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4 Moms 4 Aidan Ch. 01

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Disclaimer: I am grateful for Utamu who have helped make my story more readable. If there still are errors, then it’s my fault.

All characters in this story are of legal age. This is a work of fiction, but if you expect good dialog, flawless grammar and a non-stereotyped story this is not a story for you.


Claire Robbins, Amanda Bratton, Vanessa Miller and Grace Powell were all pleased. It was still summer and together they had pulled off a surprise party for Aidan West. It was his eighteenth birthday and they had surprised him in the backyard of Claire’s house.

Standing together they laughed at each other as it seemed to be the party of the summer. Every guest invited was in attendance along with several people they had never met. And it appeared that everyone had a reason to celebrate. The four women knew the keys to a successful party. They made sure there were plenty of food and good music. As night began to fall all the young people danced and laughed, while the four women got together and relaxed with some wine.

The small group began chatting as they had some distance to the party.

“I hope Aidan was surprised,” Amanda Bratton said. The 39 year old blond woman looked pretty amazing. She was casual dressed in a summer gown that was a low cut which made her ample cleavage being on display. Standing 5’2” and 112 lbs. the mother of two teenagers relaxed as she looked around and noticed her husband Simon was talking with Claire’s husband Walter. She proudly thought, that her figure of 36C-25-38 made an impression on the young teenagers. Amanda was not vain, but loved to look good.

“He was. You should have seen his expression, when he saw all the people in the garden,” Claire Robbins laughed. The 41 year old woman’s brown eyes sparkled as she was standing 5’3” and 125 lbs. Claire had elegant chestnut hair, falling in waves down her back. Her white summer dress was perfectly tailored for her, highlighting an impressive body of 36DD-28-35. If you didn’t know it, you wouldn’t believe she was a mother of three.

“Definitely surprised,” Vanessa Miller grinned. Not yet 40, she also made an impressive sight. The married mother of two had a gorgeous face with brown eyes and full, curved, sexy lips. She had no noticeable wrinkles and had dark black hair down to her shoulders and dark caramel colored skin. Vanessa was blessed with a pair of luscious breasts and this day she flaunted her assets in a tight, black, low-cut dress, held up by two straining spaghetti straps. Standing 5’7” and 130 lbs. she looked around pleased with the admiring glances her 34E-25-35 body received from her son’s friends.

“We pulled it off,” Grace Powell agreed. The ravishing early-forties redhead was equal to the other women. She stood 5’6” and 120 lbs., long dark red hair with big green eyes. Her waist was small and her stomach flat, showing no sign that she was the married mother of two teenagers. Her long wavy red hair fell down her back and around her shoulders, framing her beautiful face. On her slender frame her breasts looked full and round, and they were by no means small. Her body of 34C-22-33 was smoking hot.

“Can you believe Aidan all grown up. Remember when Trisha died, when he was 11. He was such a sad little boy,” Vanessa Miller said.

“Yeah and his father drowned his own sorrows with work,” Amanda Bratton continued.

“Lewis was heartbroken, he just couldn’t handle being around Aidan,” Grace Powell said.

“But as Trisha’s best friends we took over. We all took Aidan into our homes and soon it seemed as if he with the loss of one mother gained four substitutes,” Claire Robbins replied.

“You’re right. He almost like a son to us,” Vanessa Miller said.

“And I think we have done real good. Just look at him,” Amanda Bratton replied.

The four mature women took in the sight of Aidan West. He had grown up alright, to about 6’3″ with the body of an athlete, all muscle. He was handsome as the devil too.

“Yeah, he’s no longer a shy and awkward little boy,” Grace Powell grinned.

“I know, and if the stories are right he can only be described as a lady-killer. He is handsome, charming and all the girls in school are swarming around him likes bees around honey,” Vanessa laughed.

“I overheard some of the girls talking about him, and all they could do the whole time was gush about how gorgeous Aidan looked and how lucky they would be if he chose them to be his date,” Claire Robbins laughed.

“Thank God, we’re out of high school. Otherwise I think we also would be infatuated with Aidan,” Grace laughed and seconds later the other three women joined her.

At the age of 18, with his handsome features, Aidan West had no problem in getting a date with any girl in the high school. His hobby of weightlifting and outdoor sports really helped produce his well-tanned muscular body. Standing at 6’3″, 210 lb. and black hair, he was the dream of all the girls in school and he had gotten the well-earned reputation as the school’s stud. Aidan just bonus veren siteler loved to put on the charm, always getting the date he wanted, always getting his way when alone with a lovely girl.

