May 23

A Beautiful Computerfold

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This is another installment of the Ron Webber series. It picks up after “Double Elimination” and continues with the characters and circumstances of DE. I wrote this as a much requested continuation.

Chapter One

I’m Ron Webber, nice to meet you. I guess you could call me an “accidental story teller”. My life has been anything but….self directed. At one time a while back I used to work. Had an employment agency in Ohio, which actually did quite well. I had to sell it however, and as many of you can relate to, divorces can adversely affect your lives. The results of which left me….well….accidentally well off financially. And single by choice. I never pictured myself as being “sexy”. Far from it. Oh I keep myself in shape all right. I golf, hunt, fish and play a lot of pool. I watch what I eat, and I pretty much gave up hard liquor in my 40’s. I still smoke. Being stuck with a smoking fetish, I guess I just learned to live with that. I enjoy cooking too. I like a neat house, and since I lost my black lab, I prefer to live by myself. I’ve dated some over the years. I love women. Women smokers especially. I imagine myself settling down someday with a lovely woman my age, perhaps a pound or two over normal and a good cook. Kind of heart, warm and cuddly, and just maybe a good pool shooter. But my life, I keep telling myself, is not self directed. So now I’ll relate the story of how I came to be romantically involved with a 26 year old absolutely gorgeous stripper named Karen.

After the first two rings I reached for the phone. The caller ID blinked K.J. ADAMS 555-5789

“Morning Karen”

“Good morning to you too Ronnie darling.”

“Sounds like you’re up to something honey, what can I do for you?”

“Actually, I’d like to invite myself to your house for dinner tonight. I don’t need anything too elaborate, wine and maybe something “chickenish”. Karen’s voice was soft but with a hint of boldness.

“I suppose I could throw something together. What time?”

“I’m off from the club for the next two nights. Say 5:00”

“Show up at 5:00 and I’ll have glass of Merlot waiting, but dinner might be a bit later than that. Are we taking pictures tonight?”

“Not tonight. I just need an old friend to talk to, and a good dinner of course. Chill the Merlot darling, see you at 5:00. Bye”

At this point in time, Karen and I had a budding friendship. I had helped her get a small side line business started selling internet photographs of a sometimes…shall we say…..sexy nature. When we first started, Karen was pretty much a computer “phobic” but that was months ago. I started doing some picture sets for her, then set up a requested erotic scene, which we both enjoyed. Since then I helped her get started with her own home computer and internet communications. I distinctly recall getting her first email. My face had the broadest grin. Then came the flood of forwarded jokes…Hmmm. Oh well.

I made a mental inventory of the kitchen larder. I had some chicken breasts in the freezer, and the makings for a green salad. A quick look revealed a package Teriyaki mix and the menu came together like a ten piece jigsaw puzzle. And doing something in the Wok always impressed the ladies.

I checked around the house, picking up the obvious items that were out of place and took out the chicken breasts from the freezer and set them on the counter. Next I took two bottles of a good vintage Merlot out of the wine cellar and put them into the fridge. A shower and shave, a splash of after shave (god I was such the old fool) and I was just sitting to down to contemplate Karen’s visit.

Karen as I mentioned earlier, is gorgeous. Blonde shoulder length hair topping a 5’5″ 120lbs frame that is very well proportioned. Her green eyes accentuate her high cheek bones. Her very movements are a turn on. No man on the face of the earth could resist her. During our photo sets she did her eyes with tri-color eye shadows. Light greens fading into silver sparkle. High natural arched eye brow’s slightly darkened to a more brown than her natural. Most of the times I’ve seen her, she wore a subtle red lipstick. On occasion, she put on a brighter red, which made her the acme of sexy. I won’t even go into her outfits that she’d purchased over the years for her strip tease act.

But what I got when the doorbell rang was not quite that………..

“Hiya Ronnie” as she stepped in and gave me the customary hug and quick kiss on the lips. There she was. No make-up at all. OK, the lip gloss was there, and a pale pink at that. Not even outlined. Her hair, pulled back into a pony tail, even had a few strands out of place. Perhaps the last remnant of her bangs from a previous style.

“Hello Karen” I hoped she didn’t see me bite my lower lip.


Ah shit, she’d seen me bite my lip.

