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A First Time

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Lacy sighed as she watched her best friend hunt for the perfect mascara. The other girl had already picked up at least seven different tubes and not one measured up to what she wanted. Lacy was trying to be helpful, but she honestly didn’t know what Gaby was after. Plus Lacy had a bad tendency to daydream when she was around her BFF. Her imagination ran wild, mostly due to her libido. Lacy was very attracted to the curvy brunette. Gaby had the most gorgeous big, brown eyes Lacy had ever seen. Truth be told, Lacy was slightly envious of Gaby’s lovely looks. At five foot one, Lacy had extra curly hair that was utter hell to do anything with, and facial features that couldn’t even compare. No matter what nonsense Gaby told her.She was nowhere near beautiful. Lacy had a huge crush on her best friend and Gaby had told her on more than one occasion that she had the same crush on Lacy. It became rather hard to concentrate on much of anything when the object of your lust worked and hung out with you on a daily basis! There were so many times they were alone together when Lacy had wanted to reach over and kiss Gaby… but Lacy was a big chicken in that respect. She didn’t know where their friendship would end up after. Lacy wondered if Gaby was actually serious about bahis siteleri her supposed crush and being unsure was not a good way to start something like sex. Lacy was dying to see what was under Gaby’s clothes, though….Lacy was forced back into the present by Gaby waving a tube of twenty-seven dollar mascara in her face. Gaby had finally found one she had deemed worthy and, after thirty minutes of browsing, they had finally left the store with something. After the shopping came dinner at a restaurant not too far from the stores. It passed as usual; gossip about their love lives, the ladies at work, how much they hated their jobs, Gaby’s boyfriend and future plans were among the main topics. Gaby was moving away in a few months, the whole way to North Carolina, which wasn’t exactly nearby. It made Lacy almost sick to her stomach; she sometimes had some trouble making friends. Plus Lacy was running out of time to make a move. She basically had Gaby’s boyfriend’s permission; his only request was that he got to watch, which Lacy was okay with if that meant she got to lie between Gaby’s lovely thighs.Damn! she thought. Now she was making herself wet and had completely missed Gaby’ question. Lacy blamed it on the cute host who had been staring at them, or canlı bahis siteleri most likely Gaby. Lacy had it bad, and if she didn’t do something fast, it was going to keep her up all night!After dinner, they decided to go back to Gaby’s place to watch movies in her basement. They grabbed a bottle of red wine, a bowl of popcorn and headed downstairs. It was always cold down there, so they picked a spot on the floor and cuddled up. They watched a few movies; some funny, some romantic. The last one of the night was a romantic movie. About midway through the picture, a hot, steamy sex scene started.The lead man had slowly removed the woman’s clothes and his head had descended between her thighs. It was making Lacy hot yet again, and by the look of things, it was having a similar effect on Gaby. She was squirming slightly and her cheeks were flushed. Gaby suddenly jumped up and ran upstairs. Lacy heard the bathroom door close.Lacy took a deep breath and paused the movie. She knew for a fact that Gaby had gone upstairs to cool down. Alcohol had quite the affect on Gaby. It made her more adventurous and her sex drive went in to over-drive. Judging by the empty bottle of wine, it had kicked in and the sex scene had gotten Gaby extremely hot. After about canlı bahis five minutes, Lacy made her way upstairs to the bathroom door. It was closed and most likely locked. Lacy didn’t hear anything and started to panic. She tapped lightly on the door and called to her friend. Gaby’s response was a soft moan.Lacy backed up slightly. So Gaby was cooling off by getting off. Lacy’s brain and heart went speeding and she had to brace herself on the wall. She had dreamed and lusted after this girl and now here she was, mere feet from where Lacy stood, masturbating furiously! Lacy had often wondered what Gaby’s pussy looked and tasted like. She had imagined pleasuring her for hours. It was now or never, and now was the perfect opportunity.Lacy turned the knob – it was unlocked! – and slowly pushed the door open. She immediately looked to the mirror and saw Gaby.The other girl’s face was flushed all the way down her neck. Her perfect tits were out of her shirt, each succulent globe moving slowly as her body rocked. Her tan nipples jutted out, taut and firm. Lacy had to bite her lip to keep herself from drooling. As Lacy’s gaze moved slowly down Gaby’s body, she could see that Gaby had one hand bracing herself on the side of the tub as the other rubbed her pussy in slow circles. Gaby’s eyes were shut tight and she didn’t hear Lacy as she pushed the door completely open and dropped to her knees in front her. Gaby was completely unaware of her guest until Lacy flicked her tongue over Gaby’s lower lip.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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