Oca 08

A First Night of Incest

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This is a story of when Hank begun to have sexual incest with his daughter Tracy.

It’s written in first person as Hank, a family father on his way to enter the dirty taboo path of incest.

Every character sexually involved is above eighteen years of age.

Go ahead and enjoy the story as much as loved to print it down.


“Don’t ya wish your girlfriend was hot like me? – Don’t ya wish your girlfriend was a freak like me? – Don’t ya? Don’t ya? – Don’t ya wish your girlfriend would fuck like me? – Don’t ya wish your girlfriend was a slut like me? – Don’t ya? Don’t ya? …” The Pussycat Dolls tune kept on playing, Tracy’s own naughty chorus over-voiced their correct lyrics. She was dancing inside her girly pink room as I watched my maturing daughter sway and twist in front of a mirror to the loud, pounding music like a seductive stripper turning men on.

Oh my god I thought and kept my ogling eyes on her voluptuous body taking all of her mind blowing beauty in.

Tracy is a sweet eighteen year old youngster born in February, she outgrew her own mother’s pubic growth in her mid teens. Tracy turned into the hotter chick in the house in less then a year. I knew I never should look at my own flesh and blood in that sort of way, but I didn’t stand a chance to avoid her sexual transformation into a stunning, head turning beauty.

Her long slender legs, her sexy curved hips, her protrude round shaped butt. Tracy wearing them skimpy tight shorts as ever so often; hugging her ass cheeks like a second skin and I am visibly able to see the very depth of her butt-crack. Her slim hourglass figure, narrow waist and flat, fit belly, and last but not least her ample, young and perky, firm breasts looking quite big on her slim chest. Them poking nipples constantly erect, straining the fabric of her thin tight cotton top.

How I did yearn to push my throbbing boner in between those peachy cheeks and hump her butt until I had blown my pent up load of cum. Holy fuck, I’m the next man in line to the gates of hell, for checking out my precious daughter like a horny, pussy and ass lusting boy, desiring his prey.

Her sensually inviting dance made my cock twitch and swell in my now bulging short pants, I couldn’t leave the doorway even tho I was tenting my shorts with a inappropriate fatherly boner. She turned to me with her cute happy face and her curious eyes glanced at my crotch, it ripped my trance stated mind back to reality. I went out of her sight and got inside the bathroom to deal with my hard problem so to say. I wouldn’t let my mind have its tabooed way, I couldn’t jerk off thinking about my own daughter’s sexy dance and bouncing titties.

I splashed my face with cool refreshing water to clear my head from its nasty, dirty thoughts, my thoughts of me and my teen daughter involving incestuously forbidden content. I did bate my swelling member to a nearly invisible bulge before I got out of the bathroom.

I left home for another day at the office, after my working hours I headed downtown to the gym and spend an hour and a half to drain my body, both in physical and mental workout. I didn’t even notice the women in the room as my nasty thoughts kept the mental picture, of my daughter’s dirty dancing this morning, fresh in my mind.

It’s Friday and I ordered a takeaway meal for me and my daughter. My wife and twelve year old son is visiting her parents for the oncoming week, our kids having their spring brake.

“Whats up for you weekly leave?” I asked her as we was sitting down at the dining-room table.

“I’m gonna hang out with my friends for a couple of days … Saturday and Sunday then I have nothing else planned.” she replied to my question.

“Do I need to worry about you?” I asked in a concerned manner.

“No I will do fine, we don’t drink that amount of booze you know.” she said and continued saying “What’s up for your next week dad? Are you working or did you take some time off to go and visit mom at granny’s?”

“I ain’t working but I did take some well deserved time off, I really need to get güvenilir bahis started with the worn out shed. To renovate it back in a working condition you know.” I replied.

“Oh do you need any help?” she bluntly asked.

Her question surprised me as she never ever before did anything like helping out at home with the manly stuff so to say.

“If you like to help, I surely will except you kind offer kiddo.” I replied.

“Please dad don’t call me kiddo anymore! I prefer if you would call me hunny, muffin, sugar or likewise but not kiddo, please don’t, it makes me feel like I’m still in my pre teens for gods sake.”

“Okay, is pumpkin alright? You still are my little girl you know.” I said wondering how grown up she really was. My cock twitched as I remembered her teasingly hot body this same morning.

“Pumpkin will do for now, but when I get older you have to come up with another cute nickname. You can’t keep on calling me pumpkin when I’m mid aged as you daddy.” she replied.

“I understand, I need to give you a better nickname soon let me figure one out and I will tell you either day the next week. But you have to come up with your own nickname for me pumpkin. Deal?

“It’s a deal daddy, why not plain dad or daddy? Or is that making you feel as an old fart.” she asked and giggled.

