Ara 28

A Beautiful Day

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Copyright (c)2013 Eruidice

So, there it is: my first story on Literotica. I could have never managed to post it without the wonderful editing help of CBM514 and sound advice. I really hope you’ll enjoy it 🙂


It was a beautiful day…

I am not talking about the weather, which was usual for this time of year: pure sunshine with a sure chance of high humidity already in the morning. From being born in the east of New Jersey, the constant hot weather was actually one of the worst things that I had to deal with since I moved in this little town of Southwest Florida, and I honestly hated it.

Even after three years here, I was still sweating like a drug dealer being frisked and, wearing my normal blue uniform from the Police Department, has always been a pain. I liked living here; I just wish the heat liked me too.

But I digress.

So, as I was saying, it was a beautiful day. I had spent the whole morning on the phone with the chief of Police of Michigan who apprehended a criminal we have been pursuing for a long time now. The case wasn’t in my jurisdiction anymore but I was glad that the dangerous man was no longer a threat to innocent, inoffensive women.

Then, I had lunch with the Mayor as I was designated as the receiver of an important donation to the Police Department of our town, Naples. It was all just one smooth ride. Or so I thought…

As soon as I walked into the office, my grin disappeared when I found my partner waiting for me by the door, a scowl on his face. Nothing good could come out of Patrick Cherry when he has that look on: the one where he was barely containing himself from pulling out his gun and start shooting randomly. That sudden cramp in my stomach, already bringing bile to my throat and that made me regret not having brought my Tums with me, made me grimace at his words.

“Guess who is back in our jail today,” he whistled between his teeth.

I tried to sigh but all I heard was a grunt coming out of my burning chest instead. I forced myself to take the time to get in my office and loosen the tie that was suddenly pressing so hard against my Adam’s apple, it was suffocating me. I looked at the clutter on top of the mahogany desk without seeing it but clearly heard the door close after me. I didn’t want to but I had to face him.

“Have you called her father yet?” I grunted again, the unpleasant state of my mood clouding my voice and Patrick’s shoulders slumped lightly.

“She still doesn’t want to give us his personal number over there and he left his regular cell at home.” He sighed and thrust both his hands in his trousers’ pockets.

“Well he did say that he didn’t want to get bothered so he could enjoy his vacation,” I murmured in a matter-of-fact way and rubbed both sides of my forehead. “All right, bring her in.”

“Do you think it’ll work this time?”

I glanced over at him and shrugged. “It doesn’t hurt to try.”

“What’s her deal exactly!?” Patrick half-shouted.

Once again, I heard the same frustration I was feeling, surge out of him but I ignored it. Of course, I knew what her deal was and of course, I couldn’t tell him since it would basically mean suicide for me; so I just shrugged.

“Just bring her in,” I replied, defeated and watched him walk out of my office.

As soon as he closed the door behind him, I slouched on the chair, my stare lost on the soft design of the light brown carpet on the floor. Funny how I’ve been spending a lot of time looking at this carpet since I took office to momentarily replace the chief of Police who had finally agreed to take a vacation after a full ten years of service. He had been gone for about two months now and I was the lucky one to have been chosen to fill his position until his return.

But to be honest, I felt less and less fortunate and would gladly give it away to Patrick or any other of the lieutenants eying the position if it meant not dealing with her. A long and heavy sigh ripped my throat to come out and I leaned my head on my hands contemplating the crap I was in. I could probably get out of it, I guess, but I wasn’t even sure if I wanted to.

Was it the danger? The excitement or just the best drunken after-glow feeling that ever hit my poor human mind that made me still believe that things will get fixed by themselves, just like magic?

But sadly, I just kept wishing– no praying– that I would wake up one day and realize that it was all a dream and that everything would go back to normal. The sad truth was I knew that every day that went by with me entangled in this, the worse it would get and the less chance I had to get out alive.

Especially with Chief so close to coming back. I snapped my head up at the thought. Oh fuck! I had to stop this. Way before Chief came back from the loud, turbulent and man-I-wish-it-was-me, Caribbean cruise he was on. Today! Yes, today was the day! I had to end this today.

