Ara 27

A Dream

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Sweetie! I had a dream. It got me so taunted baby, that by the time I woke up, I not just wanted, but needed you…

It was all light and shadows, soft and rough, and tender and urgent, at the same time.

I remember I was in boots. 🙂 As soon as we crossed the door, you pressed me against the wall, and looked at me. Your gaze burned into me, and that’s when I realized I hadn’t seen you in ages. Or been this close to you.. Tracing your neck, my hands go up to your hair, the softness I crave so much, giving me the warmth I need. All of a sudden, my hands tighten in your hair, and I pull you closer, and cover your mouth with mine. Your lips feel like fire on mine, it’s like we’re devouring each other, to make up for the tastes that we’ve missed. Your hands travel over the contours of my body, over the silken dress, and you take my thigh, and curve it around yours, my dress hitching up. I can feel your hardness, so close, but for the moment, it’s all I can do to keep that last trembling thread of control from snapping, while kissing you.

The kisses trail over my neck, and even lower, when, with a slight groan, you bury your face in my cleavage.. I have a sudden desire to feel you canlı bahis against me, to let go of all pretenses, to just be, You and Me.. Your shirt’s off in a matter of seconds, and you stay my hand, when it strayed towards your jeans. Your one finger travels down my breast, and feels a raised nub, clear through the satin. Questioningly you slide one strap of my dress over my shoulder, and then realize I’m not wearing a bra underneath. I smile shyly, but to taunt you more, I move from side to side, to let you see the sway below my dress, the smooth movement, the jiggling. Another slight moan I hear, and my own height of awareness is increased.. My leg still curved around you, me pressed between you and the wall, you thrust. At the contact, I gasp. Your hands travel to my hips, to hold me tight, and as you reach the edge of my dress, you can’t feel any fabric underneath. Your eyes widen with the realization, and with that, I slide your jeans down. As I look at Lambu, straining across your fabric, my last shred of control snaps, and giving you a deep kiss, I lick a trail down your body..

One kiss just above, one below, and small kisses all round. And looking up at you, one kiss on the tip. Kiss bahis siteleri on your inner thighs, and a long lick, all the way along, till the tip. I missed the taste so much. Taking the tip in my mouth, I swirl my tongue over it, and close my eyes, as I remember. Kisses along your penis, and lick again, as I take it fully in, looking at your expressions all the while..

Your hands in my hair, pulling me closer, and faster, and I go up and down, with my hands holding you..

Your urgency mounts, and you pull me up, hands still in my hair, and in one smooth motion, turn me around. My dress is backless.

Kisses along my back, and the dress is off. Slides off, leaving me completely naked in your gaze, except for the knee high boots.

You kiss my neck, sweep my hair to one side, leaving my tattoo for you to see. A cold finger traces the lines, and another hand snakes around my waist, as you bite down on my neck.. I can feel your length, between my legs now, tauntingly close, and your hands move to my breasts, molding them to their shape. Light pinches make me gasp out, and the feeling of your warm, lean body behind me, and the cold wall in front taunts me to no end. I turn around, bahis şirketleri and you sink into all my curves, and I feel the hardness, a response to me. Your tongue in circles on my nipple, making it firmer and firmer, as your fingers move close to my center, where I’m almost begging to be touched. You make me wait instead, going down, and blowing on it, I can hear you inhaling, a rush of air, of the fragrance, as curiously, you flick the top. My body arches, as a response, and your face is suddenly closer than it was, and your tongue flicks out, tasting me. Fingers spreading, and the tongue getting faster, around the nub, getting closer.. My moans drive you crazy, and you spread my legs for better access, while your tongue drives in deep, where only your fingers have gone before.

I squirm, and gasp, and my breath comes out in bursts, and I arch and pull you closer, begging you. I’m so close.

You pull me onto you, and lie down, me on top. We kiss, and I taste myself on you.. Both of us blazing into each other’s eyes, when you tell me you want me. Now.

I lower myself on to you, and feel you filling me up, and with one moan… I move my hips, up and down, faster and faster, my boobs jiggling. Your hands pinch at my nipples, as we go faster,

Till we both cum in a rush, I feel your load shooting into me.

I wake up, completely satisfied.. And look at the clock. Time to call you up. 🙂

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