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A Dark and Stormy Night

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It is a dark and stormy night. Now, how often have you heard a story start out that way? However, it is true; this is one of those late autumn, or early winter, nights. The sun sets early. At the end of a work day people make their way home in near darkness. Dark, really dark, skies happen when the cloud cover is so dense none of the light, from whatever phase the moon happens to be in, can penetrate the clouds and every star is completely hidden by the dense masses of building clouds overhead. Far off in the distance can be heard a few rumbles and the sky shows an occasional flash of lightening. Any one listening to the rumbles would know the storm is coming nearer. Cate doesn’t really mind the thunder, but she knows her little dog, Chipper, doesn’t like the weather and will be cowering in a corner of the living room, or under the bed, anticipating more thunder and rain.

When she finally opens the garage door, it is just before a still distant, but bright flash of lightening, lights up the interior of her garage almost like mid-day. Breathing an inaudible sigh of relief, she drives her car into the garage and closes the overhead door. She collects her handbag, suit coat, and overstuffed briefcase, carrying them inside, and dumping everything on the kitchen table.

First things first, right? It is a struggle. She feels bad that she must force the small dog to open her mouth, but she finally gets half of a tranquilizer tablet down the dog’s throat and moans to herself, as the little terrier slinks away to cower in fear and find her bed in the corner of the den, where she will sleep for the next few hours. Tomorrow Chipper will be friendly, but sluggish, for more than half of the day. But at least she will not have a heart attack, caused by the stress of trembling, panting, and agitation, a result of the night’s disturbed weather.

My turn, Cate thinks, as she takes her suit coat, handbag, and briefcase, and walks across the den where she leaves the briefcase on one end of the couch. Another flash of lightening precedes the rumble of thunder, a little louder than the previous ones, as she walks down the hall to her bedroom and begins to undress, wishing, perhaps, she could find a similar escape from the storm. After hanging the suit on the closet door, so it will air out, she puts her blouse and underwear in the hamper and turns on the water in the bathtub, but changes her mind and pulls the showerhead diverter instead. She stands under the hot water for longer than usual, trying to relax and loosen the tense muscles in her shoulders.

Eventually she makes it to the kitchen, where she opens a can of soup and makes herself a toasted cheese sandwich. She cannot think of anything else to fix on short notice and is not very hungry anyway, but if she does not eat something, she will be hungry before bedtime. Lunch was late and there was too much of it, probably adding to the sluggishness she felt all afternoon. Through her kitchen window, she looks at the skies, silent lightening flashing above the low cloud cover. She does feel much better after eating something and is finally beginning to relax.

Making herself comfortable in her favorite chair, Cate opens her newest book to the first page and begins to read. The dark sky is still reverberating with the low rumble of distant thunder and is lit by an occasional flash of lightening. A light splatter of rain falls and then stops. She tries to give little concern to the storm as it gets nearer. Her world around her should keep her from harm. She is now safely home for the evening, hoping she will not need to go anywhere for the weekend either, although there are several things on her “To Do Today” list. Besides, she is so engrossed in her book she is not giving much attention to anything but the steamy situation, in which the heroine has found herself.

The book is an escape mechanism Cate often uses when a full day of stress ends with dissatisfaction, when she can do nothing about the accumulating mess in her office. She is finished with a day of too many telephone calls, too many details that are still to be decided upon, and a week when no one seemed to be helping. Instead everyone seemed to add additional paperwork to the already too full file that has to be reduced to a ten page report she hopes will be read. Maybe a quiet weekend will get it all into some kind of order inside her head and she can begin to assemble something that will spark an interest in the few people who will bother to read it. Her supervisor should be putting the report together, instead of leaving it on Cate’s desk with a note, “Fix this trash. I’m out of town Monday.”

The sudden ringing of the doorbell startles her and she jerks. She jerks again as a loud clap of thunder sounds as if it is only a few blocks away. Then she chuckles at herself as she pushes herself out of the overstuffed chair to see who is at the front door. When she looks through the small window in the front door, she recognizes Henry Tierney, one of the izmit escort company partners, with whom she has little more than a nodding acquaintance. In such a large company, it is not surprising, people at the lower end of the middle management staff, have no opportunity to know the executives on the two floors above her much smaller office.

