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Subject: a father’s goal-5 A FATHER’S GOAL-5 Written by Eugene Marvin �aka- NPhillydogg@aol TaShawn was a 20yr old coworker who mines at Walmart [whose dick I sucked previously], who had just banged the living shit out of my ass in the store parking lot! It started off with me just giving him head during one of our breaks…, but then it turned into intercourse, and soon we had the car rocking like a rowboat in high winds! Luckily he had tented windows, and we weren’t parked anyway near customers, so we felt relatively safe carrying on like high schoolers on prom night! Anyway after he busted his nut in my ass, we pulled up our pants and got out of the car to return to work…, when I noticed the store’s security jeep parked nearby! He had the engine on [monitoring the lot], watching us as we walked by to return to work! TaShawn didn’t really notice him [too worried about spraying himself with cologne to mask the smell of weed in his clothes], but I stared the guard eye to eyes, wondering if he noticed the car rocking when we were fucking…? We walked back into the building and went our separate ways! I returned to stocking in the food aisles while TaShawn went back to electronics where he belonged! As I worked, I was constantly aware of the load I was now housing in my ass! I loved the idea that there were people walking by all around me, and no one knew I’d just been banged by a coworker in the parking lot! It reminded me of when I was in prison, and would have just been banged by 3 or more cellblock homies before chow time…, and then stand in line with my food tray with all of their cum leaking from my asshole! My dick chumped up a bit just thinking about it! I was ripping up an empty cardboard box [to take into the back to dump] when I noticed the security guard staring at me at the end of the aisle! What the fuck was he looking at �I wondered…? How long had he been standing there…? When he saw me openly staring back, he walked off! What the fuck was that all about…? Over the next few days he started acting weirder…, popping up everywhere I went [stocking shelves, pushing carts, or aiding stupid customers], watching me from a distance! I felt like I was back in prison [in a bad way], being eyeballed guiltily by the Corrections Officers! I wondered if this had anything to do with me getting fucked in Shawn’s car…? I dismissed it because the windows were tented, we could’ve been doing anything other than having sex! After all, we were playing loud hip-hop music, we could’ve been rocking to the beat! The guard was about 6’0″, 200lbs w/a solid build and a little bit of a belly! With his dark uniform he DID remind me of some of the Correctional Officers I knew back in Piedmont! I’d be lying if I said I never got tagged by any of them…as they were always finding ways to corner guys like me [addicts] in awkward positions, wanting special gifs and sexual favors! I recall having to suck a guard’s dick just to bum a cigarette…! Another time when I got caught coming out of a janitorial closet [that I’d just been fucked in by another convict minutes before], the guard pushed me back up in the closet and made me drop my pants to do a cavity search for contraband…, but the only thing I was smuggling in my ass was cum! He fucked me right then and there, adding another nut to butt! I’d even blew a guard regularly through the bars of my cell most every night, as he’d look the other way whenever he’d catch me and my cellmate fucking! Some of the guards took their sexual frustrations out on inmates when they weren’t getting enough ass at home! I got a lot of C.O. dick! I decided to just ignore the guard, especially since he wasn’t saying anything to me anyway! I went on about work as usual, even blowing both Price and Tyson again in the men’s room [separately this time]! I was coming from the restroom [having just swallowed my lunch], when I cut through electronics and saw TaShawn talking to the security guard! Now call it `paranoid’ if you want, but TaShawn was already guilty of violating my trust once before, when he told Tyson and Price about me sucking his dick [see: chp-3]! And to make matters look even MORE suspicious, they broke up their lil’ conversation as soon as they saw ME [which to me confirmed they were talking shit that involved me]! As soon as the guard walked, I went straight over to Shawn…! “What did HE want…?” I asked, as Shawn tried to disappear in the storage area [like I wouldn’t follow]…! “It ain’t what you think, Martin…” he said, trying to defend himself [as he started loading flat screens onto a flatbed]…! “…he SAW my car rockin’ the other day, and thought I was in there gettin’ busy with Tamika [his ex]…, but said he was surprised to see YOU gettin’ out of the car with me…!” “So…?” I asked, having