May 22

A Different New Year

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We were invited to the beach for New Year’s Eve. There were two rental houses side by side. In the smaller one Camille’s friend Odile and her new husband were staying for summer. Next door, a larger house had been rented by Odile’s younger brother and two of his surfy friends for their Uni holidays. It was a big house and we were given the room downstairs. The three younger men, boys really, who were several years younger than us, were upstairs.

Much was drunk during a convivial barbecue on the front lawn overlooking the beach. It was a balmy night. Hot even. Passers by sang out greetings and were in good cheer. The surfer boys flirted shamelessly with the two somewhat older young women, Camille and Odile. They were full of youthful self-assurance. The women responded good-naturedly. Much was made of the boys being without girlfriends and having to rely on their own devices for their pleasure.

The males were in shorts and t-shirts, Camille was wearing bikini bottoms and a singlet. It wasn’t difficult to imagine her naked. Odile sported shorts and a bikini top. She too seemed a picture of sexual fantasy. For a moment I idly and drunkenly imagined the both of them in sexual service to all of the men, but had to stop myself when I felt a surge of blood to my cock and had to reposition on my chair to hide it. It made me notice, however that the boys were also aroused, and not bothering to hide it at all. Odile’s brother, Sam, was sat next to Camille and seemed particularly focussed on her, his arm around her shoulder and the bare skin of their legs and arms touching. His erection was almost pocking out of the edge of his shorts.

Camille gave me a sexy smile, licking her lips quickly to indicate that she was looking forward to us going to bed. It was hard to tell if she had seen his hard-on.

We popped open a bottle of bubbly to mark the passing of midnight and soon after I was struggling to keep my eyes open. It has been a long drive down from the city earlier in the day. Camille had dozed in the passenger seat and wasn’t so tired.

I said goodnight. Odile and her husband got up at the same time to go next door.

“I’ll be in soon,” said Camille. Did Sam have his hand on her thigh, güvenilir bahis or was it my drunken imagination?

“No,” one of the boys protested. “It’s only early. There’s more champagne!”

There was laughter. I could hear them talking and laughing on the grass outside as I crawled under the sheet with an image of the women, both naked, and the young men groping them, and then immediately fell asleep.

I woke suddenly and completely in the early hours. Camille was spooned behind me and her hand was around my aching hard cock, the house was quiet, the lights off. We were facing the window, away from the door. I nestled back against her. Something else was going on. Her body was moving rhythmically against mine. For a second, I thought she was dry-humping me but suddenly I knew that someone was fucking her from behind, his body pushing hers against mine. My erection went from a nine to a ten. I made as if to turn my head to look at her, at what was happening behind her, but she pushed her face into my neck and tightened her grip on my cock, to make me stay as I was. Her right leg made its way on top of my right leg, gently pinning me down and opening her legs to the cock owner behind her. It was then that I could feel something else, another leg against my own, as its owner found a better position to get to Camille’s cunt. Which one of the boys was it? Sam? Rick, the one who had wanted her to have more champagne? The other boy, Alan, who had been equally perving at her legs and the swell of her breasts during the night?

As if it no longer mattered to maintain an illusion of quiet and secrecy, a hand, the hand of the fucker, moved between my back and Camille’s breasts. I could feel his knuckles against my spine, as he massaged one of her hard nipples, while the rhythm of his cock sliding in and out of her cunt continued. Camille was breathing heavily into my neck, her hand not leaving my own cock.

I could hear him breathing now. His breath getting heavier until Camille was pushed hard against me and held tightly there as he ejaculated. I was on the brink of cumming myself but Camille’s hand had stopped moving and her own breath came out in loud exhalations while he pumped her with his semen. türkçe bahis

The bed lightened and his leg moved from mine. There was some quiet noises and he left the room.

Still with me half-pinned, half-beneath her, Camille took her hand from my cock, grabbed my hand, which was resting behind me on her hip and pulled it behind me, between her legs. Our fingers were entwined as she slid them into her sloppy cunt. She moved my hand to my cock and had us rub her cunt-juice and semen into my skin with the pre-cum that was leaking copiously. Then back again to her cunt. This time she took our hands and moved them to my mouth. I tried to resist but the moment was too loaded. Our fingers, covered in semen and cunt, went into my mouth and I sucked at the taste of the cum from whoever had just fucked her. I was no stranger to the taste of my own cum. Camille would often rub my face with cum from her hands when she jerked me off. But this was something else. I was surprised and confused at how turned on I was.

I reached back to her cunt and found more juices to suck from my own fingers while her hand went back to my cock. I was again on the brink of cumming when the weight on the bed changed and another body slid up behind her. Another of them had come into the room! I could feel a cock against my fingers, searching for the sloppy opening. I kept my fingers there. The cock slid past the tips of my fingers and deep inside her.

Camille got more expressive. Her hips thrust back against this new body while my hand, rather awkwardly, clutched at her cunt as the cock pumped in and out.

Who was it? Two of them now? My wife being fucked. And I was lying there, letting it happen, my erection on the verge of explosion.

This time I knew not to try looking over my shoulder. It was better that it be anonymous. It was more thrilling.

This second fuck was very quick. As he pulled his cock from her when he’d finished, he rubbed it against the back of my hand several times. Deliberately. He was telling me that he had just fucked my wife and that I was an accomplice. There was semen everywhere as my hand slid back deeper between her legs. Again she brought her hand to join mine and they were güvenilir bahis siteleri soon covered with semen. Again she lifted our hands to my mouth, this time rubbing them against my face. My skin and eyebrows were thick with cum. The taste of it was in my mouth.

There was no immediate movement from the bed. I imagined one of the boys kneeling over us, watching as Camille magnified my cuckolding by making me suck his cum from my fingers. Which one was it?

Her hand was back on my cock, slimy with semen. I couldn’t stop myself. I let out a groan and began ejaculating. I thought I wasn’t going to stop. Camille’s hand was cupping the top of my erection. I could feel my cum pumping into her palm and oozing between her fingers. And then her hand was back on my mouth, and I was licking my own cum from her fingers.

Whoever had been in the room left.

“You’re a good boy,” whispered Camille into my ear. And she fell immediately asleep.

I was still awake, and there was the weight of another person on the bed. The third boy? Someone for seconds. Camille was asleep but began moaning contentedly as the third boy slid his cock into her sloppy cunt. He just wanted to get off. I lay there with my eyes open feeling the push of her body against mine as he had his turn in her cunt.

He came and then quickly left the room. I reach behind to cup her mons with my palm and slide two fingers into her cunt. It was as if her cunt would eat them. As if it was an independent part of her that just wanted to be fucked. Camille murmured contentedly into my shoulder as I, once again, covered my fingers with cum. Three lot of cum. Four, counting my own. I rubbed my face with semen and put my fingers back in her cunt.

When I woke Camille was already up and having coffee in the kitchen. I put on some clothes, wiped the dried cum from my face, and went out into the kitchen. The three boys looked at me. There was no embarrassment. I tried to play it cool.

Nothing was said. It was as if nothing had happened. And yet it had.

“All three,” I said.

“No, just two.”

“The thirds one came in and fucked you while you were asleep,” I said.

She looked at me, as if not sure whether or not to believe me.

I didn’t know how to talk about it with her again. So I didn’t. And since she didn’t mention it again, it became our secret secret and life went back to normal. I’ve thought about it ever since.

The end.

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