Ara 28

A Bisexual Haitian Discovery

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My name is TJ. I am a big Black guy. Standing six feet two inches tall, big and bulky, and weighing two hundred and forty pounds. I have caramel-colored skin and sharp features. I’m quite good-looking, if I do say so. I have a story I’d like to share with you. I read stories about big beautiful women all the time. Well, what about the big handsome men? We have lives, adventures and stories too, you know. Anyhow, I have a story to share with you. It’s definitely going to get you hot. It’s about a Haitian-American man who also happens to be bisexual having fun, being successful and getting laid. It’s about life and love. It’s about sex as well. It’s my story.

Okay, here’s how the story goes. I am a student at Emerson College, down in Boston. It’s a good school. It’s about sixty percent female and forty percent male. Across America, a lot of schools have a worse female-to-male ratio. I wish there were more men on campus. Also, I wish there were more Black males. That would be cool. Sometimes, I feel so alone out here, you know? I feel like I am a double minority : Black and male. In a school full of white chicks. So, anyway, here I was. A while ago, I met this guy named Karl. Karl is a young Black guy who’s studying Advertising at Emerson. He’s nice-looking, and he’s a good friend of mine. We have a lot in common. Karl is a Haitian-American brother, just like me. Like me, he’s also a brother with a secret. A secret he hides from the world but he can’t hide it from me. Karl is bisexual. I knew that the first time I laid eyes on him. What can I say? GLBT people can spot their own kind, even among all the straight people.

Now, just because I seem cool with the fact that I am a bisexual Haitian-American college student doesn’t mean the rest of the world is okay with it. That’s why a lot of Black men who like other men keep their business very down low. The Black community is very homophobic to gay people. Why, recently at church, I heard a lot of Black women speaking negatively about gays, lesbians and bisexuals. They even said some bad things about transvestites. I wonder what those homophobic women would think if they knew that some of their brothers and sisters are gay and bisexual. You always hear about Black men who are closeted homosexuals and bisexuals. I knew about a lot of Black women who were lesbians and bisexuals yet they kept it a secret from their families and communities. Sometimes, the woman you see in church speaking out against homosexuality is the same woman who was eating pussy the night before at the club. Isn’t life funny?

Now, Karl lives in a small apartment off-campus. He spends a lot of time with his girlfriend, some chick named Kira. Kira is a nasty chick if you as me. She’s one of those ghetto girls who cuss constantly, act rude and nasty and show absolutely no class anywhere they go. Yes, they’re the women you see cussing people in the subway and barking like bitches. Yeah, she was one of those. Anyway, I went up to Karl’s apartment and buzzed him so he could let me in. The door swung open and I went inside. I was going to have a talk with my buddy about some important issues. I needed his help with some math stuff. If my math grade went down, it would bring down my whole GPA. I needed to maintain a certain GPA in order to keep my hard-earned academic scholarship.

I walked up the stairs and knocked on Karl’s door. I waited. The door opened, but it wasn’t Karl who greeted me. It was his annoying girlfriend, Kira. I looked at her with all the affection I would show a viper. She smiled at me. I asked her where was Karl but she wouldn’t answer me. When I raised my voice and demanded to know where my friend was, she told me that Karl was in Bridgewater, visiting his sick father. I couldn’t believe this shit. Karl hadn’t told me. The dude can be so secretive sometimes. I was so absorbed in my thoughts that I didn’t notice the way Kira was looking at me. Karl told me he only dated her because he needed a cover. Even though Karl is bi, bahis firmaları he prefers men to women, by far. I’m the opposite. Emotionally, I prefer men. Sexually, I prefer women. Some men are great in bed, though. I can’t stay away from dick too long, though I often prefer pussy or female booty.

I looked at Kira. She was a big girl. Standing around five-eleven, she must weigh around two hundred and something pounds. Her skin is jet-black and her face isn’t exactly pretty. But man did she have a booty! The girl had some big tits and huge hips and a big body but her booty was extra-large. We’re talking about a forty-inch black booty here. Man, this girl had a big ass. I thought about hitting it, more than once. Karl told me that he rarely slept with her. Karl had a thing going on with Professor Liam, a handsome older man from the Business department. From the way that Kira was looking at me, I could tell that she wanted some play. I smiled and went inside the living room with her.

Kira knew what was up. She took off her shirt, freeing her large breasts. I looked at her. Everything about this girl was extra-large. From her breasts to her body to her spectacular, huge round booty. Damn! When she knelt before me and took my cock in her mouth, I sure as hell didn’t protest. I was thrusting my dick into her mouth and she was sucking on like a lollipop. She sucked me for a long time, then I came. She drank my seed, all of it, without spilling a single drop. I smiled. The girl knew how to give good head!

