and I am enjoying watching as I position myself legs apart with one foot higher than the other so she can lick my cunt lips, just as she has done previously while I watched her using a man.

Fiona tells me again, “I have been hanging out for a fuck, this is a real fuck on a full size erection, fuck me, fuck me, fuck my wet cunt.”

Julian is making almost as much noise as Fiona as he is close to cumming. “So close, nearly there, watch, watch me cum,” he is moaning as Fiona stands, legs apart, teasing her cunt lips with a finger before she squirts.

“So fucking good, a long time since I squirted like that and love two people watching.

“That was so good, I want to watch you fuck Julian, even better if you lick my cunt while he is fucking you,” Fiona tells me as we wind down in my very large shower alcove.

“Or maybe I can give him a blow job while you watch as foreplay? Can he get it up for us three times in one session?”

“Let’s find out,” I smile aroused at the thought.

Julian has never licked my cunt with another woman watching and it is very exciting as he stands me against the wall, kneels in front of me with his hands on my ass and pulls me toward him. His tongue is magic on my clit and cunt lips with Fiona watching. Even better when Fiona starts tongue kissing me as Julian is sucking my cunt. As I glance down the size of his erection is a huge turn on as I cum on his tongue.

“Do I have your permission to give your man a blow job,” Fiona teases knowing full well I want to watch her do it before he fucks me while she watches.

“Standing or sitting Julian?,” Fiona asks.

“Blow jobs are always better standing,” he replies as he positions himself against the wall as Fiona kneels in front of him and licks his balls.

“What would you like me to do Julian? Your erection is magnificent, I want to help make this blow job memorable for you,” I tell him as we tongue kiss.

“Lick my nipples,” he whispers as I watch Fiona take four inches of his cock between her pursed lips.

I am proud of my blow job skills and always enjoy the chance to compare mine şişli escort while watching a man receiving one. I have watched Fiona blowing other men in the past, though watching her blowing my man has a new frisson. And she is very good. And I am very turned on watching her technique.

“That is heaven, absolute heaven,” Julian is moaning as Fiona scratches his balls with her nails as he slides his rock hard erection between her pursed lips.

“Can I watch him masturbate? I love watching a man masturbate,” Julie asks me as Julian is breathing very heavily.

“Yes of course, we always were on the same wave length. Do it for both of us Julian.”

“On my tits, on my tits, do it,” Fiona is moaning as Julian slowly teases his eight-inch erection.

I love watching a hung man masturbate, especially when I am so horny and looking forward to a really good fuck.

“On her tits, on her tits, do it for both of us,” I whisper as I flaunt my ass for him, something he loves when masturbating.

“On my tits, on my tits, do it,” Fiona is urging as the veins of Julian’s erection are bulging. Then the noise he makes as he cums is the loudest I have ever heard him

In the afterglow Julian is watching Fiona urinating. “Your man likes watching me peeing, he is getting a new erection for us,” Fiona smiles as Julian holds her gaze as she enjoys the attention.

“One of his fetishes, see if you like this,” I smile back as I lay Julian on the floor, open my legs and stand over his groin.

“Count to three for me Fiona. Now watch,” I whisper on the count of three as I tease my cunt lips and slowly release a long stream over his groin and now very erect cock.

“I do like the way you trim your pubic hair, nothing apart from a long this tuft above your cunt lips.”

“Julian does it for me.”

“Will you do mine for me Julian?”

Watching my man shave the hair around my girlfriends cunt lips evokes a strange feeling, but I do like watching the pleasure they are both getting from it. And Julian has a raging erection as he does it. And I want him to fuck me with it soon, very soon.

I did agree for my man to fuck Fiona and I was very turned on watching. I am even more turned on now after our third round of foreplay. Julian has never fucked me with another woman watching – and I do like another woman watching a man fucking me, especially if they talk to mecidiyeköy escort me while they watch.

“I want to add to your pleasure before you fuck,” Fiona smiles as she oils my naked body. “You really do have a magnificent ass,” she whispers as I enjoy her hands rubbing oil into it with my man watching with a roaring erection.

“Now you Julian, any special areas you would like some extra attention?,” Fiona teases as she commences on his nipples. Then his back and ass cheeks before she takes his balls in one oily hand and his new erection in the other. I am enjoying it almost as much as my man as Fiona pours some oil on my man’s hands and tells him to ‘oil my big tits’.

She really does have a glorious pair of tits with long erect nipples as I watch my man teasing them.

“Julian and I are both looking at your magic ass, he has his hands all over it. Is he is going to fuck you in the ass? Is that what you want?,” Fiona asks, her face beaming in anticipation as she lays on her back on the bed with her legs apart. “And lick my cunt at the same time?”

Fiona watches mesmerised as I bend over her with an arm either side of her naked body and support myself by holding her hands as I my part my legs for my man as he grips my ass cheeks and slowly feeds the full length of his very erect oil covered eight-inch cock into my ass.

I gasp and groan as he slowly works all of his eight-inches between my ass cheeks while grasping them, at the same time I am thrusting my ass in sync to receive his strokes.

“You are lucky to have a well hung man to fuck, I love watching, is he good?,” Fiona asks.

“Fucking magic, I am so horny after watching you fuck him, then blow him.”

Fiona is holding my hands very tightly, even more tightly as Julian drives his full eight-inches into my ass and his body slaps against my ass cheeks.

I am making incomprehensible noises I am barely aware of as he drives and pounds into me.

“That looks magic, love the way your ass muscles are moving for him, you always told me size is important for you,” Fiona whispers.

“Come on Julian, use me, fuck me harder, really hard, I love it. I love you giving me eight-inches up my ass. I love it with Fiona watching.”

“And I love watching, love it.”

“That is so good, so fucking good, I am going to squirt, watch me, watch me squirt.”

My whole body is trembling with sexual excitement as I orgasm and squirt in huge gushes while Julian is still driving his eight-inch erection into me.

Then he follows and has a very loud orgasm.

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Ara 01

First Trip to New Gay Movie

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Today started as a normal day in which I just wanted to watch some gay porn, suck a cock or two then maybe get a blowjob. I was new to the area so I did not know where to go so to begin this quest so I looked for a gay movie theater. There was one downtown which also said it had a collection of adult books and DVD’s for sale.

I arrived at the location and it was in a good neighborhood so I felt safe parking and heading inside. When I entered I found it just as it was described, racks of books and walls of DVD’s. I cruised around pretending to be looking at the books but really watching to see if anyone came in or out of the theater. Yep, three guys entered and one came out in about 10 minutes so I thought it could be a good plan to head inside.

I purchased my ticket plus a one dollar required membership and headed in to watch the movie. When I entered the theater it was very dark probably due to the fact it was a sunny day out and the only light was that which was coming from the movie. I found a seat about half way down on the side. As my eyes got used to the darkness I noticed that there were only about 8 or 10 other guys watching the movie. I found this kind of strange based the number of guys I saw come in.

