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A gay summer Holiday. – Part 1

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A gay summer Holiday. – Part 1Index: https://xhamster.com/posts/957456Chapter 1The ferry rideChristopher had finished his technical middle school and he wanted to use the time till his higher technical school started to take a very long holiday. Away from his friends and family. He badly needed a change of pace.The city he lived in held no more surprises for him, or so he thought. In actual fact he wanted to get away from his parents and siblings. He was the runt of the litter. Being the youngest he got constantly teased a lot by his 3 brothers and his sister. They were a lot older them him. His oldest sister had married a few years ago and she was pregnant. His oldest brother left the family home too.They told Chris that he wasn’t good enough to ever get his own girlfriend. That tease went throughout the family and even his aunts and uncles got in on it, saying that he must be gay. A boy of Chris’s age must surely be gay if he still not had a girlfriend, they teased him.That bugged the hell out of poor old Chris. Every holiday, birthday or family get together the same old ‘joke’ was played on him. Over and Over and Over again.Chris was a well hung dude. 19 years of age and with a reasonably muscular physique. Nothing too over the top. But with a strong pair of arms and naturally broad shoulders, well defined pecks and his minimal 6 pack he was a pleasant sight to behold. No, that was not the reason why he did not have a girlfriend. He just kept himself to himself. In fact, he did not have many friends regardless of gender. He had enough hobbies to keep himself busy. Always willing to help others. That earned him a nice bit of spending cash. And he was going to spend some of it on a 4 month vacation at his great-uncle’s camping grounds.The island was an hour and a half by ferry from the mainland. He got to the harbor on time. A large group of men left the car ferry on foot, as he arrived by train. It was clear to Christopher that they must have had a kinky holiday together. Some of the guys still wore there bondage gear over their clothes. One of the guys from that group through himself over the shoulders of Chris when he walked past the drunk group. “Hey, sweet thing… Your late! We could have used your sweet ass in the bunker!… We would have fucked the shit out of your tiny ass…”, he screamed drunkenly at Chris.His master pulled the guy away from Chris. “Sorry about that… We had a fun time in the woods the last long weekend… We got a bit drunk on the ferry… You have to forgive my boy here… I will punish him good for you…”, he said semi coherent. “Ha ha ha… I bet you had a great time fucking, drinking and doing god knows what else out there… Better get yourselves home safely now, men!”. Chris pushed the guy back into the arms of his master and said goodbye to the group. He got a kiss on the lips from an other younger guy. “Thank you… See you around at school, stud!”, he said looking oddly familiar to Chris.Christopher thought nothing of it. Perhaps it was someone he met at school. But he could not remember who he was. And besides that, he was going to the higher technical school after the holiday. Chris walked to the ticket hall to by his ferry ticket. He saw his uncle unloading cars and bikes from the ro-ro deck and waved at him. His fathers brother was second mate on the ferry for years now. He waved back at Chris as he talked on his walkie talkie. Chris looked up to him. Living on the island and working at sea was sort of a dream job for Christopher. At the ticket office the guard called to him. “Your Chris, right?”, the man said. “Your uncle and the captain want you to proceed directly to the gangway. Follow me.”, he said grabbing one of Chris’s bags.Without buying a ferry ticket they walked together past the people who were already queuing in line to be let on to the ferry for the next run to the island. A rough group of leather wearing men got angry. “Why the fuck is he allowed to go on before us!”, they screamed at the guard. A mother and her offspring got scared and bounced away from the man. The boy nearly fell over in front of Chris, but in a quick reflex he dropped his bag and caught the boy. “Don’t be afraid of those bullies… Their bark is worse then their bite, son.”. Chris smiled and winked at the boy. He put him back on his feet and send him to his mother. The guard meanwhile explained to the angry man that the ferry would not leave with out a full complement of crew. And that Chris was one of them. And that they could be refused on board if they kept behaving badly. Chris now understood that his working holiday had started with his first impromptu job.Christopher walked with the guard to the ship where his uncle and the captain came to meet him. He got a firm hug from his uncle Mathijs. “Damn boy, you have grown even stronger! Good to see you. We need your help, we are a bit short staffed and the weather out at see is going to be a bit rough. Will you help us out?”, he asked. But before Chris could answer they were canlı bahis interrupted. “Hello Christopher!”, the captain called walking down the passenger ramp. “How is your father boy!”