a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach that Shawn sold me down river…! “What you tell `em…?” “I…I’m sorry, man…” he apologized, staring straight into my eyes…! “…I HAD to tell `em the truth…! He said he’d go to the store manager and tell `em about me gettin’ high in my car if I didn’t tell him the truth…!” “And WHAT `truth’ does he know…?” I asked [getting all pissed to hell]! “…that I sucked your dick…? Or that you fucked me in the ass…?” “Both!” confessed Shawn! Nigga definitely ain’t know how to keep a secret! “WHAT THE FUCK, man…!” I shouted, realizing what jeopardy this puts me in! “What was he, your Priest…? You gave him a full confessional…? That makes THREE motherfuckers you told about me in 2 weeks…” I argued [referring to Price and Tyson]! “…now I SEE why Tamika dumped yur punk ass…! That’s the LAST TIME I suck yur dick, homie! You talk too fuckin’ much!” I added, before walking away! I later felt sorry for TaShawn…, he was a cool kid [with some good ass DICK]…, but he had loose lips, and was waay too eager to shove me under the bus [twice]! That evening when I swiped my ID card at the timeclock to punch out, the clock made a funny noise, refusing to accept my card! I had to go to security to see what the problem was…, and low and behold, it was HIM! “My ID won’t work!” I said, gaziantep escort holding it up for him to see as he sat behind his little white desk looking at surveillance monitors…! He looked my way [casually]…, as if I was disturbing him…! “Did you swipe it…?” he asked! DUH motherfucka! “Yeah!” I answered! “Lemme see it.” he said, holding out his hand! I had to step INTO his office to hand it to him! He took it, then looked at it [front and back], then tapped some codes into his computer…! I waited nearby as he looked at a bunch of info popping up on screen…! “You’re an ex-convict…!” he said, reading off my history! “You disclose this on your application for hire…?” he asked! “Yeah, of course…!” I answered, trying to see the screen to see what it said about me [but HE turned the screen away]…! “It also says you like to suck dick and get fucked in the back of cars in the parking lot…!” he added, making my blood run cold! “You like sucking dick…?” he asked [turning his swivel chair my way], with a smirk! My eyes were immediately drawn to his crotch…, wondering WHAT he had hidden in his pants…? “What does any of THAT have to do with my ID card swiping…?” I asked [back to business]! “Nothing…” he said, looking back at his computer…! “…I can fix it easily by just adding in the code on the back of your ID card…” he explained [indicating that HE was likely the one that took it out in the first place]! “…but then…, what’s IN it for me…?” he asked, turning back my way! My eyes fell back to his crotch…, but this time, his hand was now massaging whatever was growing underneath…! I couldn’t resist subconsciously licking my lips…! “What do you want…?” I asked [feeling my own dick starting to swell]! “I want what that guy in electronics got…!” he said [meaning everything]! “It gets boring guarding this store…! I could definitely USE someone willing to put out whenever I get horny!” NOW my asshole was twitching…! “When and where…?” I asked, ready to sink to my knees right then and there [in his lil’ office]! “I’ll let you know…!” he said, passing me back my ID card…! “You can SWIPE that now…!” he added, dismissing me! I have to admit I was a lil’ disappointed that he didn’t let me blow him right then…, although the anticipation of hooking up sometime later had me on edge all night! I went home feeling extra horny…, especially after I finished downing what was lift of me 40oz in the fridge! With my bottle now empty and my ass horny as hell…, I threw on some clothes and went outside to find Julian [my corner weed supplier]! He was just finishing up with a customer [passing them a small package through a car window as they drove by]…, when I walked up! “Sup Mr. Martin…!” he greeted with a smile [still reminding me of that KID that used to play with my son when they were children]! “You busy…?” I asked [jonez’in for a hit]! “Kinda working…!” he said [standing on the corner], “Why, wussup…?” “I could use another HIT, like last time…!” I admitted [like a heroin addict]! Julian looked around, then reached in his pocket to pull out a stach… “I can pass you a lil’ sumptin’ sumptin’…” he whispered, “…but I’mma need you to pay the loan as soon as you can…!” he bargained! “No…not THAT kinda hit…” I said, making him put away the weed [remarkably]…, “…I need the OTHER kind…!” I reminded [need IT more than drugs]! It took Julian a moment to realize… “OH!” he responded, finally catching on! “I can help you out if you want…” he offered, as I started to lead him back to my house…, “…but I can’t leave my corner…! I’m still working!” LORD I was disappointed! “So…where can we go…?” I asked curiously, knowing