Cate opens the door and greets one of her bosses, “Good evening, Mr. Tierney. Can I help you?”

“Yes, you can invite me in before I am struck by lightening”, he says, with a light hearted grin, as a long low rumbling comes from the dark sky. He looks behind him and says, “That thing’s getting closer all the time.”

“Oh”, she opens the door wider. “Wow, it really is getting worse. I haven’t been paying much attention. I’m sorry, yes, please come in.”

She moves back and takes a few steps into the large, dimly lit, living area and asks, as politely as she dares, “Ah… is there something I can do for you?”

“Well, probably a couple of things, but just one for this visit.”

Although he looks at her when he speaks, it seems to Cate that everything he says is spoken to some area below her chin rather than looking her in the eye, as she would have expected from someone in his position. She is also somewhat nervous, not expecting anyone from the company, much less one of the partners, to come to her home.

When she glances down, she realizes she is wearing only a thin nightgown. Her nipples are very prominently showing through the sheerness of the lacy material. Trying to disguise her movements, she slowly crosses her arms across her chest and watches the friendly smile on his face change to a look of disappointment. “Ah, you said you need something, sir?”

“Yes, well … you see, I have these new sales totals… ah… that I wanted to make sure were included… in that report … the report you’ve been working on.” While stumbling around for words, he is pulling several sheets of paper from the inside pocket of his jacket.

“Oh, okay”, Cate says holding out her hand for the papers, which Mr. Tierney does not seem to be willing to let go of. “Those are probably what I was looking for earlier today.”

“Did you bring that file home with you?” he wants to know. Both of them jerk and look toward the patio doors as a boom of thunder is heard and the back yard is lit by lightening.

“Yes sir, it’s in my briefcase”, she says a little louder than necessary. And then she lowers her voice, to add. “I thought I might find a little time this weekend, away from the constant ringing of the telephones, to try to sort through all of it.” While saying this she walks across the room, turns her briefcase over and unzips the sides, laying it flat on the ottoman in front of her reading chair, without realizing she is giving him a good view of the low back of her nightgown and her rounded bottom.

When she turns around to take the papers from him, she sees he has followed her across the room and extended his other hand as if to touch her. She can do nothing more than stand there looking at him. It is a moment that lasts longer than either of them would care to guess. They stand silent, lips slightly parted, his hand extended as if to touch her and her hand extended to take the papers from him.

“Catherine?” There is softness in his tone of voice she did not expect. It does not occur to either of them that he has called her by her real name, not the nickname she usually uses, nor the “Miss Preston” most of the officers use to address her.


“My name is Henry. Would you mind very much…?” His voice pauses.

“Yes?” She does not know why he did not finish his question.

“What I wanted … to ask … is …,” again, there is a falter in his voice.

“Yes, Henry?” She does not know what he wants, nor does she know what is happening to her. She is trembling and having difficulty breathing. A small twitch at the corner of her mouth cannot decide if she wants to smile.

“What I really want…” As he said this, he steps forward, slowly lifts his hand, and rests the backs of his fingers against her collarbone. He watches his hand going slowly down her chest across the slope of her breast as a shiver go through Cate’s body.

“Beautiful”, he breathes, barely louder than an exhale. He lowers the outstretched hand, takes another small step forward, and slips it around her waist. Ever so slowly, as if he would let her move away if she wanted to resist, he gathers her close to his body, enjoying the feel of her warmth. Gently, waiting for some resistance, he presses his lips to her slightly parted mouth.

Cate’s breath catches softly, as she feels her breasts pressed against the hardness of his chest, while the kiss deepens. She feels his tongue run across her lower lip then slip gently between her lips, not deeply, just a slow, soft, slide from one side of her mouth to the other. All she can do is close her eyes and feel his tongue probe farther to engage izmit anal yapan escort her own, and then slowly slip out of her mouth, to brush her upper lip before he raises his head and looks at her. He smiles and says, “I really enjoyed that. May I kiss you again?”

