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500 And 1000 Notes Exchange Favour – Part 1

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500 And 1000 Notes Exchange Favour – Part 1deleteddeleteddeleteddeleteddeleteda housewife. I have heard many youngsters calling me milf. It gives me immense pleasure to hear those kinds of comments.Anyways let me give you the details of my assets :I am 24 years old with curly hairs, fair complexion, round boobs and A-shape butt.I keep my genitals clean shaved because I want my partner in sex to enjoy my wet pussy to the best. I love to masturbate and rub my pussy especially in crowded places. Last time where I rubbed my pussy was in Andheri metro and I got to touch so many dicks. Also one guy was deliberately trying to come closure to my ass and then he started fingering onto my ass in shadow. I allowed him to to since I was high and it was the perfect time to have fun.So, let me start the sex story. Our pm ordered us to exchange the old rs 1000 and rs 500 notes with new notes in order to curb black money corruption. I was shocked to hear the announcement because I had around 2 lacs cash with me in my home. It was the money I received from my kitty party. I asked my husband to find the solution but he was busy in his own world.So, I decided to take the matter in my own hands and went to RBI to get it exchange. There, I was shell-shocked to see the long long long line. I gave a frantic sarıyer escort call to my husband but he avoided because he was always against kitty party. So, I decided to join the line where I can see only men standing. Only few females were there. Few minutes later, a man came behind me to join the line.I was curious to know about the ,an behind me, so I turned back. He was 6 inch tall with brown eyes, mascular hunk with killer looks. He was wearing loose shorts and I can see the bulge inside him. He greeted me with a smile and I grinned. Since the line was very long, whole area was jam-packed, I got lots of pushes from behind from. The hunk behind me apolozised everytime. I was furious on face but was enjoying the shots he was giving me.I gave him hint by touching his tapping on his dick by mistake. He under stood and then shots session begin.One hour passed and still no progress in notes exchange. But the way he touched my ass, fingered my back was enough to turn me on. Then lunch hour started and they told us to come after 3 hours. I guess this is the time to have sex with hunk behind me.We introduced each other and he told me that his name is raghu and works in ongc. I told him about my problem and he esenyurt escort then offered to help me out. He had some connections and within one hour he helped in exchanging the old notes with new notes from rbi office itself. I was so relieved. He was looking very tired. So, I asked him to come over to my home. To that, he agreed in a jiffy.We both know that what will happen in my home., and for safety I directly asked him to bring condom. He gave me a wicked smile and asked me why? I grabbed his balls in public place and started carassing them. He became excited and left for medical store in hurry.We reached in our building lift. I jumped on him. I started kissing him wildly and passionately. He kissed me, spit on me, licked me. His hands were all over on my crotch. We reached in my room and now he jumped on me like a lion. He started kissing me like a barbarian. He tore my top my clothes. I was under him only in my black bra and black panties.I removed his t shirt, shorts and started biting his chest like a wild cat. Meanwhile, hetored my bra and pushed me very hard on my bed. I was laying down topless, waiting for the a****l to fuck me hard. He removed my panties and came into me slowly. He started with slow strokes.Meanwhile, I was avrupa yakası escort moaning like a slut who always wanted to get fucked in a hard core way. His dick was long, hard, and black. What a combination. I went wild after seeing his dick. He penetrated red hot dick into my vagina and started the motion slowly slowly. Winthin a minute, he lost his track and started stroking me damn hard.He went furious as if he is taking the all the anger into my wet pussy. He went wild………Ahhhhh .. Ohhhhh …. Umm…Fuck aaaaaa ….. Ahhhh ….. Lund loda loda lodaTear my pussy raghu, tear me tear my pussy.Aahhhh ….. RrraaaghhhuI shouted to my loudest tone. He also shouted chut chut chut….. Gaaaand phaaad dungaaaa.This moment went on for around 10 minutes. Then, his dick sprinkled sperm on my lips and he started licking his own sperm. I touched my pussy and it was wet, red, as if someone had hammered over my pussy. We were exhausted. I was about to come. Raghu started licking my moist clitoris (pussy) and I went wilddd…. Umm….. Umm…..I was moaning, shouting raghu raghu raghu. He started drinking my cunt and drank even the last drop with pride.We took shower a together dressed up in new clothes and ordered pizza from pizza hut.After eating pizza, we exchanged numbers and he left my apartment with my torn panty as a souvenir. That was me, natasha and my wild sex moment with raghu.Thank you for reading the sex story, keep jerking off. Always have safe sex and enjoy the beauty called sex. Keep yourself updated and please expect my next story by next week. Thank you once again and please give me feedback, review. If you want to have a fling, you can contact me

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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