May 26

A Change in Climate Pt. 01

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Part one: It’s my party, and I’ll cry if I want to

Of course, it was Laurie’s idea. After all, there are those who enjoy their birthdays, and then there is Lawrence. I felt like he already celebrated his existence every moment of every day, so how could today be any different? We had some delicious cake and drinks, which in our circumstances, was pretty extravagant… But to be honest, I had a feeling that Laurie indulged himself in such earthly pleasures almost on a daily basis, although you couldn’t tell by his flawless, slender figure. Hell, if I had a body like this, I would probably toast myself in the mirror every morning with a glass of champagne! No, desserts and some alcohol weren’t gonna cut it. Our little gifts, ranging from the practical to the… practical, were appreciated, but quickly set aside. He wanted more, and I knew it. He needed to squeeze out every last bit of power and advantage from the remaining hours of his birthday. That’s why he sat us all down on the library floor and announced we’ll be playing a game.

– A game, Laurie? Seriously? How old are you?

Levi groaned reluctantly, but his deep, husky voice was quickly followed by a sigh of resignation as he sat down on the floor. In fact, it seemed like everyone was either looking around for cushions, or already settled below my eyeline. I looked over at Charlie, my last bastion of hope. She was still standing! Do I smell some defiance? Then I remembered the fit she threw a few days ago, when Lawrence demanded we all wear white on his birthday. We were both unprepared for such a whimsical request. I hated white clothes on principle – they reminded me of school ceremonies and the embarrassment I felt when I, inevitably, got them dirty during a meal. Charlie also never wore white, and hated the thought of having to shop for a whole new outfit for this one occasion – especially since we rarely got to go to the city. And yet, there she was – my stubborn, hard-headed friend, standing across from me in a lovely white jumpsuit.

She finally met my gaze, but instead of saying anything, she sharply exhaled through her nose and motioned for me to sit down. I knew she was right – the sooner we comply, the sooner we’ll move on to the next event. Besides, we really didn’t have a reason not to humor Laurie – he was a good friend and a big help to both of us. I ran my hands over the back of my dress, smoothing it out before sitting. Ugh, even this little gesture reminded me of formal dinners! I sat down on a cushion with my legs crossed and my back straight, while Charlie propped herself on one arm and laid down on her side. As I made myself reasonably comfortable, my knee grazed the upper thigh of the person sitting next to me. A big, strong thigh, wrapped tightly in jeans, which were apparently bleached out into oblivion. Harvey!

– Wow, I’m so glad you took my advice. I mean, bleach does ruin the fabric…

– …and it stinks like crazy, thank you very much! My whole apartment reeked of bleach and vinegar for, like, two days! – he interrupted me, laughing.

– But you have to admit they look good on you. You should wear them with a red shirt or something, or maybe like a colorful print… – I said, returning his broad smile. – I mean, just enjoy them while you can, because oh boy, are they gonna rip!

– You think? – he said, wriggling his butt and subjecting the fabric to even more tension. I gulped, thinking about the poor jeans so close to their limits, and the majestic muscles underneath.

– Umm, did they shrink in the process, or…

– So, what is this game going to be?

I froze for a second. I expected to hear this voice – it’s not like I haven’t been subjected to it all night thus far. But not this close. Did he sit down next to me? I turned my head as casually as I could.


Lu-, I mean, Dylan, was inches away from me. He fixed his gaze on Lawrence, and clearly demanded an answer, but his mouth was softened by a smile. His mouth… I bet that’s where his tongue is… Just behind those lips…

Laurie’s voice brought me back to reality.

– I want to play “truth or dare”, like in the movies! Although I hope you all choose truth, because all I really want is your secrets…

A collective groan came over the library. Charlie rolled her eyes, pretending to collapse on the floor all limp, and Harvey leaned back chuckling. Before I could check any other reactions, Lawrence caught my gaze and slightly narrowed his eyes. I knew what it meant. It might have been too subtle of a message for someone else to read, but it was meant for me. “I’m in charge tonight”, his eyes said. He pursed his upper lip ever so slightly, as if trying to suppress a smirk.

