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A Business Meeting

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I have always been one of those people that want to learn completely about anything that crosses my mind at that moment. If it interests me, then you can pretty much figure I would put everything I had into learning about that particular subject. This was no different; I had to find out.

Recently, it has come into my mind that I wanted to learn how to play tennis, or at the very least, learn different swinging styles from how other people played, before moving out onto my own and trying my luck on the tennis court.

Therefore, with that in mind, I put in a search on the World Wide Web, finding various lists for different companies but none that I felt was what I needed to get into. None of them seemed to have just what I was looking for. I had almost given up on the idea of using the net for finding a collection of training videos and past games that I figured would shed some light on this for me, when I came across this site that seemed to have all the information I was looking for and much more.

Therefore, I browsed around the site for a while, finding several things that were of interest to me. Various books and DVDs all about this newest topic I wanted to learn. Paying online was an option, however, I am not one that likes to deal in strictly online purchases, so I looked into the contact us section and found a number and called.

Not sure what I said or done to manage it, but the woman who answered my call, forwarded me to your office and I instantly liked the sound of your voice on the other end. Even if I hadn’t been in a learning mood, your voice alone would have kept me talking to you for that much longer. Yes, it was all business, but by the time we got off the phone, I knew that I wanted to speak with you more.

Therefore, for then, I put off actually ordering anything, stating that I wanted to think about some things and asking for you personal office number, so I would not have to go through being forwarded and stuff like that. You were happy to give it to me, stating that anytime I needed something to call.

For a few days, I managed to hold off on calling, yet continued to think of your voice, wondering what it would sound like when you laughed, would it change when you were teasing or deepen when you were turned on.

The second time we spoke on the phone, things became a little less business and a little more like two friends getting together for a phone chat. It was also during this time that we began to use email as IM. I am sure that at times we drove my ISP crazy with sending email back and forth, sometimes as many as four or five going at one time. Would have to sit and wait on one to come in before I could send the next and begin all over again.

Email became where we played, passing erotic ideas back and forth between us. When it came to the phone I was unable to relax enough to play during it, frustrating us both, but I continued to hope that the email would work and that at least for the time being work well enough to build up the passions, making me one day want to take the next step forward with the phone calls.

Well the email began to work and was working really well for me, turning me on and making my body beg for a real touch from you. I was not sure how it would possibly work out between us. I had never wanted a real touch as much as I was coming to wanting yours, and felt sure that if we continued and that touch never came…Well I wasn’t sure how I would deal with that possibility.

So, I began to talk to you more about the physical side of us. All the touches and caresses that we were missing by being so far apart. Trying in my own self-conscious way to let you know that I wanted us to meet, and I wanted you to touch me in the ways that we had spoken of. I had to try to find out if there was a way for us to be together, not through the phone, not through email or IM, but real life lips upon lips, hands touching each other, cock and pussy becoming one.

Then one day it happened, I got a call from you that I needed to come to your office. Something that I had been looking into had come in, or something. I did not really pay any attention. When I heard, “come into office” all other thoughts faded, all other words meant nothing, except that I would be seeing you.

Here I am getting ready to see you for the first time. I chose to wear a black and white mini dress, small black pump, red lace thong panties, and no bra. “Why no bra?” you may ask. That answer is very simple: one, I needed to know that you would see my nipples harden in response to being near you, and two because I am not fond of bras. I also chose not to wear any panty hose or anything, if something was going to happen today, I wanted as few things between us as possible, and it being summer and I living in Florida, my legs tend to get a good tan on them. I didn’t feel that it was something that I really needed to wear for you.

We were scheduled to meet up in your office at 4:30pm. I knew from our past conversations that around five, everyone from the office usually illegal bahis headed towards home. Everyone, that is, but you; who would usually work until 7-8pm. I wondered what would happen between us after five.

