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0049 Special Bench – Bee and Lulu

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0049 Special Bench – Bee and Lulu0049 Special Bench – Bee and LuluIt was a typical scene in the park. Birds and trees and flowers were all about. A man and his daughter came strolling down the path. The girl and her dad were talking and smiling. However, this was not as typical as it seemed.Charlie and Bee were not related; they were neighbors… and lovers.The beautiful Beatrice, or Bee as she was called, was laughing because she was so happy to be out with her special boyfriend. The fact that Charlie was forty and she was younger had no concern for either of them. If someone was very observant, they would get a brief glimpse of Bee’s muscular butt cheeks when her skirt flared. The reason that she was naked under her pretty plaid skirt was that she had removed her panties and they were now tucked away in Charlie’s pocket. Charlie always kept her panties as a souvenir each time they had a special date. Bee’s mother was puzzled that she kept losing Bee’s panties in the wash. Betty had bought Bee nine new panties in the few months since Charlie had become their neighbor. When they got to the park bench (their Special Bench, as they called it), Charlie put a blanket down to keep his pants from getting dirty but also to cushion the hard bench for Bee’s knees. Bee climbed into Charlie’s lap, straddling him. The bench was in front of a tall thick hedge so all Charlie had to do was watch around Bee’s head to maintain a lookout for their secret activities. The coast was clear. Charlie: (Bending down to whisper in Bee’s sweet ear)… Get your sweet pussy ready for me. Bee grinned and put one of her hands under the front of her skirt. One of her fingers slid into her front hole. Bee leaned forward and pressed her head against Charlie’s chest. She closed her eyes as if she were sleeping. But her finger and her sweet cunt were not asleep. Charlie had taught Bee exactly what to do to get her pussy ready for their special time together. Bee finger-fucked herself until her cunt moistened. She did little circles inside her pussy just like her boyfriend had shown her. When her pussy was relaxed and wet enough, she put two of her fingers inside. A few minutes later, three of her fingers disappeared into her warm hungry love hole. With three fingers fucking her special hole, she tended to wiggle her bottom uncontrollably so Charlie gripped the back of her skirt and tried to hold her ass steady. He failed. When she felt she was ready, she pulled her hand out and rubbed it across Charlie’s mouth and nose. Charlie loved the flavor and fragrance of his special neighbor. He glanced about and used one hand to help lift her up while inserting the other hand between them. He unzipped himself. With no underwear on, it was simple to fish out his cock and get himself started inside her. Even after fucking her several times, she still had the tightest pussy he had ever been inside. Her sexy asshole was still virgin at the moment, but he was working on that. His tongue had already played sweet games in her tail. They just had to be careful because when he did that, she screamed very loudly with glee. He had already purchased a ball gag to help contain her screams. It was a special present that he was going to give her on her birthday next month. She had waited long enough to get her ass squirted full of his warm dick cream. However, right now it was sweet pussy time for his special girl.Holding his large cock head against her special crack, he lowered her downward an inch. Her cute nose scrunched in discomfort as his cockhead popped inside. She panted and gently bit her lower lip while she concentrated on getting her pussy to spread open more. She really needed her love hole to open wide. She loved riding Charlie’s cock. Charlie lowered her another inch and now both lovers expressed some pain. His cockhead was spreading her too far open and her pussy was squeezing him too tightly. She dropped another inch and then another. Each drop was accompanied by a tiny grunt. She bottomed out with about half of Charlie’s cock still outside her. Her little tongue licked her lips as she panted. He waited patiently as her hole relaxed and moistened further. In a few minutes, she moved her sexy bottom upward a small distance and stopped again. Then down… then up… then down. Soon she was riding with a slow smooth motion… but only about an inch at a time. She put one of her pussy coated fingers into her own mouth as she rode.Officer Randy was hidden nearby. He had noticed Charlie and Bee several weeks ago and had been watching them covertly. He went out the back of his hidey hole and walked slowly and openly toward the couple. He knew that the girl only pretended to be asleep when any park goers walked past. Bill walked up to Charlie and sat on the end of the bench. Charlie had spotted the black Police Officer coming and had alerted Bee to remain still.Randy: Good evening, sir. Charlie: Evening, officer.Randy: You have a beautiful