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A Day in the Sun

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The alarm clock buzzes violently at 9, but we’ve been up for an hour already, too excited to sleep in. You reach over with your strong arm and push the ‘off’ button and I give you a kiss on the cheek and jump out of bed, donning the plush white comfy robe this upscale hotel provides. Teasingly you pull at an end of the soft cloth belt trying to undo the knot I’ve just tied, knowing there is nothing on underneath, but my stern look makes you laugh and you stop.

Come into the shower with me darling~ into the sheer glass shower I go and turn the water to steaming hot. First I always lather my hair with my favorite shampoo concoction, a fresh lavender/rose/violet scent. While my eyes are closed amazingly strong arms start to massage my back. The hands are strong, each finger is thick and long. They have experience and the pressure is just right. They make me almost crumple with relaxation. I rinse the bubbles out of my eyes and look into your eyes. I almost mist as this venture together is so rare and special. You look deeply into my eyes, and almost forcefully pull the back of my neck to your lips. The water courses over us as we kiss first tentatively, softly, feeling each other out. Excitement grows as we find kissing to be sheer delight and we kiss more heavily, deeply and passionately. My breath quickens and I am suddenly drenched not only with water, but with desire.

On we kiss, varying from sweet little loves, to deep, mind bending grasping of each other’s mouths. Your arms encircle my waist and pull me close. I feel your long wet hardness and moan a little from the pleasure of feeling it against my lower stomach. I reach down to rub it but you quickly grasp my wrists and firmly press me against the glass. Your lips devour me, my neck, my ears, my shoulders, my mouth. I cry out in pleasure and tingle and ache for you to be inside me.

You will not acquiesce, not yet. When you reach my breasts I am desperate for fucking and tell you to “stop”! You’ll do no such thing and suckle my breasts with your warm mouth, letting the water cascade over them while sucking, kissing, and biting them until they are bruised and an angry red color. You are tall, and so so hard, there’s naught to do but pick me up, bracing me against the tile wall and letting me wrap my legs around you as you start my favorite part, penetration.

You enter me slowly and I’m tight but give way to your thick cock. I am helpless but to moan frantically for your thrusting deep inside of me. “Oh god!” I cry out at your thick long hardness. I shiver at every thrust, you go deep baby, so deep, it does hurt, it burns a little, but I welcome it and want to feel you, all of you. You actually hit the back of my soft warmth and pound your dick against it until I feel bruised inside and out.

I love it, I know I will feel sore tomorrow, and every time I do I will remember this moment. I cherish the souvenir you have given me! You are extremely strong, and your stamina is never ending, but you cannot take my tight wetness forever. You cum…long and hard and deep…saying my name over and over, “Nickie, oh Nickie, Nickie darling, Nickie!” We both collapse against the wall, feeling spent and yet energized. Once again our lips meet, sweetly, gently, lovingly. We lather each other and become prunes under the water for so long…but it feels so good. Then ha! You! Are you hard again?

As your hands lovingly wash every inch of my body you have had time to let my touch stimulate you. There is a shaving stool in the shower and I willingly sink into it, sitting at just the right level to kiss the tip of your hardening cock. I pretend to be a prude, kissing only the very tip, until suddenly my tongue emerges to lick the rim and the tip and the sides. I like watching you get harder and harder before taking you into my mouth.

My mouth is small, but not too small and it feels good to fill it with your cock. Almost professionally I grab your balls and the base of your cock and start to thrust it in and out of my mouth, very careful of my teeth, but taking it in a bit at a time. Then I surprise you with a deep throat thrust, pulling you into the back of my throat where it gets soft. It’s oh so tender against your sensitive organ. You cry out my name again and again, “fuck, sugar, fuck”! “Ok darling!”

I manage a giggle, then I take this seriously and work you over in and out, in and out, shallow and deep, fast and slow, tongue and throat. You can’t stand it anymore and feel like you need to warn me. “Hush”! I hiss at you just as you cum like a rocket, thrusting out shots of white nectar, and I swallow vigorously; wanting to take you all in, make you mine, have you inside of me. You groan and groan. “Fuck!” you cry out! Then I’ve licked you clean, top to bottom, and you take my face in your hands and tell me you need me, oh how much you wanted me.

