Oca 07

A Dark Desire Ch. 01

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It was late December. Snow lay all about as Mike made his way to his step-Mother’s for a seasonal family get together. He had been working hard and was laden with presents for his family. His father had left home when he was 17 and his ‘adopted family’ had become closer to him than his real family, his mother excepted. When his father had remarried he gained a sister. As an only child, he had enjoyed the attention but had always felt something was missing. Gaining a sister had given him so much happiness. Katherine had a sympathetic ear; an understanding personality and warmth, which he had gone without before.

Everything had gone swimmingly. The years passed through his late teens and his twenties and he got on with his life. Then Katherine gave birth to two daughters. Mike had beautiful twin nieces. He had never married himself. He was unlucky in love and frankly was not good at relationships. Hayley and Nathalie called upon his paternal side and he spent year after year doting on them and following their every development through school; going on holidays from time to time; days out and enjoying lots of special moments as loving families do. However, they were not his own flesh and blood and the day came more or less around their eighteenth birthday that Mike realised he was attracted to Nathalie and Hayley. Incredibly so. He was more attracted to Nathalie, simply because he had always had more of a connection with her than the other sister. His emotions frankly disgusted him, but he was finding them hard to ignore. They had turned eighteen four months earlier and were in the last year at College. He had seen less of them in the last year or so, as they spent more time with friends etc. They were often not around when he visited his sister. This had helped to some extent but made his feelings even more intense when he did see them.

Mike had come to the conclusion that Nathalie was aware of his feelings. She was innocent, but not stupid. He knew she and her twin were still both virgins. Katherine had kept them both very young through their teens, so by the time they had reached their eighteenth they were bright, thoughtful but gorgeous young adults rather than precocious ones, like so many of their peers. Mike found this very endearing and attractive. Nathalie had this way of looking at him. An enigmatic, loving smile, which Mike could never quite interpret. She was well aware of her sexuality but thought nothing of sitting opposite him with her legs open when she wore her tight black leggings. Her soft mound and full pussy lips, pressed against the cotton, would often catch Mike’s eye. It made him uncomfortable, but insatiably interested in her hidden treasure. He would imagine what she must taste like, how glorious her pussy had to be.

Hayley greeted him when he first arrived with a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. His first thoughts were always, innocent and loving. Mike began by catching up with the teenagers’ affairs.

‘How is college then Hayley?’

‘Yes, good thanks.’

‘Have you finished for Christmas now?’

‘Yeah last week, but Nat’s still at hers till Monday – Ha ha!’

‘Oh how’s that?’

‘I don’t know.’

‘Oh, where is she anyhow?’

Hayley grinned and went to fetch her sister. Nathalie came into the room, and after another big hug, he gave them their Christmas gift tokens. He had given up trying to buy presents. Tokens, which they could spend on anything in the mall seemed to go down well with the girls. He was popular with them. Despite his far greater maturity, he was a young 40 year old and knew what made them tick.

It was an hour into the party and Mike had popped into the kitchen to help himself to a piece of trifle. Nathalie came in and leant illegal bahis against the radiator looking both deliciously attractive and sweetly innocent.

‘You look gorgeous tonight Nathalie.’

‘Awwww thanks Mike. That’s sweet.’

‘Is it?’

‘What do you mean? It is sweet.’

‘There’s gorgeous and gorgeous though.’

‘I don’t get it.’

‘Yes you do Nathalie.’

Nathalie smiled and looked away shyly.

‘Can I share a secret with you Nat?’

‘Yes, of course.’

‘No really. A proper secret. One that no one can know about.’

‘Yes go on.’

Nathalie looked both interested and concerned.

‘I want to touch you Nat.. I so want to know what your breasts feel like to touch.’

‘That’s naughty Mike, why are you saying that to me?’

‘I know, but if I don’t say it, I’ll go mad, I had to get it off my chest.’

Nathalie’s cheeks had reddened. She looked at Mike with her topaz blue eyes. There was an intense moment of awkwardness and she walked out of the kitchen hurriedly. Mike followed her, suddenly frantic with worry that she would spill the beans. The rest of the family had gathered in another room to prepare a game. Nathalie was sitting at the top of the stairs with her head in her hands. He was cursing himself for his candour. What had he done?!

‘Nathalie, I’m sorry. I thought you would understand.’

‘I’m shocked. I’m your family.’

