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19 and Lusting for Ex-Lover’s Dad

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19 and Lusting for Ex-Lover’s DadOver the next year of Kris and Tracy’s steamy affair practically under the noses of his wife and son, many changes had taken place in the household.First, Kris had gone out of town on business, leaving Tracy in a lurch and very, very horny. Since sex had all but been practically nil between her and Gus since their son was born, his father was more than compensating in that department. At least with Kris, she didn’t have to fake orgasms.While Kris was out of town and Gus wasn’t giving her any dick, Tracy spent a lot of time with her vibrator, thinking about the nights she and Kris would sneak into the den downstairs and fuck each other’s brains out while their partners slept upstairs. She figured she may as well get herself off since no was around to do it for her. And even thinking about Kris gave her multiple orgasms.But one day by the pool, she had been sunbathing when one of the new lifeguards had been eyeing her up. He was incredibly hot with olive skin, hazel-blue eyes, black hair, a great body, and wearing trunks that did little to conceal his fine ass and cock.They had started chatting and the next thing Tracy had known, once the other swimmers had gone home after the pool closed, Paul had had her slammed against a wall in the cabana, her legs wrapped around his waist as he fucked her hard.Paul had just barely blasted his jizz into Tracy’s pussy when Gus had caught them after investigating the noise in the cabana. Exasperated, Paul had let go of Tracy in a hurry, grabbed his trunks and beat it out of there.Furious, Gus had called Tracy a cheating cunt, told her to pack her shit and get out, how she was an unfit mother that would never see Kristian again if Gus had anything to say about it.”So how many other men have you spread your legs for while I’m out of the house, bitch?” he continued to yell behind her. “I should have known you were a whore from the beginning!”By the time Kris had gotten home from his trip, Tracy had been long gone. She had moved in with a friend temporarily, throwing out her birth control pills. Since both Gus and Kris were out of her life, what was the point of keeping them? Tracy just thanked God she was still on them when she had fucked the lifeguard; Paul had blown a huge load in her after all, and the last thing she needed was some one time fling to knock her up.He didn’t even have the sense to put on a condom.If she was going to get pregnant again, she vowed it would be by Kris. No other man sized up in the sex department the way he did.————-When Kris asked where Tracy had gone and what happened, his son gave him the lowdown on Tracy and the lifeguard, adding he didn’t give a shit where the cheating bitch was, maybe she was screwing another lifeguard somewhere.Kris sighed and shook his head, knowing his hot piece on the side was gone for good now. Like Tracy, he was getting tuzla escort nearly zero nooky himself, and now he’d have to stroke off in the bathroom when he got horny, which was often.In addition, he and the wife weren’t getting along very well, and, sick of her shit at last, Kris got a divorce and moved out.Though he would have sex with a few strange women he met through ads and even banged his now-former secretary when they’d gotten drunk at a party, they hadn’t gotten him off the way Tracy did.He would spend many more nights jerking off before it finally happened to him again.Kris had been in bed, watching a porn film and stroking his hard-on, when he heard a knock at the door.Who the hell was at his door at one thirty in the morning? he wondered, putting on a pair of sweat pants.When he opened the door, there stood Tracy.Thrilled and curious at the same time, he wondered how she found him.”You’re in the phone book, silly,” she giggled.He pulled her in the door, giving her a tight hug.”God, baby, I’ve missed you.””I missed you, too,” Tracy smiled.”So what is this about screwing one of the lifeguards at the pool while I was on my trip?””You’re not jealous are you?” she said, giving him a sexy stare. “You should know by now that I am a very horny girl, and I really need sex. Besides, I was thinking about you the whole time he and I were fucking. It was the only way I could cum without faking one.”Kris came over, standing behind Tracy now, and felt her breasts over her top. They felt soft, like she hadn’t been wearing a bra.”Is that right?” he asked with a wicked grin. “So did he have a big cock?””Kind of,” she answered.”How about where he shot his load?” Kris growled in her ear as he continued to massage her tits and pressed his now-hard cock against her ass.”Mmmmm….right into my pussy like you do.””God, you are a hot little slut. We need to continue this conversation upstairs, baby. Preferably with both of us naked.”Tracy all but responded by running upstairs to his bedroom, Kris following on her heels.He was a little embarrassed that he’d forgotten to turn off the TV, but then noticed Tracy had become fascinated with a girl sucking the cock of her boss in an office sex scene in the porn film he had been watching earlier.”How would you like to start off doing that to me, baby?” Kris asked, overcome with lust.Tracy shut off the TV, then stripped out of her skirt, panties, and top. Kris was thrilled to see she was definitely braless. The sight of her naked had his cock really throbbing.She then knelt down on the bed, licking and sucking his cock before she let it pop out of her mouth to dip down and lick his balls.”Don’t let up now,” Kris moaned. “You always did give a hot blow job. Come on, baby, suck that dick. Make me cum.”Tracy gave him a sexy look as she put her lips over the tip and gulped down his tool with enthusiasm. Gus hadn’t even tuzla escort bayan appreciated