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A Decision We Don’t Regret

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What would you do if you found out about something that was a secret? That’s exactly what happened to me and it’s something that I must make a decision on soon as to what to do.

I guess I should start from the beginning…

My name is Bob and my wife’s name is Annette (Ann) and we have been married for 20 years. We are both 45 and we have an adult son & daughter in college.

I own my own business & every now & then I go out of town for a work related convention or seminar for my tech business. Recently Ann decided to get a part time job since the kids aren’t home. I told her it would be good for her to get out of the house. She said she wanted to get something light and maybe just a couple of days a week.

Over the next few months, she found something that interested her…a part time job in a photographer’s studio, helping out and doing odd jobs for the photographer, a woman named Diane.

She got the job and would be working one day during the week and on Saturday. Diane would eventually train her to help with developing and actual photo shoots in the studio.

Now, before I go any further, let me describe Ann. She is 45, has a great figure for her age from daily workouts. She is 5’6″, 125, auburn hair, blue eyes, nice legs, tight ass and full tits with big nipples.

Ann started work and she said it was interesting and she liked it. She also said that Diane was a great boss.

Over the next few months, Ann learned a lot and was starting to help with photo shoots in the studio. She was making good money but then I noticed small changes with Ann.

One day Ann said to me, “Bob, Diane asked me to work with her on special out of town assignments. I want to but I don’t. That make sense?”

“If you want to work more, do it. As long as you are well compensated for it.”

“Diane told me I’d be making a lot more money but I hate being away from you.”

“Well then, tell her you’ll do it.”

“Thanks hon.”

So, Ann was now working three days a week and doing out of town shoots at least once a month and making good money.

One Saturday, Ann asked me to do the laundry, which I’ve done before so when she went off to work, I got the dirty clothes together and started putting them in the washer when I noticed a white thong that didn’t look familiar. I checked out the size and it was a size 4 and my wife’s size was 6 and wondered how it got in her stuff. Anyway, I did the laundry.

When Ann got home, her clean clothes were out for her to put away. I never mentioned the thong. eryaman rus escort She thanked me and that was the end of it.

For the next few days I kept bringing myself back to that thong. If it wasn’t Ann’s, whose was it & how did it end up with my wife? I was suspicious now and had to find out.

When Ann was out, I checked all of her thong sizes and they were all a 6, except for that one pair.

Over dinner one night I asked Ann, “So, how is the job going? You know, you never told me anything about your boss. What’s she like?”

As we ate, Ann said, “Oh, she’s about 50, tiny thing…5’4″, maybe 110, dirty blond hair, blue eyes…very nice person.”

I didn’t say another word and after dinner I started putting things together. At 5’4″, she was probably a small size, possibly a 4…Now, how did her thong wind up in Ann’s possession? I also started wondering about her out of town trips. I decided to find out for sure.

One day I told Ann that I had to go to a convention for the business and I would be gone two days. Before I left, I set up a couple of surveillance cameras in the house, one in the master bedroom and one covering the living room area without her knowing. I would be able to see & hear everything that was going on, live and it would be recorded.

The day came & I left for my trip, which really took me to a motel outside of town. During the day nothing happened but later that night I saw Ann & her boss, Diane, come in the house.

I could hear most but I could see them clearly. It wasn’t long before things got interesting. Ann disappeared for a few minutes & came out of our bedroom holding the small white thong and handed it to her boss as they were laughing. “Diane, my hubby washed these for you.”

Then it happened…my wife & her boss shared a kiss, a deep passionate kiss. I almost passed out from the sight. Here was my wife of 20 years kissing a woman. I watched as they got on the couch, kissing and feeling each other up. Then they both started undressing until they were both naked.

Ann seemed to be the one taking charge and led her boss to the bedroom. I watched them from the hidden camera as they got on the bed. It wasn’t long before Diane was on top of my wife rubbing her pussy into Ann’s. In a few minutes their bodies seemed to be convulsing as they both must have had orgasms.

They cuddled awhile and they must have fallen asleep. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I was truly shocked.

Some time later, they made love again and Diane even slept over with ankara escort bayan my wife, both nude in my bed.

The morning was no different. They didn’t bother to dress and now my cock was rock hard as they got in bed and going at it again. I must admit that Ann looked terrific and instead of getting really pissed off, I enjoyed watching her with Diane. I must have jerked off a few times watching them.

