May 15

A Dirty Dog Does Germany Ch. 05

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Randy and Carol were some friends that Mandi and I partied with in Germany for a couple of years. They also bowled in our battalion bowling league, and we visited each other’s homes quite often. We actually got fairly close, often going places on the weekends on the train, visiting other towns and enjoying the sights. We also went to some German Fests in some of the towns surrounding Heilbronn.

Randy was a stocky guy from Minnesota. I don’t remember where they were from but I seem to recall that they were from a small town near the St. Paul/Minneapolis area. Randy was quite a joker, loving to pull practical jokes. He was also an avid chess player, albeit not a very good chess player. He also had another habit he wasn’t very good at: gambling on football.

Randy would buy squares on a football board I ran, and also make side bets with me based on the Vegas line for the point spread. Since I was almost out of the loan sharking business now, I would run my own little bookmaking business during the football and basketball season. People would bet against the spread, and after some practice, I found that I could win consistently simply because the odds were stacked in my favor.

I really liked the parlay cards, which I made myself from looking at the point spreads when they first came out in a sports magazine I subscribed to. I had a steady group of customers who would play 3, 4, and 5 game parlay cards. I don’t think I paid more than one or two winners a season, and they received a lot of word of mouth publicity. This kept a lot of guys coming to place bets with me.

Carol was also a case in point when it came to Catholic girls. Let me describe her physically though, just to get on track. Carol was slender verging on skinny. If it weren’t for large puffed out nipples, she wouldn’t have had breasts. She had a small, boyish ass. Her legs weren’t bad but tended to the very slender side as well. She was really quite cute, though, with longish, straw colored hair she would do up in big, loose curls.

She and Randy had met when he was in college and she was attending a catholic prep school. They hit it off immediately, and both found a love of the rock group Meatloaf. they did such an excellent take-off of “Paradise By the Dashboard Lights”that they won a contest at Randy’s fraternity one time with their efforts. Otherwise, she was quite the prude Catholic girl.

One time when we were partying together, I had a chance to talk to her personally, and she told me about some of the guilt trips she brought with her from the school she attended. She was also somewhat sexually repressed. She told me that she and Randy had a good sex life, but Randy seemed to differ with her description of good. He told me one time in a half trashed state that Carol was unenthusiastic at best and cold at worst.

I’m no therapist but I do enjoy a challenge. I decided that while Carol wasn’t necessarily a target I would normally try to tap, I might be able to loosen her up. What I didn’t know for quite some time was that she was really hot for me.

One night after they left our apartment, Mandi, in a half drunk state, told me it bothered her that Carol was always drooling over me. I reassured her that I had no idea, and even if I had, I wasn’t into her, and wouldn’t act on it.

Mandi wasn’t especially satisfied, but considering her state, I knew a fight would ensue if I didn’t do a good job of placating her. But the information helped me devise a plan to see if I could get Carol into the sack.

In Germany, the Super Bowl didn’t come on TV until after midnight. So everyone arranged to take Monday off so we could stay up and watch the game. We partied at Randy and Carol’s house, and had a designated driver for us so we wouldn’t have to worry about the German Polizei. We came to the party with another couple, Rob and Kelli. To be sure, Kelli is another good story. Look for her in the next chapter.

Carol didn’t know that Randy had made a rather large side bet with me. As a matter of fact, the “Guy Secret” was that everyone in the room had side bets with me. That was another reason why I liked the Super Bowl. That was also why Mandi liked the Super Bowl, ever since I had made several thousand dollars in side bets the year the Oakland Raiders beat the Washington Redskins.

Mandi trusted my judgment. Plus the fact that I consistently won on parlay cards, an extremely rare occurrence, left her mind at ease so she could enjoy the game. She also knew the point spread and it made the game interesting for her to look ahead and see what could happen to make or break the spread.

While most of the partiers were in the living room watching the pre-game festivities, I was in the kitchen with Carol helping her with the refreshments. Mandi and I had made some good munchies food, and some other couples had brought party items, and Carol was finishing her contribution. I took care of getting everything warmed and set up.

