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A Brother , Sister Ch. 01-06

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This is chapters 1 to 5 of the Story “A Brother and Sister” that I submitted under nikki_2020.

For those of you that have read everything so far, you’ll be pleased to know that I’ve added part 6 to this! I know a lot of you have been begging for it :o)

If you’re new, start at page 1.

If you’re looking for the added bits, start somewhere well into the story probably about page 22 or something I’m guessing (I wont’ know until this is posted).

Enjoy and as always, let me know what you think.

~licks and kisses, nikki

* * * * *

Steve watched as the large cock disappeared into her mouth. Her lips wrapped themselves around its girth, gliding up and down its length, her head bobbing merrily as Gavin looked down at her.

As he watched, Steve freed his cock from his shorts and wrapped his hand around it, wishing it was his cock that the mouth was wrapped around and loving. He stroked his cock as it filled out to hits full size, swelling as his fist pumped up and down the shaft in time with the mouth on Gavin’s erection. He wished that he could be inside the room, rather than out here, peering in through the window. But there was no way that he could do that. He took some comfort in the fact that if he couldn’t have Julie, at least his cock was bigger than Gavin’s.

He eyed the girl up and down as she continued her oral performance inside the bedroom. She was slim, athletically so, with blonde hair cascading about her face, occasionally obscuring his view, but being pulled out of the way regularly enough to keep him interested. He watched her mouth for a while, the lips full and gorgeous as they parted to allow the long, almost serpentine tongue swirl about the head of the cock. They were a lovely pair of red lips, the colour setting off beautifully against the bronzed skin of the girl’s face, which was smooth and almost elfin in its beauty, the cheek bones high, her eyes almost catlike in shape, a scintillating green in colour.

His eyes travelled down over her shoulders to where he could see her lovely breasts falling beneath her chest as she knelt over her boyfriend who was laid back on the bed to enjoy his girlfriend’s performance. The nipples were tight and erect, obvious even from his vantage point outside. Her waist was narrow and her hips spread just enough to show off some womanly virtue, but not so much that you would ever consider her ‘Rubenesque’. Her butt was tight and her legs long and slim from all the running that she did.

Steve pulled again and again on his cock as the girl continued to suck on her boyfriend. She held her head still and took the cock in her hand, pumping it and Steve watched intently. He could tell from here that Gavin was cumming and that the girl was swallowing it all! It was too much for Steve and he allowed himself the release he’d been seeking, his own cock exploding and blasting sperm all over the wall below the window.

As Julie clambered up alongside her boyfriend on the bed, Steve wished that his cock, like Gavin’s had been able to spray its seed down her throat. But it wouldn’t be right to do that to your sister, so Steve just watched. He stayed awhile to see if his younger sister was about to take things further, but she and Gavin just lay there and Steve decided that he should get inside before their parents came home again. He went back inside to the TV, to await the two young love birds time to come back out.

Their parents had gone out and left the three of them at home, expecting that they would all sit down and watch a movie, but Gavin and Julie had quickly made their way off to her bedroom, asking Steve to cover for them. He was jealous that he had to sit here and cover for his sister whilst she went off and kissed her boyfriend in her room. As he sat watching the movie, waiting, he had gotten curious as to what his sister was actually doing and had gone out into the yard just on the off chance that he could see something.

He was amazed when he realised that they had the light on and hadn’t pulled the curtains closed … he could see them as clear as he could wish for and had then stood mesmerised as Gavin had pulled Julie’s top off over her head to reveal her bra clad breasts.

Steve had watched his sister’s breasts with interest for a couple of year’s now as they started as just budding little things on her chest and gradually filled out to the C cup size that they were today (he knew her cup size, because he’d kept an eye on the changes to her underwear as it hung upon the line over the same year’s he watched her sweaters fill out).

Gavin had started to suck on her breasts and Steve found himself with conflicting emotions … lust as he saw her nipples pulled and stretched and worked over … arousal as his cock reacted to the scene before him and shock that he was getting so turned on watching his own sister! Shock that was surpassed when Julie had pushed her boyfriend back on the bed and pulled his pants down and started to suck on his penis! Steve hadn’t illegal bahis managed to get that far with his girlfriend and his little sister was already doing it to her boyfriend!