I jut my thumb towards the mini-fridge and you laugh. Having washed yourself before our first fuck you grab an extra large soft white towel, wrap escort kocaeli it around your waist, and step out in search of some juice or Perrier. My eyes don’t leave your half naked body for a minute while I relish the broad shoulders, back muscles, and toned biceps. How could I be so lucky? Whatever did I do to deserve this? You have the same type of fluffy white towel waiting for me and an a freshly squeezed OJ waiting too. I drink the refreshing sweet and tart juice straight down, relishing the tiny bit of pulp. Now, finally we’re ready for the day!

We step dripping onto the thick plush rug and I wrap my hair in a whiter than white towel and you start to dry your back. “Sunscreen” I remind you and you roll your eyes at me but grab the blue aerosol Neutrogena spray sitting on the counter. Oooh that’s cold on my arms and freshly shaved legs, thanks by the way for helping me shave them! I have a new pedicure and you love the blood red nail polish on my toes and notice the little flower she painted on my big toe. It’s my little ‘Nickie trademark’. I never forget to put sunscreen on my face as I want to look young forever for my dearest.

We put on our bathing suits under our summer tank tops and shorts and meander downstairs. The continental breakfast is anything but. From elegant silver platters and warmers we fill up on omelets made to order, fresh summer melons, berries, and light French pastries. We linger over our coffees, you adding a bit of cream to your Kona blend.

The sun is glaring and we simultaneously reach for our sunglasses and once again I get a little thrill from how electricity pulses between our intertwined fingers. We drive down Pacific Coast Highway past a million tiny shops, surfboard rentals, bike rentals, food shacks, long expanses of lawn and ridiculously huge mansions. I feel my heart beat faster as we pass the children’s playground to my left as it is the first thing that is endlessly familiar to me. I’m ‘home’ and I can feel it. Can you smell the heavy salt filled air? We pass the fine retail and grocery stores before reaching the art galleries.

I’ve spent hours and hours perusing these familiar magical places. Together we enter one of the glass paned fronts and take in the beauty, the appeal, the emotion and style of the paintings.

We pass the corner of Canyon Rd. and drive up the slight incline, turning left at the museum. As is ever the preternatural case, I find a perfect parking place right over the park entrance.

Down the hill we walk, lawn all around us and we observe early birds like ourselves staking out their grills, and territory with colorful towels, umbrellas, toys, and paraphernalia. We continue down the hill. Why do you always refuse to let me help carry the chairs and cooler? I grab the towels and beach bags and we’re off to the sand.

Down one extreme incline and then it’s not hard to find a perfect knoll of tan grainy sand in which to set down our things. Like everyone else, this is now ‘our’ spot, and we lay claim with our own towels, umbrella, chairs and bags. I sink into a chair, hungry to soak in the warmth and view of the rolling ocean.

It is churning this morning with waves, blue, green, and grey topped with a fine spattering of white foam. You on the other hand, welcome the chance to stride right into the cold salty water and I watch your form admiringly as you seem not notice the tingle and cold of this watery continent. In moments you are just a bobbing head and I do not take my eyes off of you, not even for a minute as I am a silly thing and don’t want you to drown. You are one with the water, and enjoy your short swim, ducking easily wave after wave and then return to me. You being you, it is irresistible not to splash me. I pretend to be mad, but of course the drops of water are welcome as the sun is coming high noon and I feel it’s relentless rays on my skin. I stick out my tongue at you and take off my own clothes revealing a black suit that shows a lot of cleavage and compliments my waist.

Into the water I go, not in long strides, but small steps, cringing at the cold, but wanting past the breakers to let the salt water buoy me up and let me drift, relaxing and moving simultaneously with the waves. Occasionally a strand of sea weed wraps around my foot, or brushes my thigh and I start, but laugh at my silliness, no fish wants a piece of me except for that shark sunning himself on the sand, lying with his eyes closed under the umbrella on the beach.

My legs tingle and burn as the salt irritates my sensitive and freshly shaved skin. It is an annoyance, but it reminds me of the shower we took this morning and I can’t help but feel a shiver down my spine and smile at the memory.

