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187 Amber

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187 Amber187 AMBERIt was raining the drops running down the window as Amber sat waiting. She perversely, was looking forward to his visit, yes, she knew that her next week she would spend in her bed alone, covered in welts, sore and bruised, perhaps even cut, but she knew her lover and pimp would not only be pleased with her, he would be financially a lot better off. She had been here before, her beloved T had a flair for finding men who would pay for her a lot of money to mistreat her, his star whore. She had been with him now for two years and she knew when she joined him that life would be brutal, but she loved him and sadly after her upbringing she loved pain too.This was, for her perfect, she lived with her well hung lover, made him, (and as an aside her,) the money to live on and could enjoy her love of pain occasionally as well. It was a win, win situation, though the drawback was the week or more after each engagement when she lay bruised and battered, slowly recovering. T loved her she was sure, hadn’t he paid out for the cellar to be soundproofed and converted to a dungeon just for her, though he did allow his friends to use it, for using, or punishing their own ladies all at a price of course so as not to waste it.Most of his friends and their ladies are black, and most made their money on their backs. T himself is black, a solid 6 feet plus tall, hung like a horse black. He has a string of working women, all on the old game, but Amber, is the one exception, she is white and as I said she lives with him and loves pain.Amber stood, she stretched, ready to dress herself for her visitor in front of her wardrobe mirror, she checked herself out first, twisting and turning, her vanity mirror in hand, checking her last bruises had either gone or had faded to insignificance. She lifted each breast, checking the whip marks and the fish hook marks had fully healed, then with the hand mirror checking her inner lips and her back -hole for damage. She had already emptied both bowels not wishing to soil herself and bladder, embarrass herself by spraying piss all over the place in the extremes of pain she expected. Satisfied, she began to dress, black lacy knickers, hold up stockings, a semi platform bustier that allowed the breasts to nestle, but still present themselves for the ever-available whip.Round her neck she wore her collar, he had lovingly fitted it and locked it in place a symbol of his total ownership. She wore no rings or jewellery, just a dab of perfume and a roll of deodorant. Her hair short enough not to be in the way of the whip but long enough to keep her attractive, her slightly angular face only lifted by her lippy and some mascara, the latter, not for the looks, but for the enhanced effect when the tears ran, these user, at least the sadistic brand of men who hired her services, just loved to see tears flooding down her well slapped cheeks.A white near transparent blouse, and a maroon calf length skirt with a matching jacket completed the ensemble, and with a nod at her mirror she smiled, and muttered “you`ll do” as she slipped into her heels.Dressed now she presented herself to T in his room. He checked her out, had her twirl for him then told her in a flat tone “she was beautiful and he loved her.” A cynic would say there was little emotion in the words, but it made the besotted Amber smile believing he was totally sincere.He said that, “he had `Maisy’ on call waiting to nurse her back to health this time” so for her “not to worry!” He said he “knew what this man would require” and for her to “make him a proud man as for this master, she was to hold herself from fainting too early!” which to her sounded ominous. Then he swept out leaving her to wait alone for her fate with whoever she had been sold to for the next few hours! She sat waiting, watching the rain dribbling down the glass, this was always the worst time, waiting.Never having met this man she didn’t know what he would wish to inflict on her. She knew he would have perverse pain filled ideas She knew that he would soon be making her scream and writhe, as he inflicted whatever he wished on her and she knew he would be fairly-rich, as T didn’t sell her cheaply! He may have even paid the high extra premium that entitled him to leave a small but permanent scar in any-way he wanted and wherever he wished except on her face, though she knew `T’ would never tell her before-hand, though only one man had so far taken that option leaving her with a small faded knife mark under her the cheek of her right buttock! He would of course be entitled to leave his seed anywhere and as many times as he wished in the basic up to three hours, that she knew was in every contract, and if she accidentally was maimed or disfigured or died, he would have to pay a huge ransom, that at least kept things in bounds! she knew too that, that was in the contract along with the other details