For some time he had loved to date the sweet naive young beauties that attended his high school. He had introduced a lot of innocent teenage girls to the joys of sex, loved the challenge of getting into their sweet panties. He especially enjoyed hearing their screams and moans when he plucked their precious little cherries.

He looked around at the party and laughed to himself, as he tried to recall the number of young girls he had scored with. Surely he would make love tenderly to the young beauties, bringing them to mind-shattering orgasms. This strategy always made them come back for more, and the girls knew they only had him for borrowed time. With Aidan it was always a story of ‘lov’em and leav’em’. Once he had broken in an innocent beauty and bedded them a few times, he knew she was his for the asking, anytime he wanted it.

For Aidan the thrill of the conquest was what he was after. It seemed that what he couldn’t or shouldn’t get was what turned him on the most. He was always after a new challenge to conquer. As he looked around the party his sight fell on the four mothers of his closest friends. The last year and a half he no longer saw them as substitutes mothers, now he saw them as gorgeous women. Tired of fucking teenage girls he had decided to try to seduce the four married women.

Picking up four long-steamed pink roses, he had gotten a friend to pick up for him, he went over to the patio, where the four women were seated. Holding the roses behind his back he greeted them, “Hello ladies. I can’t tell you, how much I love this party. You’ve made me so happy.”

“Don’t mention it, Aidan. We love to do it. Remember we all love you,” Claire smiled back at the handsome young man.

“I never doubted that,” Aidan said and with a low voice he continued, “I’ve never told you all, that I’m aware of the effort you made to make my life joyful. When my mother died I was suffering so much. I didn’t know what to do, my father always left me with a babysitter. Then the four of you swept in and took charge. I can’t tell you, how much I appreciate what you have done for me. You’ve made me feel loved, when I was miserable. I can never pay back your generosity, but I hope you’ll accept this as a token of my appreciation.”

Aidan pulled out the roses and handed one to each of the four women.

The women had all tears in their eyes, but before any of them could say something, Aidan was walking back to his friends.

“Wow,” Vanessa Miller said as a tear started to run down her cheek.

“He’s so considerate,” Grace whispered.

“He’s the best,” Amanda choked.

“Simply the best,” Claire breathed.

A week later Aidan walked into the Bratton house calling out for his friend Justin.

“He’s not home, Aidan” Amanda said as she walked down the stairs greeting Aidan with a smile.

“Damn, I’d hoped he would go biking with me. Well then I’ll just go alone.”

“You know the rules, Aidan. You can’t go alone,” Amanda said as she took in her son’s best friend. She was still amazed by the fact that the boy she had cuddled after his mother’s dead had grown into this young man. Well she had to admit to herself, that Aidan had grown up alright, to about 6’3″with the body of an athlete, all muscle. He was handsome as the devil to and from gossip around Amanda knew, he drove all the girls wild. She had watched him grow up from a shy and awkward little boy into a strong handsome man. He had the charm and poise of a man far older and looks that even made her attracted to him at times, especially when she had the chance to study his body at their pool. She had laughed it off as a desperate middle aged woman’s need for some loving attention as her marriage with Simon had turned more into a friendship than a passionate relationship.

She was about to say some more, when she glanced down at Aidan’s tight bike pants and for the first time really noticed the size and shape of his package. It looked huge. She was appalled by her new awareness around Aidan. She couldn’t explain to herself, why she had become so fixated on her son’s friend. For Christ sake she had always thought of him like another son, but for some time now she had become aware, that she now reacted more to him as a woman and no longer as a surrogate mother.

“Oh come on Mrs. B. The rule only applied when we were kids,” Aidan smiled.

Lost in her own thoughts Amanda almost didn’t hear Aidan. She had become keenly aware, that the rumor about Aidan was true. He was very well endowed. She zoomed out for a second fantasizing about being with such a man, then she shook her head as if to stop the wishful thinking of an older woman.

“Rules are rules,” She stuttered as she once again focused on the conversation with Aidan.

“When will Justin be back?” Aidan asked as he smiled noticing bedava bahis were Amanda’s eyes had lingered.

“Later in the evening. Simon took Julie and Justin to a game.”

