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A Different Story

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Since we were first married I liked to have my wife Louisa naked in front of others. She was very shy but something also excited her about going nude and I started a regular action of conviction. The first time she timidly left her top off on a beach. Her pear shaped breasts made a success. For a while she kept it as a one off to make me happy but it was also a blast for her ego. I insisted. It will take a certain time but I was able to persuade her so we have gone to nude beaches, clothing optional hot springs and resorts.

Slowly but regularly I also kept talking to her about sex with other people.

In the beginning she refused all pleading the presence of our children at home and her uneasiness in such activities but we became friends with a more experienced couple, Henry and Patricia. They were located in the same town than ours and were mild swingers. Patricia talked with my wife. For the first time Louisa seemed to be interested at getting loose. One night we went nude with them in their hot tube. At a certain moment Henry played with my wife’s pussy under the water and she took his cock in hand while Patricia and I watched the scene. Then Patricia took my cock in mouth and the four of us ended in the bedroom swapping partners.

We met them regularly for two years then Henry was transferred to another state and Patricia followed him.

This happened a few years ago and since then I watched my wife getting fucked by other men. Not that we became regular swingers but three other guys had their way with her.

Nothing is more exciting for me as I am a real cuckold in soul.

First she had sex with a gym instructor who fucked her six or seven times in a year. We found him on line.

The second was a divorced friend of mine. I played golf with him and he played a lot with Louisa. He was a teacher and fucked her all over. He was funny and rather aggressive. Louisa was in love with the situation and with his cock.

The third was a co-worker.

Usually she preferred single guys and medium term stories (one year, one year and half, no longer). This was more compatible with family commitments for us (we had two children in their teens then). All was ok. Nobody realized how hot we were but the last guy was a bit pushy and Louisa determined to stop our extra curricular activities with other men fixing her limit at a bit of flaunting on a nude beach as we did in the beginning.

I always watched her but the episode I want to relate on is different. It happened after she deliberated to stop having sex with other men.

One day we decided to go to the river, but Louisa wanted to go to a different spot that she had heard about. I was kind of reluctant as I knew that most people would be nude at our usual spot and wasn’t sure what we’d find at the new spot.

We found the trail along the river and hiked for about 40 minutes and came to a big wide pool in the river with a nice sandy beach, but as we looked around everyone seemed to have swim suits on. We set up our folding chairs at the waters edge and looked around and saw two couples on the other side who were nude. There was also a low folding chair about 15 feet to our right and we saw kocaeli escort bayan a naked guy coming out of the river heading towards it. Well, my wife started stripping and I did the same.

After awhile my wife and the guy on our right struck up a conversation. His name was Paul, he was about our age and he said he had not been to this spot before either. He said that he was doing handyman, yard work, gardening etc. We also found out that he lived a short distance away from us in the same town.

While Louisa was talking to Paul I noticed a nice looking gal who looked about 28 to 30 set up a chair about fifteen to twenty feet to my left. She was joined by a man a few minutes later and they stripped their clothes off. She was kind a thin, had small but very perky tits and a nice light brown bush. Then I noticed another nude couple on our left a little behind us. I guessed the woman to be about 40, but very nice looking and I had a great view of her tits and pussy.

After awhile my wife and I went into the water. We swam out in the middle where it was pretty deep and then came back closer to shore and stood about waist deep in the water. Paul was standing there also and we talked a bit. Then I went back to sit on the shore while Louisa and Paul stayed in the water and talked. Pretty soon the perky girl got up from her chair and came over to borrow some sunscreen so I got a great close up look at her. Then she brought it back a few minutes later so I got another good look at her tits, ass and pussy. All the while Louisa and Paul stood out in the water talking.

Soon Louisa and Paul got out of the water and sat in their chairs. They talked a little more and Louisa asked Paul if he had a business card so we could call him if we needed some work done. She walked over to where he was sitting and waited for a minute or two while he found a card. She came back and we got dressed and walked back to our car.

When we got to our car Louisa asked me if I could hear what she and Paul were talking about. I said “no” and she told me that he told her she had beautiful breasts. Then he asked if it bothered her that he was looking at them. She told him “No it didn’t.”

I said it was too bad he couldn’t see her pussy so well under the water. She then pointed out that when she went over to where he was sitting to get a business card that her pussy was right at his eye level so he had a great look at then.

After hearing all of this and looking at several other naked women that day I was really turned on and so was she. We had some great sex that night.

I did not describe my wife Louisa actually. She was forty one at the time. Most people said she looked younger. She is about 5’7″ and 145 lb well distributed with nice 34D pendulous boobs and a beautiful ass. She had very short length color-treated blond hair and a nice dark brown bush.

Anyway, after we got home that Sunday evening we had some wine and dinner and talked about our day at the river. We were both pretty aroused and had some great sex that night.

What happened next kind of surprised me.