My back to the beach I anticipate every swell and simply drift. The water is now refreshingly cool, while the sun feels as though it is touching my wet hair with piercingly hot fingers and I have to dunk under every few minutes to keep those tendrils of heat away. Suddenly a hard body gölcük escort with strong arms presses against mine in the water, his arms are quickly around me and lifting me effortlessly over the next swell. He can stand where I cannot and I go limp and relax in these hard, comforting arms. Oh! What is that? The arms aren’t the only hard thing I feel, and I turn my head inquiringly. A knowing smile forms on your lips and a salty, cold, wet kiss follows. It is cold and wet on the surface but oh so warm, soft, and deep on the inside. The water hides my hands as I grope for that hard length under your shorts and your breath becomes quick and halted as I firmly grasp it. Somehow my hands are still warm even under the blue chill we are floating in and I tease you for a while, making you miserable with desire. This kissing never ends but goes on and on with you bringing my barely clad body firmly against your chest.

Your tall form and strong arms are such a turn on. Finally we both come up gasping for air and decide to go inshore. For some reason we have to wait a few minutes ‘wink’, and we disconnect from each other, just enjoying the last few waves before swimming and walking back to our towels.

From the cooler we eat some lunch including a few sparkling juices, cheeses and breads along with finely cut vegetables and dips. Hummus and thick bread chips taste delicious. Olive spreads and crackers and even smoked salmon and cuts from a prized deli are included.

The hotel has done a fine job and we are ravenous from the long swim. Neither of us can resist the pull on our heavy lids after the exertion of our watery foray and consumption of our delicious lunch. Carelessly, with hands entwined, we fall asleep on the towels, just for an hour, but it feels so good. The umbrella shields us from the now angry and demanding sun as it is bright and has burned away any last small tendril of a cloud.

When we regain our energy it is off to the tide pools we wander. Never since a little girl have I stopped wondering at the magical creatures we find as we balance on the sharp rocks. Crabs, anemones, baby fish, muscles and more are found in the pools that the now low tide has stranded them in.

I laugh out loud as the sticky anemones quickly grasp my pinky finger hoping to clutch some some small fish in it’s shoelace like fingers. You hold a bigger crab and watch its beady black eyes watch you. It is enjoyable for both of us, and we linger for over an hour or two even.

I arch my back and relish the slight soreness developing in my arms from the swim and suddenly feel a bit sleepy. “Darling?”, I ask and you read my mind so easily. “Let’s go back babe,” you reply.

Slowly we gather up our belongings and meander up the steep hill towards the overlook. Placidly the water plays with the rocks until it hits the breakers and then it becomes fierce and rollicking. We walk along the outlook until we reach the car and make a futile attempt at leaving the sand at the beach! We laugh and put our sandy chairs, blankets, cooler, and umbrella in the trunk, the place of least offense. It is only a few miles to the hotel and it feels easy and luxurious to have the valet take over the car and its belongings. Up the elevator we go to the 7th floor, slightly embarrassed at our disheveled appearance as the couple next to us are obviously dressed for an early dinner.

We enter the nice cool room and it’s been cleaned. The bed is made with soft fresh white linens. The air smells of bleach, saltwater, and the fresh fruit basket left upon the table sporting delicious pears, peaches, plums, and strawberries. While odd, the combination of smells is not unpleasant to the nose. We shower again, but this time separately, hurriedly, remembering this morning and the risks of dawdling and missing our dinner reservation. We decide to walk to dinner as it’s only a half mile away or so. We’ve chosen a pleasant and well known Italian place with a terrace jutting out over the ocean.

It’s not sun set time yet, but we can feel the air shift into a cooler mode and know that the day is drawing to a close. We see the restaurant from several blocks away by its fancy landscaping, and the inviting white twinkling lights woven through the entryway trees and the forest green canvas overhang. We choose a table outside and lay the crisp linen napkins on our laps. Underneath the table you give my knee a squeeze, and I hope you remember forever the way I smile at you.

Bread and butter are soon brought to us and we order. I always order the same thing, and you tease me about it, but I won’t change my mind. Fresh cappellini with organic roma tomatoes, garden picked basil, and lightly glazed baby chunks of garlic barely moistened with a first press cold olive oil. What do you order darling? Would you care for something slightly more carnivorous? Maybe you’d like a mushroom ravioli with marinara sauce? Our server coats it all with ground pepper and parmesan cheese. Everything here is izmit sınırsız escort so good you could close your eyes and point at the menu, and it would turn out just fine. Ice cold dark leafy green salads meet us next. The Arugula, baby spinach, and exotic greens aren’t the slightest bit bitter. A balsamic vinaigrette compliments them perfectly.

