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A few good men

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A few good menI really need to meet a couple of guys.I am so horny this morning. I have the house to myself till about 3:30pm. I am wearing Black stay-up thigh highs, my 6” Black heels, and a Black short evening dress. I put on my fake French Tip finger nails and going to put on some fake eye lashes. I have been watching and downloading some good CD & Gay porn videos and I have my Black cock toy suctioned to my dresser. I had to test it out to see if it’s at the correct height. Tested it for 15 minutes or so and its perfect. From time to time, I’ll get on my hands and knees and back up slowly, until all 8” is buried inside my ass. Moving back and forth wishing it was a real cock. I have another strap-on toy, but its only 7”. It has more girth and it’s my favorite. I love to put it on and dream my real cock was as big. I find it very hard to write this when all I want to do is play. I can only think of the fun we would be having if I had two good friends into fucking a CD and making me be the slut, sissy, they want me to be. I’m ready to be restrained and let them do me hard and long. My legs spread wide and hands tied. Fingers, toys, butt plugs, spit, tongues, and two real cocks taking turns fucking me. I would be so happy when I was forced fed both cocks. Slapping my face while they both took pictures of my lips wrapped around big dicks. I’m so fucking ready to try anything new, to a certain point. Why is it so fucking hard to locate at least one guy that is cool, discrete, drama free, nice size cock, and has almost no body hair? Also, that lives close enough for either of us. I want to meet someone that does not live around here and does not want to. Has his own place where I can meet him and become his sexy little slut. We can also find some nice spots for us to take pictures of me in lingerie and some of me with his cock in my mouth. Away from other eyes, but still in a place where getting caught is low but, a possibility. Up in the hills, trails, some rocks to sit and use, and trees all around. The thought of taking off my regular clothes exposing my thigh highs, garter belt and panties. As he hands me my heels, pulls out his camera and takes pictures of me while I slip my heels for him. Posing in sexy positions he wants to see me in. After that, the timer is set on the camera and pictures are taken of me grabbing his cock, his cock being licked, and his cock stuffed in my mouth. While he keeps an eye out for people, I suck his big dick outside with nature. He wants to move to a different location, but makes me walk in my outfit. My ass bare to the world, shaking from side to side as I walk in front of him. The thrill of someone seeing me dressed in women’s lingerie and getting caught as he is fucking me, is an adrenalin rush that makes my little clit leak. Waiting for that moment when I am bent over, leaning on a huge rock with my guy slamming me from behind, then seeing someone standing there watching us, brings on a feeling of fear with excitement. I see me being asked to go to a motel and make myself nice and sexy with my sexiest lingerie outfit, underneath a super tight night club dress. 6” heels and lace top ankle socks. Instructions telling me after I’m all dressed and ready, to place the blindfold that is on the bed, over my eyes and wait. Before that I’m to unlock the door and push play on the DVD player. Laying on the bed as told with blindfold on, I wait. Also, when the phone rings only once, I have to open the nightstand and grab what’s in there and use it on myself, till someone arrives. As instructed, the phone rings once and I reach for the drawer. Inside is a huge rubber cock and lube. I then lube it up and pull my panties to the side and I start to slowly slip the head in and a bit later, I have the whole cock inside me. I get to the point that I am fucking my ass hard and deep. My clit is dripping. I use my finger to wipe my wetness güvenilir bahis so I can taste it.Then, without warning, the door opens and my date is here. Tells me not to stop fucking my ass. The door shuts. Still blindfolded and sliding my toy in and out of my ass, I hear the sound of camera flashing. He is taking shot of me riding cock. He tells me that I’m am looking hot and super sexy. I ask when he will be joining me. I am having fun, but want to taste and feel real dick. I’m asked to keep my blind on and sit at the edge of the bed. Keeping the dildo in my ass. I feel my hands being tied and my ankles as well. I start to smile. He tells me that I will be pleasing more than just him tonight. He then removes my blindfold. I look and I see him and three naked friends of his sitting in the chairs by the window. I am to do as I’m told to do by all of them. His friends all get up and I have four guys standing in front of me with hard dicks. I start from the left and work all four with my mouth. These guys were not small either. 