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A College Fantasy Come to Life

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Let me start this off by saying I love my husband. I have loved him since we met as sophomores in college. We didn’t start dating until our junior year but he was tall and handsome and sort of the leader of his circle of friends. One of those guys people are naturally drawn to.

If you could bottle that quality you would make a mint in the ‘awkward boys’ market. Also respectful of women. When all the rest of his friends talked about how they’d fucked this girl or that he’d chuckle with the rest of him but even though I know he got a lot of pussy before we settled down together, he never joined in the bragging ritual.

This whole weird fantasy started at a party. We went to CU Boulder, which is a bit of a party town so they could get loud and drunken and there was almost always some drama but it was a nice way to blow off steam from the taxing class load. I was studying to go into business management and he was studying electrical engineering.

I had met him in the last semester and our paths had crossed a few times both on campus and at social events like the one we had been at when this all started. I was seeing a guy off and on again and he was with me that night but mostly we were doing our own things. I was chatting with my girlfriends and drinking too much and I was sneaking glances at Daniel. Always Daniel, never Dan.

He looked relaxed in a flannel shirt and blue jeans and his girlfriend, Jacqueline at the time, was hanging off of him. Every once in a while, when she though no one was looking she’d cup the bulge in his pants and squeeze a little before slipping her hand away.

I’m more cute than beautiful. I’m petite with small breasts and a cute ass. I wore my hair in a pixing cut back then, longer in front than the back and that night I was wearing almost the exact same thing as Daniel. My jeans were tighter and my flannel was red where his was blue and I was definitely trying to show the zero cleavage I have so I had the top buttons undone.

Jacqueline though was one of those girls you see on the south beach of Miami. Big, round tits, tanned thighs showing under the hem of her too-short and slinky dress. Her eyes were smokey and her hair was arranged in artful curls that looked elegant and slutty at the same time. Her own cleavage was a lot more substantial and sparkled with glitter. She was tan and it was striking against the pale yellow of the dress. Dark, ruby lips shone with lip gloss and looked like ripe cherries.

I looked her up years later after ‘the incident’ and saw the toll that sun worshiping had taken on her. She looked leathery and it made me feel better but for all you girls out there, staying out of the sun might not get you as many men in your twenties but in your thirties and forties you’ll be thankful you made the sacrifice.

Anyways, back to the story. After an hour or so of her teasing him, all of which I could see the outline of his hard cock pointing up his pants. He was so hard I could actually make out the tip of his dick against the rough denim of his jeans.

I was squeezing my thighs together and enjoying the ache in my pussy as I watched them. They chatted with their friends, she would get up to get them more drinks and come back and the teasing would start again until I could tell he was almost ready to fuck her right on the coffee table.

Sarah, one of my inner circle of friends stepped up from behind the sofa and leaned over her mouth almost pressed against Daniel’s ear. She whispered something, her lips turned up in a smile and her cheeks a little rosy from the Jack and Coke’s she’d been drinking. Without listening for a response she turned, her hips swaying a bit more than was necessary and made her back towards the back of the house.

Daniel smiled uncomfortably and listened for a minute more as Jacqueline talked to the couple across from them. Then he leaned over and said something to Jacqueline and stood, trying to hide his hard-on. She nodded and leaned back on the couch, barely stopping the conversation as he made his way back where Sarah had gone.

What’s this then? I thought, my inner imp delighted. I was farther away and it took me almost thirty seconds of pressing through people to get through.

I made it to the kitchen and sighed in frustration. Damn. I thought and then cheered myself up by starting to think up what I was going to whisper in my boyfriend, Jon’s ear to take advantage of how slick my pussy was. I craned my neck over the crowd to try to catch a glimpse of him but I didn’t feel like pressing through the people again. So I stayed in the kitchen and poured myself another drink.