Aidan realized, that he was alone with Amanda in the house, and quickly decided to seize the opportunity, “Why don’t you take Justin’s place? You’re in great shape and I really want to get out in the mountains today.”

“I don’t know,” Amanda said. “It been awhile and the hills are quite steep and the roads not that great.”

“I will lead the way, and you told me I needed a partner. Please be my partner, Mrs. B.”

Amanda thought about it. She didn’t have anything planned for the day anyway and she would love to be in the company of this hot young jock, so she said, “Alright. But you have to wait as I go change.”

“Fine with me. I’ll go make your bike ready” Aidan grinned.

As Amanda turned around and walked up the stairs, Aidan took in the sight. She did look good, in fact, for a 39 year old she looked pretty amazing. Only faint laugh lines betrayed her age. Her long honey blonde hair and blue eyes made an impact on every man. Aidan had noticed she wore a casual choice of clothes. As she had stood before him in a simple white T-shirt, the sleeves of which finished high on her arms, the material had fitted snugly to her upper body. It was a low cut which made her ample cleavage being on display. The top was tight and the material thin enough so that Aidan could see the outline of her bra beneath which cupped and lifted her breasts. He was struck by how large they appeared against her slimmer frame, each breast was more than a good handful, the only measurement he cared to use.

He continued to admire her from behind as she walked away. He glanced down at her ass briefly, she was wearing a pair of plain blue jeans which clung tightly to her buttocks. Her bottom was perfect, it looked like it could have belonged to one of the twenty-something girls from college, but was perhaps slightly fuller and rounder. Her legs were slim and equally as toned. Aidan was afforded a perfect view of her perfect ass, when she began walking up the stairs. And yes, it was perfect, heart shaped and firm with a nice bounce as she took each step. And when she walked, it rocked side-to-side in that delicious way that just seems to come naturally to a woman wearing heels. In the span of ten seconds it took Amanda to walk up the stairs, Aidan was entertaining several thoughts of his friend’s hot mother in various sexual acts before she was out of sight.

Ten minutes later Amanda walked out the house, turning the key and saw Aidan had made her bike ready. “Well young man I’m ready but please take it slow in the beginning.”

Aidan was standing by the bikes carrying a small backpack. Hearing Amanda’s voice he looked up ready to joke back, but his eyes captured her round breasts and hard nipples pushing out the skin tight blue top she was wearing. Below his eyes roamed down her flat tummy and into her crotch area where he thought he could see her camel toe.

“I’ll take it slow,” Aidan replied after some times as Amanda joined him by the bikes. “Let’s roll.”

The first half an hour were fairly easy roads. There was only one car that passed them, so soon they were biking in the mountains. Amanda was happy with her decision about accompanying Aidan and loved how the banter between them was joyful almost as if they were flirting. She thought to herself, that she just should enjoy the moment and don’t over think the situation.

As they reached a steep incline Aidan pulled over and stopped. He grabbed his water bottle and turned to see Amanda doing the same. “Do you want to try and peddle up it or do you want to push your bike, Mrs. B.?”

“Whatever you do I’ll do the same,” She said slightly out of breath. Amanda was in good shape working out several times a week, so up until now she had had no trouble riding alongside Aidan while talking together. In fact she was really pleased with herself.

“Peddle,” he grinned, “But I’ll let you set the pace and follow you.”

As Amanda took off ahead of him he enjoyed the sight of her firm spandex covered ass.

As they reached the top 25 minutes later they stopped. Aidan pulled over next to Amanda and praise her. “Way to go Mrs. B. That was awesome. You’re in great shape.”

Almost out of breath Amanda said, “Yeah right…can we please take a minute or two before we continue.”

“Fine with me. I’ll use the time to take a leak.” Aidan responded as he got off his bike and walked around a tree.

As Aidan headed into the woods Amanda looked around and took in the nature. Unintentionally she looked in the direction of Aidan. He was not completely covered by the threes, so she could see him freeing his penis from his shorts. She knew she should look away but when he pulled out his huge soft penis she almost fell of her bike. He was so much larger than Simon and was still soft. She took in the sight, then she thought to herself, “Stop it, he’s deneme bonus young enough to be your son and you’re a happy married woman. But wow…” She smiled to herself and realized that her heavy breathing no longer only could be explained by the steep climb.

When Aidan came back, they climbed back on the bikes and headed off.