he was down! “Over THERE…!” he answered, pointing towards an alleyway! “I’ve fucked GIRLS up in there afterhours…!” he confessed, willing to fuck me in the cover of darkness and filth! Being a convict, we often had to find creative places to fuck…! “Okay!” I said [knowing beggars couldn’t be choosey]! Julian escorted me up into a dark alleyway…, climbing over debris and garbage until we were up in it about 30ft…! I reached down and started feeling his crotch, feeling his dick hardening as I sank to my knees in front of him and opened his pants…! After fishing his thick 9.5″ pole from his zipper, I leaned forward and took it in my mouth, licking and polishing it all over, getting it nice and wet for my asshole! Julian stood over me as I bobbed my head in his crotch, eating his big pretty prick and swallowing it whole! He moaned softly every time I took him in my throat, obviously not quite used to having his entire rod consumed like food! Once his dick was thoroughly wet with spit, I stood up, turned my back to him, then dropped my pants and smeared more spit between my ass cheeks, moistening my fuck-hole! I leaned forward against someone’s chain-link fence, and waited as Julian pushed his dickhead up between my ass cheeks and pushed directly into my asshole! I could feel his dick forcing its way in through my anal ring…, stretching the hole wide as it passed through and sank in…! Soon he had every inch stuffed up my ass, pulling me back onto his hard-on by my hips, grinding his pelvic bone into me roughly! “Yeah…fuck me, Jay…” I moaned, holding onto the fence in front of me, pushing my ass back further into his crotch! “…that’s what I need…, shove that dick up my ass and FUCK me…!” “Yeah…?” questioned Julian, as he started thrusting, setting himself up a steady fuck pace…! “This what you wanted…?” “Oh yeah…” I groaned, finally getting that inner massage my body craved! “…fuck me, man…! Don’t stop until you’ve dumped your load in me…!” “I won’t!” agreed Julian, leaning back against a brick wall while thrusting his hips forward into me! His dick felt GREAT up my ass, beating down my backdoor like a sledgehammer, giving me what I really craved! Having gotten fucked daily in prison, I seriously missed all the big dicks tearing through my backside…, pounding me against a wall, or the floor, of across the bed or suriyeli escort shower…, each leaving my hole dripping with a plethora of cum! My own dick was rock-hard! I let my pants drop to my ankles as I grabbed it with my free hand and started stroking! I could tell this was gonna be a roaring orgasm for the both of us…, when suddenly a car horn blew, and Julian was yanking his big dick from my asshole…! “Hold on a sec…!” he said, stuffing his hard-on back in his pants as he rushed out of the alley [to do business]! I couldn’t believe he left me hanging, pants down around my ankles, ass out, dick hard as a rock! I had half a mind to go home and NIX getting fucked…, but his dick felt SO good…!…who was I fooling…? I’d stand there til morning if it meant him picking up where he left off! “Sorry bout that…!” he said, coming back a few minutes later…! “Business!” “S’ok!” I said, falling to my knees to get him HARD again! Julian fished his own dick from his zipper, then fed it to me as I sucked and suckled until it was big and stiff again! Once wet, I stood up and turned my back to him [once more], then pushed my ass back and waited for him to resume [wanting him back inside me]…! Julian got back in position behind me, then shoved himself back in and grasped my waist and started fucking! “Oh yeah…ohgod…Fuck me, Jay…don’t stop, man…give it to me…fuck that ass…!” I said, getting us back in the throes of things! After a minute or so, we started getting right back in the groove! I could see people walking by the alley’s end, but they couldn’t see us hidden up inside [unless they stepped into the darkness with us]! I was stroking my dick while Julian fucked my ass! I stifled a grunt every time he rammed that monster dick home! I loved feeling it all jam up inside me, possessing me, claiming my entrails as its home! The boy was an excellent fuck! It didn’t even bother me anymore that he was my SON’S age! “Yo Jay…, you IN there…?” called somebody at the mouth of the alley! “Yeah…” called Jay, pulling back OUT of me again…! “…hold on…!” he announced, tucking his dick back behind his zipper…! “Sorry Mr. Martin…, I’ll be right back…!” he said, leaving me cold again! I couldn’t believe this! At this rate we’ll be fucking all night! I needed to bust a nut and go to bed! I had a long day scheduled tomorrow [payday]! I heard Julian talking to someone just outside the alley! Whoever the guy was, he wanted to know if Jules was in there with a chick…? And if so, he wanted IN! Julian kept laughing nervously, not wanting to admit to his buddy that it wasn’t a