daughter, sir.Charlie: Thank you. You will have to be quiet; she is sleeping.Randy: I bursa escort see that sir. She looks like an angel asleep on your lap. What’s her name?Charlie: We call her Bee.Randy: I have noticed you before in the park as I make my rounds. (Charlie tensed.) Randy: I have a special observation position nearby where I can observe several benches like this one. This one in particular has been used by couples to have sex. (Charlie froze.)Charlie realized that he could not run. Everything would be exposed, so to speak, so he simply sat there and listened.Randy: Don’t worry, sir. I like this bench a lot too. I sometimes bring my niece Lulu here for some fun. She’s just as pretty as your daughter. Although, I’m not sure that you have a daughter. When I ran your plates, it says you are unmarried and have no k**s. Who is she, sir?Charlie thought about the officer’s admission that he brought his niece to the bench and decided that lying might get him in more trouble than he was in already. Charlie: Bee is my neighbor.Randy: Since I know that she is only pretending to be asleep… Hello, Bee. Talk to me Bee. Nothing bad will happen; I assure you both.Bee: (Opening her eyes and seeing the policeman)… Hello, Officer.Randy: Hello, Bee. You are very beautiful.Bee: Thank you, sir. (She blushed.)Randy: I bet your pussy is feeling really good right now. Am I right?Bee looked up at Charlie. Charlie thought for a moment and nodded to her.Bee: (Red faced)…Yes, Officer, my… (Long pause)… pussy… feels wonderful.Randy: I smell something wonderful too. Is that your fingers I smell? Don’t worry, my niece Lulu’s fingers smell great too, after she has had them in her pussy. May I smell yours?Bee got another nod from her boyfriend and held out her hand. Office Randy took her hand gently and brought it to his nose. He breathed in deeply. After savoring the smell for a moment, he put her fingers into his mouth. He closed his eyes and sucked softly on her fingertips.Randy: I hope you two don’t mind but it has been two weeks since my sister has asked me to watch my niece. I am starved for pussy juice. Randy: Bee, your pussy tastes just like candy! (Bee smiled.)Charlie: Officer, what are you planning to do?Randy: In a few moments, when I have removed all this sweet candy taste from Bee’s fingers, I am going to guard the path so you two can finish.Randy: Then I am going to call you, sir and set up a double-date on this bench so our girlfriends can meet and get to know each other. Remember, I already know who you are. Officer Randy spent some additional time on Bee’s fingers and then moved off down the path. He stopped so he could still observe the couple but would be able to stop any others from getting close. Charlie thought that this might be the last time he could make love to Bee before prison, so he asked her to start up again. Charlie just closed his eyes and tried to remember every detail for the long lonely nights in his cell. Officer Randy watched Bee’s skirt go flapping up and down slowly. He became erect standing in the path, remembering his own experiences on the special bench. When they finished, Charlie and Bee walked down the path past the officer. Randy: I will call you just as soon as I have a date with my Lulu.A week later, Charlie had not been arrested. He did get a phone call setting up a date in the park. When he and Bee arrived, they found a brown girl asleep on the lap of the officer.As they approached the couple, the officer put out his hand.Randy: Call me Randy. This sleeping angel is Lulu (she snorted with her eyes closed).Randy helped Lulu lean back while he lifted the front of her skirt. Charlie and Bee could see that there was a lot of Randy’s cock still outside of Lulu. They thought that he was barely inside her until they noticed the long bulge in her brown belly. Randy must be huge! There was lots of girl juice running down his shaft. Lulu still pretended to be asleep and limp. She was well-trained.Charlie had Bee get into his lap and once she was moist and ready, he inserted his cock into her.The men now had two sets of eyes watching for any intruders. They started up the girls. Skirts and pussies went slowly up and down. A white pussy riding a big white cock and a brown pussy riding an even longer brown one. Each man checked out the face of the other girl and they both approved. The two girls turned their faces toward each other and observed one another. They watched the grimaces and smiles on each other’s face as they went up and down their boyfriends’ shafts. Bee and Lulu smiled at each other. After both cunts were squirted full of love, they asked to go and explore the park together. The men watched as the girls explored this section of the park.Randy: Have you had her ass yet?Charlie: Only with my tongue. Randy: I’ve had Lulu’s sweet ass. She is a real trooper to tackle one as big as mine with such a tight anus. I’m very proud of her. I love her.Randy: Would you consider swapping with Lulu? Lulu is willing. I’ve already told her about you. Sometimes I sit with bursa escort bayan Lulu while her mother