The thought of that, seeing you for the first time and being alone with you after Five, all combining to make me begin to grow moist in intimate places. I was so excited by the possibility that even the feel of my dress rubbing against my nipples made them harden, and the feel of my lace panties caressing my pussy causing it to grow more wet, and my clit to throb and ache with the need to be touched.

I arrived at your office building at around 4pm, though I made myself wait to go inside until about the scheduled time. I didn’t want to appear too anxious, or that maybe I was expecting more, just in case you didn’t when you actually saw me.

At 4:30pm, I walk inside your office, taking in the view of your computer where you had typed me all those emails, the phone that you spoke into when talking to you and me, standing up and walking towards me. You take my hand in yours and the feel of it shocks me. It was such a small gesture, but it sent shock waves straight through me, settling deep inside my stomach. We say a quick hello and you ask if I would like to have a seat. I only nod my head “yes”, words having failed me at that moment.

You showed me to a seat, across from your chair behind your computer desk, and walked around to take your seat on your chair and we begin the business part of my trip to see you. We talk about everything from you website, the things you sell there, the learning videos and books. What is good to read or watch and what is not as good as I would be looking for. We also spoke of the different novelty items that could be acquired from your site.

The time flew by, I enjoyed being in your presence much more than I had expected and so far, you hadn’t seemed to be interested in me sexually, yet you hadn’t acted as if I was physically unattractive either. Before I knew it, the office grew quiet, and it became only you and I sitting in your office chatting.

Once I realized how quiet it had become, I wondered if you would make a move or if I was going to have to try it and see what happened. I wasn’t sure that I could make the first move in any direction except for continuing to sit there and talk to you. I luckily didn’t have to worry about it for to long. I’m not sure if you knew I would just sit there and go with the flow, but you asked. “Care to say hello in a better way now?”

First, my clit seemed to jump in expectation, and began to grow moist once again, adding to the nectar that was already making my panties wet. Second, my eyes jump up to meet with yours. Third, I find my voice for enough time to say, “Yes.”

“Come here” you say as you point towards you lap reminding me instantly of a fantasy we had created in email and both of us had wanted to live out with each other.

I get up and walk towards you, you turn your chair to face me, patting your lap with you hands in a motion for me to sit down on top of you. I know the position you are wanting me in. You want me to sit on your lap facing you, my pussy pressed up against your cock.

I set down on your lap, wondering if soon you will be able to feel my wetness through your pants, knowing already that you can probably feel the heat from me on your cock. You wrap your arms around me, and pull me closer, our lips touching, gently, teasing at first. Learning the shape and the feel of the others lips, tasting each other for the first time.

We deepen our kiss to where we were exploring each other’s mouths and finding each other’s secrets within. It wasn’t to long until your hands were slipping underneath the skirt of my dress, up and around onto my ass, your fingers exploring all the area that my thong panties cant cover. Then, squeezing my ass cheeks and then releasing them, causing my pussy to rub against the growing bulge in your pants. I feel my clit swelling from the contact as if begging you to keep the pressure more consistent.

When we finally broke our kisses, I laid my head down on your shoulder, trying to regain my strength and over come the passion growing inside me with every breath. Finding instead that the closer I pressed my nose into your shoulder, the more I breathed in your scent and my desire for you continued to grow.

I could still feel my pussy pressed up against your cock, and the longer I sat like that the wetter I became. Wanting you to take your cock out and let me see what was tormenting my clit and had been teasing my mind since first hearing your voice. In a subconscious need to ease the ache inside myself, and hopefully urge you to give me all you had, I noticed that at some point, my hips had began to shift around on your cock, as if riding you only your pants still covering that part of you I wanted buried deep inside myself.

I groaned in frustration as you just sat there underneath me, not moving, not helping nor making any efforts to take illegal bahis siteleri yourself out of your pants so I could ride you cock, relieving us both.

