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Subject: A Daddy’s Love – chapter 24 A Daddy’s Love � chapter 24 Nifty is a free web site and it needs to stay free, so you can continue to enjoy the content and for us writers to give us an outlet � SO DONATE. Thanks. This story is as most of my stories posted on NIFTY is from my own imagination. All rights belong solely to me and me alone. Enjoy and please do email and tell me what you think good or bad. “Please Sir. Please don’t make me do this.” “You want this job or not pig” I scowled at him “I know for a fact that if you weren’t working here you would be on the street sleeping rough, all your friends have deserted you as you owe money all over London. You have nowhere to go except down.” Pig looked to the floor. “Thank you for giving me this job Sir. I fucking hate the idea of becoming a pussy skinhead but I know that I don’t have any choices left. I’ve even tried house breaking to get money but that, well for one reason or another didn’t work out.” I smiled as pig continued staring at the floor “Besides piggy, I know for a fact that you have a younger and highly muscled brother, and that he forced you suck his dick and swallow his load when he was last home from the army.” Pig looked up at me with a sheer look of horror on his face. “Fuck.” And he dropped his head and walked out the shop. “I can get him to do anything as long as he needs this job.” Charlie kept looking at his watch whilst I kept an eye on the security camera outside the door. Tim was standing outside the door in his jock strap and skinhead boots his joggers t-shirt over his arm. People were passing and staring at him. “I suppose you realise he isn’t wearing a watch, how will he know when his 10 minutes are up?” “Yeah I know, fun isn’t it.” “You are a right bastard Sir.” “Yes I know I am and that’s why you love me as your boss.” Charlie grinned and nodded. “10 minutes are up Sir.” “I wonder if he’ll have the balls to come in.” 20 minutes went past and he was still standing there. I poked my head out of the door “You’ve been out here for 20 minutes, would you like to come in now?” He nodded and looked to the floor. I stepped back and allowed him to pass me but not before I patted his beefy arse. “Mmmm I’m so looking forward to fucking you, to be the first to take your anal virginity.” He shuddered in fear. And I let him pass. “You haven’t let yourself go pig, you have a good body, it needs some work but not bad.” “Thank you Sir.” “Charlie show pig around.” “Yes Sir.” “What’s your name?” “My name’s” he stumbled for a moment “My new name is pig.” I could see he was embarrassed and he looked at me and I smiled and nodded at him. Charlie went round the shop explaining everything to him whilst I got on with a few pieces of paperwork, I moved the office desk down to the shop when Coby got promoted. I much prefer to be in the thick of things. It didn’t take much doing, I had the wall taken away from the small stockroom and enlarged the shop and put my desk and a few filing cabinets behind a low wall. As it was a Monday morning it was usually quiet and it was lunchtime when the first few customers came in. Charlie was busy with a guy selling him a new pair of leather chaps. Hopefully the guy would go with a lot more in his bag than just the chaps, Charlie was a great salesman and not just for the shop either. His boyfriend likes him well used at work by me or the customers. A man came in and just looking at him I knew he was a real man like me. “Pig, see to the customer.” “Yes Sir. How can I help?” He looked pig up and down and grinned. I need some new leathers. Chaps, jacket, jock strap, waistcoat, Muir cap, leather jeans and boots. I had a break in and need to replace everything. Charlie showed him the stock we had and he chose the top of the range in everything. He showed the customer into a fitting room and came out and closed the curtain. “Oi pig, fucking get back in that fitting room and give the customer a hand. Alpha males do not undress and dress themselves.” The customer opened the curtains and pig walked in. The guy looked out “Add a bottle of poppers to my bill.” He winked at me and I threw a bottle across at him. He left the curtain open and he sat down on the chair and pig got down at his feet. He took off his Timberland boots and then opened his jeans. He pulled them down and pig took them off and hung them carefully. Pig took off his t-shirt and the guy stood up naked as the day he was born. Pig’s mouth was close to him and the guy pushed forward. “Come on then pig.” He demanded. Pig looked at me for direction. I nodded and smiled. He shrugged his shoulders and took the guys dick into his mouth and begun to suck him off. As I stood watching I was getting horny myself. “Charlie, get here and on your fucking knees.” He came running with a huge grin across