The kitchen was offset 90 degrees from the güvenilir bahis dining/living area, so when you stood in the door to the kitchen, you had to look around a cabinet to the right to actually see into the kitchen proper. While Carol was working on turning something she had on a large baking sheet in the oven, she had her butt stuck out in the air. I had a couple of beers under my belt, and remembering what Mandi had said, I casually walked up behind her, gently grabbed her hips and slowly humped my crotch up and down her butt.

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but what Carol did surprised me. After shutting the oven door, she suddenly turned around, wrapped her arms around me and kissed me full on the lips. Wow, I thought, ‘She does have the hots for me!’ I grabbed at her slender butt and we ground crotch for a few seconds. I broke away, telling her that we needed to finish getting the food ready. I whispered that I would talk to her later about what went on. She smiled conspiratorially told me she would look forward to that.

I set up all the food on the dining room table, and everyone leaped into the spread. Carol continued cooking another run of bratwurst and kraut while I helped everyone with refills. A couple of times I was interrupted by some of the guys wanting to know if the spread had changed, and would I consider upping their bet (sure), and one of two who had cold feet wanted to lower their bet (no way)!

Once the National Anthem sounded, everyone settled into their seats for the kickoff. I went into the kitchen to refill some dip and found Carol getting something from the small pantry in the corner of the kitchen. I slid over to her and quickly slipped my arms around her waist. She was slightly startled until she looked up at me, and then smiled and dived in for another kiss. She gripped my waist tightly and rubbed against with a sense of urgency.

“We can’t keep meeting like this,” I joked.

“Why not?” she said with a leer.

“People are beginning to talk. And Mandi is watching me closely. I just wanted you to know that I am interested in seeing where you want to go with this. Why don’t you call me at work on Tuesday?”

She just nodded and I noticed that someone was headed into the kitchen, but was looking back toward the TV. She slipped under me and went back to the oven and I casually picked up some canned nuts to refill the bowl. As I walked by her one time I casually grabbed her ass and squeezed, dragging my hand slowly away. She retaliated soon by subtly giving me a crotch rub as we passed each other by the dining room table.

The Super Bowl was actually a good game, and ended as I had hoped and expected. I beat the spread, and there was only one person in the room who had actually beaten me heads up, but only because I gave him some charity so he would come back for more. As I moved around the room collecting bets from the guys who had brought cash with them, I noticed Carol had cornered Randy well away from everyone else, and was in his face.

Randy must have spilled the beans, because she was quietly but angrily in his face, and looked ready to kill him. Someone called to them that they were leaving, and they stopped the discussion. Most of the party headed for the door. Mandi and I stayed, along with Rob and Kelli, who had ridden with us. We helped clean up. Carol was obviously livid and didn’t want to talk to anyone.

As we were finishing up, Carol and Mandi had a little tete-á-tete in the kitchen. Carol told Mandi how much money Randy had actually bet, not only with me, but with a couple of other people. After their brief conversation, Mandi pulled me aside and asked me if I intended to collect from Randy. The look on my face said it all.

“He’s a big boy, and better take responsibility for his actions,” I told Mandi. “I don’t have any sympathy for him, and I tried to tell him he was betting long on a short wallet.”

Mandi started to say something else to me but I quickly touched her lips with my index finger.

“He has the money, and he’s trying to scam Carol to give up some of her cash. She makes double what he makes, and she doesn’t pay any of the bills. Plus, he has been squirreling away some cash just for this event. So leave the sympathy and congratulate me. Our so called friends just paid for our trip to Amsterdam!”

“You’re joking,” Mandi blurted out.

“Nope,” I replied, “and you can bet I will be booking our trip Tuesday.”

Mandi smiled and said, “I hate when you do this, but if you can keep doing as well as you have been, don’t stop!”

Well for my sweet little lady, money was talking and bullshit was walking. She wasn’t ragging me about Carol either, so I took it as a plus. We helped finish cleaning up the last of the mess, and headed for the car. Rob and Kelli would be staying with us, so with Mandi driving, we headed home.