I recovered quickly “Not a bit. Just as beautiful as ever. Love the shorts.” Actually I did like the shorts. Brown khaki and very short. Leather sandals and a yellow tank top completed the look. Beige güvenilir bahis bra with visible straps. I’ve never really gotten used to that look on women. I mean the bra straps showing. When I was Karen’s age, women were burning bras. I had great hopes for the future. Sadly it never came to pass.

Karen took her customary spot on a stool on the opposite side of my kitchen’s peninsula counter top. I busied myself opening the Merlot. Karen reached into her denim purse for her cigarettes. I was busy twisting the cork screw, and a bit too far away to give her a light. She didn’t even pause for me, and with a click of her BIC she brought the flame to the end of her VS120. Taking a nice long drag, as I watched, she caught my look of disappointment.

“Sorry. Giggle. Come here”

As I brought her the glass of wine, she took another healthy drag (an intended oxymoron) on her Slim. Taking the glass to the side of her face, she exhaled a slow focused stream of smoke directly into mine.

“Thank you Ronnie darling”

“No…Thank you”

I stepped back, and did a quick spin to cover the erection I just got. I was pouring myself a glass of wine trying to act casual.

“Turn around Ronnie. Let me see the front of your pants.” Dammit. So I turned, and she giggled again.

“I just find you so amazing sometimes” Karen said in low sultry voice.

I continued on with the supper preparations. Chopping up a yellow squash and placing the pieces into my vegetable steamer. Once the oil was up to temperature in the Wok I added the strips of chicken I’d cut up. Two or three stirs and I added the water and teriyaki mix to the Wok, and turned the heat down to simmer. During which time, Karen finished her cigarette, and started to get another from her package. We exchanged glances and she paused, then placed her cigarettes back on the counter.

“I won’t light another, as I’m starved and I don’t want to slow you down.” Karen giggled again. I made another quick stir and brought the bottle of wine over to Karen. As she was refilling her glass, I took her package of cigarettes and lighter, and lit one for her. She smiled as I handed it to her.

“Chicken needs a little more time……” I smiled back.

Before long we were chit chatting away like two old friends. She caught me up on the latest news around Steve’s club where she worked. I asked her if she’d dated anybody lately, to which she shook her head quickly to the negative then quickly changed the subject. I sensed there was more to that story, but I didn’t press the issue. The timer went off on the steamer, and the chicken was now done. I began to serve the meal up.

“Can I help you with anything?”

“Umm yeah. There are two green salads in wooden bowls in the fridge if you’d snag those on your way to the table. Pick out a dressing from the selection in lower door shelf, and bring the Ranch for me.”

Karen grabbed only the Ranch dressing, and made her way to the table. Moments later we were enjoying more conversation, along with the meal I’d prepared. Once the meal was finished, and Karen had declined the small dish of ice cream I’d offered for desert, she motioned for me to remain seated while she cleared the dishes. On her last pass by the table, she placed one of my “special occasion cigars” where my plate had been along with the large crystal ashtray from the peninsula.

“Enjoy this, I’m going to load the dishwasher. No buts, just sit back and enjoy.”

And so I did. Karen made herself right at home in my kitchen. She seemed to know everything about my kitchen. Sorta like she’d designed it. She didn’t even blink an eye when the dishwasher soap was right below the sink. A remarkable woman I thought. I also thought something was on her mind too, and before long, perhaps half way through the second of the two bottles of Merlot, I would find out.

Chapter Two


“Oh yeah.” My cigar was half gone. The dishes were done, and Karen and I had found ourselves out on my sun porch on either end of a rattan couch which matched the other pieces. I absent mindedly recalled one of her “smoking photo sets” we’d shot here on the sun porch. I was waiting for her to unload what she had on her mind, and I didn’t have to wait much longer. Karen took her cigarettes and slowly selected one from the box. She smoothly placed the filter between her lips and lit the end with her lighter. She took a long pull, tilted her head back, and exhaled a plume of smoke towards the ceiling.

“I got an offer on the internet the other day.” Karen’s voice was full of contemplation. If she’d rehearsed this dialog, it hadn’t stuck in her mind.

“There’s a website there that has a lot of amateur woman models, and they send in updates a couple of times a week. You know the one I’m talking about?”

“Yeah. I guess there’s probably more than one, but they pretty much all work the same. Us guys view the free photo’s, tastefully done of course, and if we want to see more we sign up for a subscription to the site, and pay by the türkçe bahis month. Sound familiar?”