Just thinking back over it had given Steve another erection and typically, Gavin and Julie chose that moment to join him back on the couch. As they sat down, Steve asked if they wanted a drink, getting up to get one for himself, with some small hope of hiding his erection until it subsided.

As Steve stood up to go get the drinks he’d offered, his crotch passed at eye level before Julie, who nearly gasped out loud at what she noticed. She quickly looked at Gavin to see if he had seen it too, but he was too busy trying to see the movie. She’d never really looked at her brother’s crotch … he was her brother after all, but just then when he’d walked in front of her, it was hard not to notice the enormous bulge in his pants.

With the taste of her boyfriend’s cum still in her mouth and her insides churning from the release that she hadn’t managed to achieve for herself, she became acutely aware of the slimy state of her panties, wet first from giving her boyfriend head and now even more so because she had just seen a hint of the size of her brother’s cock.

She couldn’t believe that she was being turned on thinking about her brothers’ dick and tried to concentrate on the movie instead. Steve returned after a bit with the drinks and sat down next to her on the couch as Julie was in the middle with Gavin at the other end. Julie’s eyes were drawn to his pants as he walked in front of her again and although his erection had subsided somewhat, she could still make out a large enough bulge to get her excited again as he sat down.

Just before the movie ended, their parents arrived home and all thoughts of her brother’s dick were pushed from her mind, but later that night, Julie lay in her bed, naked, her legs spread and her fingers working feverishly on her clitoris in an effort to release the tension that she had managed to build. As she stroked herself, she remembered the gush of Gavin’s cum into her mouth, the feel of the smooth skin of his cock in her mouth … but superimposed and interspersed on all the images was a vision of the bulge in her brother’s pants.

As she came, her juices oozing down her bum crack from her pussy, Julie lay wondering how on earth she had just managed to cum whilst thinking about her brother’s dick.

In the next room, Steve lay upon his bed with similar thoughts on his mind. He’d been laying there and thinking back to the visions of his sister’s breasts that he’d managed to get whilst she was fooling around with Gavin. His cock responded and he soon found it wrapped in his hand, lubricated with massage oil and sliding in and out of his fist. He imagined looking down to see Julie’s full, luscious lips wrapped around his shaft and before long was pumping a cock full of cum into a tissue.

Each of the brother and sister would have been amazed to know that as they drifted off to sleep, their sibling was thinking about ways to see the other’s body naked … sneaky ways …

A couple of days later, early in the morning, Steve was fiddling around with the video camera that his father had bought him. He was in the bathroom, desperately searching for a place that he could hide it so that his sister couldn’t see it. After searching for sometime, he noticed that the wicker clothes basket was looking a little the worse for wear. He found that by wrapping the camera in a towel and carefully positioning it, he could get the lens to be aimed out one of the holes that the basket was exhibiting. He was lucky that he knew his mother only emptied it every second day, because otherwise he might get busted. He piled the clothes back in the basket, everything except for a pair of his sister’s panties that he found in the pile. They were a nice hot pink colour and made of a satin-like material and he picked them up and inspected the crotch, noting a dried up ‘slime trail’ there.

Feeling rather self-conscious, he brought them up to his face and sniffed them before stuffing them back in his pocket. He retreated to his bedroom and lay in bed, waiting to hear the water run, his cock growing with the anticipation of what he might capture on the video as he heard someone enter the bathroom and start the shower running.

As he lay there, he released his growing cock and wrapped his sister’s panties around it, using them to stroke up and down the length of his penis. He loved the feel of the slippery material on his shaft and before too long was ready to explode. He recalled the image of his sister’s dangling breasts as she sucked on her boyfriend’s penis and pushed himself over the limit, his cum flooding into his sister’s panties.