Well I guess it was time to watch the movie and it was a good hot one! Two young guys fucking like rabbits. As I watched I was constantly looking around to try and find where all the real guys were hanging out. I did see a few go through this curtain in the front of the theater so I thought I would check it out.

When I passed through the curtain it was just as dark but I was able to see two guys leaning on the wall. Then I saw the men’s room so I thought I would check that out, nothing special, two stalls with a glory hole and one urinal. I came out still very confused and curious as to where the action was and the guys. Just at that time I saw some movement to my right – there was an iron, circular stairway with a guy coming down. Now my interest was peaked so I decided to head upstairs.

Wow – what a different place than downstairs. I walked around and found all types of areas: one room had a small TV showing a gay porn. This room was about 20 by 20 with a series of walls about four to five feet high that had glory holes. As I walked through there were 4 guys getting a bj through these holes. Another area had several rooms that were big enough for two guys to play in and they had a bench big enough to lie on. As I wandered more I found a play room with a sling – no one was playing here. Then there was an area of “walls” with glory holes and a few sections were “chain link fence”. Finally I came into an area that had a lot of closet doors. şişli bayan escort As I investigated more I discovered these were little rooms that had either glory holes, large holes or both on one, two or all three walls.

Well it was now time to begin my quest for the day – suck a few cocks so I decided to enter one of those little rooms. After going in and out of several rooms I finally found one that had guys through two of the holes. I entered and stated to watch them, one was just gently stroking himself and the other was doing what I wanted to be doing. He was on his knees sucking through the hole opposite from where I was looking.

I then focused my attention on the other guy. Slowly I approached the hole with my hand and gestured for him to come over. Removed it and waited – nothing so I tried again thinking he did not see me the first time, again nothing. Well I started thinking that I should try something different so I got on my knees and presented my open mouth in the hole – nothing. This was one of the larger holes so if I was daring enough I could stick my head through the hole but I didn’t.

Now totally disappointed I sat back and returned to watching the lucky guy on the other side. While I was watching something flashed in my mind – let me try something else.

I dropped my pants and boxers to the floor and stood placing my bare ass about 6 inches from the large hole facing the guy who was stroking himself. It only took about five seconds before I felt fingers gently touching my bare skin. At first I stood still and let him gently rub me, and then I moved closer to him. His touching got firmer but in a warm, sexy way. He gradually started to run his fingers up and down the crack of my ass then gently started to slide them in looking for that magic spot.

To make it easier for him I bent over giving him more access which he took full advantage and found my waiting hole and started to play with it. Slowly and gently he pushed his dry finger inside even though it was a little uncomfortable I let him have his way. Then I felt something cool, on his other hand he somehow got some lube and now was inserting a lubed finger. This felt much better, so much so that my cock started to get hard.

After a while of inserting one finger then two he took both of them out. There was nothing happening but my mind was racing and hoping for more so I bent over a little more and backed all the way to the wall so I was actually leaning on the wall with my ass totally exposed through the hole. Finally it happened; I felt his cock trying to enter me. I reached back there to make sure he had on a condom and he did so I totally relaxed and let him enter me.

He şişli escort went slowly at first and only going in a little at a time. Gradually he entered me fully and began pumping. The pumping was at a nice even pace that was working nicely for me and I am guessing for him too. Shockingly I felt a hand on my leg – it came through the hole on the side. I was so much enjoying what was happening to me that I did not try to move it away. Since I did not move it away he took the liberty of grabbing my rock hard cock and began to stroke it.

You can only imagine how all of this was feeling – getting fucked and stroked at the same time!!!! I drifted into total enjoyment only to be brought back to reality as I began to shoot all over the floor. The stroking continued until I was totally drained. I couldn’t move as I was still being pounded from behind, finally I felt him quicken his pace and finally unload.

He slowly pulled out and I stood up then leaned on a wall totally exhausted and almost totally full filled. Remember I came to suck cock and that still has not happened.

I decided to head to the room that had the walls so I could lean on one and watch some gay porn and recover. Now that I had a feeling of the second floor I could hear sounds of pleasure as I headed to the other room.

I got to that room and headed about half way down and entered an empty row. To my right across the aisle I could see a blow job taking place and if I blocked out the video there were others also taking place. About 10 minutes passed and a guy entered the row behind me and was also leaning on the wall. I took a glance back at him then down and noticed he was not standing in front of the glory hole so I just went back to watching the video. I was starting to feel refreshed and wanted to go out to the glory hole wall and look for that cock that I wanted to suck. As I turned I noticed that the guy behind me moved and his cock was just hanging through the hole. Well you can only guess what happened next – I left, just kidding.

I reached and gently started to fondle this soft, beautiful cock. As I fondled more it began to stiffen much to my liking. It was now time to get on my knees and enjoy this cock. I slowly licked the head then gradually took it into my mouth. Since it was not fully hardened I sucked in to bring it down my throat as far as it would go. In a matter of time it became a hardened cock about six and a half inches and slightly on the thick side. In a matter in which I like my cocked I sucked, I began to suck this one, slow then fast – all the way in then just lick and play with the head. Finally I tasted a little precum so I pulled off, got up and went mecidiyeköy escort into the same row where he was standing. I went to my knees, reached for that beautiful cock and placed it into my mouth. I then placed both of my hands on his ass and allowed him to fuck my mouth as hard, deep and as fast as he wanted. His hands found my head and held it is place, I wasn’t going anywhere but I guess it made him feel good. He finally exploded and shot a large, tasty load of cum into my mouth and throat. I held him inside of me as long as I could still feel and taste cum coming out. When he was empty I took one more inhalation suck then got up patted him on the ass and left satisfied.

Wow – I finally got to suck a cock which was my goal for the day. Actually my goal was to suck a few cocks so I headed over to the glory hole wall. When I got there on my side there was one guy on his knees with his face planted to the wall and I assume with a nice mouthful. Down a few holes was a soft cock about 5 to 6 inches just hanging there waiting for attention but it was all the way at the end where my attention was focused.

Remember I said there was some chain link fence? I looked down there and there was a nice looking cock hanging through one of the links. As I looked at the rest of him I saw his pants down around his ankles but his shirt was over his head covering his face. That really interested me so I headed over. I started to gently handle this nice cock which caused a little stirring through the fence so I dropped to my knees and began to suck. Gently licking the head then slowly the shaft and finally engulfing the whole thing.

Gradually it got hard and I was really enjoying sucking with my eyes closed so I could enjoy all the sensations and hot smell. When I opened my eyes I saw another cock sticking through the fence within an arm’s length away – yep you guessed it. I reached over and started to stroke it.

It took some concentration to stroke and suck at the same time but I was working it as best as I could. Finally the cock in my mouth started to pulse and shoot a nice warm and tasty load of cum. Every drop was swallowed before I let him pull out. I did not want the other guy to leave unsatisfied so I continued to stroke him until he shot all over the floor. I did not want to take him inside because the taste currently in my mouth was awesome and I wanted it to last as long as possible.