is away on a business trip. Any possibility of the two of you joining us next time?Charlie: I will have to discuss it with Bee. She is very shy.Randy: I bet you have no trouble. They look like they are best friends already. When it was time to go, the each girl kissed the cheek of their new friends. Charlie thought he could smell wild roses when Lulu’s breath exhaled near his nose. He thought Lulu was a vision of chocolate delight. The men shook hands and winked before walking away. Charlie had a serious talk with Bee and she agreed almost immediately to meet again with their new friends.That night Bee had a new dream. Her boyfriend’s white face kept changing back and forth with Randy’s brown one. The dick in her belly kept changing color too. Would a brown one be different? As luck would have it, Lulu’s mother was going to be out of town the following weekend. Bee’s mother wanted to spend the night with her new boyfriend. Arrangements were finalized.In the meantime, while they all waited…Bee and Lulu discovered that they went to the same school. With the special secrets they shared, they became instant friends. They snuck off to talk about their experiences with their boyfriends, every chance they got. When they compared their lives, they realized that neither one had a daddy like the other girls. They both loved their special boyfriends but they wished they had a daddy too. A daddy that they could snuggle with at night. A daddy that they could spend lots of time with every day not just on infrequent dates.Bee: I would love to have another cock to ride. Lulu: We could even have two of them inside us at the same time.Bee: How could we do that?Lulu: I sometimes take my uncle in my bottom hole.Bee: You do! Does it hurt?Lulu: It hurts a little, especially in the beginning; but it is so GREAT too!Bee mind drifted into a little fantasy of having two cocks… her sexy bottom hole started to itch and tingle and spasm with just the thought. When she became aware of Lulu again, Lulu had a dreamy expression on her face. Bee: Were you thinking of having one in your bottom?Lulu: Yes!Bee: Me, too!One day, the two mothers got phone calls to pick up their daughters at the school office. One of the teachers had discovered the girls in a storage room. The girls were kissing and the school wanted it to stop. Actually the teacher who had discovered them had been so shocked at her discovery that she had lied about what she had found. The girls were actually in a sixty-nine position with their tongues deep in the other’s pussy. The first chance they got, they confessed on the phone to their boyfriends. Neither of them had ever heard the word lesbian before but they liked the idea.They had two more secret rendezvous before the weekend but they were very careful and they were not caught.That weekend…Bee and Charlie arrived at Lulu’s home. Randy greeted them and ushered the couple into the living room. Lulu was waiting for them completely naked. The two girls rushed to each other and embraced. Lulu helped Bee undress. Finally there were two beautiful naked girls holding hands and grinning.Charlie and Randy just watched in stunned amazement. The two girls soon stopped in front of their guys. They looked marvelous. Bee had longish blonde hair and the palest skin. Lulu had short dark hair and her skin was a warm brown like her uncle. Their breasts were on the small side and very firm. Bee had perky nipples that looked like long pencil erasers. Lulu had puffy rounded nipples that looked delicious. Both were shaven clean. Lulu had a perfectly flat golden brown belly while Bee’s pale belly had a slight convex curve. They had small hands and feet with perfectly suckable toes and fingers. They were hopping up and down with eagerness and some sweet parts of their bodies were bouncing too. They twirled about displaying their sexy asses. Then they did something they had seen on TV; something that they had practiced secretly in front of their mirrors. They started twerking. First their feet spread and then their asses jerked and thrust. Thrust and jerk. Jerk and thrust. Over and over. It was like they were fucking the air in front of themselves. They were screaming and yelling in time to their thrusts. Their bodies soon gleamed with shiny warm sweat. They squatted down slightly and got up on their toes. As they bounced their heels up and down their butt cheeks quivered and shook. It was arguably the most amazing thing either guy had ever seen. Shaking and quivering… quivering and shaking. Their perfect asses looked as if shock waves were washing through them. Their ass holes flashed their lovers. The men were entranced.Thrust and jerk. Quiver and shake. Jerk and thrust. Laugh and scream. Shake and quiver. Thrust and jerk. Laugh and scream. Jerk and thrust. They continued until they were exhausted and fell to the ground. After a moment to catch their breaths, they slowly arose.They held hands escort bursa and started giving orders. Get undressed and sit down, they yelled. When the guys were sitting naked… with their cocks erect, the two girls’ mouths slammed