I could feel your cock hardening through your pants as I began to thrust myself onto you, sliding my now soaking wet pussy against you, still sure that the wetness would be soaking through on to you soon. My clit rubbing against your cock making me feel the orgasm building up inside myself. I slightly embarrassed by my nearing my peak while riding your covered cock, but remembered you one time saying you wouldn’t let me have your cock inside me until I came for you like this, on your leg at least one time.

I am not sure why but the thought of what you had said in email, made me work harder to reach my peak. Not as if I really needed to work hard at it, being in your office and alone with you for the first time had my body needing release almost from the first moment I stepped inside. Now though, it was unbearable, and I increased my movements upon your cock, working myself into my own orgasm. Your hands helping me to reach that peak still by grasping and releasing my ass, urging me to pick up my thrusting actions even more.

I know you had to hear my breathing increase as I neared closer to my orgasm since as I began to shudder and hump furiously upon your cock, moaning out my release, you lips captured the sounds I was making. When I couldn’t keep up with the need to ride you and still enjoy my release, you reached with your thumb to continue massaging my clit, helping me to ride out my orgasm, until I had only the strength to rest my head upon your shoulder, trying to settle my breathing.

When my breathing returned to normal, you let your finger being to massage my clit again, trying to build me up again, and letting me know that you weren’t finished with me yet. You began to feel my slight movements urging you on and decided it was time for you to gain some of the release that I had felt moments before. You urged me to get up off your lap, and I gave you a shy smile as I stood and noticed the darker color of your pants was my wet pussy had rested upon your cock.

I got down onto my knees in front of you, wanting and needing to see the cock that I had viewed in my fantasies since talking to you, and had just finished feeling against my pussy. I was still very surprised by the amount of the wetness upon your pants as I unbuckled your belt and then unhooked your pants, unzipping them slowly, watching as more and more of your briefs were exposed to my eyes.

When I was done with that small project, you stood up, waiting on me until I was ready to pull your pants down your legs. It didn’t take me long to find that curiosity would over rule any thoughts against what I wanted, needed to do for you.

I slide my hands inside the waistband of your pants and pull them slowly down your legs. I leave your briefs in place until your pants were down around your knees. Then I watch as I slide my hands up your firm muscular thighs, reaching the waist of your briefs, and begin to tug them down over your narrow hips. I watch as more and more of you become exposed to my eyes. I see finally your cock springing forth once the briefs were down low enough that it seemed it couldn’t resist showing itself to me anymore. I take in the sight of you, your cock standing proudly, as if demanding I touch you until I finally get your briefs, down around your knees with your previously lowered pants.

Then, I take that hard cock into my hand, gently stroking you, taking in the site and the feel of you pulsing inside my hand. I had wanted to touch you so much that now that I was doing so, it seemed as if I couldn’t touch you and look at you enough.

Finally, unable to resist anymore, I had to taste you upon my lips. First, I stick out my tongue just a little, leaning towards you, and touching the head of your cock with just the tip of my tongue. Watching as your cock jumped in my hand as if demanding more contact. I was willing to give it more, swirling my tongue around and over the head, and teasing the little piss slit with my tongue. I pulled my tongue back into my mouth as I let the head of your cock enter my mouth a little bit.

I then pulled my mouth off from the head of your cock, just wanting to tease you with the warmth of my mouth before using my tongue to slide up and down the length of your cock, starting at the head and working my way down your shaft to your waiting nuts. Flicking my tongue back and forth over the vein on the under side of your cock as I work my way back up to the head. I then lower my mouth back over the head of your cock, pulling you into my mouth as far as you would go.

I pull my mouth back off you so that only the head of your cock remains inside my mouth, before sucking your throbbing shaft back into my mouth. I grow frustrated that I can’t take all of you inside my mouth, and begin to use one hand to stroke you cock where my mouth can’t reach you, and use my other hand to reach under and massage your nuts. canlı bahis siteleri

I can taste your cock and the clear fluid on my tongue, letting me know how excited you are by me and feel my pussy once again aching to be taken by you. I hope in many ways that your cock is inside me when you cum, knowing that I want and need to feel you deep inside me, but I also want to taste your cum on my tongue. I decide that I will have to let you choose I will just keep sucking on your hard cock, until either you cum inside my mouth or simply can’t take anymore and decide to make me yours.