Karen gathered her thoughts, taking another drag on her Slim, and talking out the smoke. “Well, the split is 50/50. The web site takes care of all the computer work, which would be good for me, as I’m just not that good with computers yet….They keep track of the legal things, so I wouldn’t run afoul of the law. They collect the money of course, and I would get a monthly count of the number of members and collections. I’d like to keep stripping at Steve’s club, however, I don’t see that as being a long range lifestyle.”

It was my turn to add my thoughts. “I like the idea of them keeping track of the legal things. That’s a big plus. How much do they make though?”

Karen got a small “Mona Lisa” smile across her face. “The top girls make several thousand dollars a month. But, they’re the top dogs. To get to that status, I’d have to become somewhat more…..liberal in my thinking……” Karen’s voice trailed off.

“Liberal how?” My mind was racing by this point.

“Oh, the smoking thing I already have down. And of course knowing you, I would have massive amounts of input on that.” Karen smiled and continued. ” I would have to adjust my sexual thinking about doing shoots with other girls.”

“I could give you some input on that as well.” I said, trying to stifle my delight. “Now just suppose that you’re serious about this next step. What can I do to help you? I’ll shoot the digital pictures of course, and if you need a loan to get thing set up, I’d be willing to help you there as well.”

Karen reached back behind her head and pulled loose the “scrunchy” securing her pony tail. A quick shake of her head, and her blonde hair was resting below her shoulders. She approached me, and motioned for me to slide over more towards the center of the couch. I complied as she straddled my lap and tilted my head back. I was almost frozen with terror. (The good kind)

Karen leaned in for a short kiss, then another but just a little longer. Then in a sultry whisper “I don’t want it to be a loan. I want a partnership. I do need some money to add with my savings to purchase some equipment. Not a huge amount. I want you to be the photographer, at least for now, and of course I need to gain a little knowledge about what turns men on. Fetishes and that sort of thing.”

“You have my full cooperation.” I uttered. “When is this going to start?”

“I though probably I could talk you into it” Karen giggled. “And it starts tonight. I’m going to strip off these clothes and get into the hot tub. You’re going to roll up the windows on my car, and retrieve my overnight bag on the front seat. Place the bag next to your bed, then refill my wine and join me in the tub.”

All I could manage was a nod of my head, and after she slipped off my lap I went about the aforementioned tasks. When I woke up this morning, I had my life in a very comfortable routine I liked, but this evening and the ensuing days ahead, things were going to change drastically.

Karen’s head was back against the side of the tub when I got there. I had placed her existing glass of wine into an insulated plastic tumbler and topped it off. I had done the same with mine, only substituted a Bud Lite for the Merlot. I quietly slipped into the tub, taking a minute to adjust to the hotter temperature on my skin. My testicles beat a hasty retreat into my body. Eyeing me, Karen slid from her position on the other side of the tub, to one along side of me and closer to the wine. She took a sip, and smiled.

“Be a darling and light one for me?….Please.”

I handed her a towel to dry her hands, and lit her a smoke. Taking an additional one of hers, I lit one for myself. The menthol hit the back of my throat, making for a cool change to the harsher cigar. We both looked up at the stars.

“So. Any reservations yet?” Karen was the first to speak.

“Yeah, some.” I replied.

“The age thing again?”

“Yeah, somewhat. I guess I don’t understand why you want to hang with a guy that’s well….much older?”

Karen straddled me again, gaining an advantage of course, but also to position herself closer to the ashtray and her wine.

“I’ll let you in a little secret OK. Here it is. You’re the only man I’ve had sex with in the last 15 months. Maybe longer. I went through this huge dry spell. I had lots of offers, but if you think about a woman being leered at by guys at a strip club, it doesn’t do much to turn a girl on. It became business, and thoughts of sex just became associated with business. I didn’t like that thinking. It became even tougher to masturbate. I saved a small fortune on double A batteries the last year or so.” Karen ended with a giggle.

“And then I met you Ron. You didn’t leer. After we met at the club the first day, I looked for you every afternoon for a week, to see if you’d come and see me naked. I was so impressed right then that you didn’t. I had to call you about the computer lessons just to see güvenilir bahis siteleri you again. I came to your house, you gave me…… coffee. I wondered why not a beer or wine. I mean I know I’m attractive, but you sure hid your cards let me tell you.”