which he would specify, which he would sign and she would never be kırklareli escort allowed to see.She mused was he black, or was he white, or even a half-breed perhaps, fat, thin, tall or short, her mind reeled through the choices, her thought interrupted as a big old blue car passed the window, which then slid to a halt in the wet drive, just out of her line of sight. He was here!Within seconds the distant door-bell rang, T greeted him then took the man she still had not seen into the office, as her tummy did somersaults.Long moments past, then the paper work over, as she expected, the bell rang and she knew now was the time, it was always like this, she stood up, then set off down the short corridor with a determined step. She knocked at the solid old door and then was called into the room. She fixed her eyes on T and took care to stand on the small mat, he had placed in front of his desk for just such occasion`s, her master of the moment sat behind her now silently appraising her and still unseen.T fixed her with a piercing stare then in a menacing voice, he said, “behind you is Mike you are assigned to him for a session, don’t let me down! He motioned her forward, she stooped towards him over the desk and he clipped on her lead. She was conscious of the man now being at her side, she knew better than to look at him directly, casting her eyes downwards submissively. Her new master took the proffered lead, and T rose and led them from the room her clip clopping heels the only sound as they progressed down the echoing tiled corridor, then down the old stone steps to the waiting dungeon. The huge old door swung open and the lights flickered on. With a nod T left them, and she was alone in this menacing room where she had suffered so much for the love of her beloved T, who she knew would be recording it all, and probably watching it live on his cctv.A sharp tug on the lead snapped her back to the present and he introduced himself, “I am Mike and I understand you are Amber.” She nodded as he went on “I am here to make your life a misery for the next few hours my pretty miss, so let`s get acquainted, you may look up at me now, and then we shall begin.”She raised her eyes, he stood 6feet four or five, grey haired, bearded, twinkling eyes that smiled at her in an expectant way, and an infectious grin. At least she thought, he`s not a short dour man with a chip on his shoulder, like the last little Mexican bastard, who had been sadistic in the extreme from the instant T had left to the time she became u*********s only just an hour into the session which T had been forced to stop to save her from permanent damage!“Right the let`s get more comfortable shall we!” he removed her lead, kissed her lightly, which surprised her, then stepped back and began removing his clothing. She stood not knowing if she should follow suit or wait for his say so.He had soon shed his clothes dumping them neatly on a chair beside the door. His tool nothing exceptional, erect now, uncut, about 6inches, nothing to write home about. His smile no doubt hiding the sadist she knew he must be, no one pays these rates for a kiss and a smile, she was not fooled.“Stockings…” she knew that he wanted her to remove the first of her clothing, the ordeal was about to begin. She kicked off her shoes then rolled off her stockings, throwing them to one side.She stood once more, barefoot, defiant, proud even, . Waiting for the command she knew would soon come. When it did it was another single word “Jacket!” Quickly she shed the jacket, dropping it on the discarded stockings. “Skirt!” she rotated the skirt to reach the zip, it fell from her long shapely legs and was soon with the other discarded items. She straightened, he walked slowly round her savouring the view, noting her erect nipples, she was turned on, was it him or the situation or the expected misuse, he wondered?Almost as an afterthought, he barked “Blouse!” her fingers fairly flew to the buttons, mere seconds past and the white top too joined the skirt. She stood once more for his inspection, silent seconds passing as he made his decision as to the first discipline. “I am going to whip your lovely tits now, until the welts show purple” it was a matter of fact statement, “will you stand for me or do you need securing?” she had never been given the choice before, she appreciated that, could she stand for him, she hoped so, “I will try and stand for you sir” she answered. He smiled, she was good this Amber, he slapped her face hard, and suddenly he screamed at her “Try, …Try, …you either will or you won`t!”Her face bore his hand print, she struggled upright to stand once more, “I will sir if that’s what you desire!”