‘I know, I know. Look, I chose the wrong time – well there was never going to be a right time to say what I said.’

Mike’s sister had just appeared and could see something was wrong. Mike tried not to make eye contact with her and just held out on Nathalie not blowing the whole thing open.

‘What’s up Nat?’


‘Well clearly it’s not nothing.’

‘I’ve got to work New Year’s Eve and I wanted to go to Beth’s party.’

‘Oh is that all! I thought it was something serious! Just ring them up and say you can’t make it!’

‘OK. Thanks.’

‘Anyway, come on you two, we’re going to play Guess Who.’

‘You owe me!’ Said Nathalie when her Mum had gone.

‘OK, OK, thank you Nathalie.’

Mike got through the party, although he struggled but managed to put on a brave face and no one suspected anything was amiss. He had never intended to act upon his desires, as much as he would have liked to, but had felt the need to share his feelings. He was left beating himself up for the next few days. He had badly miscalculated her response and now could only rely on her tact and hope beyond hope that he could see the incident pass.

It was after Christmas when he next saw Nathalie, on the Boxing Day. She managed to snatch a quiet moment with him.

‘I’m sorry for my reaction before Mike, it was such a shock though!’

‘There’s no need to apologise Nathalie, I should have thought harder how you would take it. Are you still disgusted with me?’

‘No, that’s the thing, I’m more curious now and confused. I know you like me, of course. I know maybe I’ve been ever so slightly flirtatious at times, but why do you want to do what you said. I don’t understand.’

‘I’ll try to explain, but not now. Can you come round next week and I’ll tell you.’

‘OK Mike., I’ll send you an email and we can arrange something, but I wish I knew now.’

Mike kissed her on the forehead.

‘I’ll let you know babe, but I have to find the words.’


Nathalie adjusted her fringe as she was always doing and smiled one of her smiles. Mike felt better now.

A few days later, Nathalie had found an excuse to go round to Mike’s house. It was not something she did that often, but made the excuse that she needed some help with a spreadsheet, illegal bahis siteleri something on which Mike was an expert. Mike looked at her fondly when she arrived and was more than pleased to see her in her shiny black leggings and tiny denim skirt. He took her coat and did a double take at her tight black top, with its sheer, semi-transparent, black sleeves.

‘Wow, you look good as usual Nat.’

‘Thanks Mike, I made an effort. Do you like my top?’

‘Yes.’ He said plainly.

‘Do you want a drink Nat?’

She looked a little unsure. As if she didn’t know what to ask for.

‘Do you want a beer?’


She had not long been drinking legally, but her Mother always discouraged it, being teetotal herself. Mike fetched two beers and they sat on his sofa in the back.

‘The thing is Nathalie.’ He said when they had each taken a draught of beer. ‘You will be dating soon no doubt, and I’ll feel so envious. So left out. I will know that someone will be enjoying your beautiful body and I won’t. That hurts. It hurts so much Nat.’

‘Oh Mike.’

‘Does that make any sense at all?’

‘I’m not dating though, I went to the pictures with that one guy, but he was a twat!’

‘I know Kath told me, but you will though.’

‘I suppose, of course, I go to Uni next year.’

‘I just thought, if I could have you in a little way, I would be happy. I would be contented and not eaten away with anxiety for what I was missing.’

Nathalie shuffled on the sofa and her breasts jiggled in her top, Mike fixing his gaze on them brazenly.

‘Does this top make you want to touch me?’

‘Yes, it does. Very, very much.’

Nathalie looked as if she was deep in thought and played with the fringe of her long, dark brown hair.

‘Mike, if I let you play with me and stuff, will you buy me lots of nice things?’

Mike was taken aback. His heart pumped a bit faster and he felt hot and his scalp was prickly with a sudden rush of jangled nerves.

‘Nathalie, are you serious? I thought we were trying to find a way round this.’

‘Yes, I know, but you haven’t just stopped fancying me have you?’

‘No of course not, but it’s deeper than that.’

‘I just thought the experience would be good I suppose and if you bought me things and gave me money now and then, it would help keep me quiet.’

‘Are you blackmailing me?’

‘Noooo, I’m just saying. It will focus my mind, not to drop you in it, that’s all. It sort of makes me complicit.’

‘Fucking hell Nathalie, that’s complex.’

‘Sorry, I just…’

‘OK, anything you want anyway. I would have treated you like silly in any case.’

‘That’s good then.’