“And then I volunteered to let you tie me up and give me a …the finest blow job ever….”

Karen smiled and laughed. “Oh my god that was so erotic. That night on the way home I bought a bunch of batteries and made myself so sore……geez That whole scene we did. I started to put the leather mask on you, and my first thought was I didn’t want to get it too tight…you know…suffocate you….but something came over me. I tied it as tight as I could. I was just shaking. I thought I was out of control.”

“It could have been tighter……” I grinned.

Karen grinned back at me. “The age thing doesn’t bother me in the least. I didn’t think I’d go for older men, but you’re different. Convinced?”

“I still have this vision I guess, of taking you out to dinner, and you’re wearing pig tails….and you have on these short shorts….and a tank top that says “He’s MY Daddy”.

Karen roared with laughter. It took several minutes for her to subside enough to continue the conversation.

“That would make a great photo set…grinning….We could play it sorta like…”

I put my finger up to her lips. She stopped there, eyes wide open. When I removed my finger, Karen began a different thought.

“OK. When we’re out somewhere, I’ll have the full make-up thing going. I’ll even pencil in a few wrinkles if that would make you feel any better.” Karen said, with what I perceived to be all sincerity.

“So that brings us to tonight. What was your thinking on coming over here for dinner?”

Karen thought for a moment. “Basically I wouldn’t have continued with the business plan without you. I would have backed off. I’m still a little shaky on this “kinky sex thing” and I want you to know that I intend to take it a little slow.”

“In order for this to work like you want it too, kinky will be the name of the game.” I countered.

“Oh yeah, I’m game. But tonight I have just one thing in mind.”

“And that is?”

“I want you to make love to me. Soft and gentle. Then I want to fall asleep in your bed, very close to you. I want to make coffee for you in the morning.”

I leaned into Karen. Watched her eyes start to close. I kissed her full on the lips, spreading her teeth and gently inserting my tongue, just beyond. “I’ve got the coffee all made, it’s on a timer for 9:15 am.”

With that, we climbed out of the tub, I dried her off, and took her to my bedroom, full of anticipation as to what was going to happen between us in the next few months. Oh yeah. I was soft and gentle.

Chapter Three

I could feel the remote shutter button being pressed into my right hand. I managed to get my head a little higher, but the leather hood and collar still held my head down. In this position it was kinda tough to see where Karen was. Shortly she came into view. She looked fantastic. This being the third installment of Karen’s new career move KAREN THE INTERNET DOMINATRIX . It was a suggestion from Karen’s new employer.

I thought it would be fun. And, since I’m just not an exhibitionist, being in a leather hood and not having my face visible to the entire world wide web sure appealed to me. It’s kinda different being stretched across a “spanking bench” with my wrists held behind my back with leather cuffs, which connect to a leather strap, in turn connecting to a leather collar around the base of the hood. Not near as comfortable as the Saint Andrews cross we’d used on our first shoot.

It took Karen awhile to get my leather ankle restraints adjusted to where my knees didn’t hurt. But she succeeded. Almost.

“OK Ronnie. It’s Showtime. You gonna make it through 150 photo’s?”

I nodded my head. Karen looked fantastic. Black leather halter top. A chain around her narrowed waist with dangling hand cuffs. We decided to go with a black wig this time, one that was long enough to pull tightly behind her head. Dangling earrings and darkened eyes set off the look. A small black leather “cunt” cap topped it off. Below the chain, oh my god. Short pencil skirt of leather, showing just a small amount of leg between it and the high black leather stiletto heeled boots. For those of you who might find this erotic, and most of you will, consider this. Karen’s outfit today cost over $800.

Karen checked the list laying flat on top of the TV just out of the camera’s field of vision.

“OK, we’re ready. Can you see the TV screen alright?”

I nodded.

Karen picked up the Monte Cristo cigar from my special occasions shelf in the refrigerator. She flicked her BIC, and while waiting to bring the flame close to the end of the cigar, I pushed the button for the first of 150 photos, and we were off. As she started to puff up the cigar. I pressed again. A small mirror to my right side indicated that the flash had gone off. For a moment, I just had to take in the view. It was surreal. We’d done a pretty good job disguising the fact that I was a middle aged (ok, maybe more than middle aged) guy about to get his ass whipped by a beautiful dominatrix.

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