“No it won’t make me feel any older then I am, I just want you to use your brain during the holiday and not only killing them few remaining brain-cell’s in booze.” I laughed out loud.

She joined my laughter Tracy had always shared the same humor with her old dad.

Sunday evening.

I heard Tracy enter the front door and shut it close behind, I was in my own room laying in bed reading an erotic novel. Her moving around clumsy made it clear to me she still was a bit drunk, the time showed eleven PM on my digital alarm clock. As I heard her go inside her room I put the book aside and turned on my side to get some needful sleep.

Even toe she said not to worry, I couldn’t help by doing just that, worrying is a parents duty knowing she was out on a boat drinking, partying and fooling around with her friends and them randy boys he would love to get his hands on. It had made me sleep lousy last night and therefore I dozed off in mere seconds.

In the middle of the night, still pitch-dark outside. Living at the edge of the city was revealing in the way that not so much having them street lights glowing all night to disturb your sleep. I felt someone close to me, a curved shape laying under the covers and in my dizzy mind I thought it was my dear wife. Not remembering she was out of town, I reached out my hand and felt a smooth peachy ass form in the palm of my hand. I caressed her butt cheeks and traced the tiny string of her thong from her upper cheek down in between her fleshy firm globes.

I could barely remember that first time I fingered a girls ass for the first time in my life. I was twenty-something and my finger slid gently inside a sleeping girlfriends butt hole. I kept it still knuckle deep and felt her sphincter pulsate around my finger. Holy shit how grate it felt, her gripping muscle tightened then releasing its tight brace. I fumbled as I slowly finger fucked that girls ass, my free hand cupped her small perky tit. I was in heaven as I felt my creamy cum plainly coating the inside my briefs as I climaxed whit-out even touching myself down there.

Now I was going to get another butt-hole experience, I daze minded determined. My hand groping her ass on its way deeply in her butt crack. My fingertip found her puckered little hole and I could feel the rim of her tight sphincter as a round bumpy crater. With my fingertip I touched ontop of her tiny rear entrance feeling every wrinkle of her puckered skin.

I needed some lubrication to give me an easy penetration. I forced myself to withdraw my hand from her perfect butt-crack, afraid she might turn her body in any other way so I couldn’t get to her anus again. Luckily she didn’t move a slightest inch, and my fingers coated in pre-cum by my drooling lusting hard türkçe bahis dick.

I reached out to find her ass as available as I left it a few seconds ago, my slippery finger found her puckered hole and I gently pressed my finger at her rectal entrance. I felt her sphincter slowly open its tight gap, I pushed my finger inside her anus to the first knuckle. How amazing it felt as her gripping muscle tried to close the gap I made by holding a finger inside its entry.

I still and silently lingered for many long pleasurable minutes feeling my own cock twitch and throb in my boxers, as well feeling her sphincter work its magic around my finger a mere inch in her butt. I pushed it deeper inside and felt her tightness grasp the next knuckle as her butt checks meet my fist. I plunged my hand deeply inside her parted ass checks and felt the very one sphincter grip tight at the edge to my last knuckle, I was as deep as I could go inside her puckered tight little hole.

An epiphany hit me and struck me into acknowledgment . My wife ain’t back home yet, so who the hell is it I am anally finger deep inside. Holy fuck I thought as my mind caught up to the reality. My own daughters delicious butt-hole is wrapped around my finger and I don’t want to pull out, not yet anyway. If I only could climax fast as I had the last time I fingered a girls ass for them many years ago.

I finger fucked Tracy’s anus, trying to get my other hand to jerk myself off. But it was under her neck and I was to scared to move it, I might wake her up, God forbid if she did.

I didn’t feel as coltishly excited as I had that first time so I had to figure out another way to still my need to ejaculate. Her ass so fucking perfect, slightly angled up and would be an easy target to fuck if I would. I tucked my boxers down and with a firm grip around the base of my cock I lined up my bloated head to her tiny puckered hole, I knew my big sized member would smooth them tiny folds out as I forced it inside her tight butt-hole.

I coated her closed anal entrance in my oozing pre-cum, and gently pressed my big head at her ass. Softly and slowly I pushed my cock in her ass, her mesmerizing sphincter gripped the crown of my head as it disappeared inside her butt-hole. I felt like in heaven just by simply holding my cock in her ass, feeling the tiny little contractions her body made around my cock amplify into huge waves of pleasurable jolts thru my spine building my climax in rocketing speed.