Now that I was satisfied it was time for me to leave and head home.

You might not believe that all of this could happen on a single visit to a movie theater and you are right. This is a true story up to the first cock I sucked. When I was leaving I did see 2 cocks hanging through the glory holes but I was satisfied and it was time to head home.

I will be heading back for another adventure but this time I will head right upstairs.

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Ara 01

Family that plays together- 2

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“What is it your brother wouldn’t do?” Ward had to raise his
voice above the noise of the freeway as he shifted into fourth
gear, the sports car running smoothly in the direction of his
apartment. He had carefully arranged everything before going to
get Sheri at her apartment, and he felt certain the steak dinner
and candlelight setting would provide just the right atmosphere
for an intimate seduction.
“He’s young and adventuresome. Does that answer your
question?” Sheri was used to his attempts at guiding their
conversations toward sex, and she recognized the implications in
his question. Usually she squelched his efforts, though she did
enjoy discovering his different approaches. Dating him was like a
continuing lesson in the techniques of seducing a girl, and in
some ways she was proud of his failure to win her over. Yet he
never pushed, but instead was cool and mature, and she liked that
in him too. Though convinced she would never give in to his
advances, the young teenager also became more and more sure he was
the type of man she would eventually want to lose her virginity
“Well, I hope you feel like an adventuresome dinner tonight,”
he said after a moment, “I’m going to treat you to the experience
of my own cooking …”
Finally he’s going to take me to his apartment, she thought.
Since they started dating, Sheri had been curious about how a
thirty three year old bachelor lived, and she wasn’t at all
worried over the idea of being alone with him there. It was
simply another opportunity to learn more about him, and therefore
men in general.
“Do I have a guarantee that I won’t have to do the dishes?”
she asked, her voice casual and undisturbed.
“Well …” He acted like he was thinking about it, and he
was pleased that she had accepted his dinner plans so readily.
“Say yes or I’ll refuse to eat!”
“I have a dishwasher …”
“Male or female?”
“Female of course!”
“O.K. then,” she said, and they both laughed. She felt it
was going to be an interesting evening, and she relaxed, letting
the wind blow her long blonde hair as the car sped down the
It seemed only a few minutes before Ward was pulling up in
front of a large apartment house, and she was impressed at how
luxurious the building appeared. They got out of the car, and he
led her through the archway into a garden courtyard. It was
nicely landscaped, and in the middle was an inviting looking and
lighted swimming pool. They walked past the pool to the rear of
the building, and after climbing a short curving stairway, stood
before a single door. Sheri turned around to look out over the
courtyard, and she noted that the building was arranged in such a
way as to give the illusion that each apartment was separate. She
guessed the rent had to be high, and after being ushered inside
the apartment, she knew her judgment was correct.
Off to the right of a large entry hall was a spacious living
room like she had never seen before in her life. The lush
carpeting was almost pure white, and it all seemed to focus on a
sunken area in front of a huge stone fireplace. In the center was
a low, black table, and it was surrounded by large colorful
pillows. The table was already set for a candlelight dinner, and
it looked so cozy, she was ready to start eating right then.
Walking through an arched passageway, they were in a kitchen
completely equipped with all the modern conveniences, and Ward
slipped off his jacket, draping it over a chair. “This is where
the magic begins,” he said as he pulled up his sleeves to get
ready to work.
But certainly not where it ends, she thought, wondering where
his bedroom was. She figured it had to be on the opposite side of
the entry hall, a distance that would give time for second
thoughts in a heated situation, so she guessed he would make his
play on the large pillows and plush carpet. Now that she was
there in his apartment, she wasn’t sure if she would refuse him or
“Are you going to do all the cooking?” she asked, noticing
the makings of a dinner spread out on a counter.
“Absolutely … been doing it for years,” he answered with a
wink. “But first we can have a couple of martinis. There’s a
limit of two, because I have an excellent wine to go with the
Sheri liked the way he treated her when it came to drinking
liquor, and she knew that he thought her older than seventeen. In
the beginning, he had believed her to be a young student teacher
at the college, and she never bothered to correct his notion. She
felt he might be reluctant to take her places she wanted to go if
he knew her to be underage, and she was fortunate to look mature
enough to avoid questions from bartenders. She had considered
telling him her true age on several occasions, but her real
reluctance was a fear that he would just stop taking her out.
Since he had never tried to ply her with drinks, she didn’t see
any reason to destroy the good times she had, nor the chance to
get away from schoolwork at every possible opportunity. She had a
good thing going with no obligations, and she was glad to keep it
going as long as she could.
Ward made her take her second martini into the living room as
he busied himself with the final preparations for the gourmet
dinner. He had music playing on the stereo, and Sheri was glad to
make herself comfortable by the table in the sunken area. The
large pillows were soft, and as she lay back luxuriously against
one, she couldn’t help feeling excited. Her first martini had
made her feel a warm sensation flowing through her body, and the
second one seemed to amplify it tenfold. She seemed to be more
aware of her whole body than she had ever been in her life, and
the contact with her surroundings was very pleasant. Then the
thought occurred to her that she was alone in that alien
environment with a man, and there was nothing she could think of
to convince herself to say no to him when the proper time came.
She had taken the last sip of her martini when Ward entered
the room carrying a large tray, and when she started to jump up to
help him with the food, she felt like her blood had suddenly
rushed to her head. She had to sit back again to shake the
dizziness away, and she was pleased to discover that he hadn’t
noticed her slightly tipsy condition.
“Sit back and relax. It’s prepared to perfection, so we’d
better eat it right away,” he said as he stepped down into the
sunken area with her and placed the tray on the low table.
Sheri was embarrassed by the way such a small amount of
liquor had affected her, and she felt she should hide it from him.
Seeing the food reminded her that she had skipped lunch that
afternoon, and two martinis on an empty stomach had obviously been
too much. But the food looked good, and she felt terrifically
hungry. Eating, she figured, would help curb the effect of the
“I have to admit, it certainly does look good,” she said
seriously, and it tasted good too. With candles on the table
glowing with a softly dancing light, they both sat on the pillows
eating the rare steak and drinking a good red wine. It didn’t
dampen Sheri’s mood in the least, but rather her reverie increased
with each passing moment until she felt herself floating with
excited anticipation. It was an uncommon sensation of tantalizing
warmth that took control of her mind and body, and when they had
finished eating the meal, it seemed perfectly natural for Ward to
move slowly in her direction, his mouth moist and slightly open as
it met with her lips.
Like a continuing gesture of unique indulgence, the kiss
thrilled her to the very depths of her aroused young body. He
drove his tongue deep between her parted lips, and she sucked on
it as her nerves tingled with growing excitement. In her pulse-
quickened state, the dinner had been like foreplay to an
extraordinary seduction. The factors behind her stimulation were
not important to her at the moment, but instead she knew that she
