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A Family Affair Ch. 04

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** At the time of writing, I’m currently 48 years old and divorced for maybe 16 or 17 years. I cant quite remember. This is my attempt to string together some of my past experiences that rightly or wrongly have shaped who I am. I hope you enjoy reading this and please don’t judge me. I’d love to receive comments from my readers too so feel free to say what you want. **

It was sometime in the afternoon, a few days after Mark had fucked me. I was lying in bed in my room, just relaxing after coming home from college a while earlier. There was a knock on my door and John came in.

“Hey sis, can we talk?” He asked.

I sat up in bed. “Yeah. Sure. What is it?” I kinda snapped at him.

“Hey, don’t get testy with me! I just wanna ask you something!” He retorted.

“You wanna ask me about Uncle Pete? Is that it? You wanna fuck me too? Like Mark?” I replied, angrily.

John looked at me with his mouth open and shook his head no. Damn. So he didn’t know about Mark and I had let it slip. He stood there silently for a while.

“Y..you fucked Mark? Did he make you?” He asked softly.

I shook my head. “Not really. I was.. I was kinda willing. He said you all knew about Uncle Pete and…” I sighed. “He said he wanted some and I… well I didn’t say no.”

John was silent again, just looking at me.

“I assumed he told you.” I sighed again. “And I assumed you wanted some too.”

“Who wouldn’t?” John said, kind of smiling. “But… but I didn’t come in here to fuck you. I wanted to ask you about Uncle Pete. Did he hurt you? Did he force you? Coz if that sonofabitch did…..”

“No…no… he didn’t force me or hurt me. I really am all right Johnny.” I smiled softly at my brother. He was the first one to ask if I had been forced or coerced and if I was alright. Even my father didn’t do that.

“Why did you do it then? Is it okay if I ask?” John said softly, coming to sit beside me.

“I don’t know how to explain it John… he was always making comments about me, about how hot I was. It was, I don’t know, just kind of nice being looked at that way. Especially from an older, experienced man.”

John nodded.

“And… I guess in some ways, I felt sorry for him. I mean Aunt Rita can be such a bitch.” I laughed and John joined in the laugher.

John looked at me then asked straight out. “Are you sleeping with Dad too?”

I gulped. “Sometimes I sleep with him in his room, just to keep him company. He’s been so lonely since Mom left.”

“That’s not what I meant…you know what I was asking.” John replied.

I just nodded, then looked down. “Don’t judge me? Please?”

“It takes two hands to clap ‘rina.” John replied. “As long as no one is forcing you, It’s not for me to say anything.”

I nodded again. Not sure how or even if I should respond.

“I güvenilir bahis know Dad is lonely. And you’ve kinda taken on the role of looking after all of us. I mean, cooking, cleaning… it’s all you. I have tried to help out a bit, you know” John went on.

“Yes John. I know you have. You do a lot of the washing up after meals and even folding the laundry. Maybe just yours, but at least you do that!” I laughed. “Unlike that ass Mark who just thinks its my job.”

“Blame that on Mom!” John piped in. “She did all of that before, I guess…I guess she made us think it was a woman’s job. I’m not saying it is!!” He quickly said, raising his hands to cover his head in jest as if I would hit him.

“I don’t want you to feel it is.” He said softly. “Just like I don’t want you to… well, you shouldn’t feel that… oh never mind. It’s not my place.” John continued.

“What are you trying to say John?” I enquired.

“It..its just… Oh I don’t know… don’t be mad with what I say?” He went on.

“Just say it Johnny, I’m a big girl.”

“I don’t want you to feel like you have to fuck Dad, just coz he’s lonely. Or Mark or Uncle Pete. Just coz you’re the only woman around the house. You know? Or anyone else in the house.”

“I’ve stopped fucking Uncle Pete. Haven’t you noticed I don’t go over anymore.” I stated.

“Yeah… I noticed. Just wasn’t sure if you were busy or it was something else. I’m just glad he didn’t hurt you.”

I looked at John with a sense of wonder. He had never shown this soft side of him before. I had thought he would be like Mark and would demand sex from me as well. But here he was, concerned about me. His comment about anyone else in the house didn’t go past me though.

“John… When you said ‘anyone else in the house,’ who did you mean? You’re the only one else in the house.” I knew I shouldn’t have pressed the issue but it was something I needed or maybe wanted to pursue.

“I just meant… I meant… I wouldn’t make you. That’s all.” John replied, clearly a little embarrassed.

“You want to fuck your little sister too?” I teased. “Did you jerk in my panties too?”

“No! No! That was never me… I never jerked in your panties.”

“Never?” I pressed.

Johnny looked at me sheepishly. “I know Mark did. A lot. He used to tell me your smell was intoxicating. I never jerked in yours… I did in Mom’s though. But I used to think about you…” his voice trailed off

I felt a thrill course through me knowing that Mark liked my scent and had told John about it. The fact that he jerked into Mom’s panties excited me too. Even more so with his admission that he thought about me.

“You thought about me while jerking into Mom’s panties? Oh God Johnny… what did you think off?”

“Youre not mad?” He asked, again sheepishly.

