Nis 11

A Class Reunion to Remember Ch. 2

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Double Penetration

First I would like to thank everyone that has voted on my story and for the feedback that I have gotten. As I said it was my first attempt and I am happy with the results that I have gotten. And for the record, it is 100 percent fantasy. Not any of the story is true.

* * * * *

As I am laying there and Mary is cleaning our combined juices off of my now deflated cock after we got done having some of the best sex in my life, I am thinking about getting up to take a shower and inviting her to join me and I fall asleep.

When I wake up Mary is gone, but her panties are on the table with a note from her saying that she really enjoyed herself and that she was sorry she had to leave without saying goodbye but her flight leaves at 8 am for a very important photo shoot. She leaves her home address and phone number and says that she will be home in a couple of days and that I should call her. in the mean time she is leaving her panties for me to remember our great night of passion.

I curse myself for falling asleep and crawl out of bed to get into the shower. I look at the clock and see that it is now 10:00 am and checkout time is at 11:00 so I get into the shower and my dick starts to get hard thinking of Mary’s tight, shaved pierced pussy. So I jack off and then get ready for the drive back to Texas. I have no urgent business to tend to so I plan on taking my time getting home, stopping in a couple of the cities that I have a DJ business set up in and seeing how things are going.

So after showering and checking out of the hotel on am on the road to Texas. It is really nice outside so I have the top down on my car and am driving along daydreaming about what had happened between Mary and I when my cell phone rings. I pick the phone up and it is my business manager from St. Louis. She is very excited and rattles off a bunch of stuff to me that I don’t understand. I tell her to calm down and not to worry as I will be there in a day.

So I am off to St. Louis. I arrive into town at about midnight and go straight to the business office. I have a separate room in every office for me to crash in when I am in town. Saves the time and hassle of getting a hotel room booked. When I pull up I notice the light on and wonder who could be there at this time of night.

I let myself in and sitting at her desk is my business manager. Ya can tell she has been crying as her eyes are swollen and all bloodshot. “What is the matter” I asked.

She says, “Follow me and I will show you.” So I follow her to the back of the building where the garage doors are with the vans of Equipment and it is empty. The side door is all broke around the frame and it is obvious that we have been victims of a burglary. I look at Susan and say, “Don’t worry it is all insured and none of it is your fault so why be so upset about it.” She says, “Cause I know who did it and it upsets me that this person would have done anything like this.”

I ask her, “Have ya called the police?”

She replies, “Yes and they have the person in custody”

“Who did it,” I ask. “One of the former DJays”

“He was very upset about being fired and thought he would get her back for firing him.”

“Why did ya fire him” I ask. “Cause he had made one to many sexual advances at me, and I finally got sick of it,” she replies.

“Did ya bursa escort tell the police this also.” I ask her.

“No, I don’t want to ruin his life, He is a very nice guy, just has to learn when to take no for a answer,” she replies.

“So, then they have got the guy, which means they have the equipment back, right,” I ask.

And she says “Yes they do but they won’t let us have it back till after the trial, it is evidence and that is why I am so upset.”

I have all 10 systems booked up this weekend and now I have no equipment for the DJ”s. I then tell her, “Don’t worry, it was time to get new equipment and vans anyhow, we will just go shopping in the morning and buy all new stuff and the we will sell the old stuff when we can get it back”

She then says” But that will cost a lot of money, do we actually have that kinda money”

I reply, ” Don’t you worry about that part of it, that is my problem and for the record, yes we have that kinda money. I always have a emergency fund set up for each account just for this reason.”

“And besides, the insurance company will help out with lot of the expenses, we will just pay them back most of it when we can sell the old equipment.” She just looks at me and smiles, and thanks me for coming so soon.

After the night I had last night with Mary, ya think I would be wore out, but when Susan looked at me with those baby blue eyes of hers and I take a better look at her my member starts to respond. I am telling myself, hey, she just got done telling you that she fired a guy for sexual advances and your her boss, cool down boy. Susan then walks up to me and says, “Thank you so much, now I can sleep better tonight, but first I want to show ya how much I really appreciate you coming down her so fast.”

I tell her, “Don’t worry about it that, it is part of my job to be there when something like this happens.”

She just reached up with her finger and puts it over my lips to shut me up, and says. “forgive me if I am being to forward and if ya fire me for what I am about to say, I understand, but will you please hold me tonight and make love to me”” I am so stressed out and I have found that in the passed that when I make love to someone that it helps me relax.”

My eyes must have shown the shock I was in for her forwardness and she started to say she was sorry that she should have never asked me that and that she would have her stuff out of the office in the morning and that she will call her assistant to be here to help me with the shopping. I just chuckled and said,” Susan, you’re not fired, I am just shocked by your forwardness and after hearing why you fired the DJ I wasn’t prepared for this.”

She replies, ” I can relate to that, but I wasn’t attracted to him, I am very attracted to you and I know that we could never be a couple, but I would really like to sleep with you tonight.”

“I just hope that it doesn’t ruin our boss/employee relation.” I tell her, “don’t worry, you are very good at your job as my business gets better every year and that we are both adults and know what we are doing that it wouldn’t effect my feelings for her at all, well not for the bad anyhow.” I then tell her “I am very flattered that you have decide to pick me as your means of relaxation and not just went to some club and picked up anyone that she bursa escort bayan could find.” She says, ” I could never do that, I have only been with 2 other guys in my life and that was my ex fiancé and my old high school sweetheart.”