was ready right then and there to resign her body, her virginity,
to the older man kissing her so passionately.
In the open space in front of the fireplace, Ward turned her
body against his, no longer willing to contain the urgency of his
desire. He had set the stage for the seduction of this voluptuous
young woman, and now his penis was throbbing with lust. Still
kissing her deeply, he moved his hand down over the smooth curve
of her buttocks, and pressing hard against the firmly rounded
cheeks, he ground his rigid shaft against the softness of her
thighs. Her fresh young female scent, her figure, everything
about her was sexually exciting, and he was determined to have her
sensual young body squirming under him in passion once and for
all. Sliding his hand lower, he pushed his fingers in toward the
narrow hidden space up between her thighs as his lust-engorged
cock throbbed with tremendous pressure.
“Darling,” she said, twisting away from his kiss. She put
her mouth close to his ear, her warm breath stimulating him even
more as she spoke. “Wait, darling, please! I … I want …” Her
belly was burning with a passion that grew more intense from
thinking about what she had to say. She knew resisting was
hopeless, as her own mind and body wanted sexual fulfillment now
more completely than ever before. “Undress me, darling!” she
exclaimed, partly surprising even herself. “I want to be
completely naked when you do it to me.”
His blood-filled cock jerked as her words came hotly into his
ear, a clear and concise indication of her acquiescence. She
wanted to be naked! Moving his head back, he looked directly into
her liquid eyes, but she only looked down, almost shyly, he
thought. He didn’t want to give her the opportunity to
reconsider, so he raised up on his knees, turning her so that he
could loosen the zipper running down the back of her dress.
It seemed only right to remain somewhat proper, even after
having requested to be stripped of her clothes, so she couldn’t
look into his eyes. She wanted him to make love to her, to have
him gently caress her naked young body, kiss her lovingly from
head to toe until finally her virginity would melt away in heated
passion. But, he didn’t know that she was a virgin, and she
wasn’t sure she wanted him to know about it either. Being
seventeen and still totally inexperienced in sex was almost
shameful these days.
After numerous rejections, Sheri’s sudden willingness was
hard for Ward Murdock to believe. şişli bayan escort It was as if she had become a
different person, but one that was very obviously ready and able
to be fucked. It seemed apparently that the dinner and drinks had
worked in compounding her true emotions and making her finally
ready to be taken by him. He was so anxious for it, that he
didn’t really care what the reason behind it all was.
Reaching out hurriedly, the suave older man pulled the zipper
of her dress down toward her narrow waist. His hard, pulsing cock
was ready to burst with the intense excitement of finally
conquering her previously reluctant young body. The idea of
shoving his cock up into the soft wet folds of her hair-lined
vagina was more arousing under the circumstances than would
normally be the case, and his lust-tightened balls pounded with
unbearable pressure from his churning sperm. In one swift
movement, he unhooked the back of her brassiere, then pushed both
dress and brassiere forward leaving her naked to the waist. She
shyly bent her head down as he turned her, the golden strands of
her hair cascading down over her shoulders so that the taut pink
tips of her full, firmly set breasts were just peaking out from
behind her silken curls, and he knew then that he would have to
hurry or he wouldn’t last a minute.
The inexperienced young teenager was suddenly aware of a
desperate kind of energy from the older man, as his hands seemed
to move over her body with vibrating quickness. Yet, for the
moment she was more concerned with her vulnerable nakedness, and
she looked at his face for an indication of his approval. He bent
forward suddenly, and she caught her breath as his mouth closed
wetly over the bud-like tip of her naked breast. His arms held
her pressed tightly to him as his tongue rolled around and around
the pinkly puckered flesh of her hardened nipple, and his teeth
nipped at the sensitive tip, sending thrilling little surges of
pleasure through her tense young body. She was totally absorbed
by the lewd sensations, hardly aware of his fingers working their
way teasingly into the tight elastic waistband of her white nylon
“Ooooohh, darling … we … I … Ohhhh!”
The thirty-three year old businessman was only sampling what
he had wanted and waited for for so long, so very long, and the
tenderness of her soft young flesh in his mouth was as bittersweet
as the first taste of unrequited desire. Too often he had been
held off by this voluptuous young blonde, and now with her half-
naked body in his grasp, he was not to be denied anything. He
wanted all of her, hard and fast, ramming his lust-engorged cock
deep into her smooth, trembling little belly until she begged and
pleaded for his heated sperm to gush out and fill her seething
vagina with its milk-white thickness.
Lifting Sheri up with one arm, he pushed her dress down from
her flaring hips, trying in the same motion to remove the lacy
material of her panties. Her dress dropped at her feet, but her
panties remained half-on, the tight waistband clinging to her firm
full thighs just inches below the lightly curling little hairs of
her blonde pubic triangle. He didn’t bother with her panties
then, but pressed her tantalizing nakedness back down on two of
the large pillows, positioning her so that her buttocks were
raised up and her long, well-tapered legs sloped upward like an
easily climbed hill.
The sudden and unexpected manner in which she was placed on
the pillows frightened the teenage girl, and her natural instinct
to protect herself took hold of her mind. It was too sudden, too
real, and she felt terribly open and vulnerable with her panties
pulled half-way down her thighs. Her position was humiliating,
not romantic as she had expected, and she wanted to object, to let
her boyfriend know that she felt wronged.
“Please, Ward … be gentle … not like this … please!”
Sheri cried as his mouth on her breast suddenly seemed like it was
sucking the inside out of it, his teeth nipping hotly at her
nipples and leaving tiny impressions like a lewd physical symbol
of his lust. She was pinned helplessly beneath his strong
muscular body, the pillows beneath her making any movement
difficult, and she couldn’t twist out from under him as he locked
one knee between her whitely trembling thighs. Slowly and surely
her girlish fantasies were crumbling down around her, and the
final blow to all of her dreams of the first time with a man came
with the ripping sound of her white lace panties being torn away
from her now totally naked body.
Ward could hear her cries of protest, but his passion was
unleashed, refusing to give heed to anything but complete
possession of her vibrant young body. She had teased him on other
dates, acting coy and innocent, and continually putting off his
advances. He had let her play her game, but now that she had
committed herself, he was going to show her what fucking was all
about. He wasn’t interested in preliminaries or childish
rhetoric, and he was intent on making up the lost time from their
other dates.
Running his hand up between the soft inner flesh of her
quivering thighs, he felt the silken curls of her pubic hair, and
he squirmed his fingers slowly into the soft warm folds of her
pussy, searching for the tiny clenched opening nestling in
between. The heated young cuntal flesh was already moist, in
spite of Sheri’s terror, and he parted the narrow, hair-fringed
slit with his middle finger, working it relentlessly toward the
sensitive little opening to her cunt with experienced skill.
A state of hopeless confusion engulfed the teenager’s mind as
she felt his fingers working their way relentlessly into her naked
vagina. She tried to clamp her legs together, wanting nothing
else but to close off any access to her trembling virginity, but
he had her legs held wide apart. Her efforts were futile as she
felt her defenseless young pussy being ravaged as his fingers
probed hotly into the thin, hair-lined cuntal lips, seeking like
tiny insects the virginally hidden passage to her womb. Even when