7 to 10” at least. Each one fucks my mouth, making me choke. They loved seeing me choke. I can feel my throat expanding as they hold my head and make me take cock deep. My eyes started to water from choking and gagging. Flashes would go off at just the right time I had cock in my mouth. The guys would slap my face, but not hard, just enough to be rough and playful at the same time. I was having a great time with four guys. All found me sexy and wanted to show how much. I had four big hard cocks in front of me and they were all going to take turns opening my pretty asshole hide. After I sucked all the guys cocks, my date suggested I change into another outfit. He untied me and I grabbed my sissy maids outfit. I didn’t even use the restroom to change. I just changed right in front of my date and his friends. I also did my best to tease the guys by bending over a lot, running my hands up my legs, blowing kisses to them, things like that, until I was dressed and ready to serve. My date introduced me as his sissy son. That he always dressed me up like a girl when my mother wasn’t home. He started me off early touching his dick and as years passed, I got better at being the sissy my dad wanted me to be. When mom left, I would jump into panties and a bra and look for my dad. I knew when mom left, I was to be daddy’s little girl and fuck toy. Now, I’m being shared with his friends and I’m to be their sissy boy. If I was told to grab my ankles and let the guys stick toys, fruit, whatever could fit, I was to do it like the sissy I was. My date took my hand and led me onto the bed where I was to lay face down and ass up, legs open wide, hands at the corner of the bad. He then told his friends tie my sissy son’s legs and arms to each corner of the bad and let’s fuck her.I was tied and at the mercy of all four guys. All four guys got next to me and I had hands all over me. Getting my ass cheeks spread, fingers touching my sissy hole, having my head turned to suck dick, guys spitting on my hole, getting me ready for some dick. After I was tied down, I was told that I was going to get filmed fucking four men. There was 5 or 6 cameras around the room and a few more hand held ones for the guys to use while I had cock in my ass. I was happy. I didn’t mind being filmed and was hoping to be. Ideas even wanted to stream it live on a porn site. Whatever. The guys figured that my dad would want to have first round fucking his sissy son. He jumped right in and lubed up a couple of fingers and then rubbed my little fuck hole, opened my cheeks and grabbed his big cock and pushed it in. His friends all watched closely. I put out a little girly moan as he did it. The guys watched for a minute, then joined in. One even helped my pretend dad by pushing his ass as he pounded me. The other two sat on either side of me and just stroked their cocks, keeping türkçe bahis them super hard and ready when their turn came up. It was all looking and feeling great. The guys even did a bit of cock sucking themselves. If my hands were untied, I would be able to play with some cocks. But, it didn’t happen. Guess it wasn’t time yet. While my date and for now, pretend dad fucked me, I closed my eyes and fantasied that I was his sissy son. His cock feeling like it always did, hard and big. We would take baths together and he would pull me close and place my hand around his dick. Telling me it was okay and he wouldn’t ever tell mom. So, I did play, and he showed me how to give it long kisses. Playing a game to see how far I could put his cock in my mouth. He would come in my room at night while I was sleeping, wake me up with his hand between my legs, feeling my little dick. That’s how I got into wearing my first pair of panties. One night, mom was gone, he woke me up and told me to put on some new undies he got for me. Pink, full back and ruffles around the waist. Truly sissy. Then, he would bring other different things for me to wear. When I turned 20 years old, I had tons of lingerie, sissy outfits, heels, toys and freedom to watch any kind of porn I wanted. When it was just him and I, we would be watching Gay Crossdressers getting fucked by guys, or just gay porn. I would sit on the couch with my dad, lean in and take out his cock, giving him a blow job while he watched porn. His hand would make it to my butt and he worked his finger inside me. Hearing him tell me that I’m his perfect little sissy boy. Not long later, I would feel him shoot his load in my mouth, not saying anything. Just start swallowing. Mom was gone a lot. I got fucked, dressed like a sissy girl, learned to love my dad’s dick, wanting it as soon as mom left, and how my dad enjoyed dressing me and teaching me how to be a good sissy. I’m much older now and when he comes to visit me, I open the door with lingerie on and ready for my dad’s cock.I was untied now and free to move. I jumped onto my hands and knees, ass up high, ready for my dad’s friend’s dicks. I pulled one to me and reached and grabbed his dick and I opened my mouth. H did the rest. I pointed to my ass so another friend could slide his big cock in my worked over asshole. I reached back and opened my cheeks and felt another cock slide inside. The third guy, got on his back and slid under me and took my little clit in his mouth. His friend only inches away fucking my ass. Must be a nice view. My face is being fucked like the world is coming to an end. He keeps grabbing my hair and tearing shit up. My cock starts getting hard inside this guy’s mouth. He has sucked a cock before. My ass is getting stretched, but still enjoying the feel