Yeah, I’m going down. I mean, my composure could (and did!) fool almost anyone, but Lawrence knew exactly how I felt, and what I thought about when I looked at Dylan’s lips. He knew that not only I love listening to his smooth voice, and admire his effortless eloquence, but that I’d also love to see that smart mouth of his descend between my thighs. Even Charlie wasn’t really aware of the extent of my feelings for Dylan. She knew I had a crush on him, but to her, that’s all it was – a silly, fleeting canlı bahis feeling towards your typical, unattainable guy. And, well, she wasn’t wrong. I attracted my fair share of attention, but ever since we all started working together, I couldn’t really think of anyone else but him. He really reduced me to a bumbling schoolgirl sometimes, especially when he politely complimented my work or surprised me with a bit of small talk. It would be fine if it was just an innocent crush, but… Months went by, and we all grew much more comfortable with each other, to the point where I knew that either Harvey or Lawrence would gladly relieve me of some sexual frustration if I let them. But for some reason, I didn’t. Not yet anyway. A part of me was still clinging on to that fantasy of Dylan’s cool, calm exterior, slowly melting away in my arms…

A roar of laughter interrupted my daydream. Did it start already? Suddenly, a nudge made me turn to my right.

– Let’s bear this together – Harvey said, lighting a thick joint.

– Jeez, I wished you asked me to roll! – I said, looking at the monster in his hand.

– Oh, what? – he scoffed, just before taking a huge inhale and consequently setting the tip ablaze. I guess swimming so often does come with increased lung capacity.

– Harvey, I mean it. That thing is so thick it’s gonna trigger my gag reflex.

I loved teasing him when he was smoking, mostly because he comically held his breath after each inhale, like a teenager learning to smoke between classes. He burst out laughing and coughing, sending a thick cloud of smoke in my face. I took the joint from his extended hand with a victorious smile and inhaled.

– It’s my birthday, and as a scholar, and I want to taste some forbidden knowledge. I’m not letting you go before I get to question every single one of you – Lawrence continued, unfazed by the group’s collective chuckling.

– That’s not how the game works! – Levi said, simultaneously looking for something around the floor.

– I know, but it’s how it works today – Laurie responded, handing him a bottle opener. – There’s so much I want to know about all of you. Please?

Yep, there really was no denying him. Even Val was smiling at him warmly. A woman of few words, that Val. While her lips were silent, her whole body said that she’s ready to stay on this floor for as long as it takes for Laurie to get his fill of excitement. Even though we were both sitting cross-legged, she seemed much more comfortable. Was it because she grabbed a better cushion, or, more likely, because she wasn’t the subject of Lawrence’s evil plans? I wondered, taking another deep inhale of tasty, citrusy smoke. Actually, make it two puffs. Or four. If Laurie wants to see me all blushing and red, at least my eyes will match.

– Lucy.

Speak of the devil. Laurie was looking straight at me.

– Yes, birthday boy?

– Truth or dare?

I heard Levi muttering something about having the choice after all, but Lawrence shushed him with a wave of his hand. I can’t give him this satisfaction, I just can’t.

– Oh thank god for getting me out of the way first – I said, handing the joint to my left. To my surprise, Dylan accepted it and brought it to his mouth. His mou..

– Yeah yeah, I’m generous like that. Truth or dare?

I tore my eyes away from Dylan and responded as courageously as I could.

– What the hell, ask me anything, you pervert. Is there even anything you haven’t coerced out of me yet?

– Oh, there’s plenty. But for now… I want you to tell me the freakiest place you had sex.

I heard some chuckles around me, but I just smiled and shook my head at him slowly. He was letting me off easy.

– You know where that is.

– Yeah, I do, but I want to hear you say it again!

I took a deep breath.

– In a church.

Afterwards, it was all chaos. I was taking questions from the group like it was a press conference. It was many years ago, yeah, it was in a confessional, very quick, and no, there was no one around to catch us, it was more in a hallway, nowhere near the main altar.

– Still, church hallway counts as church. I’m impressed – Levi said, opening a beer for Charlie. She took a sip and stretched out her arm to hand the bottle over to me.

– Here, wet your lips a little – she said, smiling knowingly. – Well Laurie, if all of your questions are just going to be dirty, I wanna go next!

She nudged Lawrence playfully. Neither of us were prudish, but she knew that underneath a silly story of a quickie in a church, there were some lingering feelings of heartbreak and disappointment. Thankfully, nobody thought to ask with whom I’ve committed this sinful act, and Charlie cut them off before they could. Not that I still thought about it, but it’s hard not to when faced with such a direct flashback.

– My charming Charlie, why don’t you tell me, and in fact, all of us, how you lost your virginity!

Oh Laurie. I guess I was wrong about that mischievous smile. Sure, he teased us, but it was all in good fun. Charlie’s story was hilarious, and although he didn’t know the details, he knew it was a prolific inside joke between us. Charlie bahis siteleri leaned back and, after pretending to protest for a bit, told everyone how she was deflowered on a bunk bed. Even Dylan was smiling, clearly entertained. He gave me a quick look, and we grinned at each other, just as Charlie was getting to the part about giving her first blowjob. I heard Danny’s roaring laughter from the other side of the circle. Yes, it was just Laurie planned – he got us all tipsy and pleasantly high, and sat us down for some dirty talk and some laughs. What a great guy.