There was a momentary awkward silence as Mike looked his niece up and down. He moved right up to her on the sofa and put his arm around her, pulling her close to him. She looked down at her lovely tits and looked at her uncle and smiled. Slowly and casually Mike rolled the back of his hand over the smooth round bumps in her top. His breathing just got a little deeper as he caressed both breasts in his left hand.

‘They feel so soft Nat. Will you take your top and your bra off, so I can feel them properly?’

She knelt on the sofa and pulled her black top over her head. Her hair fell back in place, in a lovely slightly messed way and Mike ran his fingers through the soft strands and pushed her hair away from her face. She had copious mounds of cleavage, which invited him to prod his index finger in between as Nathalie undid the catches on her brassiere. The garment fell away, revealing a perfect pair of juicy tits, her smooth, puffy nipples, pink like blobs of sugar candy. Mike knelt on the canlı bahis siteleri floor between her legs and cupped her breasts in his hands and licked each one. He rolled his tongue over her them, savouring their warmth and milky scent. It sent a shiver down Nathalie’s back as he sucked gently. She felt relaxed and yet excited by what she was doing. There had always been a spark between them, but now it was a different electric, sexual relationship. To both of them it felt wrong and yet so right.

‘Are you hard, have you got wood?!’ Nathalie asked with genuine youthful interest.

‘Yes! I’ll show you.’

Nathalie gazed ahead as Mike unbuckled his belt and unzipped his jeans. He pulled his jeans and pants down together. His cock was immediately up and twitching, a couple of inches from his niece’s face. Mike felt an amazing rush of testosterone and adrenaline as he exposed his thick, hardened penis.

‘Touch it Nat.’

‘What do I do?’

‘Just stroke it underneath. Play with it.’

Mike took a sharp intake of breath as he felt her soft, delicate touch on his dick. She twirled her fingers around the end and stroked it along the length. It made Mike squirm and wince as a little drop of pre-cum oozed out the end.

‘Ooh what’s that!.’ Said Nathalie, a drop of the moisture on her index finger.

‘It’s when men get very excited, it’s like before I cum.’

‘I want to make you cum, what do I do?’

Mike thought for a second. He knew what he wanted. How he wanted to sate himself; to completely indulge and make the most of the situation, without any concern for how taboo and unethical it was. His only thoughts now were for complete gratification.

‘Will you let me put it in your mouth Nat?’

‘Yes, I suppose.’



‘I want to cum in your mouth, will you let me do that?’

‘Yes, whatever you want’

Mike’s dick became that little bit harder as he dwelled upon fulfilling one of his darkest desires. He wiped the end of his cock on her lips and she opened her mouth and let him in. It was soft and moist and Mike gasped with pleasure. He eased himself in and out of her mouth as Nathalie stared up at him, with a look of total submission He stroked her cheeks and her chin tenderly as he felt the first wave of pre-orgasm. His cock got harder and throbbed. Nathalie knew something was happening. Mike’s groans of pleasure grew louder until he half choked/half yelled, a jet of cum spraying into his niece’s mouth. As this welled over her tongue another load came like a little waterfall of spunk and then another. Mike pulled out and allowed her to swallow. She smiled and Mike jerked the last few drops over her lips and chin, his face wrinkled in pleasure.

‘Is it normally that much.’ She asked.

‘No, that was a double!’

Mike was speaking as if he had been running and he took a deep breath as his heart slowly returned to normal. He knelt on the floor and wiped what was left on Nathalie’s face into her mouth

‘Happy now?’

‘Very. Your so special baby. ‘Please keep this between us.’

‘Yes, a promise is a promise. You keep me happy with my gifts and money and I’ll keep you and your friend here happy.’

‘OK. You’re awesome Nat.’

‘What about Hayley?’

‘What about Hayley?’

‘Don’t you want her too.’

‘I like her. I love her like you but I don’t feel the same connection.’

‘But would you?’

‘Yes Nat, I would, but I’m not sure she would. But Nat, you mustn’t say anything. Please promise!!!’

‘OK, OK, I promise. I was just saying, that’s all.’

‘I know babe.’

‘Do you want to do other things next time?’

‘Yes, it would be good, if you’re happy with it.’

‘I’ll look forward to it.’

Mike took out his wallet.

‘Is thirty pounds OK for today?’

‘Wow! Yes, that’s great – thank you!’

She gave her uncle a big hug and set off for home, a little richer and a little less innocent.

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