I was at work Monday morning when Louisa called me about 10:00 am and told me she had called izmit escort bayan Paul because she wanted him to do some odd jobs around our house. She told me that when she called him he said that he had hoped she was calling for ” something else”. She told him she was not interested in anything other that some work that we needed done – mainly that we had just had a new house built and there was a lot of clean up left to do. She was off work the next day, so he would come over on Tuesday when she was home and she could show him what need to be done and he could give us a price for the job.

I was at work on Tuesday and I called home about 1:00. Louisa answered the phone and said that Paul had looked over the job and now they were on the deck having a drink.

I thought she was getting pretty friendly with him, but she insisted that nothing was going to happen between them and she said she had made that clear to him.

Paul came to our house a couple of days later when we were both at work and we left him a check. Louisa had talked to him on the phone a few more times as we had more work to be done. She also said that she thought he was a nice guy and that since she likes to go to the river on her days off during the week – she is a part-time librarian and works 4 days a week – and she doesn’t like to go alone that Paul could go with her and she could show him our usual skinny dipping spot since he had never been there. She said that they planned to go the following week on Thursday and that she had made it very clear to him that they were just friends and nothing was going to happen.

I was a little uncomfortable with the whole idea as we didn’t really know this guy and she was starting to have second thoughts as well. The day before they were going to go we talked and we agreed she should call it off. That evening she said she had talked to Paul and she decided that it would be OK and they were going the next day.

I wasn’t too sure about this, but I learned a long time ago not to tell her she can’t do something she wants to do. Besides, I was also really turned on by the idea of the two of them being naked together for several hours at the river that day. Well, the next day was it and I couldn’t concentrate at all while at work and wanting to get home so I could hear about my wife’s day.

I was kind of relieved that she was already there when I got home from work.

We sat down and she finally said “I had a very interesting day at the river today” so I asked what happened.

She said that they hiked in to the spot that we usually go to and then went on past that to another more secluded spot where no one else was around. They took off their clothes and swam and laid in the sun for a while and talked. Then Paul told her how much he liked seeing her naked again and he asked if he could touch her. She said “yes” so he started fondling her tits and rubbing her nipples. He started to get hard and she rubbed his cock. Pretty soon he worked his way down to her pussy and rubbed her clit and then started to work his finger deep inside. I asked her if she liked that and she said “Oh yes”. After a awhile he started to lick gebze escort her very aroused pussy then she sucked his cock for a little while. She said they decided to stop because they could hear some other people approaching. They stayed a little longer and then they left. She had met him in town and she drove to the river so she took him back to his car and she came home. We were both about ready to explode now.

So I asked her “do you want to fuck him?”

She said she did and was going to go to his house on her next day off and asked if it was OK. I asked if she wanted to go alone and she said yes because he is shy about threesomes and being watched while having sex. I was a bit unsure about this, but also really turned on at the idea oh Louisa getting fucked again by another man so I said OK.

I think we were both pretty aroused by the whole idea as we talked about it for several days leading up to “the day”. And of course we both got really turned on and had some good sex.

The day finally arrived and I went to work that day knowing that she was headed to Paul’s to get fucked by her new friend. I was a little uneasy, a little bit jealous, kind of excited and very turned on. I could hardly wait to get home that night and have her tell me what happened.

When I got home she was not there yet which caused me some anxiety, but she arrived just a few minutes later. I opened some wine and asked her how she was. She said she was real good. We drank a few glasses of wine and I asked her to tell me about her adventure.

She had gone over to Paul’s in the early afternoon and when she got there they had a couple of drinks and talked. It didn’t take long though before he started to kiss her on the neck and start running his hands over her body.

I asked her if he was good and she answered me,

“He was very good. You know that being kissed on the neck and being caressed drives me crazy”.

It didn’t take long before they were both naked and he was licking her pussy. Then she sucked his cock for a little while, but she said that didn’t last long because she really wanted his cock inside her pussy. So she laid back and spread her legs for him and told him what she wanted. He put his dick inside her and started to pump her pussy. She said he started slow and then faster until he would cum in her pussy. Then they rested and had something to eat and another drink or two and then he fucked her again. She said it was really exciting and really good.

I was really excited at this point and asked her if she was ready for her third of the day. She was and it was great.

“I am your whore,” she whispered at my ear as I penetrated her.

She got together with Paul about once a week for the next couple of months. She was getting some extra sex on the side and it was really spicing things up at home for us. We both went to Paul’s house for dinner one evening and we went to a party at Paul’s friends house one afternoon and he even came to our house for dinner one night, but nothing ever happened when the three of us were together. I was planning to ask them to let me watch sometime after the three of us had gotten more comfortable with the situation, but Louisa decided to stop seeing him after about 2 1/2 months so I never got to watch.

Sometimes we meet him socially nowadays. It’s a great thrill for me see my wife talking graciously with him like older friends knowing that he had his cock deep inside her.

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