his fingers brushed across her pulsing clitoris, still hardened
from her previous anticipation, her fear outweighed the bolt of
electric-like pleasure. This wasn’t the way she wanted her first
sexual experience! She wanted to reach the sexual heights that
she had imagined so many times in recent years, heights that her
own fingers had failed to bring her when she had played with
herself, but her older boyfriend’s aggressive method was not what
she had planned for, not the way she wanted her deflowering to be.
“Oooohhh … noooo! Pleaseee, darling!” She moaned when
Ward’s middle finger wormed hungrily into the tender flesh around
the opening of her tight moist cunt. She wanted to tell him she
was a virgin in hopes of making him understand her cries, but the
words caught in her throat as she felt his fingers searching
spider-like up between her legs.
Sheri was every bit the sensual woman Ward Murdock had
expected to find, and just the sight of her nakedly curved young
body made his blood race with lust. Her cunt was tight,
virginally tight, and he worked his finger in between the soft,
hair-covered lips, worming it up inside the warm fleshy passage in
a hurried attempt to prepare it for his waiting cock. Her moans
went unnoticed in his frenzy, and he drove his finger in and out
of the tightly restricting passage with savage thrusts. Her
efforts to hold her legs together were thwarted by his knees
placed firmly on the carpet between her thighs, and he stayed bent
over her body, his mouth kissing and nipping voraciously at her
throbbing young breasts.
Yet, in spite of his unthinking assault upon her naked flesh,
the blonde teenager still felt the lewdly rising thrill of
seduction swirling through her loins as his middle finger
slithered full length up into the tight wet passage of her cunt.
It was his abrupt manner that bothered her, but despite her shame
and humiliation, she felt the familiar tingle of excitement from
her aching clitoris. Her virginal pussy was becoming moist with
her own secretions, and she tried to focus her attention on the
erotically growing sensations from his obscene finger-fucking, but
before she could firmly grasp the lewd feeling, he pulled his hand
from between her open thighs.
She knew that he was frantically groping with his pants, and
the thought of what he was preparing to do excited her in spite of
his rough, almost uncaring treatment of her. A shiver ran the
entire length of her spine when he crawled up between her
widespread thighs, his arms placed firmly on her shoulders to pin
her back against the pillow. She saw the blazing lust in his eyes
then, and she looked away only to see his turgid penis standing
out huge and menacing from the tangled growth of hair covering his
loins. It was pointing directly at the sparsely curling triangle
of her own pubic hair, throbbing and jerking like a hungry animal
about to devour its prey, making Sheri shake uncontrollably with
“Wait … pleaseee, Ward … I’m a virgin … a virgin!” she
cried, the words finally finding their way out of her throat.
Yet, they seemed to fall on deaf ears as her thirty-three year old
bachelor stared down between their poised bodies, not lifting his
eyes to meet her pleading gaze. It was apparent that he wasn’t
listening, and she prepared herself for the worst. She felt
certain that his thickly distended penis would split her in two,
and the thought made her anxiously examine its throbbing length.
The tip was thick and purple, a rubbery-like head that seemed to
bulge with his frenzy. She could clearly see the long shaft lined
with a network of blood-filled veins which pounded with his
heartbeat, and the entire lust-engorged shaft protruded like a
huge sawed-off telephone pole from the tight tangle of black pubic
hair at its base. The heavy, sperm-filled sacs holding his balls
below were drawn up tightly between his thighs, and she knew the
semen within was stirring hotly, anxious for release. As much as
the sight frightened her, the young blonde suddenly had visions of
the huge cock spurting out its white-hot cum from the dilated tip,
and she couldn’t help wondering how it would feel erupting and
spewing out its liquid deep inside her naked belly.
Feasting his eyes upon her openly spread vagina, Ward felt
like cumming all over her milk-white body, and drenching her white
sensuous little belly and pussy hair with his sperm. şişli escort She seemed
helpless and pure, unlike any other girl he’d had before, and he
hesitated to take in a moment longer the sight of her tight young
pussy nestled so warmly up between her long trembling legs. The
silky, pale-colored pubic hair lining the narrow pink slit of her
cunt was like cornsilk and where it parted around the tight,
mouth-like opening, there were tiny droplets of moisture clinging
to the curling strands. The fleshy outer-lips looked absolutely
untouched, like a brand new glove made for his cock alone, and he
knew it was ready and waiting now to absorb up inside the
throbbing length of his penis, and hold it there until it had
sucked and milked all of the eagerly waiting semen from his cum-
filled balls. He had to fuck her, and right away!
Shifting his weight to one side, he reached down with his
free hand and grasped his long hard cock, moving his hips forward
until the smooth, rubbery flesh of the tip made light contact with
the soft-fleshed warmth of her seeping cunt. With her pelvis
slightly elevated by the pillow beneath her buttocks, he was able
to work with ease, and using the lust-hardened cock-head like a
wedge, he moved it up and down in the hair-lined slit, parting the
thin fleshy lips that hid the tiny opening to her virginal little
belly. She moaned when he brushed the tip of it across her
pulsating clitoris, and he teased over it several times until he
couldn’t wait to fuck her any longer. With his blood-filled cock
positioned right at the opening of her cuntal passage, he raised
himself higher over her spread-eagled young body to ready himself
for the thrust of his lust-hardened cock quickly and deeply up
inside her defenseless belly.
The flanges of her virgin pussy were parted outward, the soft
hair-lined cuntal lips spread open and wrapped tightly around the
huge bulbous head of his cock, poised and ready to drive far up
inside her helpless body, tearing her well-protected young
virginity into useless shreds as it passed. She cried for mercy,
but the words only echoed in her head, unable to get out past her
choked-up throat. She wanted to plead with him to have mercy,
that he was much too big for her, and she knew that all the
excitement and anticipation she had felt would be destroyed by a
flesh-tearing lunge into her unyielding little vagina. The
pressure against the tightly clenched little opening became
greater and greater, and she was sure the huge rod of flesh could
never fit inside her. It just couldn’t. Not without killing her!
“Noooooooo! Pleaseeee! Ooohh!”
Her cringing little cuntal mouth was like a tight elastic
band that refused to give way under his insistent force, and he
continued pushing his hips forward with all his strength. His
aching cock was ramrod hard and stiff, and the thrill of finally
having it pressing nakedly against her seething pussy-lips made
his penis swell even larger. Pushing his knees out to force her
legs wider apart, Ward gave a heavy shove forward, and the huge
rubbery head of his cock popped suddenly up inside her
excruciatingly stretched cunt.
“Aaaaagghhhh!” she screamed as a great flashing pain seared
through her captive loins, and her vagina was stretched wide to
take the giant head of his lust-hardened penis inside. She felt
like she was being impaled by a red-hot poker iron, and this was
just the tip of his cock! She couldn’t imagine how it could hurt
more when the rest of his pulsing hardness was pushed up into her
belly. Desperately she tried to squirm her naked body out from
under him, but to no avail. She was held too securely by his arms
and legs, and looking down over the tops of her full round
breasts, she could see that only an inch of his blood-engorged
cock had penetrated her impossibly stretched vagina. Her
situation was hopeless.
The tightly clasping flesh around the head of his blood-
filled penis served only to excite Ward more. He had to have his
cock buried all the way up inside her moist young cunt before he
jetted his impatiently churning sperm right then and there. He