together like magnets. Girl tongues explored girl mouths. Two sets of arms embraced each other. Warm hands started working their way down smooth backs as the kissing girls started to grunt with pleasure. Soon, four soft hands were gripping four perfect butt cheeks as they sucked each other’s tongues. It was amazing for the two guys to see their lovers like this. Two beautiful brown butt cheeks were tightly gripped by beautiful white hands. Lulu had Bee’s little white bottom held tightly by her brown fingers.After a few sweet moments together, they turned to their boyfriends and settled on their knees between each guy’s wide legs. Lulu stroked her brown hands up and down her uncle’s brown cock. Bee stroked Charlie slowly as she looked into his wonderful green eyes.Lulu: My guy is longer.Bee: My guy is thicker.Two sweet mouths started to suck, lick and kiss.Lulu: My guy is getting harder faster.Bee: Bet mine shoots further.Lulu: I bet not!Bee: Mine tastes wonderful.Lulu: Mine smells wonderful.The girls finally climbed up and connected to their boyfriends in their special way. Pussies on cocks. White on white. Brown on brown. Sweet little riders… riding… riding… riding. Bee was by far the loudest so Charlie put his tongue in her mouth to quieten her a bit. Lulu was more a grunter than a screamer. Both were perfect love machines. Both sets of eyes opened wide when they felt their boyfriends’ milk explode inside them.They rested for a while on their lover’s bellies. After a bit, they looked at each other and gave little nods. They both sat up and asked if they could switch. Randy and Charlie were startled that the girls were so much in control… so grown up. They smiled and agreed.The girls slid down to the floor and crossed over. They went on their knees and cleaned the milk and pussy juice from each cock… which sent the soft cocks soaring back into the air. When the guys were throbbing and hard, the girls climbed aboard once again and started another sweet ride. Only this time, it was white on brown and brown on white. The guys had never had such an experience and had never seen such a sight. It didn’t take long until both girls had a mixture of the two guys’ milk swirling in their pussies. Randy and Lulu demonstrated ass fucking for Bee. Each time Randy pushed inside, Lulu grunted loudly. Her facial expression was confusing as she was crying softly and smiling broadly as she fought to take her uncle inside. Afterward he came, she was very proud of herself as some of his cream oozed back out of her tail hole. Bee was told this was a cream-pie. She was learning so much from her friends.Later, Lulu helped to prepare Bee’s bottom hole for Charlie’s cock. Lulu sent her tiny tongue and fingers into Bee’s anus. Then Charlie used his tongue and fingers in his lover’s ass. When she was oiled and ready, Charlie patiently pushed inside. This first time, he was only able to get a little more than an inch inside… just the head. When it popped in, Bee screamed. Lulu immediately covered Bee’s mouth with hers. They kissed deeply as Charlie waited for her to calm down. Charlie thought that Bee’s sweet ass was as tight as a Chinese Finger Cuff. He couldn’t pull or push his cock. He was locked inside. Once Bee relaxed a little, Charlie started a very slow, very short in-and-out. Lulu let Bee continue to scream into her mouth. Randy started to eat Lulu’s pussy as a special thank-you for helping their new friends. After several more double-dates as well as several single couple bench dates, the girls started hatching a plan. With help from the guys, Charlie was soon dating Lulu’s mom and Randy was dating Bee’s mom.There was a double-wedding which pleased all six people. The two families moved into a duplex with a common pool and back yard. The first thing the guys did was to erect a tall privacy fence. That and a tightly strapped ball-gag in Bee’s mouth allowed some wonderful times when the mothers were shopping or going to the movies. The mothers needed some relaxing times as their new husbands always seemed to be erect and hungry for their wifely holes.They both wondered what was keeping their husbands so excited all the time. Not that they were complaining… as long as they got a chance to rest now and then.Randy and Charlie realized that they had become sexual athletes… what with all the late nighttime visits to their daughters’ rooms and the activities next door and taking care of their wives. Now that was a pleasant discovery!A tradition soon started in both families of having a special father-daughter date-night twice a month. Strangely, both pairs of father-daughters seemed to schedule their dates on the same night. The four would dress up and go to a nice restaurant and then check into a motel and fuck until dawn. The mothers were always asleep when they arrived back home. The special bench in the park was not lonely… other couples soon discovered the advantages spending time there. Randy would often see such loving couples but he never bothered them; he was too happy at home now.

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