Reassured and feeling strong by my decision, I straightened bedava bahis up and moved my hands quickly, looking for what God knows what and mostly trying to control the shaking of my hands. Why was I nervous? I could do this. I am a man. A 27 year-old man who was in charge of his life. Who had been honored as a hero by the city, on his first year of work, for closing down a prostitution ring servicing the area and having the best arrest records than most of these coffee drinkers and doughnuts eaters, scrammed outside the door.

“You can do this,” I said to myself, pumping my chest and taking deep but short breaths just like we used to do jumping jacks in the academy before going to training.

I smiled, feeling satisfied that it worked and got ready for whatever would soon, come through the door. But my confidence and my smile disintegrated immediately as my heart bounced uncontrollably against my chest when the door finally opened and I saw her.

I swallowed loudly, already feeling my throat dry as a leaf under a rude Autumn season, when I couldn’t help running my eyes all over her body, checking her out. At this stage, I didn’t even realize I was doing it anymore. It had become automatic, almost instinctive.

It seemed more and more difficult for me not to feel amazed by her since to me she always managed to look even more breathtaking than the previous time. I really, really liked to see her clad in those tight jeans that gave her frame even more curves than my poor heart could handle but I had to admit, that short black skirt that fitted her like a glove, leaving her naturally tanned legs for me to drool at, was the most sinful thing that I had seen in a while.

She was a full shoulder shorter than I was, especially in those black straps gladiator sandals she was wearing but I could easily believe she was at least six foot something as her legs and thin body stretched out and was held straight like royalty.

Her red shirt hung nicely exactly where it was needed, without however revealing too much but I could describe the color of her round and perky nipples, and how firm and bouncy her breasts were, with my eyes closed. They were imprinted in my memory as information was on a computer chip. And of course, the logical step that my stupid brain followed was to kindly send signals down in my pants and step aside, while letting the pumping and twitching idiot between my legs take control of my mind and turn me into a complete horny bastard.

As the incompetent I became, I just sat there, looking at her walk in and stand in front of my desk without knowing the first word I should say to her. But miraculously, my eyes finally shifted from her chest to her face and I caught the satisfied smirk lifting the corner of her red painted lips and I jumped out of my chair, buttoning my suit’s jacket around me to hide my bulge. There was no way I was giving her the satisfaction that I was completely charmed by the sexy outfit she wore just to drive me crazy.

“Miss Dumas,” I saluted her, bobbing my head, but not offering her a handshake like I should have. I was certain that touching her, even her hand, was not a good idea at the moment.

“Lieutenant.” Her melodious voice seemed to echo around me and I scratched my throat again, resisting the desire to remove my tie that was suffocating me. “How are you today?”

I tried to ignore her beautiful smile and raised my chin to at least appear confident and aloof. I could see Patrick standing behind her and forced myself to talk with suave and control, for his sake, but mostly, to hide what was really happening in my chest and inside my blue polka dotted briefs.

“Well, I was having a good day until I heard that you were visiting our jail once again.”

She chuckled in that wonderful manner of hers; like she knew something very important that I didn’t and shook her long loose black curls on her back after putting a hand on her right hip and popping it on the side.

“Don’t worry, Lieutenant,” she whispered so low that I thought I was the only one able to hear. “I have a feeling that your day’s about to get much better than good.”

Patrick uncomfortably scratched his throat behind her and pulled one of the small chairs in front of the desk, offering it to her. “Why don’t you have a seat, Miss Dumas?”

Another chuckle, this time addressed to Patrick. “You guys want to play good cop, bad cop again?”

“We just think that a little chat with you is yet again needed, Miss Dumas,” he said with a patronizing voice. “Since it seems that you still can’t understand what we’ve been trying to tell you so far.”

“Oh, believe me! I got your message loud and clear,” she smirked before looking back in my eyes again. “I just like to come visit you… boys.”

“Please just sit down, Miss.” Patrick sighed, shaking his head and putting the chair right behind her.

“Oh please, Pat!” She rolled her eyes while sitting down, crossing one long leg bedava bonus atop the other. “My father is not around; you can drop the formalities now.”