On Tuesday morning I went to MWR to book the tour of Amsterdam for Mandi and me, and on the way back, got to thinking about Carol. türkçe bahis I wasn’t sure what would happen with her, and since she was a guilt ridden Catholic girl, I wasn’t sure how I would handle her. I wondered if she had a kink of any kind. Still musing about Carol, I wandered into my office just in time for the phone to ring. It was her!

I tried to be cool, talking very businesslike since some of my soldiers were in ready earshot of the conversation. She was casual too. I asked if we were on for lunch, and she seemed to have been caught off guard. But she quickly recovered and said that Thursday would be good. I could pick her up at the small kaserne where she was currently working. After a quick confirmation about the time, I hung up.

I didn’t think too much more about it until I picked Carol up in my car. There was a small park with a couple of fish ponds, and some walking trails right near the kaserne where she worked. I brought some fruit and bread, and some German cold cuts. We sat in the car and ate. I washed my meal down with a Hofbrau, she opted for mineral water.

Carol was almost all business in the conversation. I began to wonder why I was even there, when she finally looked at me and smiled, and asked me an interesting question.

After a moment’s hesitation, she asked, “Do you think I’m a prude?”

I really didn’t know what to say, but decided to be honest, saying in reply, “I doubt I would ever describe you as a prude, but I don’t consider you a wild and crazy woman, either. What makes you ask that?”

She reached over and took my beer, and after a long draw, sighed and asked, “Can I be honest with you?”

I wondered where this would go, but decided to be the wonderful listener that so many women loved, and told her, “I hope you will be brutally honest with me, no holding back, and rest assured that not a word you say to me will ever be repeated. I want you to be comfortable, even feel secure with me.”

She smiled the kind of smile that said ‘God you are so wonderful.’ She took the beer again and after a quick swallow, began an interesting narrative.

“The first thing I have wondered about is something Jill told me one time after several of us girls got a little drunk and were talking about sex. Everyone else was spilling up stuff their old men did, or tried to do (she paused to giggle), and Mandi would join the conversation and avidly talked about everything but anything concerning you. When I asked Jill if she noticed that, Jill told me that Mandi didn’t want to say anything good because she knew that someone would want to get close to her old man just to see if she was lying. I thought Jill was crazy, but later I was talking to Mandi and she did everything but confirm that.”

“I told her I thought you were cute, and she probably never worried about getting good sex, and she got so defensive. This kinda excited me. I never thought you would make a move on me but I was so glad you did. Now, I’m not so sure.”

I went along and asked, “Why not so sure?”

“Well,” she continued, “you were right. I am an uptight Catholic girl who has had a guilt trip pounded into her for years. I am already feeling guilty for even meeting you here. That doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun, or whatever, but it means I have to go slow, take things at my own pace. Plus, what makes this so bad to me is that Randy is the only guy I have ever had sex with. I waited until we were married, and so far it has been okay, but I just feel there is something else to it.”

“And I saw that when you looked into my eyes. That wasn’t someone who is nice, that is someone who is honestly horny, and you looked all the way inside me and saw I wanted to get horny, wanted to feel some honest lust. I can’t seem to do that with Randy.”

I wasn’t there for a segment of the Oprah show, so I gently stroked her cheek and whispered, “Don’t worry about anything. We will take things at your pace, and do what you want to do.”

“God, you are so sweet for such a rotten bastard,” she shyly whispered.

I leaned over, wrapping an arm around her shoulders and moved in for a kiss. Carol really liked kissing and I obliged. I was soft at first, then urgent. I would back away slightly, and then bore in even more passionately. She positively melted under this treatment. Finally I began to slowly work my hand down the front of her pants.

She moaned as I continued to gently but firmly use my tongue to lash at her tongue, then kissed around her face only to return to her mouth. I finally slipped my hand down inside her panties until I felt hair. She had a full, uncut patch of pubic hair. But I didn’t linger, easing further down to gently tease her clit.

Her little joy button had come to life quickly, and I gently rolled it with the tip of my index finger, while simultaneously thrusting my tongue into her mouth with more urgency. She was brutally hot, especially since she was also wearing panty hose. This kept me from doing as good a job on güvenilir bahis siteleri her clit as I wanted.