his face. “Before we start, I love what you are wearing but I think you will work naked for the rest of the day. You can wear you motorcycle boots and nothing else.” “Yes Sir.” He stripped off and stood at attention with his hands behind his back. “Very nice.” His dick was hard. “Now get on your knees and release my dick.” He knelt on the floor and took my tight skinhead jeans down and released my huge dick. He licked round the head before taking me deep into his expert throat. “Good boy.” Just then the door opened and Coby walked in. “Don’t you lot ever do anything else?” he said smirking. “How did I know you would be getting sucked off TJ?” “You know me boss, always fucking horny for a tight throat or arse.” I noticed Coby pulled down the zip round his arse and turned his arse to me. “My Master is away on business and I need a dick inside my arse and I need yours.” I grinned “Charlie get lost.” He stood up and looked upset. “You can suck me when I have fucked Coby, just think you can clean my dick, have my piss and you never know, more cum as well.” He smiled and disappeared remaining naked and hard. Coby leant over the counter and I put the head of my dick to his arse and slowly pushed inside. I hadn’t screwed Coby for ages and I wanted to enjoy it, he had a luscious are that always felt glorious inside. I pushed inside sinking balls deep easily. “Fuck that feels good. I’ve been dreaming of you fucking me all weekend. I even changed my plans, just so I could be here today.” I could feel Coby pushed back as I fucked. “God this is good as I remember.” He moaned as I fucked in and out. “I must come visit this shop more often. Yeah fuck me.” “Yeah you have a luscious arse Coby.” I fucked him hard the glass on the counter he was leaning on began to rattle. Coby and I fucked, I was ramming in and he was pushing back both of us enjoying the hard rutting. I pulled him up to standing position and pulled his head towards me, I managed to turn it enough so we could snog. “I miss fucking you” adding “Boss” As an afterthought. Coby moaned as we snogged. I soon felt myself get close and Coby being the pussy skinhead he was knew I was getting close. He moaned deeply into my mouth when he knew I was about to fill his arse with my skinhead load. “YEAH.” I yelled out as I lost a load deep in his arse. He clenched his anal muscles as I pulled out. I reached inside the glass cabinet and pulled out a butt plug. He shook his head. I replaced it and pulled a larger one out. Again he shook his head. I pulled one even larger one, only this one was steel, he smiled nodding. I lubed it up and pushed it inside his luscious arse. The last part didn’t go in that easily but eventually with a loud plop it was seated inside him. “Fucking hell that feels good. Never had one that big inside me before but something told me I could take it. Shit, I am going to be horny for the rest of the day now.” He did the zip up round his arse and turned and kissed me. “Books in the usual place?” I nodded and he went over to the desk and sat down, he let out a huge moan as he sat down the huge plug pushing deeper inside him. “You okay boss?” “Fuck yeah.” And he got on with studying the books. Charlie came over and knelt on the floor in front of me his dick still hard. He looked up at me, I grinned and nodded. He smiled back and took the head of my dick into his mouth and cleaned all round, moaning as he tasted the remnants of cum and Coby’s anal juices. Charlie took me deeper and as I slid down inside his throat I saw pig dressing the customer in the items he wanted to buy. He tried everything on and pig even made some suggestions which the guy took in gaziantep escort and agreed with. I was as deep inside Charlie’s throat as I was going to go. He kept still not moving. We both knew what was going to happen and as I relaxed slightly I let my piss go, Charlie didn’t need to drink or swallow, I was pissing directly into his stomach. “Thank you Sir.” He said when I had finished, Charlie put my dick away and stood up. I kissed him and he smiled and walked off. “This pig has made me buy a fucking lot more things than I actually came in for, but what the hell. I agreed with everything he suggested and he was right they did suit me.” Pig rang the things through the till and charged his credit card. He left with a smile across his face. “You okay pig?” “Slowly getting used to my new position in life Sir.” He said head bowed. I lifted his head and kissed him shoving my tongue down his throat. “You did well with that guy, you submitted well and made a fucking good sale as well. Well done pig.” At that moment Coby came back over “everything is in order TJ. The shop is doing really well under your guidance.” “Thanks boss.” He was the only guy I would ever call boss even if he was a pussy skinhead. “Boss this is Pig. He started work today