You didn’t have me wondering for long, when your body began to tense in order to control your pleasure; you pulled your throbbing member out of my reach. You then reach down, take my hand pulling me up in front of you, and then work your pants the rest of the way off.

When you finally got them down and off your legs, you urged me over to the desk. My pussy began to throb, thinking that soon you would be buried deep inside of it. It came as no real surprise when you had me face the desk and placed my hands upon it since it had been one of the fantasies shared during our chats. I knew some of what was to come from now on but I still jumped slightly when I felt your hands sliding up the back of my legs, reaching under my dress and grasping the side of my panties.

I shivered when you began to tug them down over my hips and exposing my ass to your view before my dress slid back down and covered me once again. I felt my panties sliding lower down over my legs, pausing at about my knees at your got down on your knees to continue lowering them over the rest of my legs and finally off my feet. Taking them off one foot and then tugging them off the other foot, you moved into place on your knees between my feet. You make it so that I was unable to close my legs and keep you from viewing the wetness glistening on my freshly shaven pussy.

I felt your fingers touching lightly upon my pussy lips first, and then teasing the slit with only one finger. You rubbed lightly back and forth over my slit, not dipping your finger in between the lips to stroke my aching clit but just teasing it with the thought of your fingers touching it. The touch makes my wetness flow out and onto your finger, as you continue to tease me.

When I feel two fingers touching me, I find that it is only to separate my pussy lips, allowing you to view me in the most intimate way and with out anything interrupting your view of me. I know that surely you can see my clit throbbing with the need to be touched by you.

You finally seem to relent and let me feel your touch but it isn’t the fingers as I had expected but instead your tongue sliding over my clit. I feel as if I didn’t have the desk to lean on I would surely fall down on the floor as I feel the heat from your tongue and your breath upon my clit. You continue as if you’re not bothering me in the least, sliding your tongue slowly up and down my slit, catching my wetness upon your tongue. It isn’t long before you give up on teasing my clit in that way, and you latch your mouth onto my clit, sucking it into your mouth, making me gasp and call out your name on a breath of pleasure.

Just when I think that I am about to find again the release that my body is craving, you remove your lips from my clit instead moving towards my wet hole. Using your tongue as a small cock, you begin to fuck me with your tongue. I feel you pushing it inside me as far as it will go in our current position. It stalls the orgasm that had been building but making me feel if I don’t have your cock inside me soon I will surely feint from the need for it.

I guess you finally realized how strong my need was; because eventually you did stop fucking me with your tongue and I felt you stand up behind me. I felt your cock bump into my ass as you stood behind me and I pushed my ass towards you in a slight, silent plea for you to enter me.

You stepped up close behind me, and I felt you placing your cock against my wet and ready opening. I attempted to push back onto you but you pulled back just out of reach, letting me know that it was you and only you that would control what we did here.

I force myself to relax and let you go at your own pace and you finally place your cock against my wet opening again. Then I feel your hand rubbing along my ass, and I remember what you had asked me once about what noise would I make if you were to thrust your finger deep inside my ass as your throbbing cock claimed my pussy. The thought of that coming made it hard to resist pushing myself back onto your cock waiting to find out what sounds I would make in comparison to what I had said.

When I felt your finger slip between my ass cheeks, my breath caught in my throat and then I felt your cock easing into me and your finger reached for my ass hole. Your finger entered slightly into my rear entrance, and then suddenly your cock slammed into me completely as did your finger. Causing me to again gasp and cry out your name in pleasure at the feeling of your cock and finger inside me. I had never felt as full of someone in my life as I felt at this moment with you and then you began to pull your cock out of me, followed by your finger, only to thrust back inside me again.

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