Kas 13

A Couple’s First

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All characters are 18 or older.


Laying on a bed, Rebecca and Joey were watching YouTube videos. They both were spooning with Joey looking over Rebecca’s shoulder at the tv. Rebecca looks over at Joey, and they begin kissing. Their tongues danced together like ice skaters as Joey pulls Rebecca closer to him. She winces, not in pain, but in anticipation. She smiles as he chuckles. Joey tugs her closer again as Rebecca feels something hard against her butt.

“Joey,” Rebecca says quietly, “how long have you been this hard?”

Joey just leaned into her ear and said, “Since I first arrived here.” Rebecca’s eyes grew wide as she rolled over. Their eyes met as Rebecca puts her left leg on top of Joey’s right leg. Her foot, pressed against the back of his thigh, serves as an anchor as she moves in, tightly pressing the bulge in his pants upon hers.

“Move around,” she says, begging for pleasure during the cold night. Joey does so as Rebecca quietly moans to the feeling of hard bulge upon her crotch.

“Rebecca,” Joey said, groaning to the feeling, “you’re a little more feisty than usual. What’re you planning?” Rebecca began unbuckling Joey’s belt, but he quickly stops her.

“Not tonight, love. Let’s just relax.” Rebecca didn’t listen as she unbuttons his pants, and undoes the zipper. She looked at him she kissed him once more, this time with more passion than usual. She whispered, “Tonight’s the night you let him inside.”

Joey was confused as he asked, “Who?”

Suddenly, Rebecca stuffs her hands down Joey’s pants. He gasps loudly from the touch of her cold hands upon his warm cock. Rebecca giggles and moans, “It’s so big. But is it as strong as it looks?” Joey’s elbow hits the wall as a reflex. He gasps louder as her hands go from his penis to his balls. She gropes them lovingly, like a pair of babies that she doesn’t want to hurt.

“Let’s see what you can do,” says Rebecca, her legs bending along his knees. “Touch kocaeli escort bayan my breasts.”

Joey continued to shudder at the cold hands upon him as Rebecca grabs his hands, and stuffs them up her shirt. The feeling of his rough and cold skin upon her nipples made them harden like diamonds as she moaned. “Joey, I wanna go all the way tonight.” Joey began squeezing Rebecca’s breasts roughly as she gasps. Her back arcs as he gets on top of her. He lowers his pants so that his gargantuan cock could see the light of day. His erection pulsed with the excitement of his heart rate as he lifted Rebecca’s shirt, exposing her breasts.

Rebecca squealed as he slid his penis under the midsection of the bra, between her breasts. “Joey, what are you doing? My vagina isn’t there!” Joey unclipped the bra as it fell open, her breasts fully exposed. Each breast slumped to each side of her chest, unable to balance from his dick.

He groans as he says, “It’s something I saw online. It’s called a titty fuck.” Joey pressed Rebecca’s breasts on his cock as he began fucking her chest violently. Rebecca knew what was happening, and she pushed him off of her. He fell to the floor with a thud. Rebecca moved across his legs and began moving her breasts around his cock. She even leaned in, sucking upon the red head. Joey went from groaning from pain to groaning from the good feeling.

Joey moved away from Rebecca, standing up. He said, sternly, “If you kept going like that, I was gonna cum.” Rebecca stood up with him, fully taking off her shirt. Her exposed breasts were now glistening with sweat and spit as she continued to masturbate Joey.

“That’s right, and I need you to cum inside of me. But don’t forget about me.” Rebecca pulled Joey’s pants down all the way. She was now on her knees, cock in hand.

“I’ve gotta cum too.” Rebecca drove the penis into her mouth, going as deep as she could. Joey’s knees bucked as Rebecca sucked upon his dick.

Joey izmit escort bayan moaned, “You wanna cum? I’ll make you cum.”

Joey took his cock out of Rebecca’s mouth. He hoisted her up, and threw her back down onto the bed. Joey aggressively unbuttoned Rebecca’s pants. He pulled off her pants, and saw a stain on her underwear.

“Oh, wow. You’re really wet.” Rebecca flung her hair to the side and said, “You made it that way.” Joey pulled Rebecca’s underwear off, exposing her vagina. Pink and hairy, he dove right in. His tongue covered her crotch as Rebecca moaned as loud as she could. She’d never felt this good in her life.

“Oh, Joey! You usually suck at this!” Joey moved his fingers into her vagina, swirling them around. Rebecca groaned, saying, “No, Joey! Your penis goes there!” Joey looked up as Rebecca, legs spread with hands upon breasts. Rebecca’s face showed that it was time for penetration. He climbed on top of her, his erect penis naturally placed on her dark brown bush.

“Give it to me,” moaned Rebecca.

Joey slid the head of his penis into Rebecca. The two looked each other in the eyes. Rebecca was desperate to lose it, and she wouldn’t want to lose it to anybody else. Their lips touched as Joey drove his dick deep inside. Rebecca’s fingernails drove into Joey’s back as her hymen broke. It hurt, but the following pleasure was worth it. She moaned louder and louder as Joey drove every hard inch into her: 4, 5, 6, and he couldn’t go further. Rebecca yelled loudly. Joey struggled to move his penis in Rebecca’s tight pussy. Her love juice and blood dripped out of her as Joey fucked her, and he fucked her good. Rebecca’s breasts shook wildly as Joey began panting. The bed shook and squeaked to the beat of Joey and Rebecca’s passionate fucking. Sweat poured from every pore as Rebecca’s head arched backwards. She moaned loudly as her legs crossed at Joey’s butt. Her hands were placed firmly on his back as he gebze escort fucked her deep into her pussy.

After a few minutes of fucking, Joey panted out, “Rebecca! I’m gonna cum!” He gave her a few more pumps, even when she begged him not to cum yet. He pulled out his large cock, bigger and harder than ever as be sprayed his cum all over Rebecca. Some of it landed on her face, which she lightly and playfully groaned from. Joey panted and moaned loudly as semen shot from his dick and onto Rebecca, who laid there, taking the warmth onto her cold body. Joey laid into the bed, next to Rebecca, panting. More semen slowly dripped from his still hard penis as he was exhausted. Rebecca sat up, and climbed on top of Joey, slowly masturbating his penis.

“What’re you doing? Aren’t you done?” Rebecca smiled as she inserted his manliness deep inside of her. She moaned with delight, for it was now her turn to cum.

Rebecca’s hips moved like a gazelle as she fucked him. Now, she was the dominant. Joey looked at her in awe as he placed his hands upon her ass. One hand laid upon her ass while another grabbed her breast. Rebecca took the hand that was on her ass, and placed in on her clitoris. As she fucked him, he stimulate her clitoris quickly. She moaned even louder than before as his curved penis rubbed against her G-spot like never before. She leaned forward and continued making out with Joey as his hips gyrated quickly, sending speedy thrusts of his cock into her. Both of his hands remained clamped upon her breasts as her hair put their faces in a cage.

Eventually, after much moaning, Rebecca moaned, “Joey! I’m cumming too!” Rebecca leaned back into her elbows as Joey continued quickly driving his dick into her. Her cunt began spraying love juice from the pressure of each pound he gave her.

Rebecca began shouting, “I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” Over and over again, she gave one final yell as Joey calmed down. Rebecca lifted herself from his penis, now soft, as it slumped to his leg. Rebecca laid down close got Joey, and the two continued to kiss. Joey laid with his penis limp, job done well, and Rebecca laid covered in her juice, and her lover’s pure white juice. The two had experienced a fucking that’ll never be forgotten.

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