We share a large bottle of fine Italian wine. Lingering over dinner talking, we really talk about ourselves, our recent past, our present, and hopes for the future. Finally we notice them starting to clean up and we insist on leaving However le maitre’de has seen our loving glances and our hands holding each other’s for the last half an hour. He insists on bringing out a complimentary gelato. I’m stuffed. You eat it enjoying it’s lovely mixture of chocolate, vanilla, and hazelnut. Maybe I sneak a few bites too!

After dinner we walk along the small winding streets full of art galleries. I love these shops and feel almost reverent at the artful expression someone has been able to communicate onto canvas. We critique, love, hate, laugh, and end up finding a dainty blown glass seahorse that is elegant and beautiful. He seems to be on fire he shines so brightly. A coppery green-brown dotted sheen is extremely alluring. With instant infatuation we buy him, turning our heads away at the price. Without words we know he will forever be a priceless memory of this little trip we’ve taken together.

You insist I keep him, but I will secretly pack it in your overnight bag and he will sit in a prized position in your office. He provides a beacon of light at which to look at and reminisce over when you feel stressed, alone, or overwhelmed. Secretly you are grateful for the relief he provides and you cherish him dearly. It’s enough for me to see him as as if new when I come to visit, re-enchanted all over again. Suddenly we realize we can’t miss the sunset!

We don’t. We savour it as we walk back through the winding avenues and onto PCH where the delightful hotel is. Finally it becomes dusky and dark just as we arrive on the porch of our accommodations. You grab my waist suddenly and urgently, squeezing hard, and I lose my breath.

Sweetheart you are so handsome, I cannot look you in the face lest I betray the fullness of my emotions. We enter the room, but hesitate to fully turn on the lights. I easily find the candles and matches and we feel much more at ease in the candlelight. Stomachs are no longer overly full, no longer hungry, but we worn from our long day in the sun.

Somehow though as we watch stars emerge one by one, an amorous energy overtakes us and I approach the chair you are sitting in from behind, throwing my arms around you and sinking my face and lips deeply into the side of your neck. You stiffen in surprise and then somehow in one elegant fell swoop I am on your lap laughing at the surprise, but not for long. Your eyes dance a deep blue dance and I can read every thought in your head. I close my eyes so that you are shut out from my lust and longing, as it is too raw. Roughly you kiss me on the lips, in my mouth, on my neck. I shiver and return with a forcefulness to match your own. Ever so lightly and easily you pick me up and lay me on the bed. I am your plaything and you do play! Dexterously undoing my buttons, my clasps, my bra, I am naked before I can even protest.

Not wanting me to feel uncomfortable, you quickly disrobe yourself and I pull you onto me. Over me you lie, supporting yourself with your arms, and I feel so small, so eager, so anticipating. Roughly, deliciously, I feel your hardness between my legs and as I reach for you, you flick my knees apart easily and smoothly with hardly a notice on my part.

Once again you are inside me and it is lip bitingly perfect. You are so big, and hard. I am deliriously hot and wet myself. We rock with each other in mutual heaven until I whisper in your ear and your eyes widen! Your arm slips around my waist and with little ado, you flip me over onto my stomach and I kneel up. I know you love it from the back, as do I. Once again you find me, first with your fingers. I moan in anticipation as they make me so wet and ready for your long thick cock.

Once again you enter me and I think I’ll die of pleasure. Now we are closer than we’ve ever been and can move so much more freely. You grab my breasts hard, squeezing them together with one hand as you prop yourself, and use the other to steady yourself on my ass, thrusting hard. You don’t even hear my groans of pain and pleasure as there is a hum in your ears that grows and grows until you are ready to cum.

You take your hand from my breasts and grab my neck in a firm hold. I cry out in pleasure, wanting to please you, willing to do anything, anything at all. You simply move my body more vigorously against yours, sinking yourself deeper and deeper into me, until neither of us can stand it and we both cum…crying out loudly. There is no regard for anyone or anything. Baby you did it! You fucking made me cum! I tingle as I spasm over and over and over, no less than 4 or 5 times. I collapse, never being able to remember feeling so good. You do too, spent and exhausted with the exertion. Both of us are ready for sleep and a new day.

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