She then tells me to shut up and takes my hand and leads me to the bedroom that is set up in the building. She then says,” Stay there and make yourself comfortable, I am gonna go freshen up a little and will be right back.” She then disappears into the bathroom and I can hear the shower start. So I take off my cloths and crawl into the bed, the sheets are nice and soft and smell fresh, I figure she must have thought this through and made sure there wer fresh sheets on the bed. I kinda laugh at myself as when I hired her I thought about trying to seduce her then but thought better of it as it was unprofessional and she was also with the ex-fiancé at the time.

The bathroom door then opens and she walks out into the light of the window that is in the room, and my breathe stopped. I knew she was gorgeous but never knew how much as her clothing was always very baggy and didn’t really show what kinda figure she actually had. Now she stood there completely naked and I could see what she had, let me tell ya, it was a perfect 10. Susan is about 5’4″ He measurements are probably about a 34-22-34 and man she was hot.

She had a all over tan, which means she either has lots of privacy at her home or uses a tanning booth. She has shoulder length brown hair, as I said before, baby blue eyes, and what a body. I look her up and down and notice that she is shaved completely bare, and I laugh to myself as I love them shaved and there is no way she knew this.

I then started back up her body, noticing that she has her belly button pierced, and a tattoo around it, then I also noticed that she has both nipples pierced also. I am then thinking, wow, what has she done besides management. She notices me gazing at her tits and she says, “I pierced them cause the ex wanted me to and they made my nipples so much more sensitive that I decided to keep them in even after he left.” She then walks over to the bed telling me to shut up now and slowly peels the covers back so she can see what I have to offer her.

When she sees my cock I her a sudden catch in her breathe and just looks at me and smiles. She then slowly grasps my cock with her hand and lowers her mouth to it. She starts to lick around the tip, using her tongue to tease the ridges. I then feel her take the head into her mouth and I pull her hair to the side so I can watch her. I can feel a sensation that I have never felt before from anyone that has given me head. I look and then I notice why, she has her tongue pierced also and that little ball running around the head of my dick is what I am feeling.

She then proceeds to start slowly bobbing up and down my cock, taking only half of it but as I said not until Mary has anyone been able to deep throat me. She then slides herself on to the bed taking her legs and straddling my head moving us into a classic 69 position. I look up and see her pussy lips slightly open and very wet. I slide my tongue slowly up her crack and down again, feeling her juices seep out onto my tongue. I then bury my face into her pussy and really start to eat her out.

Paying special attention to her clit. escort bursa She then takes her mouth off my cock and moans, and then starts to suck me again. I can fell her legs start to tremble and her breath steadily increasing. I know I am about to give her a orgasm and I start to suck on her clit trying to push her over the edge. She takes my cock out of her mouth again and starts to jack me off with her hand. She is moaning and saying, “Yes, eat my wet pussy, make me cum, I wanna cumm all over your face.God yes right there, keep sucking my clit I am almost there, yes, yes, Oh god, that feels so good.”

I’m cumming, yes I am cumming and then she goes into a intense orgasm, her legs are locking around my head and I can feel her smashing her clit down onto my mouth, I gladly lick up every thing she has to offer to me and then just as she is peaking she plunges down onto my cock, taking the whole 9 inches into her throat and squeezes my balls causing me to yell out, “I’m cummming so if ya don’t want to swallow ya better get your mouth off of it, she just pulls up till just the head is in her mouth and I start to cum, and she plunges the whole thing back down her throat taking my whole load straight down her throat.

When I am done cumming she turns around and straddles me and starts to kiss and lick her juices off my face and sticks her tongue into my mouth to get more of her juices that are still in my mouth. I can taste my cum on her tongue and it just makes me get hard again that much faster. When she feels my hard cock rubbing her pussy she reaches down and slowly glides me into her tight pussy.

And when I say tight, I mean tight. She is as tight as a virgin and she is having a hard time getting me in. She bites her lip and slowly starts to move up and down, taking me a inch at a time. When she has the whole 9 inches in her she looks at me and smiles, then starts to ride me. Building up speed until I can feel her cunt spasm, I then look at her and see her eyes closed and her head tilted back as she is enjoying the sensations that she feels from my hard cock going in and out of her. She then looks me in the eyes and mouths to me that she is cummming again and goes into another intense orgasm, I can feel her juices soaking my balls as she slams the whole thing into her and rides out the rest of her orgasm.

When she coming down she falls onto me looking me in the eyes and says. Fuck me hard now. I roll her over into the missionary position and take her legs into my hands. I spread her legs out and then bend her knees back so that I can get deeper penetration and start to fuck her slowly. I slide the whole 9 inches in then all the way out so that just the head is left. I continue to do this, slowly building speed.

She yells,” Faster, harder. Make me cum again.” So I start to fuck her faster and harder and I can feel myself about ready to cum. I am looking into her eyes and I see them roll back into her head and feel her pussy clamp onto my cock as she goes into yet another orgasm. Just as she is peeking I can’t hold it back anymore and I pull out and start to cum all over her. it shoots all the way up to her neck and then I leave a trail of cum all the way from her neck to her pussy. I squeeze the last couple of drops out onto her clit as she rubs my cum into her skin. I lay down beside her and as we start to drift to sleep, I hear her say…

Mary never told me it would be this good…

* * * * *

Wanna a 3rd chapter, send me feedback and maybe I will write a 3rd chapter. Send your ideas on what i should write.

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