and is in training under me.” Coby shook his hand “Welcome aboard pig.” “Thanks.” Not knowing how to address Coby. Coby grinned “you can call me Coby, I am a pussy skinhead like you are.” “Thanks Coby” and they shook hands. “I like the outfit you have them both in today. Very nice.” “Yeah, I think that they will both work naked or nearly naked every day from now on.” “That should increase sales.” Coby said grinning. “What about you?” “Not for me, as a Master I will always wear skinhead or my Lycra.” Coby reached up and kissed me. “I have to go I have a lot to do today. I’ll try and not leave it as long next time, I love my Master but miss your huge dick.” I pulled his head back and twisted his tits hard through the Ben Sherman shirt. “Make sure you don’t leave it too long either, or I may have to have to speak to Niles.” He kissed me and left. “Right you two, I am getting on with some paperwork, you can get on with cleaning as it is quiet today.” “Yes Sir, they both said and I moved to my desk and got on with things. It was getting towards lunchtime and it would start to get a little busier. I had finished what I needed to do and the boi’s were just finishing up to. I looked at Charlie and he was hard and even pig was hard inside his jock strap. “I hope you aren’t hard because you want Charlie?” “Yes Sir, I am I am afraid. Old habits.” “Charlie, pig is a former top who is learning his new place in life just like you did all those years ago.” The door opened and a couple of customers came in. “Wow, I love the staff uniform in here.” He smiled. I just need half a dozen bottles of poppers. “Pig.” And he stepped forward and showed the customer the difference between the various types we stocked. Having used strong poppers for years he knew all the brands well. I saw the guys hand close to the pouch of pig’s jock strap. “Have a feel if you want to.” He looked at me and smiled. He rubbed the pouch of the jock strap and I noticed pig getting harder as he was speaking about the various bottles of poppers. “I’ll take 7 bottles of those.” He said pointing to the strongest available. Still rubbing the pouch of the jock strap. “You get an offer when you buy six Sir.” “Yes I know, one of for you and you can throw in a poppers holder to go round your neck.” He rang up the sale and left with a huge smile on his face. Pig put the poppers holder round his neck and opened the bottle and out it in the pouch but not before taking a huge hit.” “Please Sir.” He said reverently “Please may I get naked like Charlie?” I grinned and nodded. He pulled of his jock strap and his big fat dick reared up hard. “Thank you Sir, that feels better. I am so fucking horny right now.” “I suppose you want to cum?” he nodded “tough, you will cum when I say so.” “Yes sir” he said looking down and a little despondent. “It does a boi good to remain horny and not shoot a load off. In fact I might even put you in chastity before you go home as I don’t think I can trust you.” “Oh Sir.” He whined. “You may shoot a load off when and only when you willingly give your arse to me.” “Shit.” He looked down to his booted feet. More customers came in and Carlie and pig served them. Nothing happened but they left with grins on their faces. A guy appeared through the door, he looked nervous and young but strangely familiar. “Come in boi, don’t be scared” and I gave him one of my winning smiles. He ventured in and if his jaw could have dropped to the floor it would have done. “Bbbbbbut they’re naked.” He stuttered. “Yeah of course they are.” “And they have hard-ons.” “Mmmm and nice they are too, but I can see you have one as well, it is showing through your tight skinny jeans. Charlie went over and pulled him gently into the shop. “Now what did you come in for?” “I’m going on holiday and wanted to buy some sexy shorts to wear in the clubs.” “Charlie show him what we have.” Charlie took his hand and showed him some leather shorts, leather running shorts, and rubber shorts. “We have a good selection of Lycra and running shorts too but if you want sexy then I would suggest rubber.” “Really?” the guy said embarrassed. Charlie nodded. Charlie took a couple of pairs off the hangers and walked him to the fitting room. Charlie help the lad undress, he was still scared but also hard. Charlie soon had him naked “Do you want me to suck your dick for you?” He nodded. Charlie got to his knees and took the lads dick into his mouth. He beckoned pig and he wandered over and knelt on the floor behind him. Pig pulled his arse cheeks apart and licked his hole, the lad nearly jumped out of his skin but was moaning all the time clearly loving the sensations he was getting back and front. I heard Charlie moan and knew he was getting his creamy reward. “Mmmm nice and sweet.” Charlie said licking his lips, pig was still licking the guys arse and he bent over further. Pig