was aware that she was fighting him, her narrow unstretched vagina
not yet adjusted to his massive thickness, but he couldn’t keep
himself in control any longer and only shoved deeper into her
hotly squirming body.
“Ooooohhhh! Aaagghh! Nnnoo!” It was terrible, worse than
Sheri had imagined it could possibly be, and she sank her teeth
into her lower lip to stem the pain. He was like a maniac in his
lust, and she thought he would kill her without ever knowing he
was doing so. Worse than the pain was his apparent lack of
concern for her feelings, and she felt humiliated and shamed for
having led him on earlier. But when he shoved forward again,
sinking his heavily throbbing cock in another few inches, the pain
in her vagina was gone. The hurt that remained was in her mind,
an accumulation of the suddenness of his approach and methods with
her body, and for the young teenager, the last vestiges of her
dreams about virginity lost, shattered with undignified force.
The warm glove-like feeling of her tightly clinging cunt
around his pounding cock-flesh was sending such wild tremors of
enjoyment to Ward’s brain, that he knew he would have to do
something quickly or he would cum at any second. Only a few
inches of his swollen, raging cock remained outside the helplessly
clasping mouth of her wide-split pussy, and he shoved hard forward
with all his strength to sink the full length of it to its maximum
depth up between her trembling legs. The lust-bloated cock-head
ploughed up into the warm moist passage, parting the futilely
resisting cuntal flesh like a massive pile-driver racing out of
“Uuugghh! Aaaaagghh!” Sheri didn’t know what hit her, the
suddenness of his penetration catching her unprepared. She felt
as though the handle end of a baseball bat had been plunged up
into her naked belly, and the surprise of being so suddenly filled
by his mammoth penis made her tense up in a desperate effort to
stop the final debasement of her body. She felt the hard rubbery
tip of his cock pressing into her cervix deep inside, and she
raised herself slightly on the floor cushions to look down between
their lewdly joined bodies. His dark pubic hair was tangled with
the lighter hair covering her wide-splayed vagina, and it
staggered her imagination to think that his huge cock was now sunk
all the way inside her no-longer-virginal belly!
Ward was almost beside himself. The fact of finally having
his cock sunk deep in her snooty little belly was overwhelming,
but the older man fought off his desire to cum, flexing the huge
bulging head deep inside her quaking belly in an attempt to ward
off the growing urgency of completion. She moaned as it stretched
her wider still, her eyes dazed and unseeing from his cruel
assault, but he couldn’t wait. He wanted to fuck her for all she
was worth, and immediately!
Pulling his hips back slowly, Ward withdrew his lengthy
hardness from the depths of her constricted cuntal passage until
only the thick, lust-swollen tip remained inside, and then with
smoothly accelerating speed, he plunged heavily back into the
warmth of her newly deflowered pussy.
“Oooohhh … Pleeeeease! Oh! Oh! Oh!” The young blonde
teenager chanted her displeasure to no avail as he began to fuck
unmercifully up between her open thighs with long hard strokes.
Sheri was feeling nothing but shame and frustration, unable
to understand why her boyfriend was acting so cruel and selfish,
and the thought dominated her mind to such a degree, she didn’t
notice the reigniting sexual flame in the pit of her cock-filled
The tight wet walls of her cunt seemed to flower open and
then wrap warmly back around his hard driving cock as he shoved
his hips forward in a powerful upward thrust. He was fucking her
as hard and as fast as he was able, anxious to make up for all the
frustrating nights he had longed to do it to her. Each deep,
swift plunge of his lust-hardened penis was like a blow that
released his pent-up emotions, and the strain of having to act
like the perfect gentlemen all those times before now, was eased.
It was as though he was finally completing an act that had started
weeks in the past, and he was furious in his efforts to make up
for lost time.
Sheri was squealing and squirming about beneath her boy-friend
with each shattering lunge of his pistoning cock, and he gazed
down hungrily over her writhing young body as he fucked his way in
and out of her upturned pussy-flesh. Her thighs were pressing
hard against his hips, making it more difficult for him to fuck
her as fast as he wanted to, but there was little resistance as
his cunt-moistened cock sluiced wetly in and out of her wide-
splayed vaginal depths. The outer ring of glistening pink cuntal
flesh seemed to flow inward with his rigidly sinking penis, and
then it would roll back out as he withdrew again. Her tight
little hair-lined slit was clasping around his inflexible cock so
hard that he felt as though he could actually feel the blood
swirling around deep inside it. His semen-filled balls swung
freely below, slamming against the widespread crevice of her
buttocks with a loud wet smacking noise, as her full, sensuously
formed young breasts quivered and jerked on her chest from the
impact of his lunge.
Her long blonde hair was spilled out all around on the
carpet, twisting and tangling as she rolled her head from side to
side. Her eyes were staring blankly upward, but her tongue was
flashing out through her full red lips like a tiny pink phallus.
Aroused by the sight of her moistly flicking tongue, the older
bachelor pushed his hand beneath the rounded cheeks of her
buttocks to lift her loins up higher to his vicious thrusts.
The incessant pounding in her ravaged young vagina was like
thunder reverberating through her entire body, and she wanted to
cry from the confusing emotions that darted through her mind. She
couldn’t let herself enjoy it even if she wanted to, because that
would be like showing Ward that she approved of his violent
methods. The inexperienced young teenager didn’t want to believe
that was the way sex was performed, so she tried to shut out the
lewdly building little fires in her belly, a self protest to the
way she was being treated.
Yet, she had to lift her head again to look down between her
thighs at the huge, wetly glistening cock sliding in and out of
her widespread vagina. mecidiyeköy escort It was angry red and slick with her cuntal
secretions as it pulled out from between her milk-white thighs,
and when it plunged into her belly again, she could feel his
swollen testicles smack into her buttocks a moment before his
unyielding cock hit the end of her ravaged young pussy. He fucked
into her now with such savage force, she felt it like a shock wave
pulsing through her entire body, and her firm young breasts
quivered and danced lewdly from the force. Sheri thought she knew
how a common whore must feel, used for sheer sexual gratification
and nothing more. Her own no-longer-innocent cunt was now being
fucked as though it were nestled there between her legs for Ward
Murdock’s lust alone.
But in spite of his savage attack on her naked body, the
absence of any response was beginning to bother the older man, and
he wanted to bring at least some sign of pleasure from the
subjugated young girl beneath him. Her buttocks felt warm and
soft cupped in his hands, and he could imagine the look of the
tiny anal orifice tucked between her ass-cheeks, like another
mouth just below the tight fleshy warmth of her cunt. Extending
his middle finger, he pushed it in between her buttocks and
touched the hairless valley that led to her tiny puckered anus.
Running the tip of his finger along the heated crevice, he felt
certain that this one final action would get her to respond the
way he wanted. The moment his finger made contact with the
rubbery flesh of the nether opening, he pushed hard against it,
causing her to moan in surprise. The elastic-like ring of warm
anal flesh seemed to loosen and tighten as he pistoned his blood-
engorged cock in and out of her clasping cunt, and twisted his
fingertip around inside the tightly clenched lips of her anal
“Ooooohhhhh! Uuuuugggghhh! Oooohhhh!” she groaned from the
sensation of his unnatural probing at her defenseless anus. It
seemed like she was again about to feel the pain of virgin entry
as he worked his finger around and around inside the tiny orifice,
but at the same time she was oddly stimulated by the notion of his