“Better” he spat the words, “fetch me a whip and make it a stiff one that will real hurt you!” she rushed to find one in the cupboard, she discarded the softer floggers, then found a stiffer multi strand quirt, the thick thongs about 18 inches long and kırşehir escort stiff, only having been lubricated by her blood and the blood of one of T`s friend Jay`s whore last week. She knew the pain this one could wreak in the right hands, and she knew in her strange way that she would enjoy its caress. Returning to him and kneeling momentarily at his feet to present it like some revered present. He took it and approved it with a nod, then told her to fetch and fit cuffs. She hesitated a mili-second, stuttered that “she had promised to stand” and received a second face slap hard enough to make her face sting badly, with the command “don’t you ever question me!” She scuttled away to fetch the cuffs, rapidly fitting first the ankles then the cuffs to the sound of him explaining “I am going to make your tits ache badly, after which you are not going to want to fit cuffs or anything else…understand?” she was quick to say she did and was careful to call him sir.She returned to her place and he made her kneel in front of him knees a little apart. The gentle smile returned, and she knew instantly just how bad her day was to be. “hands on your head and tilt your head back” he barked, then added “count and don’t move those hands” She loved being whipped, always had, ever since her dad`s punishments in her c***dhood, but this stiff quirt that she herself had picked for him, stung like fire when it hit her soft tits that first time, a livid red set of lines traced the path of those hard leather thongs. She thanked him as instructed then counted “one sir” through her gritted teeth, knowing instinctively that it would instantly trigger the next stroke. by the fifth she was tearful, by ten even with her strong will-power she was struggling not to move, as each lash tore into her savagely, her breasts by now a sea of pain, initially red lines cris-crossing the pale flesh in a terrible webb of distressed skin and flesh. She knew within a brief period those marks would turn a livid purple, then in days bruising would appear turning a discoloured yellow hugh and it would be easily then yet another week before she would have her lovely pale skin once again.His smile had not diminished, in fact it was now a grin of determined enjoyment. Her face however had black streams of mascara on either cheek her sobs were pitiful and her interlaced fingers ached from the strain of keeping her hands from shielding her damaged breasts.Abruptly he stopped, and stood looking at her his gaze steady, telling her “she was a brave woman,” a compliment indeed, though sadly strewn on hard ground as she was so distracted with the pain that she was hardly in a place to appreciate it, though she thanked him for it.He ordered her to her feet, hands at her sides, feet wide apart. She did that glad to lower her aching arms as he slid his hands over her black clad slot of life, it was a caress, gentle and soft, the touch of a lover, he stepped back, by now she had relaxed a little. When BANG, with an explosion of pain his shoe hit her in the crutch, a full blooded kick to her labia the lacy knickers saving her from the rough eyelets of his polished black brogues.She folded over, pain knocking the wind from her body with a gasp.He grabbed at her hair and dragged her body upright once more, cursing her and saying that “If she couldn’t stand up on her own he would soon change that,” and dragging her under the lift hauled her hands up and clipped the cuffs to the spreader bar of the lift. She did not resist, this she had expected, though the kick… She could feel his fingers releasing the bustier, the thing came loose, then fell away, her breasts unsupported now, flopped painfully against her body, the now purple web of marks contrasting to the pale skin under the light.“Now missy, your tits are a nice shade, and next I am going to make the rest of your body the same colour.” Her eyes followed his every move, desperately trying to take in his ramblings and understand what was to happen to her. He went on to tell her “I am going to your whore fanny till it was swollen then I will fill you and fuck you hard as I can despite your bloated cunt” then like a drunken man, which of course he was, drunk on the adrenaline of power, he laughed loudly saying he had paid the premium and before he left she would wear his personal signature and T would help him.He tore from her the black lacy knickersThat fact ran her blood cold, she knew that T had said “he would always attend premium games to see things didn’t go too far.” So, she knew in her heart he was telling the truth.As if to confirm her fears Mike then took the quirt and began at her shoulders slashing at her with rapid and consistently distracting hard strokes. As I have already said, she had always enjoyed the feeling of leather striking against her skin, it was her scourge, her way of cleaning her very soul so the whipping she was now taking, for the normal man in the street escort bayan would be horrendous, for Amber it was meat and drink, she revelled in the stinging pain, the lash, the after-pain. To Amber it was her tribute to T, her one skill, her personal trip to heaven. She began a long slow