Cate is unable to do more than give a faint nod. She does not hear the papers he is holding flutter to the floor, but she does feel his arms wrap around her tighter, gather her as close as possible. His kiss deepens while her arms move up to his shoulders. His kisses grow deeper, harder, and then became light and gentle. When he releases her lips, the kisses are on her cheek, her eyelids, at her temple, and then capturing her mouth again, as if he will never let it go. Sooner than she would like, he slowly withdraws his mouth, leaving her mouth wet, her eyelids fluttering, and her lips tingling.

As he raises his head he tells her, “I have wanted to do that ever since the first time I saw you. But I was afraid to risk a rejection. I wanted to ask you to dinner. I dreamed of holding you, to feel your softness. I want to run my hands through your hair and let the sparkle I see there, drift between my fingers.”

As quickly as he began talking to her, he stops and just stands there with a soft smile on his face. He puts his hand to the back of her head and brings her head toward him, to rest against his shoulder, his head to one side, resting on top of her head. He stands so sill, while he holds her. She hears and feels the beat of his heart as it slows and his breathing return to normal. And still, he holds her, planting an occasional kiss to the top of her head, while he moves his hands up and down her back. The embrace becomes so comfortable she does not want it to stop.

She feels a rumble in his chest before she hears him chuckle, then say, “You have no idea how often I’ve imagined kissing you. I’ve even dreamed of what you would taste like. And now, I’m frightened that I may have ruined it by being so forward.”

Pushing gently against his chest she leans back slightly so she can look at him and asked, “Why?”

“Why what, Sweetheart?” He bends forward slightly, to look into her face, giving little thought to the endearment he used.

“Why are you frightened? I think I was kissing you back”, Cate admits, a faint, fleeting, smile going across her face.

“Yes, you were, and I loved every moment of it.” The smile leaves his face and his voice lowers, “But, I don’t want it to stop there. I want more of you. I want to feel every inch of you. I want to taste you. See how bold I can be”, he tells her. But he does not wait for her response, “I want to feel you yield to me, and see you blush from the tip of your nose to the tips of those soft breasts I can feel against me.” With intensity in his voice, he adds, “And I want it now.”

She doesn’t know what to say, so she simply smiles. A sudden flash of light and almost simultaneous crash of thunder overhead startles them, sending their elongated shadows across the room and up the opposite wall. A second flash, brighter than the previous one and a long rumbling roar of thunder causes Cate to shake and look at the uncovered patio doors. Surprising even herself, her smile turns into a gentle laugh as she feels herself lifted, his arms tight around her, until her head is above his. Unaware she can be so bold, she pulls his head forward for more of the most delicious kisses she had ever tasted.

As he lowers her feet to the floor, she takes his hand and begins to pull him toward the back of the house. It is a brazen move she does not bother to examine, and cannot explain, but it feels so right. She leads him to the bedroom, to the side of the bed, throws back the covers, and pushes his shoulders so he will sit down. And then she steps between his knees. When he moves his face forward to rest against her, his arms lift to her back to press her against him. She bends over him, her arms around his head, and feels the intimacy of the moment flutter through her lower belly. His face turns and his hot breath is against her breast. His opened mouth seeks one nipple through the thin nightgown. She knows he feels the tremor in her body. He suckles for a few moments, seeks the other nipple, and further tremors reach all the way to her core.

His hands glide down, sliding over the silky fabric of her nightgown. Reaching to gather the hem of her nightgown, the material collects on his wrists as his hands slide up the back of her thighs. One hand comes around and slips between her thighs to brush the curls between her legs. Her breath catches and she hears him say, “I knew you would be this wet. I just knew it. I must taste you.”

In a movement she has no idea how he manages to accomplish, which brings laughter from both of them, she is flat on her back, on the bed, with his face between her legs. A low groan comes from his throat. His hands slid under her to lift her hips. His hot mouth is izmit yabancı escort resting against her heat while his tongue goes out to separate her lips. He tastes her wetness, sending thrills through her body and causing her inner thighs to quiver.