of real dick. I still have two more dicks to feel in my ass. I’m thinking I must look pretty good dressed like a slut. I have four guy’s dicks hard and looks like they have plenty to do. I have been feeling just like a girl while getting fucked. I totally enjoy have cock in my ass. It feels right. I don’t feel strange having cocks inside me. I don’t feel ashamed that I suck cock. I love getting dressed up like a girl, love how I feel, love how the clothing takes me away from being a regular guy and lets me be a sissy, woman, slut whore, just a completely different change, that makes me feel good. While I explore this different side, if I need to do somethings that might be considered gay, or looked down at, so be it. If I’m dressed like a girl, wanting to be one, I expect to be treated like one in the bedroom. I spread my legs open so I can please whomever I’m with and the same happens to me. Feeling a hard cock and knowing he is hard cause of me, is a wonderful feeling as a guy dressed in lingerie.My ass gets slapped and another guy jumps behind me and sticks his dick in me. Grabs my waist and pulls güvenilir bahis siteleri me into him. This new guy has girth and is really gapping my asshole. I start to get louder with my moaning, which was quickly fixed with cock. The last friend finally got his chance to fuck me now. He flipped me over onto my back, took my ankles and opened up my legs and not even touching his dick, stuck the head in slowly and didn’t stop till all of his cock was hidden inside my ass. My head arched back with pleasure as I took this guy fucking me. As my head was arched off the edge of the bed, my date and the two friends, took turns seeing how far they could sink their cocks down my mouth. In with my dates cock, then the friends, and the other. I didn’t care too much cause I was getting fucked with my legs pointed at the ceiling, heels on, thigh highs and garter belt looking so good. I could feel this guy’s dick all the way into my stomach. I took a pounding for a good while, then was told to come sit on my daddy’s cock. He laid down and I came and sat on his dick. My dad pulled me down to his chest and just held me still for a moment. That’s when I felt another cock being forced inside my ass. They were trying to get two dicks in me at once. I was about to say no way, but was told to be quiet and deal with it. With my dad’s cock inside me, the friend just kept working me until the head of his cock was in. From there, he just continued pushing and working me. After about 15 minutes of working me, he was finally fully inside me with another cock. Then him and my dad was able to start fucking me at the same time. I had two dicks inside my sissy ass and was getting fucked like I was some whore off the street. His friend pulled his cock out and the other was right there to fill his spot. It was becoming easier to handle two dicks in me. Each taking turns inside me rubbing their dicks against my dad’s as he never stopped fucking his good little sissy boy. I looked around hoping that the cams were working, and filming the slut I was being for these guys. Sucking and fucking four guys all in one night was a proud moment for me. I was doing what I was told and was keeping them all hard. I did my best to be a sissy girl for them and not show that I was still a dude. I played like girl, acting, sounding and even moving my ass like one. When I’m dressed from head to toe like a girl and all the other things like nails, make-up, jewelry, perfume, fake tits, the whole nine yards, I feel and am a girl then. Sexy.It was time for the guys to do what comes last after fucking. Time for me to get shot with hot cum. Would I be on my knees while they shot all their cum on my face? Will they all shoot cum in my asshole? Will they make me swallow it all? Maybe, as I lay on my back, they just cover me with it? I wanted it anyway they chose. I turned up my talking dirty. Helping them along. “Fuck that ass”!! “Fuck me”!! Was shouted. Then I heard one say he was ready. While I still had two cocks fucking my ass, he put his dick in my face, stroked it, till he blew his cum all over my face. I took his cock into my mouth for cleaning. Then the other friend was ready. He stuck his dick in my mouth and shot his cum inside there. I swallowed and cleaned at the same time. Just one friend left and my dad. I was told I would be having my ass filled with their loads. They both fucked me faster and at the same time, they both got off inside me. I could feel my ass fill up, and their heads get bigger with each powerful squirt. When they pulled out, I remained on the bed as I was filmed having cum drip out my stretched hole. I was tired but felt good. I just laid on the bed and the guys, all sat at the table. Nobody got dressed, just relaxed, looked at me, touched their big dicks, I played with mine, and shortly after, I got into the shower and got dressed into another sexy outfit and went and sat on the guys laps, gave them all one last cock kiss, and I went to my car and drove home.I didn’t leave without getting the footage of my night with four dudes. I hope that I meet up with some guys soon. I want to be a sissy girl for them.The End

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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