. Chris knew that the captain and his father sailed together for a few years and knew each other well. “My father is doing well, sir. He sends his regards to the both of you.”, answered Chris politely. “Can you lend us a hand again this journey?”, the captain asked. “Sure thing! but only if I can wear such a nice crew jacket too…”, joked Chris. He pointed at the white bomber jacket his uncle Mathijs was wearing. “I’ll do you one better Chris…”, Mathijs said and handed him a sailors cap and a name badge, as well as a spare jacket. “And if you do a good job you may keep them, son.”, the captain smiled. “Aww… that’s nice. What can I do to help, sir?”, asked Chris. “Report to the main saloon on deck 3, boy. It needs cleaning. And when your done then you can help stow the luggage of the walk-on’s.”, he ordered. “Aye aye, sir!”, replied Chris promptly, and the three of them walked back on board.Chris reported to the steward in the main saloon. He was told to clean the trash and wipe the tables down quickly so they could start boarding the ferry. Chris stowed away his own luggage and put his jacket in one of his bags. He got the cleaning tools and started to methodically but quickly clean the tables and benches. The trip must have been really rough because some people clearly had been sick on the way back to the mainland. Chris was used to this kind of work. He had done a 3 week tour with this ferry company last year as well.In one of the booths he found a leather biker jacket behind one of the benches. He had to keep cleaning. So rather then walk it back to shore to the lost and found, he just put it on for a while. And then it happened… A strange, yet powerful feeling came over young Chris… Something that he had not felt before. This leather biker jacket fit like a glove. The feeling, the weight, the smell, the sound was wonderful to him. Chris had to snap himself out of the euphoria in order to finish his job. After he finished he hang the jacket on the coat rack near the saloons entrance and reported to the steward that he was done cleaning. The steward told him he could go help board the guests. And he warned Chris to make sure that their luggage was stowed securely because of the rough weather.The people started walking on board not long after that. Chris put on the crew jacket and silly sailors cap. And he attached the badge to his belt. It felt good to him to be part of a crew again.He put the heavy suitcases in the racks and informed the passengers where they could go to find themselves a seat.The family with the boy and girl he helped earlier came on board and he overheard the mother trying to calm them. “The weather is not going to be that bad. You are not going to be sick.”, she told her son and daughter. After putting their many suitcases away Chris took the father aside. “You may want to find a seat in the saloon one deck down. There might be some rough weather along the way. Down there your closest to the center of the ship, there the effects of the waves won’t be too bad. And if worse comes to worse the toilets are near by. My name is Chris, and I will be checking on your family later on. I will try to provide some distractions for your family if I can.”, he said reassuringly. The mother thanked Chris for the advice as they proceeded down the main stairwell.The group of rowdy leather clad men pushed and shoved their way past Chris. They placed their heavy bags and backpacks on the highest shelves of the luggage rack. Chris told them politely to put the heavy stuff on the bottom racks because of the expected rough seas. “Go fuck yourself dude! Stop scaring the people. We can take care of ourselves.”, the leather biker gear wearing guy shouted at him. “Your right sir! you can fuck yourselves sir. I just need to make sure your gear does not fall on our other guests, sir.”, Chris whispered softly at the guy. And then placed their gear on the lower racks anyway. “Company policy, sir. You can file a complaint, if you need to, on the island. sir!”, said Chris stern. The guys lowered their tone in surprise of the stern treatment they have gotten from our young Chris. They where sort of impressed by him. The men went downstairs as well.The first part of the ferry ride was really nice and reasonably smooth. Christopher went down stairs to check up on the young family. He greeted them and told the father, that if he wanted to go check out the outside of the ship with his offspring, that now would be a good time. The father and mother understood that it could be too rough to go up top later on. They went outside to walk around the upper deck for a while. It was clear to Chris that this was their first time with their son and daughter on a ferry ride. And he wanted to make the experience as comfortable as possible for them.The group of rowdy leather men called Chris bahis siteleri over. “Hey boy! Bring us more beer!”, they yelled across the saloon. Chris walked calmly over to them. “The bar is open on deck 3. Down here