violating her back there too.
“Oooohhhhh!” she gasped when he suddenly shoved his middle
finger hard into the tightly resisting passageway, sinking it in
to the first knuckle and feeling it held there by the warmth of
her rectum. He could feel the hardness of his cock grinding in
and out of her cuntal passage, through the thin membrane
separating the two channels, and he probed deeper, driving his
middle finger into the rubbery depths of her rectum to the second
“OOOO … uuuuuuggggghhh! Oooohhh!!” She reacted to the
initial pain of his foreign entry, but there was something new,
something almost masochistic in the pleasure that poured through
her lewdly pinioned body. Her total mind and body were bombarded
with the wild sensations of this new erotic experience, and the
blonde teenager grunted softly and ground her buttocks back down
onto his finger without actually being conscious of it. He
accommodated her growing desire by worming his finger upward
between her widespread buttocks until his palm was pressing tight
against the nakedly quivering ass cheeks. Immediately, he began
to slither his finger in and out of her clutching anal passage, in
time to the intense motion of his pistoning cock in her now
hungrily squeezing cunt, and she squirmed on the pillows beneath
him, her anguish suddenly taking second place to the sensual
delight filling her trembling belly. He was debasing her, using
her, as if she were willing to do anything he wanted her to do,
but the hard, long thrusts into her ravished young vagina were
forcing her, in spite of her hesitation, to fuck back violently
beneath the older man.
An unexplainable transformation in thinking suddenly engulfed
the young girl’s mind, as if she were oddly tuned in on the
correct wavelength of her sexuality, startlingly aware of her body
for the first time. She had known the pain of being so lewdly
double-fucked, and now she wanted to know the heights of that
pleasure too. The fire in her belly seemed to pulsate through
every level of her dually impaled flesh as it became more and more
intense. Sheri thought she could sense her swollen clitoris
beating like a snare drum roll as its signals of lewdly spiraling
desire danced electrically over every nerve in her lusting young
body, and she knew that it was only going to get better and
better. There was no question in her mind but that she was
approaching an orgasm, and almost wantonly, she began fucking her
hips up and down at his deeply embedded penis and finger in the
frenzied rhythms that her thirty-three year old boyfriend had
instigated in her seething cunt and anus.
“Aaaaaahhhh … oohhhh … yyeesssss!” She mewled like a
lust-crazed she-devil, crying her newly discovered ecstasy to the
mindless room. She was more now than just the hot, sensual young
woman the bachelor had expected to find, her response to his
fucking growing as though it were all that mattered in the world.
The warm rubbery flesh of her rectum seemed to pull and suck at
his skewering finger, wanting it deeper and deeper up inside her
as he drove it through the tight, greedy grasp of her tiny anus.
Her whole body was coming to life, her buttocks grinding smoothly
under the long hard plunges of his throbbing cock, raising up to
swallow hungrily his deepest drives, then gripping his hips
between her straining thighs as if not wanting him to pull out of
her again. She raised her legs up, opening her thighs even wider
to his thrusts, and she arched her nakedly grinding hips up to
meet him, writhing and twisting around the lust-knotted rod of
flesh shoved to the furthest reaches of her wildly churning cunt.
“Ooooohhh, Godddd! Yessssss!”
He couldn’t stop himself. Sheri looked and felt so
explosively sensual as she moaned and squirmed passionately
beneath him, his desire-bloated balls could no longer hold back
the insistent pressure of his sperm. Then, like a boiler about to
explode, the white hot cum began its wild dash toward the blood-
filled head of his swollen penis. Slamming his hips forward to
completely bury his bursting cock inside her fiery young belly, he
arched his back and threw his head up as the first gratifying
surge of his climax shot deep into her hungrily clasping cunt. He
couldn’t stop it, and his penis swelled to massive proportions as
it fired out the raging semen with wild staccato jerks.
“Oooohhh … ohhhhh! Goddddd! I’m cummmmiinnnngggg!” The
young teenager twisted violently on the pillows beneath her body
as she felt the blast of searing male cum splash into the wildly
spasming depths of her cunt. Her mind swam with a thousand lewd
images as she kicked her legs out wide and ground her lust-heated
young vaginal passage up hard against his loins, her belly seeming
to explode in violent answer to his hotly spewing sperm. The
wickedly forbidden feeling of his middle finger buried deep in her
burning rectum seemed only to intensify everything she felt, and
she wanted it all, again and again and again.
“Oooooohhhhh, fuck me! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!” she
chanted the obscene words mindlessly beneath him.
His emptying balls seemed to dash right past the head of his
squirting cock, his mind deep within the liquid depths of her
crazily sucking cunt, and her heated orgasmic secretions suddenly
gushed back out around the thick base of his throbbing penis.
Tiny pearl-like drops of cum clung briefly to the curling blonde
strands of her pubic hair before slowly running down the
widespread crevice of her buttocks to moisten his finger buried
deep in her puckered anus below. He bucked insanely over her
sweat-slick body, filling her steadily milking pussy with his
boiling cum until it overflowed again and again out her tightly
locked cuntal lips and down onto the cushions beneath.
“Ooohhhhhhh … uuugggghhhh! Ugghh!” Sheri groaned as her
belly rippled nakedly with the passion she had so long tried to
deny herself, and she was lost in the frenzied heat of total
sexual abandonment. For several moments she hung suspended on the
peak of ecstasy, her newly matured young cunt welded hotly to the
fleshy shaft squirting out its liquid fire into the hidden
recesses of her now unquenchable pussy, and there was no way on
earth she could deny the sheer animal pleasure it gave her. She
was a woman, complete and fulfilled no matter how it had occurred,
and she wanted it to go on forever and ever.
For several long moments, Ward’s heavily jerking cock
throbbed out the last of his steaming cum, filling her satiated
little cunt, with the final rippling spasms of his orgasm. But
then he was exhausted, spent, and his arms trembled, feeling like
they could no longer hold up his sperm-drained body. He fell
heavily on top of her still slightly jerking body, pulling his
middle finger from her heated anus as he groaned and gasped for
It was over, but she didn’t want it to stop. Wiggling her
buttocks sensuously up against his deflating cock, she tried
desperately to milk more life from his cum-drained balls, but then
her muscles, too, felt the strain of their wild, uncontrolled
lovemaking. Slowly the spasms in her belly died down, and for a
brief moment she remembered how she had come to be in her present
position. She knew she should be angry with her boyfriend, but
the newly discovered pleasure of sexual passion had dissipated her
initial fury.
The ceiling stopped spinning above her, and Sheri remembered
that she was lying on her back, her body naked beneath the
partially clad man that she had promised herself would not be the
one to take her virginity. His limp penis was still clamped
inside her cum-flooded pussy while the combined secretions of
their mutual climax trickled slowly down between the cheeks of her
buttocks, warming the tiny puckered opening to her rectum. Sheri
tried to make herself angry again, working up steam to tell him
off for the way he treated her, but all she could do was laugh to
herself. She had lost her virginity, but she never considered
that a big prize, had she? What was important was the experience
of sexual involvement, and now that she had a taste of it, she
knew that she had to have it often.
When Ward began to stir, his breathing coming more evenly,
her only thoughts were concerned with him. She hoped he’d liked
what he had just taken, as she could think of no other way to get
him to spend Christmas vacation with her, and now she couldn’t
imagine going through those three weeks without getting fucked,
often and hard!