I left her clit, easing my hand further down into her pants and slowly penetrated her pussy with my middle finger. She was sopping wet and stiffened when I slid the finger in. She moaned delightedly under this manual pressure. After a short respite, I returned to her clit.

She seemed to want to never stop kissing, and I went with the flow, working her clit gently but firmly. She pushed back toward my hand, while keeping her hands around my neck and face. She started moaning quietly in a steady tone. She began to move her hips around in small circles, and seemed to be headed for an orgasm. That’s when she collapsed away from me, slipping my hand from her pants.

She lay back against the passenger door, panting and gasping. I got another sip of beer and watched her closely. Her erratic breathing soon settled down to slow panting. She finally opened her eyes and looked at me.

“Oh God, please don’t be mad at me,” she whined plaintively.

I put on curious look and replied, “I couldn’t be mad at a beautiful, sexy woman.”

She looked startled for a second, and then flushed a deep red.

“Me, sexy?” she asked.

“Yes, and you sold yourself short, too. I don’t expect you to ever do that again,” I chided.

She looked away, and then busied herself with straightening her clothing.

After looking at herself in the visor mirror, she quietly told me, “I need to get back to work. I have a class at 1330.”

I started the car, and just before putting it in gear, I told her quietly but coldly, “Is that why you stopped yourself from having an orgasm.”

She looked at me, crushed and ridden with guilt. She stammered a moment, and then got quiet. She took another sip of my beer and then dug into her purse for some chewing gum. Still mute, she went back to the visor mirror and collected herself. She refreshed her make-up as I drove, and as I headed in the gate of the kaserne, she touched my arm.

“I’m sorry. I told you I feel guilty about almost everything.”

I paused for a moment before saying, “You only get one chance to let the guilt keep you from having real pleasure. If you can’t fight through it and find out what you’re missing, I will give up on you.”

She gasped and grabbed my arm with both hands, pleading, “Please don’t do that. I really want to know what fun I can have with sex, what it can really be like.”

I smiled gently at her and told her, “I am patient, but I am not Job.”

“I know,” she whispered, “but I promise I am trying and I honestly want to learn. Okay?”

“Okay,” I told her softly.

As I pulled up in front of her drop off point, I leaned over to her and softly said, “Before we are through, I will give you an orgasm with my fingers, with my tongue, with my cock in your pussy, and maybe even with my cock in your ass. You will want to find more nasty things to do.”

She looked aghast, like I had slapped her. But then her look softened, and finally, as she opened the door, she smiled softly.

“I hope so,” she said quietly.

With that, she shut the door and headed into the building.

She called me after she finished work that afternoon and asked me if we could have lunch again the next day. Since it was a Friday, she had a longer break between classes, and would not be so worried about getting back from lunch. Since I pretty much could take some extra time if I needed, I told her that would be fine.

She met me at her car, and after tossing a bag inside, she locked up and climbed in beside me. We drove without speaking to the small park. I drove into the small parking area by the upper fish pond, easing my car into a small alcove of trees and bushes that afforded some privacy. This park was a place for lovers to meet at lunch, I had noticed.

Without a word, I leaned over and kissed Carol deeply, pressing my tongue into her mouth. She responded almost violently, grabbing me around the neck and pulling me to her. I kissed her for a few minutes, getting her warmed up. Then, casually and gently, began to slip her blouse from her skirt. She moved around to assist. I slipped my hand under her blouse and didn’t stop until I had pushed her bra up.

As I previously noted, she really had no breasts, just a jutting areole and puffy nipples. But when my fingers reached her nipples, she stiffened slightly. I slowly slid my hand away, only to have her break away from kissing and push my hand back. This was good sign!

I got the other nipple free and alternated between them. She moaned deep in her throat, and continued the kissing. After moving from her nipples, I slowly inched my hand under the waist band of her skirt. She hadn’t worn panty hose this time, and without missing a beat, I casually slipped my hand into her panties.

I used most of my hand to gently massage her pubic mound. She continued to moan softly. When she got warmed up to a sweat, I began to gently roll her clit with my middle finger, and soon added my index finger to get her clit rolling in a circular motion. I dipped into her pussy for a few seconds to get some lubrication, and went back to her clit.

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