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12 year old sister rape pt. 1

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ok so i was 15, a horny bastard, my sister was about 12, and we was a decent payed family in the house, everyone had a job, never was home, id bring my sister home from school and watch her, and sometimes help her with her homework. We got out of school at 2:30, and one day we got home early cause it was friday and school ended early sometimes. No one would be home from work till mabye 6pm. My sister showered as usual for a long time, and she always left the door close, music blasting. I had to pee, so i knocked but the music was to loud, so i walked in, peed, it was so steamy, i started sweating. My shower had a slide door, so you could see through it good one way but the other bad. I got the perfect veiw of my 12 year old virgin sister. Her long brown hair, soft lips, chubby body, B size tits with small nipples, those big chubby hips, huge fat ass, the kind that you just wanna see bounce. I had to start jerking off, she was wet all over, i made a noise cause it felt so good, she said ” whos ther “. I said ” its shawn, i had to pee ” she said ” oh my god you can see me naked ” so i said ” i figured you wouldnt care, i was going to ask you if youd help me on a project for health class ” she says ” aftr my shower ” i said ” no you needa be in their escort kocaeli ” she said ” well ok what do i do ” i said ” tie this bandana around your eyes and your mouth tight, see ok try screaming,….. ( low mumbling ) ” see perfect now stand still and bend foward, i need to examine ” she did that, and i began undressing thanks to the music she wouldnt know a thing, i stepped behind her sexy bent over body, and rubbed my fingers on her pussy, she jumped and i heard mumbling, i payed no attention, i rubbed my cock on her pussy, i knew she enjoyed it, i turn her around, and took the bandana out of her mouth and yelled so shed hear me good, to open wide for a test lollipop flavor, and dont use teeth, and just go with the motion. she was scared, didnt know what to do but listen, i pressed my cock on her soft lips, and pressed a little and the head of my 8 ina half inch cock slipped into her mouth, i pushed deeper and 2 inches of my cock was in her sexy mouth. I took it out, and yelled into her ear, ” use your tongue treat it like a lollipop it has a surprise when you do it all together long enough “, she nodded yes, and i pressed my cock into her mouth now 2 inches again, she was using her tongue, around the whole head of my cock, i gathered her hair and began kocaeli anal yapan escort makin a head motion pulling her hair, 5 ina half inches digging into my 12 year old sisters throat, gagging noises, spit dripping from my cock and her mouth, i continued pulling her hair while she sucked my dick, i had loved it so much i took the bandana off her eyes and made her look at me, perfect sight, i started forcfully shoving 8 inch dick into hr mouth, face fucking her, she was gagging up a storm, i then just began pulling her hair again, then i sqeeezed her tits, layed her in the shower, and used her titties to rub my dick, titty fucking her small boobs, then i said here comes the surprise, you want to taste it and suck the juices out and swallow, or just have it squirt everywher, and she wanted to taste it, i shoved my cock just enough so my head was in her mouth, and i cumed, then shoved my cock as far as i could, realeasing everything i got, making her swallow, i left her ther. confused.

she was in bed that night, i heard her get up to take her pills, then go back to bed, i snuck over, and seen she was knocked out. i walked over, took out my cock, and rubbed it all over her face. she was in a pjz outfit, izmit yabancı escort so i easily unbuttoned her top, and played with her tits, sucked them, tittie fucking them, i played with her pussy, and then stroke her butt hole, i pushed, and pushed, and pushed, 3 inches of my cock was in her ass, no lube nothing, after 10 minutes of thrusting, i was 8 inch fucking my 12 year old sisters ass, i turned her over and doggy style fucked her, her sleeping pills were the eprfect drug rape, i was going rough, and rough, i pushed alll my forced, and my whole cock into her ass, pulled out and dummed on her huge ass. i dressed her, and went to bed.

The next day after school she brought her 9 year old friend over, it was a he. a 3 foot tall boy, long hair. My sister took her shower, and i was alone for basicly a hour with the anoyying boy. he wouldnt shut up so i asked him if he wanted to play a game, he said yes, so i brought him to the camper in the back yard that was limo tinted so it was pitch black inside. i said ill hide you find me. i was under a blanket when he came in. once it was dark he was scared, and i quietly locked the door behind him, and he screamed, i covered his mouth and taped it shut. undressed pulled his pants down, and spanked him hard. tears going down his face i rubbed his body and baby soft ass. i pulled my pants down, and forced my cock through his tiny ass. he was scereaming so loud, i then cumed all in his ass. and then i said dont be anoyying.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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