stopped and looked at me and held a finger up. I nodded and he lubed his finger and pushed gently inside the lad. “Oh fuck.” And despite shooting a load off he was rock hard again. Pig was good at opening the lad’s arse, well as a former top he should be. He soon had three fingers inside the lad and was rubbing his sweet spot. The lad’s eyes were closed and as I wandered over I released my huge dick and lubed it liberally. We swapped positions quickly before the lad knew what was happening. I put the head of my dick to his arse and pushed inside. All he did was moan at the entry, he soon pushed back on my wanting more and more inside. “You’ve done this before lad.” “Yes Sir.” He said remembering what pig and Charlie called me. “I used to get fucked at school, I went to the prep school in Harbour lane. The deputy head said I was a pussy boy and trained me to suck and get fucked.” He moaned as I started fucking him a little harder. “I didn’t like it at first but I grew to love it. My parent took me out of the prep school as they couldn’t afford to send me there. Good thing really, I had more sex since leaving prep school and going to the comprehensive but yours is the biggest that has fucked me and now I am 18, I can explore and do things that I really want to do. I fucked him hard and as he was the tightest arse I had fucked for ages I soon flooded him with my load of skinhead cum. “Jesus I enjoyed that thanks.” “Can I ask, why were you scared about coming in here then?” “You know my older brother.” “Coby.” I said and he nodded “I knew when you walked in that you looked familiar.” “Coby doesn’t know that I am gay.” “Why are you scared to tell him?” “I’m afraid that I was rather nasty to him when he told me and our parents that he was gay. We haven’t spoken since.” “That is very sad. Now what about those shorts?” He tired them all on and the three of us agreed that the rubber ones suited him much better. “Now which should I take, these or these” holding up each pair. “Both.” Said pig “they both look great on you.” “I can only afford one pair.” Pig looked at me and winked. I smiled back “okay then, seeing as you are family, you can have both and pay for only one of them.” “Gee thanks” he jumped up and kissed me. He got embarrassed “sorry.” “Don’t be.” Charlie went to the counter and wrapped suriyeli escort the two pairs and gave him the bag, taking the money. He dressed pulling up his tight skinny jeans. As he was doing them up the door opened and Coby walked in. “Cory what the fuck are you doing in here? I thought I saw you earlier, I was having a coffee a few doors down.” “Coby.” He said and started shaking. Coby took the bag and looked inside “Does this mean what I think it means?” Cory nodded. “I seem to remember you are very nasty to me when I came out. Do mum and Dad know?” he shook his head. “Just as well Dad would have a fucking heart attack if his other son came out as gay, I would get all the blame.” Coby came over and kissed his brother on both cheeks. “Welcome to the fraternity bro.” he grinned. “I was so scared about telling you, because of what happened in the past between us.” “Ah piffle. I couldn’t care less about the past, the present and the future are all we need care about. You are my baby brother and I will always be there for you.” They both hugged. “Now I know you don’t have much money as you are doing a crap job, how did you manage to pay for these?” “You can blame me Coby. I only charged him what he could afford.” “Mmmm, not strictly kosher is it but I suppose it is for family.” He grinned and took his credit card out. Charge the lot to me and refund him his cash. Hang on though. Strip off Cory.” He looked dumbfounded. “Get on with it then.” I demanded. He stripped naked and Coby ran round the shop pulling lots of other rubber things for him to try on. By the time he had finished he had three rubber tops of various styles, wellies, waders, skin tight rubber leggings, and some Lycra. “Now what else?” Coby thought for a moment and looked at his arse. “Bend over.” Coby got to the floor and licked his brother’s arse wanting all the jism leaking out. He reached for thee butt plugs he pushed the smallest in his bothers arse. “You can build up from the smallest one and as you want even bigger let me or TJ know and you can have larger ones on me.” Cory hugged his brother “now charge the lot to my credit card TJ.” I went and charged everything to Coby “By the way where are you going to wear this lot then?” “I want to go to that leather and uniform club in Mile End.” Coby’s eyes went wide. “Wow, I’m impressed. Into hard sex just like me then.” “I used to spy on you when you bought guys home to fuck you.” You never knew I was watching but I loved the things I used to see you get up to and knew that was for me too.” “I should get angry with you.” He grinned and hugged