“Let’s turn left at the next road,” Aidan said after a while. Some while later they pulled into a clearing where there were a small lake.

“Wow it’s so beautiful,” Amanda said as they got off the bikes.

“I know, I found this place a year ago. I don’t think many people know it exist.” Aidan said as he put down his bike on the grass. “Let’s cool down in the water.”

“I don’t have my swim wear with me.” Amanda replied.

“Don’t fret it, Mrs. B. We can keep our bike shorts on and just lose our t-shirts. Afterwards we can dry in the sun,” Aidan said as he pulled a blanket from his backpack and spread it out on the grass. He had planned this from the start and wondered if his best friend’s mother would go along with his idea.

Amanda was feeling really hot and thought to herself, that Aidan had seen her in her swimwear in the pool at her house, so she wouldn’t be showing him more if she kept on her sports bra and bike pants.

Soon the couple were frolicked in the water. Aidan only wore his bike shorts and his huge member was clearly on display. Amanda nipples were also on display as she only was wearing her sports bra on top. Aidan didn’t make any move to get closer to Amanda, because he didn’t feel it was the right time.

After some time the water was getting cold, and they got out and soon was laying on the blanket on the grassy bank.

Amanda loved how relaxed she felt at the moment, so she turned around and looked into Aidan’s eyes. “So, any hot girls in your life, handsome?” She teased him as she had done several times before.

“Nope, not right now,” Aidan said.

“What??? How come?” Amanda asked surprised.

“I don’t think, I want to tell you.” Aidan said as he saw an opportunity.

Amanda just frowned at Aidan and kept still. Plenty of times she had used this strategy with him and Justin, and they had always spilled the beans.

“Okay, if you really want to know. But I can tell you right now that you’re going to regret asking me,” Aidan said.

Amanda just kept still.

“Alright Mrs. B. For some time I’ve had enough of teenage girls, they don’t know what they want. For some time I’ve noticed that I’m attracted to more mature women. They are so much more secure in themselves.” Aidan said laying out the bait for his best friend’s mother.

Hearing this Amanda got silent for a moment. She wiggled her bottom lip side to side as she pondered about what Aidan just had told her.

“You know, Aidan. It’s not abnormal for a young man to find an older woman sexy. Don’t feel bad about it. It’s normal to have those types of thoughts.” Amanda said as her pulse quickened.

“But I’ve had those types of thoughts, when I’m around you Mrs. B. You’re thin, fit and so beautiful and you totally turn me on. You’re wise, educated, sophisticated, exceptionally good-looking, and everyone adores your lovable personality. How can any girl hold up when I use you as a comparison” Aidan said as he decided to trust his instincts. He sensed that his friend’s mother could be seduced.

“Wow. Aidan, I had no idea you felt that way about me. I’m flattered. I am really, really, flattered but I don’t know what to say?” Amanda said as the conversation took a direction, she hadn’t seen coming. In more than one way she was intrigued. She was pleased that a hot jock found her attractive. She always knew, she was a good-looking woman, but that she could turn on Aidan was a total surprise.

At the same time Aidan knew what he wanted and who he wanted. He was almost shaking and kind of scared, but he was not going to turn back. He wanted this mature beauty and he got up and his elbows, looking down on Amanda.

“Please, let’s pretend this never happen,” Amanda said anxiously, as she looked her son’s best friend up and down once again pausing on the massive bulge in his wet pants. She was not thinking clearly at the moment and she felt a tingling in her body that she had not felt in a long time.

Aidan didn’t reply and Amanda noticed he had a look of sheer lust in his eyes. Amanda started to tremble partly from fear, but partly also from a strange sort of feeling she began to have, a feeling of being desired.

Aidan moved closer towards Amanda and bend down with a look of pure animal lust in his face.

Amanda instinctively lashed out with her arm to force him away, but Aidan caught the arm and soon he had pinned both of her arms up above her head.

Amanda was both surprised and kind of excited by Aidan’s actions. The rational part of her brain made an effort to get things back to normal as she stuttered, “Aidan, please let me go. If you stop now I won’t tell Simon.”

Aidan said nothing as his face were inches from hers and his bulge rested up against her spandex covered thigh. He began to slowly grind into her and said softly, “Amanda please forgive me. I’ve tried to hold back for so long, but now I can’t keep my feelings at bay anymore. I need you, I need to be with you.”

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