Suddenly, the joint was back in my hand. I breathed in some smoke and as I was passing it on to Dylan, I made a resolution to somehow thank Laurie for giving me this rare moment of levity and carelessness with my crush. Who knows, maybe something will come of it after all?

After Charlie volunteered to tell her secret, the game went on in a chaotic fashion. In the middle of Levi’s answer to the eternal question of which fictional character he would most want to fuck, Laurie dared Valerie to do the splits for him. She laughed, saying it was even easier after a few drinks. She looked great, but I gotta say, I started feeling pretty cute myself. After Lawrence announced the dress code for tonight, I volunteered to go to town and went digging around in local thrift stores. Luckily, I found this little piece – nice and tight around my slim waist and with a bit of support for my boobs. They’re pretty small, but that just means I can wear this low-cut dress and still look innocent and girly. Even this color is working for me – I look like a little shepherd girl, the kind you just want to see churn butter or bend over the well. Oh, come on, Dylan, don’t you just want to corrupt me? Don’t want you to drop this polite facade and…

– Dylan! Your turn.

Before I could gather myself and get up from the pile of hay that I was lying on in my mind, Dylan answered.

– My secrets are secret for a reason. I’ll take a dare, although I have to warn everybody that I didn’t stretch beforehand.

Laurie clapped his hands in excitement, and with that simple gesture, my life as I know it ended.

I heard the words, but it was like I was underwater. I swear his clap was still ringing in my ears when he said “I dare you to kiss Lucy”. Did I get too high? Am I just hearing things? “Fine”, another voice said, before I could even process the previous sentence. I felt my head turn to my left, guided by some mysterious force from underneath my chin. And then, just like that, I felt warmth on my skin and he… kissed me? It was over in an instant, but as I slowly gathered my senses, I knew my lips would never be the same. In fact, my whole face seemed paralyzed. My eyes finally focused in on Dylan’s face, now moving further away from me. He was looking over at Lawrence with a smirk and settled himself back down on the pillows. I followed his gaze from Lawrence’s face to Levi’s, and then to his wine glass. He… wasn’t gonna look at me? He seemed so natural and relaxed, as if nothing had happened, so maybe… it didn’t? I am pretty high after all, and I don’t even need to be high to have vivid daydreams…

– Jeez, was that it?

I heard Danny’s voice. I turned around to see him roll his eyes. Still unsure how to move my face, I quickly scanned the room. Harvey smiled at me apologetically.

– Wow, way to ruin a girl’s night… – he said, putting his arm around me.

What is happening? Is Harvey gonna kiss me now? Is EVERYONE going to kiss me… in turns? I mean, this is a daydream, right?

I looked over at Charlie. She was clearly waiting for me to check in with her, even with just a look. I sobered up in an instant. This was serious. We shot electricity between each other with our piercing stares. So it did happen, she saw it too. Dylan just kissed me, in the so-called real life, and then he, well, ignored me? Just as I realized it, blood rushed back to my head. I really wish it didn’t. I was afraid of the expression that might crawl onto my face once it was able to move again. Thankfully, Harvey’s arm gripped me tighter, and I felt his hand pet me a little on my shoulder. In an effort to cover up my face, I reached for his bottle of beer and took a big swig. It worked. Now that this refreshing, cold liquid ran down my throat, all I needed was to get a grip and act naturally. Now, if only I could remember what he just said, so I could respond in a completely normal, natural way…

– …Thanks!

– Umm, sure? – he chuckled. – Oh right, my beer. Keep it.

I smiled nervously, still holding the bottle close to my face.

– I’ll get you a fresh one! – I offered.

That’s right, I’m a genius. I’m barely conscious, and yet I thought up a plan so brilliant, it even surprised me. Now I have an excuse to get up and cool off in the kitchen, all by myself!

– No need. I opened up another one, because I forgot I had this one.

– That’s… alarming, Harv. – I said, hiding my disappointment.

– Yeah, like you’ve never lit up several joints and forgot about them? Didn’t you tell me you find them lying around in the bathroom?

– Alright, alright. No judgment.

I smiled at him, bahis şirketleri and we both turned our heads back to the middle of the circle. Valerie and Dan were whispering to each other, but that wasn’t out of order. We were all sitting so close, I could tell they were mocking Laurie and trying to figure out what Danny’s question or dare would be. We’re moving on. Good.

