Nis 11

A Days Drive

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We are driving down a long straight road in the middle of the day. It’s a beautiful spring day, the sun is high. We are on a long country road in the middle of nowhere. Green fields to both sides of the road, high with wheat and the smell of sweet clover alfalfa covers the air. It smells like a rich honey on the air. I ask you to pull over for a moment. You do and I open my door and start walking. You get out, I can hear your door open. You ask me what I’m doing. I slightly glance back and smile a devilish smile in return to you. I’m wearing a spring cotton dress. Sleeveless and flowing in the light breeze that passes around it. My hair bounces in the breeze as I come up the other side of the ditch and cross into a sweet clover filled field. I can hear the bees and smell the clover. Purple flowers are budding high on the plants this time of year. I can hear the door shut behind you. Shortly there after I can hear the sound of you following me into the clover. You are mumbling to yourself about what I might be up to now. I am smiling to myself at the plan I have in my mind.

I quicken my pace to create a little distance between us. I can see a crest in the landscape before me. I want to have a few minutes on the other side of that drop off before you show up. I turn to you at the crest and blow you a kiss, over exaggerated bursa escort kiss, long and slow. I drop down below the crest and fall into the tall clover and flowers. I carefully unzip the back of my dress and pull it over my head. I lay still on the bed of purple buds and wait for you. My body pulses. I am having visions of you, naked, around me, inside of me. I can feel the blood rushing in me faster. My mouth opens with a gasp at the anticipation my memories are creating. One hand runs over a breast, my nipples are hard. The other, runs down between my legs just over the mound, covered with my panties. I can feel the heat rising between my legs even through the soft material. I will be wet in seconds and ready for you.

You come over the ridge. I can just see the top of your shoulders. Your head moves in all directions, searching for me. I move my legs seductively against each other, making just enough noise in the tall greens to draw your attention my way. As you come closer I can see your cock hard through your pants. I continue to explore my body, not only for your pleasure but for mine. The anticipation of your touch excites me to heights. I am enjoying your gaze as you watch me explore myself. Bra and panties still on, you can not see my inner most secretive places, only imagine as I entwine and twist in the tall bursa escort bayan grasses. Blade of the grass interweaving between my thighs and calves. A shady green mess I’ve created for your enjoyment.

You kneel down beside me. Your body is shaking, you can handle no more watching…you must touch me. Your mouth covers mine, gently at first then with more eager, fuller, aggressive strokes as time passes. Your hands roam over my body. Exploring, feeling their way around my curves. Each finger caressing each dip and crest of my breasts. Feeling the heat they give off as they rise to new heights at your touch. My nipples hard and taught under your your touch. They burn now with a new excitement. They have reached their peak. Slowly your left hand reaches and caresses its way down to the gently moving thighs and between my legs. You slowly reach under my panties and press your fingers into my pussy. It’s already wet and how from your stare. My hips arch to allow you easier access. As your fingers slide in deeper, I push higher to meet you half way. I moan under your weight, your touch is intoxicating. The rest of the world has disappeared from view. Your tongue ligers at my throat, then slowly explores as it travels down ward to my breasts. You lift m bra and expose the soft, round, red nipples to the cool air. One by escort bursa one you bit them…hold on to it till I cry for relief…then let go and watch them and my face as color returns. You left hand is still exploring below my waste. Your whole body works to cover and enjoy every inch of my body. My hands run up and down yours, in every direction to every spot on you I can find. You feel so good, so strong, you are intoxicating to my senses.

You roll up onto me and shove your cock in me, deep. You reach down and grab my legs and press them up towards my head and I rest them on your shoulders as you plunge deeper and deeper into me with each stroke of your hard cock. I have never felt such deep passion in me before. Your eyes glaze over, your lips part as you stare into my eyes. We smile at each other in ecstasy. Over and over you lunge at my pussy with your cock and she takes you, full force and head on. She takes all of you and screams for more, over and over and she pours her hot, white fluid onto your cock. My back arches and I roll under you, side to side in sweet agony as you fuck me. My breasts heaving towards the sky with each blow I take. Sweat drips from our bodies, the air becomes thick, it’s hard to breath as we rock together in slow motion to our own beat. You pour into me and shudder as I come below you with equal force. We stare lovingly at each other for what seems like hours, but is only minutes. Our lungs catching up much needed air. Our pulses race and heart beats steady. We are one. It’s good to be home! Home is where my heart is, always!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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