I was aware of the little banter going back and forth between Patrick and the gorgeous woman in front of me but I was glad that my partner had decided to take upon the bad cop role as I couldn’t do it this time, my eyes fixated on the view in front of me. He stood straight, legs slightly parted and hands on his hips, his gray jacket’s sides lifted, to reveal his gun secured in the holster on his right side. He reminded me of those police officers in the eighties movies, and I would have laughed if I could only do something else, than stare at those damn legs.

Yes I admit it. I am that guy. I like legs… a lot. Not the overly worked out and muscled ones that reminded me of a female body builder on steroids. That was actually a total turn-off for me. No, I liked them legs to be feminine, sexy and shaved with the right amount of moisturizer so that my hand ran smoothly over them. I liked to feel hard little muscles nicely spread evenly under my touch, displaying how toned they were. I liked the ankles to be round, small and delicate enough so that I can hold them with only one hand. I liked the little toes short, but lean, and freshly painted; essentially just like hers in every way.

I have had the chance to meet a lot of nice legs over the course of my short young life, but never before had I met with ones that were as perfect as hers. And believe me, I speak as a connoisseur; her legs were perfect. I could spend hours just touching, kissing, licking and nibbling on her legs and toes without tiring myself.

Sometimes, she would push me or give me a good kick to bring me down from the cloud her legs always sent me on. And feeling them tighten around my waist when we’re having sex was definitely the most amazing feeling in the world. She would get me on the craziest, wildest rides and I would always have to hold on with white knuckles.

So, for me to stand here, right in front of her, after spending the last five days running away from her, was just torture. My dick twitched furiously inside my pants as I was watching her foot gently balancing front and back, her delectable French manicured toes calling me out to just grab them and kiss them fiercely.

No, stop. Stop it, Joe! You have to end this, remember? That’s why you have been making up all these bogus excuses to stay away from her for the last few days. She is your boss’ daughter for God sakes. You have to get out under her spell, man up and… “Be a man”.

“But that’s why she keeps on getting herself arrested each time you try to get rid of her,” a little evil voice chimed in my mind. “Just so that she can seduce you and get you right back in her webs of lust and unbelievable sweetness.”

And each and every time, I always find myself fantasizing about her. Every. Damn. Time.

“Milton, what do you think of the plan?”

I blinked when Patrick’s voice reached my fogged and confused mind and I scratched my throat, trying very hard to guess what the hell he was talking about. One part of me was mad at him for pulling me out of my fantasy world while the other, was ready to kiss him for taking my mind and stare off the enchantress in front of me.

“Well.” I scratched my throat again. At this rate, I was sincerely expecting him to ask me to see a doctor about some throat infection that I might have. “Um, I think that… a little more… details would be…”

“What details?” Patrick interjected, looking at me like he would a crazy person. “What are you talking about?”

A single drop of sweat went down my spine. Shit. I had no other choice than to play stupid.

“What are you talking about?” I asked bluntly, looking at him straight in the eyes.

A melodious giggle rose in the room and we both looked at the woman sitting in the chair, laughing her heart out, her head leaned down on her chest. Wait. Was she making fun of me? Big mistake, Missy! She had just stroked my ego the wrong way.

“Would you mind telling us what’s so funny, Miss Dumas?” I asked her dryly. “Do you think it’s funny to break the law? I’m certain your father will not find it so amusing.”

Yeah, that’s right! I was the bad cop again. Go, Joe! I had just finished patting my back when Marley only snorted, full of assurance.

“We all know that my father will never hear about this,” she batted her long, thick eyelashes at me. “Just like the time before this… and the time before that and the one before that…” She let her voice die slowly in the room.

“This is not a game, Marley,” Patrick said with a firm voice as if lecturing a five year old kid. “You are the chief’s daughter. You have to set a good example.”

“Well, then book me,” she answered quietly, innocently. “I’m sure my father will be very happy to know that one of his officers, have tarnished his only child’s good reputation. I’m sure deneme bonusu that said officer would get a pat on the back and a promotion.” She shrugged and ran her fingers in her hair, placing the strands behind her ears. “And my uncle, the judge, will be more than happy to assign me some community service.”