I felt my balls tauten as my ejaculation was on its way to erupt. I wanted to feel myself orgasm deep in her ass and pushed my cock further inside as deep as I could go in the tight butt-hole of my young sexy daughter. The very instant I felt her peachy ass cheeks pressed tight against my hips I started to geysering a monstrous load of cum in Tracy’s butt. It was like turning on a hose, a hose from were cum poured out instead of water. My hips humped her ass and twitched jerking back and forth as I delivered what felt like a half gallon of creamy daddy cum in my own daughter’s. My mind is in pure ecstatic blissfulness as spurt after spurt of thick cum strings in her ass until I had drained my totally spent balls. Tenderly I pulled my limp cock out of her peachy butt-hole to see her sphincter shut the widened gap, to withhold the plenty amount of cum I had flooded her rectum.

I pulled my boxers back up and tried to get some more sleep, I couldn’t believe what I had just done. Anal incest fucking my own flesh and blood how wrong is that, forbidden taboo sexual intercourse between a father and his daughter may end up in me behind bars in a jail far far away.

My mind tried to shift my thought from the fear of getting caught to the pleasurable moment I felt a few seconds ago. I was completely sexually satisfied, cum drained as never before still lusting to get back inside her body any way I could.

I never mentally registered my sleep return as my racing thoughts twisted my head, I awoke at the sunlight shining thru the window heating my body. I felt my cock twitch as in a needed to pee signal and would güvenilir bahis siteleri have to go within the next half hour or so. My arm still under my daughters neck as she sleeps her boozed head off. I tried to move but she cuddle herself in my grip spooning together like a dad and daughter never should do. I felt my cock grow stiff and proud between her peachy butt-cheeks.

Her moans starts to fill the silent room and her hips begins to hump my hip, my cock grinding her crotch. Soon jutting out from my boxers freed by her humping moves, my cock is sliding along the same crack I relished for only hours ago. She places my trapped hand on her young firm breast and I feel her swelled nipple poke my palm, I tenderly pinched it to a big nob of pleasure, sending sparks down her body to her teen pubic slit.

I feel her other hand push my pussy rubbing cock at her slippery lips. She had definitely taken of her thong and nothing kept my cock from entering my own daughters pussy for the first time in my life.

“Oh so big!” Tracy moans in delight.

My cock slowly stretched her pussy wider and deeper on its path to her fuck-hole depths. Her body shivers and quivers as my girthed cock stuffs her tightly gripping pussy, I cupped her other breast as her butt meet my hip. Letting her adjust to my massive size as I teased her stiff poking nipples on them deliciously big firm titties.

“I better call you Fuck-Doll from now on, and in other ears hearings I will call you Baby-Doll.” I whispered in her ear.

“You better do that daddy we cant let anyone else find out how you love to fuck your daughter’s ass when she sleeps.” she replied.

“You didn’t stop me from doing it.” I said to my defense.

“Oh fuck hell no daddy, I never thought I could feel as hot and horny as you made me feel.” She answered panting her words out as a small climax spasmed her slender body.

“Oh my God Tracy I don’t think I could end this, us fooling around incestuously.” I appealed to her to finish what I had started.

“No dad and I never ever want you to stop fucking my body any way you would like.” she replied.

I was to way down into fucking my own daughter to ever end it both of us knew it. Her body convulsed in a spastic bliss as a powerful orgasm possessed her body, I felt the urge to ejaculate and tried to get her attention to know if she was on birth-control pills or not.

I was about to pull out but she followed my moves and I felt my gushing creamy load of cum spill inside her young maybe fertile pussy. Flooding her womb with my potent seed was probably the hottest thing I had done for nearly two decades.

Tracy begun to sing the familiar but slightly changed lyrics of her naughty chorus.

“Don’t ya wish your daughter was nude like me? – Don’t ya wish your daughter was a freak like me? – Don’t ya? … Daddyyy? – Don’t ya wish your daughter was a slut like me? – Don’t ya wish your daughter could fuck like me? – Don’t ya? … Daddyyy?

Her hips move to the rhythm and she fucked my cock with her pussy, draining the last weak spurts of cum from my spent balls. She kept on humping my cock until it limp slid out of her gooey and slippery cum drenched pussy.

“Can I sleep in her every night this spring break daddy?” she asked.

I happily nodded her a yes and from that day we kept on fucking each other whenever we got a chance to do it.

Tracy even joined me on my business trips when she could, fucking in our hotel room all night long. I engaged myself in her newly discovered spare-time activities, including a lot of backpack camping in the woods where no one could her us fuck. Spending as mush time together as possible. Fucking her young eighteen year old body almost every day.

Tracy craves a daily blowjob between home and her school or at the end of the work day on our way back home. She closes my zipper on the driveway and licks my cum of her pouty swelled lips.

I can only tell how a lucky son of a bitch I really am, to be able to fuck my own teen daughter’s wet pussy and her peachy ass, to feel her drain my cock inside her eagerly sucking mouth or deep down her throat.

I will go to hell if I have to it’s definitely worth every second of forbidden incest with my sexually willing daughter.

The End … is cumming … Hell here I cum!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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