girl he was fucking with in the alley! After some back and forth, the guy started climbing in over the debris! I couldn’t get my pants up fast enough when he caught me half naked…! He looked as shocked as I did! “Oh shit…!” he gasped [not expected to see a middle-aged MAN]! He stared me up and down [pants down, ass out, dick hard, looking guilty as sin]…, then looked back at Julian…! “This YOU man…?” he asked, “THIS who you were fucking…?” “Yo…” said Julia, embarrassed to be caught with another guy…! “…that’s Lemar’s dad!” he dimed [ratting me out]! “He just got out of jail a few weeks ago…, he wanted to trade some HEAD for a weed loan…!” “HEAD…?” questioned the new guy, glancing back at me with my pants down…! “…looks like he’s offerin’ ASS instead…!” “Oh yeah…” admitted Julian, “…he said he was used to getting fucked in prison and missed having a dick in his ass…” “So you FUCKED him…?” asked the friend, looking back at Jules! Julian hesitated… “yeah…” he admitted! That’s when the new guy’s hand suddenly dripped to his crotch…! “Wussup man…?” he asked, staring directly at me! “Can I get summa that too…?” he asked, unzipping his pants…! My asshole puckered, hungrily…! “Its up to Julian…!” I said [wanting to finish HIM up first]! “It’s cool…” said Julian, “…I got customer’s anyway…!” he added, heading back down the alley [to another awaiting car]…! The new guy reached in and pulled out a 7.5″ dick…, then walked around behind me…! “Sup Mr. Martin…?” he asked, rubbing his dick on my ass…! I turned around to see his FACE…, but he didn’t look familiar…! “It’s ME, Kino!” he said, as if the name should mean something to me…? “I used to be friends with Lemar [my son]…! You took us all to the movies once with your wife…!” “oh…” I said, having no recollection of that…! But if this boy knew Lemar…, chances of my SON finding out about me hoeing where escalating…! “…I…I’m not trying to have HIM find out about this…” I said, ready to pull my pants UP again…! “I won’t tell…” said Kino, pushing up into my ass crack [his dickhead searching for my entryway]…! “…IF the ass is good…!” he added, making contact! I felt his dick sliding into me easily…, the spit greased rectal ring already stretched wide by Julian’s bigger dick! Kino held onto my waist and started fucking, as I went back to leaned in against the chain fence in front of me…, unable to ignore the hidden threat Kino just said: `IF the ass is good’…, indicating that he might tell Lemar if I didn’t make it good! I tightened my anal ring around his sliding prick, flexing the sphincter muscles to suck him off and make for a tighter grip [knowing Julian had stretched me well]! Kino groaned as he started to fuck harder, slamming his hips into my ass as his dick slipped through my gripping ring with increasing speed and strength [dude definitely know how to fuck]! I found myself bending over further, letting him get deeper access as his hips slammed into my ass repeatedly! “Shit man…” I moaned, grabbing my dick to stroke [again]! “…fuck me, man…, bang that convict pussy…!” “Damn…” moaned Kino, unable to believe he was fucking one of his friends’ dads…! “…take that dick, Mr. Martin…! Damn your ass feel good!” I flexed my hole tighter around his ramming rod as he fucked me faster and harder! I could hear someone’s DOG barking a few yards down…, but no one ever came to the door, rus escort so we kept fucking as if the alley was our bedroom! I was stroking my dick faster, feeling a climax building as my asshole was finally getting the fucking it needed! “urrhh fuck…, I’m about to cum…!” I warned, arching my back for his dick as I sped my fist faster on my dick! “Urrhh…Urhhh…Arrhhhhggg…!!” I groaned and grunted as the sperm suddenly started shooting out of me, landing along the bottom of the fence and on the grimy ground as my anus spasm wildly around Kino’s plunging prod! I could feel his fingers digging into my waist, pulling me tighter as he fucked even faster and deeper…! “Arrhhh fuck…” he choked, losing his own load as he slammed into me a few more times…! “ARRHHHHHHH…!!” he yelled as the cum shot out of him, shooting directly into my milking rectum as he panted for breath like a drowning victim! He pulled out of me soon after, tucking his now spent prick back in his pants…! “Thanks…” I said, pulling up my pants…! “Anytime…” he offered, “…I’d tap that ass anytime you want!” he added, sincerely! “Cool…” I said, asking If he remembered where I lived…? Kino walked out of the alley first [telling Julian how he just busted in me]…! I was headed out of the alley when Julian came back in…, looking to finish what we started…! I told him [unfortunately] that I had to get back home [now that my ass had been properly fed]…, but Julian wasn’t trying to hear `no’ as an answer…! “You got my dick all worked up and ready…, and now you wanna walk off and leave me