For a moment, their attention is drawn to the window above the headboard. They see a bright flash, seen through the light splatter of rain falling down the glass of the window. The flash is followed by the long low moving rumble of thunder and a second flash before the rolling thunder ends.

Still in his suit, his necktie hanging almost in her face, he is above her, lowering his mouth to capture hers, sharing her taste with her. His knees hug her hips and the crotch seam of his pants strains from his spread knees and his growing erection inside. He lowers his head, to rest beside hers. “Please don’t rush me”, he whispers. “I want to enjoy you.”

When he lifts his head to look at her, Cate’s hands come up to hold his head, “Yes, but I think we need to get some of these clothes off you, first.”

He nods easily, “I can do that, yes. But, I do not want this to be one selfish night of me taking pleasure from you.”

He slides back and stands in front of her. “Catherine, do you want me?”

Lifting her head and rising to support herself on her elbows, she boldly answers, “Yes Henry, I do.”

He holds out a hand, taking the one she offers, and pulls her to stand in front of him. She watches as he removes his suit coat and puts it on the back of the chair across the room. He stands before her, removing his tie and shirt, then sits to take off his shoes and socks. Cate takes one step forward, but Henry holds up one hand to stop her, as he unbuckles his belt, lowers the zipper and removes his pants before putting them over his coat.

He stands before her, in his boxer shorts, unashamed of his erection pushing against the front of his shorts. He offers his hand, and grasps her hand when she gives him her own. Pulling her toward him, he slowly lifts her hand to place it on his shoulder and holds it there. He puts his other hand on her waist, and although she would move closer to him, he holds her away. “A storm like this stirs the blood and causes people to seek shelter. May I offer myself to shelter you?”

Unsure what he is asking, or why she agrees, Cate nods. She does not resist when he gathers her into the circle of his arms, pressing his erection against her. Without thought, her arms move to hold him, resting against the muscles of his shoulders. His kiss is gentle, a slow slide across her lips. He rests his forehead in the crook of her neck and moves his hands down her back, to pull her hips tight to him as a shudder goes through him.

Heavy rain splatters on the window above the headboard of the bed, and rolls down the glass. Neither Cate, nor Henry, has attention to give to the storm. Their entire beings are absorbed in each other as his mouth begins to explore hers. He presses his tongue between her lips and sucks her tongue into his mouth. He nibbles on her lower lip and offers his own for her teeth to explore. He tastes her, pushing his tongue under hers and strokes upward, doing it over and over giving her a sample of how he will delve between her lower lips when he lifts her hips in his hands. The tip of his tongue swirls around the tip of her tongue.

Her breathing increases until she is panting, when his hands come around to hold her breasts. She presses herself against him, capturing his palms against her nipples, moving her body from side to side. He lowers his mouth to the softness of her neck, tastes the skin over the pulse which beats frantically as her voices expresses her wordless pleasure from his ministrations.

“I have to touch you”, he begs, putting his hands as far down her thighs as he can reach and begins to lift her nightgown, while the silky material slides up her legs. Gathering the nightgown in his hands he lifts it, slowly pulling it over her head and dropping it behind her.

“Oh my god”, he says as he bends, resting his hands on her hips, his face between her breasts, and then slides his hands around her to cup her bottom, then he straightens, pulling her against his hardness. He takes a deep breath, drops to his knees, and looks up at her, as if he would worship her beauty.

“Henry, Henry, please”, Cate begs.

“Yes, sweetheart, a moment please”, he responds resting on his haunches as he circles her ankles with his hands and lifts them slowly up her calves to rest for a moment at the back of her knees. He leans forward to rest his face in the curls of her sex and takes a deep breath. He brings his hands to the outside of her thighs as he rises, going up the sides of her, feeling the flare of her hips, the indentation of her waist and still upward to her breasts resting his thumbs in her cleavage. His hands cup the fullness of her and then his hands travel up to the cap of her shoulders, where his hands rest while he leans forward to kiss her gently.

He brings his hands down her arms and holds her hands, backing toward the bed, taking her with him. He lays her gently on the bed and moves to lie beside her. Brushing her hair from her face, he traces each of her eyebrows before bending to kiss her.

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