rolling climax, groaning as each lash struck, her feet still being planted on the cold dungeon floor she found she could turn her body, manoeuvring herself to simply ensure that his consistent strokes hit yet untouched areas of her smooth body.He realised she was helping him, turning herself to receive a more consistent covering to ensure her whole body was reached by another webb of welts, amazed he played along, only changing the height of the point of aim to achieve perfection for them both.Her breasts soon had a `second-coat’ of strokes the pain stepping her up to another level of perverse enjoyment, her resulting climax taking her into another realm.Her arse changed from untanned virgin white to red with welts, her upper thighs soon had a consistent hugh, her legs shaking as he found the lower muscles, even her feet, raised to his surprise one at a time to aid his aim.It was the to his total amazement, that she turned herself away from him and slowly in a very deliberate way opened her legs wide. The hint was obvious. She was ready to receive his abuse in her most sacred of places, the one place most women would protect at all costs. Never in all his years of abusing women had he had so compliant a subject! He changed the stroke to an upwards swing, cursing her, who was the master here, she would suffer for her impertinence! His swing strengthened and the note of her groans rose to a scream, again and again the leather struck into her cleft, wrapping itself across her brown puckered ring to her clitorise. her head thrown back now in a guttural scream, issuing from deep in her very soul, the note rising to a crescendo with each terrible strike. To Amber it was the ultimate form of whipping climax, beyond even her wildest dreams. She knew he would have her in the most brutal way now. He ceased the rain of strokes, lowering her more bending her forward exposing her swollen and bloody sex to his gaze, he could not resist her charms. She knew what was coming and was revelling in the knowledge as he slipped into her fetching her to yet another level of pain. He began his thrusts, hard, savage even, each sinking as deep into her guts as he could manage, trying to reach it seemed ever deeper up towards her brain, she began again to reach her peak, climaxing once more as his hot seed pumped itself into her, as he screamed his alpha male scream of ecstasy, it was sublime.After a second or two he withdrew, her legs now like rubber, her breathing ragged, he stood back and surveyed her, getting his own composure under control.He lowered the lift and released her wrist-cuffs then swung her body to bend face-down on the altar like table. “lay still” he told her. She had no intention of moving, her body exhausted from this most massive erotic high that she had just enjoyed. He pressed the bell button for T, then clipped the cuffs to the short chains attached in the appropriate places, she could move a little but not enough to escape, even if she was capable or had that wish which by now he doubted. The door opened and T appeared with a small tray of items. She sensed rather than saw his presence, she was glad he was here to enjoy this her sacrifice for him. She heard the roar of the small gas blowlamp, she could only imagine what was going on.Behind her T had lit the torch, Mike had taken it and a long copper rod bent to shape at the end, he twisted the shape in the flame. T leant on his woman`s back, silently holding her sex wide open, they all waited, expectantly Amber mentally bracing herself for the hideous pain she knew was to come whatever it was, the copper stamp glowed, the moment had come, and with a single movement the brand went home on her presented left inner lip. Smoke rose as did her body despite T`s weight, her voice in one long excruciating scream echoed round the room. By now Amber had fortunately fallen forward in a faint. the brand was removed, leaving the letter M in a single melted flesh character about a centimetre high. The two men checked the brand out.T stood surveyed the marked woman, his now marked whore. Then turned to the man and quietly asked if he was now satisfied. Mike nodded, said “she is something else!” dressed and at the call of the bell Maisy appeared, not showing any surprise at Ambers comatose figure chained and slumped on the table. T bade her show the guest out, and without a word she nodded and conducted him away to the door. T turned to the still u*********s body, he undid his fly his huge rampant cock was lined up with her ravaged sex, and with one thrust he was in to the hilt. He began thrusting as she slowly regained her wits, the pain must have been off the scale, but she was here to serve her master and serve she would. Her body a receptacle for his copious flood of seed. He with-dew, turned to Maisy’ who had silently returned, and as he buttoned his fly once more said, “sort her”, then added quietly ”3 weeks and she`s booked again next month, then he strode out.

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