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Ara 01


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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Ok, its time for the second instalment but first lets recap.
I am a 53 year old busness man living in a college town. I had met Dave in a bar and we are at his apartment in the shower. Now for part two.
As Dave got into the shower and we started washing each other he grabbed a bar of soap and said “Turn around and I will wash your back.”
He started at my head and went down to my ass then he went and washed my asshole and was fingering it, it felt really good. Now it was my turn and I did the same fingering his asshole I could tell he liked it. He turned around and started playing with my cock, dam it felt good to have another man stroking my cock. He got down and started sucking my cock, deeped and deeped he went , god I was in heaven, no girl had ever taken my cock all the way down. I told him he had better stop or I was going to cum, so he did and stood up, I grabbed hid cock and it was getting bigger by the second, Dave said “Want to try it” I wanted to but hesatated he said “Go on.” I got down on my knees with his cock just inches from my face I just stroked it and Dave said “It wont bite you, may spit on you but it wont bite you.”
I saw what I thought was a drop of water on his cock and decided to lick it off but soon found out it was precum, “Not bad.” I thought. I soon got brave and took his cock into my mouth, I was surprised how soft and smooth it felt even though he was hard. As I sucked his cock it got bigger, now at this time in life I was thirty years old but allready had false teeth. Bad teeth as a kid, and I was wrong Ankara bayan escort about his cock it was not just big it was huge I thought ” About ten inches I bet.” All I knew at the time is that there was not enought room in my mouth for my teeth and that huge cock so the teeth had to go. I sucked his cock for some time, it really felt good in my mouth, I was thinking “Why did you wait so long this is great.”
Dave stopped me because he was about ready to cum so we played some more and he went down on me again and started sucking me, taking it deep into his mouth, I started fucking his face and told him ” I am going to cum if you dont stop, but he keep sucking deeper and while sucked he was fingering my ass hole and when I cum he put his finger up my ass and I think I must have shot a gallon. When it was over he ask “How was that.” “The best I have ever had” I said. He looked at me and smiled and said “Next” on my knees I went and took his cock into my mouth and started sucking as hard as I could, I tryed to take all of his cock but he was just to huge about 4 to 5 inches is all I could get into my mouth but it was a great 5 inches, soon I felt him stiffen up and I started fingering his ass as he did mine, when I felt the first squirt hit the back of my mouth I took his cock out of my mouth and a couple squirts hit me in the face, when I decovered that it tasted pretty good I took him back into my mouth and finished him off swolling every drop. When I thought he was done I milked his cock and got every drop I could. “Man this is great.” I thought. Dave stood Escort bayan Ankara up and licked his cum off my face and give me a big hug
When he finished licking we got out of the shower and dryed off, since no one was home but us we did not bother getting dressed. Dave ask “Want to watch some more porn. I said “You bet lets go.” We went into the front room and turned on the TV and watched these guys do each other as we played some more.
Pretty soon we were both rock hard again. I ask Dave “How big is that thing.” He said 10 1/2 inches how big is yours. ” 7 1/2 and I thought I was big but I look like a little boy next to you.” He smiled and said “Some times I wish it was smaller a lot of people cant take a cock this big. ” ” I know I tryed to take it all and about half is all I can get into my mouth.” We kept playing and watching guys geting fucked an Dave said “Let’s go into the bedroom.”
We went into the bedroom and before you know it we were in a 69 position and I had his cock in my mouth again and he had mine, As I was licking his balls I saw it, his asshole now I have licked some girls asses before and thought it cant be any diffrent so I started tunging his asshole I knew it was clean because I washed it myself, I was licking his ass and getting even more turned on when he said “Stop I have a treat for you. ” I stopped and he took a rubber out of the drawer and put it on me, he lubed his asshole and my cock. “Go ahead fuck me.” he rased his legs over his head and I slid my cock into his ass. Just the head at first and he said “Go on Bayan escort Ankara fuck me.” So all the way in I went and started fucking him, I thought “This is better than any pussy I have ever fucked.” after some time i shot another huge load and when I finished and took my cock out of his ass he took the rubber off and cleaned me up with his mouth. He ask “Want to give it a try. ” I said “Ok but I have never done this before you will have to take it easy. ” So he put some lube on his fingers and one at a time put them in my asshole and loosened me up when he thought I was ready I put a rubber on him and lubed his cock and he slid in the head, dam that hurt, he waited a bit and tryed to go deeper but he was just too big I could not take him up my ass so I made him stop and went down and sucked him off and we went to sleep.
We never got dressed the whole time I was there, we sucked and fucked all week end but I was never able to take all of his cock into my mouth or my ass.
Monday morning we got out of bed and I went home and got ready to go out of town again.
About two weeks later I was driving by the bar and saw his car and stopped. When I went inside he was setting next to a young man that he introduced as his room mate “This is Doug.” he said I said “Hi glad to meet you.” I found out Doug was 18 and the first year of college. He had a fake I. D. and I think the bartender knew but did not care.
Dave said “want to go up to my place.” I said “Sure but what about Doug.” Dave said “I will ride with you and leave my car for him.” so we left
AT Daves place as I had his cock in my mouth I thought “Wonder how big Doug’s cock is.” But that is another story stay tuned

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