Man, after this, I needed to catch my breath. Kira didn’t. The girl was already on all fours, shaking her huge ass invitingly at me. I smiled. Instantly, I was hard again. Nothing like a big ass to get a man hard. I put on a condom and positioned myself behind Kira. The chick spread her ass cheeks wide open, exposing an obvious target. I rubbed my cock against her butt hole. I applied some of the Vaseline against her hole and then put some on my dick. I pushed my cock against her tight butt hole. Kira gasped when she felt my dick slid into her asshole. I grabbed her by the hips and thrust my cock into her. I pumped my cock deep into her asshole, hard and fast. She screamed at the top of her lungs, begging me for more. I slammed my dick deeper, pushing it as far down as I could. Once I had reached bottom, I gripped her hips even harder and fucked her for all I was worth. I was slamming my cock into this chick’s asshole like there was no tomorrow. She just lay there and took it, screaming all the way. You could tell that she liked having a big dick shoved up her bunghole. Her ass wasn’t virgin so I knew she enjoyed this thing regularly.

We went at it like this for a while, then I came. After fucking, we both left Karl’s apartment. I went home and showered. Don’t get me wrong. Sex with her was fun and different but I still want to keep myself clean. Kira goes around sleeping with random men and it’s hard to know what she may have picked up along the way. That’s why I always use condoms. It doesn’t matter who I am sleeping with. Man or woman. I need to be safe. I slept peacefully that night. Great sex will do that to you.

When I woke up the next day, a surprise was waiting for me. It was Karl. My good friend Karl. There he was, my handsome Black stud. He smiled at me. He was dressed impeccably. I welcomed him inside the dorm. From the look on his face, I could tell that he knew what I had done. I told him the truth. Yes, I fucked his girlfriend last night. Why would he mind? We both knew that he’d rather be with a guy than to screw her any day. I knew where he had spent the night. He spent it at Professor Liam’s. My boy liked older white men. Who could blame him? His lover looked good, and he had money. A good catch if you ask me.

Karl sat down on my bed and told me about the night he spent with Liam. According to him, the hunky older man was a spectacular lover. Man, I was smiling from ear to ear. It’s times like these that I felt grateful to have kaçak iddaa Karl in my life. The life of a bisexual Black man can be a lonely one. Too often, we’re forced to hide who we are. Especially Haitian brothers like Karl and I. I’m just glad I have someone to talk to. Someone who is bi like me and can relate to what I go through. Also, I prefer to have friends of the same sex. Female friends are great but there are things that your fellow man gets about you that they simply can’t. Know what I mean? The lives of so many people who are gay, lesbian, bisexual or transsexual are lonely ones. I was simply glad my life wasn’t like that.

I served Karl some orange juice to drink and stepped into the shower. I’m a very clean person. I stood under the warm water, and closed my eyes. I heard the bathroom door open, and thought Karl might have come in to take a leak or something. I simply stayed where I was, enjoying the warm water. I love showering. So absorbed was I by what I was doing that I didn’t even feel my friend’s presence until he spoke. Karl’s voice rose, loud and clear, behind me. I turned around, to see my best friend in the shower with me.

Karl looked at me, and I looked at him. Even though we’re both bisexual guys and as close friends as anyone could get, showering together was a bit much. He smiled at me. He was looking at me with eyes filled with lust. I looked at him. Karl was a good-looking dude with a lean and muscular, brown-skinned body. He was seriously hot. I felt myself grow hard simply from looking at him. He grinned. I smiled back, and moved toward him. Something inside told me that this was wrong, that he was my best friend and best friends didn’t fuck each other. Yet I hadn’t had a man in a long time and wanted him so badly…

Next thing I knew, I was in Karl’s arms, kissing him. He was kissing me back with a passion that surprised us both. I embraced him, pulling him closer and closer to me. I wanted him so badly it hurt. That’s the thing about hot, man-to-man sex. It’s a primal need. Nothing else even comes close. Heterosexual pairings lack the raw, animalistic sexuality and sensuality of homosexual sex. I threw caution to the wind. I wanted Paul. Right here and now. I kissed him, licking a path from his lips to his chest, caressing his lean, muscled form and smooth buttocks. I made my way down to his groin and breathed in the smell of his cock. Hot and musky, so fine and masculine. I took him in my mouth.