As I leaned against the counter I noticed that the screen on the sliding glass door was still open. The glass itself was closed by the screen escort kocaeli was open. Not unusual but with a flash of insight I realized that they might have gone outside. Towards the back of the kitchen, through a small hallway was one of the duplexs bathrooms and it had a window that looked out over the back yard.

I slipped down the darker hallway and entered it, closing and locking the door behind me. The music died away a little bit when the door closed but it was still too loud to hear anything outside and the window was frosted so I couldn’t see out of it. The window itself was one of those crank-opening numbers.

Unlocking it was easy but I was afraid they might notice if it opened noisily. It was quieter in the bathroom but probably quieter outside. It took me almost a whole minute of slowly increasing pressure on the crank until it popped open with barely a bump. I opened it one inch, then two and waited.

The first thing I heard was the unmistakeable sound of gagging and a pleased groan. My heart raced. I had been right. My nose was practically out the little gap of the window as I strained to listen.

…all night.” I heard Sarah finish. “…am I better?” I opened the window just a little more, maybe a three inch of gap and the night sounds of the outside opened up as well. I could hear the slurping and muffled moaning of a woman doing her best to blow.

There was a pause, “Give me your cream. I want you in me when we go back in.”

I reached my hand down, inside the hem of my jeans and almost came as my finger found my clit. I half expected to hear the rhythmic slapping of two people fucking but the slurping restarted and I realized what she’d meant.

He grunted something but his voice was much lower than hers and didn’t carry as much so I didn’t hear it. It only lasted a few minutes, maybe five or six but I was panting by the end and when I heard a low groan and the muffled moans of Sarah I came, my head thrown back. I shuddered and jerked and almost passed out from holding my breath. I was afraid that if I breathed out it would be a long wail of pleasure.

There were spots in my eyes by the time I started breathing again. I left the window alone and took a moment to compose myself. I heard the sliding door open from where I sat on the toilet. I washed my hands, checked my hair and exited. My knees almost shook as I made my way back down the hallway and to the main party.

I pushed back through the people but someone had taken my spot so I leaned against a wall and talked absently with a guy who was probably trying to pick me up. I looked around for Jon and spotted Jacqueline and Daniel. She was still chatting and he had a bit of a dazed look but I could see little wet spots on his thighs where Sarah had been sloppy. Sarah was now leaning against her own wall, so that the three of us made almost a perfect triangle. I could see her catch his eye, a slow Cheshire smile growing on her puffy lips and she rubbed her toned belly sexily.

I couldn’t take it anymore and went to find Jon. I came up behind him and whispered in his ear. “I want your cum all over my face. Take me home and fuck me.” It was something he’d been hinting at but was a little too shy to ask for and I’d been saving it for a special occasion.

He turned around like I’d just pinched his ass and the shocked look he gave me quickly melted into a grin. I took his hand and began leading him out of the party. There was only one real route and it took us past Sarah. I had to almost shout to let her know we were leaving and she pushed off the wall and hugged me, giving me a friendly kiss on the cheek.

“Have fun you two.” She said, knowingly and instantly I could smell the cum on her breath. I’d never even thought about making out with another girl at that point but I would have then. I stuttered something lamely, too shocked to think and she winked at me, thinking that just knowing we were going to have sex was what had shocked me.

Jon gave her a side-hug and then we were out into the night. The rest of that night was riddled with thoughts of sucking off Daniel at a party and tasting the cum in Sarah’s mouth. I blew Jon on the way home and I was true to my word, letting him shoot rope after rope of hot cum all over my face until I had to wipe a little off just to open a single eye.

I took a selfie and then cleaned up.

Fast forward ten years, seven years of it married to my college crush. The sex with Daniel is great but I’ve never been able to scratch that initial itch. Knowing that Daniel had sneaked off at a party to cheat on his girlfriend and came right back, the lipstick still drying on his cock as he put his arm around her.

I found myself more and more turned on by it. Wondering if he’d ever had gölcük escort his dick sucked while I was obliviously doing something else. If he’d ever come home I’d been the second woman he’d fucked that day.