his brother “I am pleased that I could help find your way.” He kissed his brother again but on the lips this time. “You still at home?” he shook his head “a mate had a studio flat, I kip down with him, we not a couple but it is cheap and he likes the company.” “Well in that case.” Coby turned to Charlie. “Get the clippers out.” Charlie disappeared and bought back the clippers and some water and a razor. “Want to do the honours TJ?” I grinned nodding. “Sit down Cory, you are being shaved.” “Bbbbbut.” “Just do as you are told boi.” I said “you do want this otherwise why are you rock hard?” he looked down realising and sat down on the chair. I got to work and clipped away his long brunette hair. I shaved the rest away and he was soon bald like the rest of us. “Time for more clothes I think Coby.” Coby nodded and he flew round getting all the skinhead gear together. “Get dressed boi.” After a few changes of clothes due to badly fitting ones, we had two pairs of tight fitting skinhead jeans and knee high boots in black and brown and three Fred Perry polo shirts and Coby had ordered some stay-press trousers and Ben Sherman shirts for delivery here. “Now you are ready for the rest of your life Cory.” Pig took the cover of the mirror that he threw on when we weren’t looking. Cory looked at himself “Jesus fucking Christ. Is that really me?” “It is the new you bro.” they hugged each other, I will never be able to find the words to say thank you for all this. I’ve wanted to become a skinhead ever since I saw you getting fucked in the bogs in Whitchurch Mews, by another skinhead. I wanked over that image for years afterwards.” “You are so much like me Cory. I am proud of you. Here.” And he handed Cory his business card. If you want to go out this weekend coming, ring me and I’ll take you, I haven’t been for fucking ages and as Master will still be away, I shall need a good seeing to by then, today barely scratched the itch.” He looked directly at me grinning. Cory came over to each of us one by one and hugged us all. “Thanks for everything, I would never have had the courage to do this” he said pointing to himself in the mirror “without your encouragement. I must go, got to change and get into work.” Cory and Coby left together. Charlie and pig cleared everything away and tidied up. I looked at my watch. “There will be a bit of a lull this afternoon pig, usually is the rest of Monday afternoons. I’m nipping out for a smoke, come and join me pig.” “I don’t smoke Sir.” “I wasn’t asking pig.” I turned and walked out, pig followed head bowed quickly pulling on a jock strap. I stood in the street and lit up two, one for me and one for pig. I thrust it in his mouth “Now fucking smoke pig. The guy who will become your Master insists that you smoke.” “What?” “Just shut the fuck up and smoke.” “Yes Sir.” He coughed several times as he drew on the smoke. By the end of the second one he was more used to it and by the third he had started to enjoy it. “Good boy.” We went back in the shop and Charlie nipped out for a smoke, also pulling on a jock strap. “Sir, who will be my Master, I assumed that you would be.” I have my own bitch and a house boi I don’t need another. As to who will be owing you, you will find out when you need to know.” “Yes Sir.” The rest of the afternoon was as I expected very quiet. Charlie dashed upstairs and changed into his leather motor cycle gear and came back down. “Can I be naked again tomorrow Sir?” I nodded “Good I enjoyed it today. Master will be pleased when I tell him.” he left and pig and I heard the noise of his bike roar into life and he roared off into the busy London streets. “Now pig. I need to put you in chastity, I cannot yet trust you.” His dick deflated quickly mainly from embarrassment. I selected a large metal one with a funnel that would be obvious under his skinny track pants. I locked it in place and put the key in the safe along with the takings. “Now get dressed and go home, be here on time tomorrow, I cannot and will not accept lateness for whatever reason.” “Yes Sir.” Pig left for home and I followed on close behind. When I got indoors Daddy was waiting for me naked and hard, he was on his back in the lounge and pulling his cunt cheeks apart and pushing out his cunt. “Fucking hell bitch, that looks wonderful.” “Thank you Sir, I hoped that you would like it.” I dropped to my knees and licked Daddy’s cunt hanging out. Daddy started shaking as I licked. “You okay bitch.” “Oh yes Sir that feels so wonderful, I am just shaking with lust.” I moved up Daddy’s body and kissed him. “How long till we eat cunt.” I shouted. He came running. 