hanging…?” he asked [sounding pissed]! “YOU left ME!” I reminded him [both of us still in the alley]! “I was coming back, though…” he argued! “…you’re leaving ME high and dry…! “That ain’t right! And then you let KINO bust a nut before I had a chance to…!” I didn’t know what to say…, he HAD his chance to cum [TWICE], he chose to walk away! I was pushing up against him [trying to get by] when his hands went to my ass…, groping me through the seat of my jeans…! “C’mon Mr. Martin…, you can’t leave me hangin’ like this…!” he whispered softly, as I felt his hard-on through the crotch of his pants…! I definitely couldn’t leave him with a loaded GUN like that…, someone was liable to hey hurt! “Okay…” I said, turning further up into the alley, unbuttoning my pants as I let them fall back down around my ankles again…! Julian pulled out his erection, then got in place behind me and pushed his fat dickhead up between my now slimy cheeks…, quickly finding my asshole before shoving back in…! “UHH…!” I grunted as he forced his way back inside, stretching me again! I held onto the chain fence as he grabbed my waist and started fucking again [for the third time], sliding that thick bull meat in and out of my sperm slick cunt! My own dick was satisfied for the night! It lay limply between my legs, bouncing back and forth [softly] as I got fucked! This was definitely for Julian! How many times had I gotten fucked in jail when I really wasn’t in the mood…? Guys weren’t often available [necessarily] when I was ready…, they’d come knocking when THEIR dicks was hard…, when THEY wanted to fuck! I’d either take what I could get when I could get it…, or didn’t get it at all! I got used to getting dick rather I was in the mood or not! Julian’s dick filled my asshole thicker and longer than Kino’s! While Kino was a solid fuck, Julian filled the empty gap I’d been feeling with very little effort! He fucked through my open ring with a steady stroke, never once losing contact as he kept the head deeply buried in my gut…, his long hard shaft helped by the slickness of Kino’s cum [which coated it all over]! As his tempo increased, I felt him pulling at my hips more urgently…, slapping his pelvic bone into my backside with deeper harder strokes! “ohfuck…fuck…yeah…damn boy, fuck that asshole…fuck it…ohyeah…yeah…uhh…” I moaned nonstop as he built momentum like a locomotive! “oh yeah…” he panted, getting closer to losing his load as my asshole started to seriously affect him! “give it to me, Julius…!” I moaned, feeling my anus dilate around him, making my sloppy orifice all the wetter and wilder! He started pounding me faster, making me lose my balance as I fell forward into the fence, scrambling to grab hold of the links for support! Julian kept fucking straight through my mishap, following me step by step as he continued pounding with ONE goal in mind! I could feel my dick starting to awaken, loving the idea that he was going to dump that heavy nut in me no matter what! He wasn’t going to let me go or stop pounding until he busted that nut! “Fuck me! Gimme that juice! Shoot it in me!” I demanded, looking back over my shoulder, bent over fully as I clung to the bottom of the fence! “Arrhhhh…” groaned Julian, hitting the end of his stride as he rammed his dick into me one last time…, pushing me up against the metal fence, bending me in half completely as I looked up at his swollen balls just as they started to tremble and contract, shooting their contents directly into me…! “…ARRHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH…!!!” he yelled as he came, flooding my asshole with a heavy deluge…!…jamming every inch of his ramrod balls-deep and beyond [until I was on my tip-toes, receiving his gift]! “URHH…URHH…URHH…URHH…” he panted after each spurt…, my innards becoming drenched in his baby juice! I milked the last drops from his shaft with my sphincters, sucking at the shaft as he slowly withdrew…! Then I spun around and swallowed his dick whole, cleaning off the residue of cum from both him and Kino…! Julian fell back against the brick wall as I sucked him clean…, moaning softly as his breathing returned to normal! He pulled out of my mouth and re-tucked his spent prod as I pulled up my pants…! “Can I hit you up again if I need you…?” I asked, as we fastened our clothes! “Anytime!” he smiled, passing me a free bag of weed before exiting the alley…! I walked back home as 2 heavy loads now leaking from my well-fucked hole…! I was going to sleep like a baby tonight! Written aol Join me on Facebook for quick updates on what stories I may be working on next. Or hit me up email for comments and suggestions. ___________________________ Please DONATE to Nifty if you enjoy reading erotic stories like these for free online!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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