He realised that the shower was running a second time. He waited with tensely held anticipation for the water to stop and made his way to the bathroom in his boxers, ready to take his turn on there. He stood at the door and Julie illegal bahis siteleri emerged, wrapped in a towel. Steve had half an erection and as he looked up to meet Julie’s eyes (after having checked out her body) he thought that Julie was only just bringing her eyes up to meet his, a slight smile on her face. He entered the bathroom and closed the door, peeling off his boxers and starting the water. Had Julie been checking him out? He thought as he considered whether to get in the water or grab the camera. He desperately wanted to check the video but thought it would be safer if he took it with him when he was finished.

He used the soap in the shower to wank a second time for the morning, hornier than he could remember being. He kept imagining that Julie was checking him out and came back in the bathroom and that they proceeded to have sex. He was sitting on the floor of the shower with his erection sliding through his soapy hand when the door to the bathroom opened. He nearly killed himself in his attempts to reach a decent position as his sister walked in.

“Sorry Steve, I forgot my hair brush,” she said, walking in quickly but not looking at him. As she turned to leave however, she glanced over at the shower where he was now standing and Steve was sure this time that her eyes had travelled down to his cock, which was standing up, erect and at attention from the recent attention it had been received. But as quickly as he thought she must have looked, she was gone and he was left to return to the floor to stroke himself until he came, his fantasy injected with additional fuel.

Julie sat on her bed, one hand shoved between her legs, two fingers buried in her slit as her other caressed her breast.

“God, it’s HUGE!” she thought to herself, the image of her brother’s penis now permanently engraved in her mind. She had planned on getting back into the bathroom whilst Steve was in there but hadn’t honestly expected him to be standing there with a hard on. And certainly not one that big! The bulge in his pants had given her an idea of course, but to see it just pointing at the ceiling like that … Wow!

She lay back on her bed and worked herself over as she wondered what it would be like to wrap her lips around it and to pump the shaft up and down with her hand … to swirl her tongue around the head and then suck it deep into her mouth as it exploded.

“I guess I’ll never know,” she sighed to herself as she lay recovering from the orgasm she had just treated herself to.

Steve was back in his room, his eye glued to the view finder of the video camera. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. He had rewound it, not all the way because someone had been in the shower before Julie, but far enough to find out who it had been. His Mother.

He had quickly fast-forwarded initially, because he didn’t really want to see his mother naked. But then she had gotten out of the shower and put one foot up on the sink to finish shaving around her pussy. The angle of the camera meant that when she lifted her leg it was pointing straight at it. Curiosity had got the better of him and he’d slowed the camera back to normal speed and watched as his mother finished shaving. He assumed that she must have been trimming her bikini line but found himself with an instant hard on when she’d washed off and he’d seen that her pussy was completely bald.

Suddenly he found himself re-appraising his mother. He eyed off her body, finding that it wasn’t as bad as he might have imagined. He’d never looked at her objectively before. She was a bit heavier than his sister, but she was so thin that his mother suddenly just looked a bit more womanly. She was still pretty lithe and there wasn’t much in the way of fat on her, he thought. Her breasts, surprisingly seemed smaller than Julie’s and they sagged a fair bit, but he found the large nipples on them very arousing. As he started to stroke himself again, this time looking at his mother, she started to dress.

Steve hurried the tape up to the point where his sister entered the room and then began stroking himself in earnest as she removed her pyjamas to display her body. He kept pausing it every time there was a good view of her breasts or her pussy. Her pussy was trimmed neatly back to a bikini line and he didn’t get the explicit view that he had of his mother, but it was sure enough to get him going yet again. He couldn’t wait for a chance to watch this on the big TV. He came again and put the camera away, having to get ready for uni. All day he found himself comparing the girls there to his sister and his mother, wondering if any of them shaved, or how pert their breasts were when released from a confining bra.

Julie was at uni too and found herself measuring up the boys that she came across, wondering whether any of them had a dick as big as her brothers. When she had lunch with Gavin, she stroked him under the table to get him hard wanting to feel a stiff penis. She wondered just how much bigger Steve’s really canlı bahis siteleri was. She was getting so horny thinking about it. Did she really want to find out? Could she really take her brother in her hand … or even her mouth she wondered later as she sat on a toilet, masturbating.

A couple of days later, Steve went through the hamper in the laundry again, looking for another pair of his sister’s panties. Masturbating in them was really starting to turn him on. He’d even done it with a pair of his mothers since he’d learned that she shaved her pussy.