I tasted Karl’s thick cock and sucked on it. His dick was just the way I liked them. A nine-inch long uncircumcised black dick. I sucked on that bad boy and sucked until I heard him moan in pleasure. I sucked him until he was hard as steel, then I sucked on his balls, intent on drawing his seed out. I sucked until he came, blasting his hot manly juice into my face. I drank it all, then looked up at him. Karl grinned and told me to assume the position. I looked at that big dick of his and didn’t need to be told twice!

Karl positioned himself behind me. I felt his big hands grab my hips and spread my ass cheeks wide. I felt his thick cock rub against my ass. I turned around and watched as he took a condom and put it on, then he lubed it up and slid his cock into my back door. I’ve fucked a lot of men and a few women in the butt. I’ve never been fucked, though. Now, it looks like it was my turn. What I had done unto others was being done unto me. I loved it. Oh, man. This was the shit! He started pounding into me. Oh, dude. It feels so damn good. Karl was starting to really get into it. He was slamming his dick up my ass like there was no tomorrow. And I was loving every minute of it. We went at it like this for about half an hour, then he came and pulled out of me. We held each other under the warm water, panting.

When we came out of the shower, we were both laughing. This was the best sex I’d ever had. I usually considered myself to be a straight-acting top man but with a dick like Karl’s around, I was missing kaçak bahis out on some great action. Man, I had no idea that Karl was packing anything like this in his pants. If I knew, I would have invited him into the shower with me a long time ago. We went out together that day. We watched movies, ate at a restaurant and played video games on the computers at the school library. It was fun. It was the most fun I’d had in a long time. As Karl and I walked down the street, we saw some couples walking around. A tall white man in a suit held hands with his attractive Asian girlfriend. A skinny Latin chick held hands with a chubby redhead. A black guy went into a store with a white girl, their hands clasped. Amazing. This was Boston on an ordinary day.

I looked at Karl. He looked at me. Tentatively, I offered him my hand. After a brief hesitation, he took it. Hand in hand, we walked through Boston Commons. We were just two Black guys walking through the park on a winter’s day, holding hands. He let go of my hand after a minute and asked me what that was about. I shrugged. Even though I’d been sleeping with both men and women for years, I had never held hands with another guy. It was…okay. Just okay. Karl and I are Haitian-American males. Our community would never accept us as lovers. We were like a Black version of Brokeback Mountain. Star-crossed same-sex lovers in a world that feared and hated them.

Like all Haitian men, we would be expected to marry women and have children. That’s what Haitian people did. I looked at the couples walking around the city, and smiled. I envied American gays and lesbians. They lived out in the open. They formed their own families and communities. They looked out for each other. Black gay people were often outcasts. Aside from Karl and myself, I didn’t know of any Haitian people who were gay or lesbian. Probably because any Haitian boy or girl who tells their parents that they are attracted to the same sex would find themselves kicked out of their homes at best and in mortal danger at worst. Our communities were not tolerant. I didn’t know if that would ever change. I know that I really don’t want to be stuck in a loveless marriage with some woman. I want to live out in the open as a Haitian-American bisexual man. I wanted to be free to live my life as I wanted it. Unfortunately, my community wouldn’t allow it. Silently, I vowed to myself that one day I would be free.

When I went home that night, I imagined what my life would be like if I were free. A Haitian man living out of the closet with his male lover. Out in the open. Strong and free. Was the world ready for such a thing to happen? Maybe, maybe not. The Black community hates gay people, and Haitians are among the most homophobic and hateful people on Earth. Sorry, my people, but it’s true. Someone’s got to speak the truth. I went on my computer, since I was unable to sleep. I began to build a website. I bought a domain name and began building the site. A site where Haitian men and women who were gay or bisexual would be welcome. A place where they could be free to express themselves. I knew that a lot of Haitian people who were gay and bisexual were trapped in loveless marriages and relationships out of obligations to their families or necessities. I wanted to create a place where they would be free to express themselves. And so I did.

It’s morning. I don’t have classes today. I went to a few other chat rooms and posted links to my web sites. I went to popular Haitian chat rooms and posted links to my site. I went out, to get myself something to eat. I came back. Nothing. No new hits on the web site. I sighed. I didn’t check the site for a few days. The next time I checked it, I was in for a surprise. Not only had a few people checked out the site but several had come to me with requests for membership. I smiled. Of course they would be welcome to my site! I am now a man with many responsibilities. I am a college student and a Dean’s List kid. I am also a web master and the host of the only web site in the world built by a bisexual Haitian man for other Haitian people who were gay, lesbian and bisexual. There are a few on the site right now, and I hope many more will join.

The End.

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