5 minutes or 30 minutes Sir.” He said grinning. “5 minutes it is then. Come and strip my clothes off bitch.” We went upstairs and Daddy knelt on the floor and unlaced my boots. He licked each one before putting then in the cupboard. He took my socks off and licked my feet moaning as he did so. I undid my jeans and stood as Daddy pulled them down. He stood and pulled my shorts off and I was naked. I pulled Daddy towards me and as we kissed I fell back onto the bed. “I could snuggle here right now bitch.” He moaned his assent at feeling the same. “But we have to eat and I need to tell you all about pig.” Daddy needless to say stayed naked and I thought I would do the same, we went downstairs and Sandy turned to us and served up right away. “I assume you haven’t been out today boi?” “No Sir, I have cleaned right through today, I am hoping that if you would let me after a bit of food shopping tomorrow and if it is a nice day, perhaps I could go out like I did and sunbathe and hopefully find me some dick.” “Of course you can boi.” “Thank you Sir.” And he came over and kissed me deeply. “So how have you been with the plug locked in?” “Okay thank Sir, I am glad you did that actually, kept me horny all rus escort day and desperate for dick.” We sat and ate our dinner and I told them what happened with pig at work today. Daddy ran to the fridge and got three beers. One for each of us. I noticed the time, 7pm had come and gone and the door hadn’t gone, I fucking hope he doesn’t bother now, it would be his loss. When dinner was finished Daddy and Sandy cleared the things away. Daddy and I moved to the lounge. Sandy came in after finishing up in the kitchen and he sat on the floor with Daddy. “Bitch go” Daddy reached and picked up my box of cigars and handed me one and my zippo. “How the fuck do you always know what I need?” Daddy grinned up at me “No don’t tell me. You are a good bitch whose job it is to know what his Master wants.” Daddy simply nodded. I smiled back “Thanks anyway bitch.” I lit the huge cigar and Daddy held the ashtray sitting on the floor. “Boi, up here with me.” Sandy jumped up and sat next to me. I pulled him towards my nipples and he flicked one with his finger and sucked and bit the other. Every so often Daddy would hold the ashtray up so I could flick the ash away. I was nicely relaxed and flicked on the music system and listened to some gentle music on the radio. I took a huge drag on the cigar and pulled Sandy up to my mouth, I kissed him blowing my used smoke into his lungs, and he like Daddy accepted it willingly. “Sir.” Sandy said not sure if he should say anything. “Go on boi.” “I have some wicked weed upstairs.” I tried to look angry at him but grinned instead. “Fucking great idea. But not this evening, maybe tomorrow.” “Yes Sir.” He said grinning. “Now bitch, I want to sleep with boi on my own tonight, you haven’t done anything wrong and I am not trying to exclude you but Sandy needs a little of my kind of loving tonight.” Daddy looked me in the eyes and smiled “Of course Sir.” He smiled. “Good bitch. “Will it be okay to sleep in the spare room then Sir?” “Perfect and thank you bitch for understanding.” “Sir, I am lucky enough to have you to myself most of the time so I am not jealous that you want to spend time with Sandy.” “Take a drink boi.” Sandy leant down and took my dick into his mouth, he didn’t take me into his throat which meant he wanted to taste my piss and savour the flavour. I started pissing and he swallowed quickly and as the flow slowed down he stopped swallowing and kept some in his mouth. He moaned loving the taste. He kissed me and pushed the little he had left into my mouth and I swallowed the remainder. I pulled him to my nipples and he took one of them into his mouth and chewed on it, biting and pulling the ring between his teeth. As both of us were still naked we could clearly see that both of us were completely aroused “Sir, I am going to the gym if that’s okay. I need to work out properly anyway.” “Okay bitch, See if Jorge is there, ask for him to help you with your work-out and if you wear just a jock strap he will want to fill your cunt with his dick.” “Yes Sir, thank you Sir.” He grinned and went upstairs and changed into a jock strap and shorts. He had his back pack with him. “I’ll see you later Sir” Daddy closed the front door and ran to the gym. “Now let me take off the straps locking in the plug.” I got to work and released him from the large plug filling his arse. “Now where were we boi?” Sandy went back to my nipples and this time the other one. “Oh yeah” I said pulling him hard on to it. He started biting gently and I pushed his head harder giving him permission to bite harder. “Yeah much better boi, I can feel it now.” Sandy bit down a little harder “Fuck that feels great.” I got up and bent over. “Lick me boi.” He moaned as he pulled my arse cheeks apart and started to lick, I pushed gently and he moaned a she saw a small log appear. He put his mouth round and as I pushed he took my shit into his mouth and started chewing. He moaned as he ate and I