“Steve, have you seen my …” Julie stopped, shocked as she entered her brother’s room. There he was sitting on his bed, his massive cock erect and his fist pumping it up and down. He had something wrapped around it and as Julie stood staring at his hand and cock as he hurriedly grabbed his quilt to pull over his lap and hide himself.

She looked at the floor where the thing he’d wrapped around it had fallen to the floor. She gasped as she realised that it was a pair of panties. In fact it was the pair of panties that she’d had on yesterday!

“What the hell are you doing?” she asked, stunned.

“Er, sorry,” was all that he had managed to offer as his face flushed bright red. Even though Julie had meant to walk in on her brother and wanted to catch him with his cock in his hand like this, she was stunned to see him using her panties to masturbate.

“Were you jacking off in my panties?! She asked accusingly.

“Um yeah … I’m sorry, I just … I dunno, I saw them in the hamper and …” he trailed off.

“I can’t believe your wanking with my panties. God, I should tell Mum this!”

“NO!” Steve said quickly, “please, don’t, I’ll do all your chores for you, I’ll do anything you want, but please don’t tell Mum and …I … I promise not to do it again.”

“Well, ok, you can do all my chores for me … for two weeks!”

“Thanks sis,”

“Wait, there’s more …”


“Show me your dick.”


“I want to see it. It looked big and I want to see just how big my brother’s dick is,” Julie said, delighted at this turn of events. Now she was going to get to see it up close, much closer than she had even dreamed might be possible.

Steve pulled the quilt aside and his cock lay across his thigh, gone a bit flaccid, obviously from being sprung.

“Wow,” Julie said, admiring just how big it was. It twitched in response and as she continued to stare at it, it grew. She marvelled at the way it thickened and lengthened and then stood up, erect.

“I want to touch it,” Julie said, unable to tear her eyes away from the enormous cock before her.

“Umm, ok,” her brother said, still unable to believe that he was in this position, sitting on his bed with his sisters’ panties discarded on the floor, his cock stiff between them as she looked on.

Julie knelt down before her brother and reached out to take his cock in her hand. She grabbed it around the base of the shaft, marvelling at how much still protruded from her fist. Her fingers just barely wrapped around its girth and as she wrapped a second hand around it, the tip was still poking out.

“God, this is the biggest dick I’ve ever seen you know!” she whispered in awe.

“Er, thanks,” Steve replied, not really quite sure how to respond to the compliment.

“Sarah must love sucking and fucking this!”

“Um, she never has … I’m … er … still a virgin.”

“I can’t believe you’ve never used it. I know my friends would die to see this and get to touch it like this.”

“Yeah well, I think Sarah is scared of it. She gave me a hand job once, but she wouldn’t give me oral and she’s already said that she’s saving herself for marriage. I really like her, but I sure wish she wasn’t waiting.” Steve grunted as Julie started stroking her hand up and down his shaft. He sat and watched in amazement as his own sister worked her hand up and down his cock.

“Well, I can’t speak for what she’s thinking, but I know for a fact that she’s missing out. God, if you weren’t my brother, I reckon I’d be chasing you around uni to be my boyfriend. I haven’t had sex, but I reckon that this would be awesome. Mary Jones has had sex and says that its awesome but from what she said about the George’s dick it must only be half the size of yours.”

“Well, if you weren’t my sister, I reckon I’d be chasing you around the place too, ’cause I think you’re hot and I’d love to get my hands on your breasts, they look divine.” Julie blushed at her brother’s compliment. Her nipples were already aroused and as she knelt before him with his cock in her hand, she decided that maybe it was worth it to go a bit further, even if he was her brother.

“Well, you did let me touch you, so I guess its fair that you get to touch me.” She laughed as his jaw dropped at the suggestion she let go of his cock and pulled her sweater off over her head to reveal her pink cotton bra, beautifully displaying her large breasts. She reached around behind her, thrusting her breasts out as she unhooked the bra clasp. She held the cups to her breasts as her brother all but drooled. Standing up, she leaned forwards slightly and let the bra slide down her arms.

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