– Wow, I really expected more of a show on my birthday… – Laurie pouted.

– You mean us dressed up in all white, like a bunch of fucking… British, picnic-loving weirdos, isn’t enough of a show?

– Forget it. Since it’s your turn anyway, how about you take those ugly-ass clothes off, Daniel? – Lawrence raised his eyebrow and squinted at his opponent. – Just for making fun of me, I’m denying you even the choice between truth and dare.

– Riiight, someone call Geneva, this is against my human rights!

– Oh, just take it off, I need a treat after that pathetic little…

Kiss? He almost said it. I struggled to keep my head straight, but seeing the relaxed expressions around me put me a little more at ease. After a bit of negotiation, the group settled for just a shirt, but taken off to music. Then, before Laurie could come up with anything, Harvey offered up to keep the music going and twerk while doing a headstand against the wall. He must have done it before, because it was flawless – not a move out of place. The game ended, finally, although it wasn’t much of a game, really… Charlie was almost lying down on the floor, all of today’s drinks and desserts probably catching up to her. Even Lawrence seemed fairly satisfied, although he rarely looked me in the eye since that pathetic… Little… That’s fine. We’ll sort this out when we’re sober, you and I. Well, maybe not tomorrow, because I might be sore from all that dancing. But the day after, Laurie, I’m simply going to kill you.

The game was over, and we all resumed our normal chaotic party activities, such as talking in pairs and bickering over the playlist. I finally managed to get up from my cushion and stretch my legs. As I headed to the kitchen, I thought about how nice it will feel to let out a big sigh, drink some water and sit for a bit on the cool counter top. But as I opened the freezer to get some ice, a cold sting made me aware of the wetness around my eyes. Yep, as I squeezed my eyelids together, I was certain I was almost crying. And what’s worse, I knew why.

– Lucy.

Lawrence caught me staring into the cold abyss. Instead of waiting for my response, he moved closer and shut the freezer door.

– I didn’t think he would do it. Not like that, I mean… I thought he would protest a bit, get all bashful, and then he would finally kiss you, all cute and shit… And you’d be ready for it, you know?

– Yeah… I know. It’s just that… – I wanted to stop, but his eyes beckoned me on. He was listening so intently. – It’s just that it was nothing to him. Just a joke.

Now that I said it out loud, it became a reality. My dumb, schoolgirl heart got duped again. I was pining for this guy for like four months, and I still wasn’t even on his radar. He was dared to kiss me, and didn’t even look at me afterwards. Like he did it out of spite. A quick kiss, devoid of emotion, because that’s what Laurie wanted from him after all – to be surprised, caught off guard… There wasn’t any room for me in that equation. Yep… Just what a scientist would say.

– Actually, I don’t think I’m in the right condition to talk about this today, Laurie. Alright?

– Yeah. – He reluctantly took a step back and let me finish preparing my drink. Just some water with a slice of cucumber and ice to calm my nerves.

– So, is the birthday fun slash torture over yet? I’m wasted. – said Levi, bursting into the kitchen. Thankfully, he only glimpsed at us, and walked straight to the fridge.

– It’s well after midnight, so I guess I’m pronouncing my birthday officially over. You may now return to your mundane life, Levi.

– One more for the road – he answered, tucking a cold, perspiring bottle behind the waistband of his shorts. – Night, Lucy.

I was ready to leave as well. As I waved to Levi, another face peeked through the door. Charlie.

– Want me to walk you to your room?

As I was opening my mouth to answer, I heard Harvey’s commanding voice from the direction of the library.

– Wait up, we’re all coming. Grab that ashtray, will ya?

A few moments later we were all on our way. As we were walking down the corridor, Charlie squeezed my hand, as if to reassure me or cheer me up, but I wasn’t sure I needed it. After the whirlwind of sensations that overcame my body today, I was finally feeling at ease again. The cold breeze of the hallway, mixed with a warm wind invading us from the open windows, made me feel like a new woman. My dress flowed with my body, like it was meant to. It’s not like I didn’t wear dresses often – I just didn’t wear them on the job, since a large part of consisted of digging around in the forest floor. It felt so nice to move around after sitting for so long on that flimsy cushion… I didn’t drink much, and I was still on a bit of a high, so I walked quite confidently. I noticed Harvey also looked pretty undisturbed – his eyes were a bit bloodshot, but other than that, he looked great. We might be the only ones of our group that won’t wake up with a headache tomorrow. Nice!

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