her sucking skills as much as Kris did. She could suck this cock all night long, and she let Kris know it via her talented, warm mouth.”Oh God, Tracy, I’ve missed you so much,” he groaned.As Tracy worked on his cock, she increased her suction and took him completely down to the his balls, making Kris’s orgasm not too far off.”I’m ready to cum, baby,” he panted.Tracy didn’t let up; instead, she bobbed her head up and down on his prick even faster. She felt his cock start to swell before long streams of semen shot into her mouth; Tracy swallowing every drop without ever letting up her tight suction on his dick.She then pulled her mouth off him, licking his cock and balls clean while seeing the satisfied look on her older lover’s face.”Oh, baby….God, it’s been so long since I’ve had a woman suck me off, especially one that is as good at it as you are.”Tracy then lay back on the bed and spread her legs, revealing the shaved pussy that always turned him on so much. “Well, why don’t you show me how much you really liked it by returning the favor?” she asked.”What took you so long to ask?” he growled sexily. “You know I always loved eating that pussy.”He dove between her legs, starting out by slowly drawing figures with the tip of his tongue on her clit, then licked her slit up and down toward her ass while sliding two fingers into her cunt, licking and sucking every inch of her.”Oh, God, Kris!” she cried. “Yes!”He continued eating her out, going down further at one point to lick, nibble and suck on her beautiful ass. Rimming her pink asshole, he gently slid in a finger as Tracy moaned, then began licking his way back up her twat. The moment Kris had slid his tongue into her pussy while he finger fucked her ass, Tracy began to shudder and exploded in a hard orgasm. She then relaxed, panting softly.She then looked at him at the end of the bed and saw that Kris had another raging hard-on.”You have that effect on me, baby. Now I’ll really show how much I’ve missed us together.””Oooooooooooh, Kris!” she purred, spreading her legs wider. “I want to fuck you real good, Tracy,” he panted, slowly pushing his cock into her. “That’s it, lover. Put that nice big cock in my pussy and fuck me until I can’t take it anymore.”God, was she tight, Kris thought as he slid further into her cunt until he felt his entire cock embedded. She must not have had any action for awhile. No wonder she was so damned horny!Once Kris began slowly pumping in and out of her, Tracy wrapped her legs around his waist and moaned loudly, her pussy muscles clamping around his cock, and it hadn’t taken long for her to cum the first time.”God, Kris, fuck me!” she screeched.He pounded her pussy harder, quickening his pace for the next ten to fifteen minutes, making her cum twice more in the process. Kris escort tuzla had to be the best damn fuck she’d ever had!”Dammit, Kris, fuck me!” she yelled as she came yet again.”You like getting fucked hard, baby? Did that lifeguard give it to you like this? Did he make you cum? I’m bigger than he was, aren’t I? You love being my young slut, don’t you? Tell me how much you love getting fucked with this big dick.””Yes!” she cried. “I love having your big cock in me….”Kris then slammed in and out of her, pushing his cock all the way in, pulling almost all the way out, and slammed it into her again.”Oh Kris!” she cried out, “I’m cummmmmming! Give it all to your young fuck slut, baby!””Dirty, dirty girl,” Kris grunted as he furiously pounded her pussy with every inch of strength in his body. “My hot little young slut fucking me so good.””Don’t stop,” Tracy panted as she bucked her hips to meet his, “Oh God, Kris, just keep fucking me!””That’s it,” he grunted again. “Take it all, my little fuck slut.”They had been fucking for over forty-five minutes when Kris finally felt his orgasm approaching. Speeding up his thrusts even more, he told Tracy he was ready to cum.”Shoot it Kris,” she growled. “Give it to me. Shoot a big load of cum in my pussy!” “You want this load in your cunt, baby? You want me to shoot in you the way that guy did? You’re a little cum slut, you know that? God, you’re a great fuck!””Cum in me, Kris. Now.””FUCK! HERE IT COMES!” he yelled as he came, blasting long ropes of semen into Tracy’s hot box as she squealed in orgasm, delighted to feel his cum inside her.When Kris finally finished, he pulled out and collapsed beside her.”Move in,” he panted. “I could use a woman around here.””I bet you could,” Tracy purred, playing with his soft cock before she took it in her mouth again to get him hard for round three.————————To the shock of those around them, Kris and Tracy had gotten married three months later when she turned twenty; little did anyone know that at the wedding Kris had also gotten her pregnant. Gus may have taken their son from her and filled the boy’s mind that his mommy was a whore that didn’t deserve him, but now she had another baby to love.Kris had been thrilled that such a beautiful young woman would carry his c***d, and her swollen belly (and much more elevated sex drive) over the coming months had turned him on; both had experimented with every type of pregnant sex possible. He loved his young, pregnant bride, and wanted to keep her happy both in and out of bed.He was with Tracy when Delaney was born the following spring, a beautiful little girl that looked like her father. Kris was crazy about his tiny daughter from day one, knowing she would be the first of the more c***dren Tracy wanted. A year after Delaney was born and Tracy had turned twenty-one, she and Kris were having sex at least twice a day, working on their second c***d. Tracy knew now that she definitely had the right man and wondered why she even wasted any time with his son. Gus sure didn’t get his sexual talents from his father, that was for sure

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