It was nothing I could share with him. My marriage was perfect. A fat-cocked husband who adored me and made decent money, plenty of travel and friends.

We maintained a few of our friends from college. Jacqueline had moved away but she had always been too aloof to be a true friend. Sarah though was still one of my best friends. I’d never brought up that night but I longed to know if she’d been doing the same to him over the years. The night before I decided to do something about it I was riding Daniel like it was the last dick I was ever going to get and I came to the mental picture of him tying his tie in his tuxedo, getting ready to marry me with Sarah on her knees, bobbing and sucking on him.

Would she have smirked at me, up on the altar, professing my undying devotion to Daniel with his cum, warm in her belly? Would she have caught his eye and stroked her stomach in that same way?

I decided to act on my fantasies. The planning took a relatively short amount of time compared to the execution. Jon was still in our circle but he was more Daniel’s friend now than mine. I decided he would be my target. He was married to Katherine who he’d gone to highschool with long before we knew him. They’d had two kids and seemed comfortable.

In short, he had a lot more to lose than I did. That was important. I was determined not to jeopardize my marriage and I didn’t want to pick some random person for the plan. For one, I was extremely paranoid about STD’s. At the time I’d only had three sexual partners my entire life. The other reason was that I knew it would get me off more if it was someone we both knew.

It started with a few double dates, a few texts. Then, about a month into my plan he began confiding in me. It started with a simple question from me. I told him I wanted to do something special for our anniversary and if he remembered the night where I had asked him to do that ‘thing’.

LoL, yes I remember it. All the time as a matter of fact.

omg, really? It would be a good surprise then? So embarrassed to ask but it’s our 8th and I want to show him I can still bring it.

He’ll really like that. I know I did.

*blushing emoji* I thought Id get dolled up and spring it on him during our dinner out

Make sure you do it towards the end of the meal or youll never get to eat.


After that it was just a matter of hinting here and providing a few details there until he was answering my texts within seconds of me sending them. Another week or two and I could tell he was ready to pop.

Our anniversary came and Daniel’s special treat was fucking me up my ass, which honestly I really enjoy but I’m afraid of doing it too often. I don’t want a loose ass like some of those porn stars. I cum so hard during it though. Almost every time I squirt.

He hadn’t cum on my face but that wasn’t really an important part of the plan. Pretty soon halloween was coming up and as always, we all met at Sarah and Greg’s place for our halloween party.

We did it the weekend before actual halloween because everyone but us had kids to take trick or treating. Sarah and Greg had some family over and a few other couples always attended. I had made my eyes smokey and my hair was a little longer now but still in a bob. I still couldn’t fill out a b-cup but I was grateful for it now. I’d never have to deal with sag and I didn’t have to wear a bra.

I wore a light yellow dress, the same as I’d seen Jacqueline wearing ten years previous. Or at least as close as I could get with the eyes of memory. A skin-colored thong and modest heels and I was ready. I specifically didn’t wear lipstick. Getting it cock-smeared all over my face was not part of the plan.

We left early, Daniel hates to be late but I’d used my time wisely and had been getting Jon worked up all afternoon. Nothing slutty, not even something that couldn’t be shown to Daniel but in the context of what I’d constructed with Jon over almost two months it was as suggestive as spreading my legs and saying, “Please.”

We had a delicious meal with everyone, all the while I ignored Jon trying to catch my eye, my nipples stiffening under my dress each time he struggled with the conversation.

There were drinks and there was a fire in the back yard in a beautiful brick fire-pit surrounded by comfy chairs set with blankets in case anyone got chilled in the Autumn air. Greg and Sarah could really throw a party.

Greg had pulled out his guitar and the conversations continued but were softer as he strummed away izmit sınırsız escort idly. I stood and stretched while the various conversations rose and fell around me in the night, my heart was beating fast and I know my pussy was darkening my thong.