pushed he took more into his mouth chewing and swallowing. I looked round at his dick which was rock hard and leaking pre-cum. Sandy was so fucking turned on from eating my shit I knew he wanted to shoot a load off. Sandy licked at my arse cleaning it up and as I pushed even more appeared for him to eat. “Oh Fuck Sir. Thank you” he moaned and took the shit into his mouth eating quickly as I was pushing even more out. He gave out a loud burp and continued chewing and eating my shit as it appeared. He gave my arse a final lick cleaning off the remaining shit. I turned and saw his face was covered in my shit, rather than let him clean himself up. I leant down and kissed his shit covered mouth. I could taste my own shit and I expected to hate it like Daddy but actually it wasn’t bad. We started kissing and licking each other covering each other’s faces in the remaining shit. We looked at each other grinning. I turned Sandy round and looked at his arse. I licked and pushed my tongue inside. It was my turn to moan when Sandy began to shit on my tongue, I closed my mouth around his arse and took the shit into my mouth, a huge long turd appeared and I left it hanging out of my mouth, Sandy spun round and took the other end into his mouth and begun eating. We met in the middle and kissed, I swung him round and went back for more of his shit. I had no idea I would enjoy this, I knew Sandy would as I remembered him telling me one day I went round for a fuck, I also knew that Daddy hated it. I knew for some reason I liked it immediately. Sandy let more shit out and I ate it eagerly covering my face in it at one point, knowing that Sandy would want to lick me. When he finished he turned back to me and he had a huge grin on his face, he licked my face clean of his shit. “Sir that scene went beyond my wildest dreams, I have wanted to do that with you for so fucking long but it isn’t the sort of thing you really speak about, I am so glad it happened.” “So am I boi, but I think that this is one thing that Daddy must never know about, he fucking hates all that.” Sandy nodded and we kissed more. “Come on let’s shower and you can douche properly and we can go to bed.” We kissed each other again, I took Sandy’s hand and we went upstairs. Sandy got the shower ready and we both stepped in and cleaned each other. We kissed as the hot water cascaded down our bodies cleaning the remaining shit. We dried ourselves and as we looked at each other both had raging hard-ons. “I hope sir that you and I can do that again. I know you want to keep it away from Daddy but for me that was a dream come true.” “Yes Boi, we’ll do that again, maybe not regularly but we will find the time again.” We kissed and Sandy took my hand and pulled me into bed. Sandy went for my nipples first and bit and chewed pulling the huge rings with his teeth. “I need your arse boi.” Sandy moved quickly and raised his legs in the air, I got between his legs and pushed inside him. He shot his cum everywhere as soon as I was inside. “Sorry Sir. But I was so fucking horny for you.” “No need to apologise boi, I am not going to last long either.” I rammed deep inside his arse and as I reached bottom I shot my load. “Told you.” And I leant down and kissed him. “Now I can fuck you properly. I started a nice slow fuck in and out of his arse, as we kissed I was pushing in and out gently. “Mmmm thank you Sir.” “What for boi?” “Everything Sir, I know I cannot have you to myself but I love the time you do give me, you know that I would go to the ends of the earth to be with you. Nobody has ever come close to being the perfect top for me but you always push all my buttons and now that you are into scat as well, well it makes it even better. I hope you’ll let me stay here always to look after you and Daddy.” I was still slow fucking his arse as we talked “I really thought that now you were almost back on your feet again you would want to set up on your own again?” “No Sir. I want to stay here if you allow it. I love you both so much. You Sir as I said are the Master I never had and I think of Daddy as my own. I never knew my own Daddy.” “I’m glad you want to stay with us as I don’t really want to let you go, I love having you around and the sex that you and I have is different to the sex that Daddy and I have. I would actually miss you if you decided to go, not that I would actually let you. I joked with a mate that I would lock you away until you gave in and decided to stay but you would enjoy that far too much.” I grinned and Sandy broke down in tears. “I never knew that you thought about me that way, I thought that I was a casual fuck.” “Sandy, you are part of this family now. We are an odd family but part of it you are.” “Thanks TJ, you don’t know what that means to me.” And we kissed. LOTS MORE TO COME…

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