I shook my güvenilir bahis siteleri head no. “Tell me. Tell me what you thought off”

“Of you. Of how you’d look naked. About your pussy, whether it had hair on it or if you shaved. Sometimes I’d wonder who was fucking you or if the boyfriend you were dating was getting some or if you held out. I don’t know, lots of things.”

“Did… did you ever think of fucking me yourself?” I pressed on.

John nodded. “Yeah… lots of guys at school too. You were on the A list to get fucked and so many of the guys asked if I was fucking you. Some of them said their sisters liked them fucking them too. I dunno whether it was just talk or whatever.” He said, shrugging his shoulders.

This chat was getting we wet and I knew my nipples had hardened. I wasn’t wearing a bra and I hoped they weren’t poking out of my t-shirt. I looked at John, his eyes were fixated on my chest.

“What are you looking at?” I said, laughing nervously.

“You…your tits… you’re not wearing a bra are you?”

I gulped and shook my head no.

“Is… is talking about all of this getting you excited?” John asked, his hands clenching and unclenching. “Is that why your nips are hard? Will you show me?”

“Only if you show me yours.” I answered back quickly, my mouth felt dry.

John nodded and I hesitated, just briefly. I stared straight at him pulled of my t-shirt, showing him my pert breasts with their nipples erect. “Now you show me yours.”

John smiled and pulled of his T-shirt, exposing his firm and hairy chest.

“No fair!” I laughed. “You go around shirtless all the time.”

John stood up and smiled. His eyes fixed on mine, he pulled down the track pants he was wearing and then his underwear. His cock was already erect and it practically flipped up, no longer being restrained in his pants. His cock was the biggest among the rest of the family, longer and thicker than the others I had had but not porn star big. His meat had thick veins running along the shaft and his balls were big too.

Precum was already dripping out of his cock head that was peeking out of his foreskin. I moved forward to take his cock in my mouth, pushing the foreskin with my lips as I took his cock in.

“Ohh..’rina…you… you sure you want to do this?” John moaned.

My eyes flew up to meet his. Holding his gaze, I took his cock deep in my mouth, almost to the back of my throat but not quite. Fighting back the gag reflex, I withdrew a bit and held it for as long as I could before pulling back off and then bobbing back and forth on his cock.

My fingers teased his balls as I sucked on his cock. I was dripping myself as I slurped and sucked on my brother’s meat. Every now and again my eyes would move up to look at his face. He rested his hand on my face, iddaa siteleri gently stroking my cheeks as I sucked him.

I licked all around his glans, feeling his cock throb and twitch in my mouth. I wanted him to fuck me.

I pulled off his cock, licking my lips, panting with the heat of the moment and also the exertion of bobbing on his cock. “You want me to finish you off or you want to fuck me?” I panted.

John pushed me back on the bed. His hands moved to my panties and peeled them off me. He lifted them to his nose and breathed in deeply. “Fuck, Mark was right. Your scent is amazing.”

“Can I?”John asked softly. “Can I fuck you?”

“Yes…oh god yessss” I pleaded, spreading my legs open for my brother.

John clambered on top of me and grasped his cock, aiming it at my wide open hole. He rubbed it against my slit, causing me to moan softly and then positioned his cock against it and pushed forward slowly.

I gasped and hissed as he slowly fed me his length and girth. I lifted my hips to get him deeper into me. When he was all in me, he looked down at me and smiled. “I’m in you all the way Erina… fuck your so hot and wet and tight.”

“Fuck me Johnny. Do what you want to me.”

My brother smiled and raised himself slight. He began to move in and out of me, slowly, gently, working me up to that much needed orgasm. He kept fucking me slowly, raising my heat and passion till I cried out and shuddered in orgasm. He kept fucking me slowly as I came, keeping the orgasm running longer. He groaned suddenly. “Fuck… You’re gonna make me cum… oh fuck.”

John started thrusting faster in me, causing another orgasm to start up deep inside my pussy. I thrust back at him fiercely. “Yes, Yes, YES… Oh Goddd… I’m gonna cum again…Johnny…Johnnnnnyyyyy!”

“I’m cumming, I’m cumming oh fuck yes Erina… Fuckkk…Sweet mother of goddddd” Johnny pounded into me and unleashed his torrent of semen deep inside of me. He pumped a few more times, coating my pussy walls with his cum before he collapsed on me. He groaned and moaned softly and then pulled out of me with a sloshing sound.

He moved up to my head and kissed is softly. “Thank you.” He said softly before he gathered his clothes, dressed himself and left me alone again in my room. I lay there, wallowing in his sperm dripping out of my used pussy and staining the sheets. The smell of sex hung thick in the air.

It started with Uncle Pete, moved on to Daddy, Mark and Johnny. That’s what I basically tell people that ask without having to go into too much detail

We continued having sex. It was the most regular with Dad but it was still often enough with Mark and John. I didn’t date too much during the initial few years but when I did, my family would know about it and usually I backed off with them a bit. Not to say it didn’t happen while I was dating anyway.

There are more stories about us all throughout the years and maybe I’ll write about some of them too. For now, I’ve tried to explain how it all started with each of them. So now you know.

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