Jon and Katherine were seated next to each other but the seats were for one person at a time so they could only hold hands while they enjoyed the warm cider and music. The fire was too bright and the people surrounding it were too closely spaced for me to whisper in his ear as I wanted to. Instead, I let him catch my eye and this time I gave a tiny little nod towards the house.

I told the group I had to go the bathroom as I watched him swallow heavily, his eyes slightly afraid. Daniel patted my thigh and I clenched my cunt against the flood of wetness from the gesture.

Everything was driving me wild at this point. I didn’t look back as I walked into the house. I walked up the stairs and into the dark, they had left the lights off to indicate that their guests should stay downstairs. I waited at the top of the stairs. A long minute passed where I could audibly hear my heartbeat until I heard the door to the yard open again. There was an uncertain moment as Jon looked for me but as he passed the stairs I whispered, ‘Psst.’ and winked at him when he looked up the stairs.

I placed my finger across my lips and slipped into the bathroom next to me. I turned and pulled the dress over my head before he entered the room, hanging it over the shower curtain. I shivered even as warm as it was upstairs after being outside.

He rounded the corner and stopped, stunned. His eyes were wide and his mouth slightly open. I pulled him forward by his belt and closed the door behind him.

“We’ve only got five minutes to make you shoot your cum down my throat.”

I slid down to my knees, opened his pants and let them slide to the floor. I took the familiar, thick cock into my hands and licked the tip. The salty taste of precum met my tongue and I smiled up at him. “Do you think we can do it?”

Instead of answering he placed his hand on the back of my head and pushed his hips forward slightly, opening my mouth until his cockhead was resting on my tongue.

Taking the hint I began to suck him. There was no time for foreplay and I was messy as I slobbered and gripped his shaft with my hand, jerking him off in my mouth even as my lips passed back and forth over the tip.

With my other hand I took both of his balls in my hand and felt his muscles bunching and relaxing as he tried to stifle his moans. I pulled back and his dick popped out of my mouth. I kept jerking as I cood up at him.

“Do I suck cock better than your wife?”

His body was thrusting against my hand. He nodded, his pleasure too much to force words out of his mouth.

“Say it.” I said, squeezing his balls.

He groaned, “You’re so much better than my wife.”

I smiled and swirled my tongue around the head of his cock so he could watch and then slurped him back inside my mouth. The whole time I was blowing him I didn’t realize that I was clenching and relaxing my thighs, squirming and increasing my own pleasure.

His thrusting halted and his body went rigid as he tried to hold off the moment until finally I could feel his balls tighten in my hand and a massive jet of cum shot across the inside of my cheek.

I moaned and realized I was cumming as well and immediately moved my hand off his balls and put it between my legs, rubbing my clit through my panties. I continued to jerk and suck him as he did his best to fill my mouth with his seed. I shuddered as my own orgasm tapered off.

Finally he was only oozing and I let him slip from my mouth. His head was back in bliss but that wouldn’t do. I stood in front of him, letting the wet tip of his cock press against my panties just over my clit and pulled his gaze down to meet mine.

I opened my mouth and showed him what he’d done to me and rolled my tongue around. I was careful not to spill any and finally when he was mesmerized I tilted my own head back and swallowed. Once, then twice and he was inside me.

After that it was quick work to get back to the party. I pulled the dress back over my head and admonished him to wait at least ten minutes and then come back as well. I checked the clock on the wall and only three minutes had passed since I’d walked up the stairs.

I left the bathroom quietly, making sure I couldn’t hear anyone in the house and made my way downstairs and back outside. I took a long drink of wine. I wasn’t going to risk have cum on my breath when I went back to my husband as much as the idea turned me on.

He placed his hand on my thigh as I sat down in the chair next to him and I snuggled up in the blanket provided. I took his hand in mine and pulled it up to my stomach and flattened it over it. Just in case, I finished up the wine and smiled at him. “Rub my belly for me, baby?” I asked and after a moment caught Jon’s eye and winked.

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