I bit my lips not to laugh at her audacity. Sometimes I was prone to believe that she had more balls than I did. We could never officially arrest her. She knew that, we all knew that. And that only meant bad news for me.

“Then I think my plan would work perfectly fine,” Patrick replied fiercely. “Twenty four hours in our jail with no special treatment. That’s exactly what I’m going to give you if you don’t stop this insanity.”

Oh, so that’s what he was talking about!

“Will Lieutenant Milton keep an eye on me in my cell?” She asked with a little voice. “Or better yet, join me?” A playful smile grazed her lips, while her piercing brown eyes met with mine and hell, if I could refrain from blushing.

I felt Patrick’s confused stare shifting between the two of us and I scratched my throat. Oh, crap! I had to stop doing that. There was no way Patrick could be this oblivious.

“I think it’s a very good plan,” I nodded, hoping that I looked and sounded as authoritative as I was aiming for. “And like you said, your father will never know about it.”

She tilted her head on the side and licked her lower lip before pursing the two adorable fleshy folds into one. Oh no, don’t give me that sad puppy face, baby!

“But I didn’t do anything to deserve any of that,” she mewled.

“You ran over the speed limit and wouldn’t stop your car when Gerard signalled you to.” Patrick answered, obviously not biting into her trap. Thank God he was here to do the talking because I was a goner. She looked so cute with that little pout. All I wanted right now was to gently bite and kiss that lower lip.

“I needed to use the restroom,” she answered with her shoulders going up. “It was urgent. Do you have any idea how difficult it is for us women at a certain time of the month?”

“That’s not an excuse, Marley.”

“Tell it to mother nature.”

“How about the day before yesterday?” Patrick continued imperturbable. “You walked out of a store without paying.”

“Oh!” She exclaimed, her eyes wide open. “It was one article at the bottom of the cart that I forgot about. It was the cashier’s job to verify the cart was all empty.” She sat back in her chair and crossed her hands over her chest. “I should probably sue them for that.”

“And the day before that when you…”

“Are you really going to name every little mistake I’ve made, Pat?”

“If that’s what it takes to make you stop,” Patrick shrugged. “Besides, we all know they’re not mistakes. You’re doing it on purpose to get arrested, but why, Marley? Why are you doing all of this? Do you really want to go to jail?”

Our stare immediately connected and we looked at each other for a long time before she smiled so tenderly, and made my heart race at lightning speed in my chest.

“If that’s what it takes,” she whispered, her eyes lovingly looking at me. Why was she being so obvious? Of course I wanted her, but this was my job! My livelihood, damn it!

A warm fuzzy feeling invaded my lower tummy, spreading throughout all my body, touching my skin and my cheeks, leaving me hot and burning as a log being consumed in a chimney. My hands became suddenly wet while my throat was going back to its very dry state. But that didn’t have anything to do with the physical need that was still lingering in my veins. No, it was something else. Something I always felt each time she looked at me with such adoration in her eyes.

I didn’t know what this feeling was; I didn’t want to know what this feeling was. All I knew was that both my hands turned into fists not to run to her and cradle her in my arms; place her head on my chest and nurse her like a little child, just to reassure her that she didn’t have to do all of that just to get my attention. Tell her that I was sorry for keeping my distance all this time. That I was just scared that if we kept on going on with our dangerous relationship, I might fall in love with her and God knows what her father could do to me.

“Joe, can I talk to you outside for a moment?”

I nodded nervously to Patrick, glad that he broke yet again the tension rising in the room and tried to dry my throat by swallowing but it only hurt like a bitch. I heard Marley sigh heavily and put her head down, her fingers intertwined on her laps, apparently fascinating her. I forced myself to follow my partner outside, barely resisting taking her in my arms.

“Are you fucking her?”

Patrick hit me as soon as I closed the door behind us. I was expecting him to catch on sooner or later but didn’t think he would be so blunt. Well, at least he had the tact to whisper. Although our little head-to-head seemed to draw all the stares of our fellow comrades in the PD hall, all the same. I quickly weighed my options.

I could confirm and beg him on my knees to keep it between us. Or deny and keep on sweating each time she got herself arrested to be able to see me. Decisions, decisions. Deny, deny, deny.

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