By mid afternoon, there must have been someone at the door because Ann went to the door still naked and opened it and in came a guy. She kissed him and led him to the bedroom.

I watched in disbelief as the guy undressed and started kissing Ann & Diane and all if them feeling each other up. I could see the guy’s hard cock, which looked pretty big. Here was my wife, getting ready to get fucked by some stranger…I was mesmerized as I kept watching.

In no short term, the three of them were on the bed with the guy in the middle. Ann had her hand on his cock as Diane was kissing him. My wife then started sucking the guy’s cock as he was now eating Diane. Then Ann stopped sucking him and straddled him and lowered her cunt down on his cock. She started riding his cock, her tits bouncing up & down. It wasn’t long before the guy said, “Hey, Ann, I’m going to cum.” She rode him faster and harder as she said, “Fill my cunt with your cum baby.” He must have cum in her as she eased herself off of his cock. Diane then went and slipped his limp cock in her mouth to get him hard again which she successfully did.

This went on for quite awhile until early evening when Diane & the guy left.

I watched as Ann cleaned up, changed the bed linen and got everything in order before I got home.

It was around 11:00 p.m. when I arrived home. Ann kissed me and asked how things went & I told her it was interesting. I asked her how things went here and she just said it was boring and was glad I was home.

I showered and got into bed and then Ann asked if I wanted to fuck. Of course I said yes and fucked her thinking of the guy she fucked earlier and shot a big load of cum into her well used cunt.

The next day I went to work wondering what to do… confront her or don’t say or do anything & accept it.

All day I thought about it and decided to confront her…that night we were in the family room as I put the tv on. I said to her, “Ann, there’s a special show on tv tonight. Let’s watch it.”

As she cuddled with me, my recorded video came on. She looked at me and I sternly told her to elvankent escort bayan just watch & not say anything. When it was all over, I said, “You have something you want to tell me?”

“Bob, I’m so sorry and ashamed. Please forgive me.”

“How could you? Diane, ok but the guy…how could you do that to me?”

“I’m sorry…it just happened.” She said crying.

“Are you going to divorce me?”

“I’m not sure but you aren’t working for Diane anymore. Understand?”

“But Bob, please don’t say that. We love each other… what if I have her join you and me. I know she’ll let you fuck her. You can have us both anytime.”

She continued, “You have always wanted a threesome, so now you can have it anytime.”

I thought about for a minute…but what about the guy? How many other guys were there?”

“There were two others… that’s all…I swear it.”

“I must admit, I got turned on by watching you fuck the guy. Maybe we can work things out, under my conditions. Interested?”

“Anything you want Bob…please.”

“Have Diane over here tonight for dinner and don’t mention anything to her.”

That night Diane came over and I met her for the first time. We had a pleasant dinner and after we cleaned up, I poured us some wine and went into the living room.

I said, “Diane, Ann has something to say to you….Ann”

Ann said, “Diane, Bob knows all about us and even the guy. He said he won’t divorce me but that would be up to you.”

“What could I do?”

“Bob said that if you join us in threesomes, everything would be ok.”

“Is that what you want Ann?”

“That’s the only way you and I can be together and he gets his threesomes. It’s up to you.”

“For you, I’ll do it. You know I like cock too.”

That being said, we enjoyed our wine and had our very first threesome, one of many. Now, Ann and I had to discuss the guy thing…

“Ann, do you love me?”

“Yes, I do.”

“Now, be truthful…do you like being fucked by other guys?”

“I hate to admit it, but yes I do.”

“Do you want to continue fucking other guys?”

“Not if it means an end to our marriage.”

“If I said it would be ok for you to fuck other guys, would you?”

“Only if you wanted me to. I would do it for you.”

“Ann, be honest…you would be doing it because you want to and because it gets me off.”

“Then yes, I would do it, for us.”

“Ann, then you can but in our bed and me recording you.”

“Ok. I can do that. That would be fine.”

From then on, we had plenty of threesomes with Diane and I enjoyed the infrequent visitors who fucked Ann as I recorded them. And, the sex Ann & I had after one of her trysts was exceptional.

We are trying to even enhance what we started…this time we are doing it together….

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