you can only get soda’s, water and candy from the vending machines, sirs.”, answered Chris politely. “Well then you may suck my cock!”, the leader of them said. “I would love to sir. But i am on duty and the captain won’t allow that kind of behavior. And I am going to have to ask you to lower your voices and mind your language sirs!”, said Chris looking a bit angry and stern at the men. He was about to report them to the steward. “Sorry dude… I did not mean it like that. But would you have done it if you were not on duty?”, he asked politely but in surprise. Chris only smiled at the rough guy, liking the way he looked. And he was sort of honored that the guy would even consider having sex with him.In actual fact, Chris would have loved to have shoved his own cock down the throat of a tough leather guy like him. Chris all ways dreamed of a rough and tough tumble with a guy. But he never actually had the opportunity or the guts to go ahead with it if he actually did. No Chris was no virgin. He had slept around with a few females before. And he even was sucked off a few times by other guys himself. But he never had much more then a few late night blow jobs with guys. Chris was very open minded. He did not want to commit to either men or women yet. He just wanted to enjoy the sex when the opportunity provided it self.Back in the saloon on deck 3 the steward looked a bit worried at Chris. “The captain wants his coffee… but I can not leave my post unattended and I can not give you my keys for the crew stairwell to the wheelhouse either. Can you take it up via the outside please?”, he asked unsure how Christopher would react. “Sure. I will have to put on my raincoat… Oh damn… I put my gear in the luggage rack… it is buried under all the other passengers bags… Shit…”. Chris thought quickly and remembered the leather biker jacket he found earlier. He through it on and he again got that strange tingeling sensation in the pit of his stomach. Gosh, he loved the feeling he got from wearing it. He got a serving tray with the cups and coffee pot from the steward and he put a tea towel over it to keep the rain out. Christopher walked up stairs to the wheelhouse with the coffee. He only had to walk a short distance outside, but the wind and rain had picked up considerably already. At the wheel house he knocked on the window and his uncle let him in. “Why did you not use the inside stairwell boy?”, he asked surprised. Chris explained that the steward did not have a spare set of keys. He dried the cups and poured the coffee. The crew thanked Chris and he was let downstairs via the crew stairwell. Chris had seen the sea state. And he remembered the young family downstairs. With some coloring books and pencils he proceeded to go sit with them. He hoped that he could provide some distraction for the boy and girl. Their father saw Chris coming. “Is it that time already?”, the man asked worried. “No sir. We have about 20 more minutes before we change direction. Then it’s 5 or 10 minutes of ‘fun’. After that we will be in sight of the harbor already.”, said Chris reassuringly. He asked the boy and girl if they liked to color and handed them the books and pencils. Their mother got a few plastic bags and Chris said; “Just in case…”. They chatted a bit and the distraction seemed to work. It was only after the Leather clad guy from the rowdy group announced that he was going to be sick, that the boy started to get a bit green in the face too. He saw the ‘tough’ leather man running for the toilets. And 3 or 4 minutes later Christopher escorted the mother and her son there as well. Chris had grabbed a couple of bottled waters from the vending machine. Luckily the young boy was only a little sick. And Chris handed him a water bottle to wash away the taste and a breath mint. Gave him a pat on the head and he and his mother went back to the saloon. The biker however was much worse off. Chris stood behind him. “Are you okay sir? Can I help you?”, he asked. “You can suck me off boy!”, the guy exclaimed again. “I’d love to… but you know…”, Christopher joked laughingly. The biker stoot up and looked at Chris. “Hey dude, nice leather jacket!”, he said in surprise. He grabbed the collar of the wet leather biker jacket and tried to pull Christopher close to kiss him. “Gross!… you have been sick just now… At least suck on this first!”, Chris laughed as he handed him a bottle of water and a breath mint. The guy had to think and after he processed what Christopher had just said he laughed as well. “You did not say no, boy… You are going to get it!”, he laughed and pulled the zipper from his leather pants open. “You can suck on that!…”, he said sternly with a horny glint in his eyes.He was a shower, not a grower. The pierced cock of the biker was still bahis şirketleri limp, but already very impressive. The man had grabbed Chris’s hand and wrapped it around his toy. “Not here… Lets go in the toilet stall…”, panted Chris, horny from the hot piece of Leather men meat he held in his hands.They quickly walked into the toilet stall and closed the door behind them. Chris was very excited and the biker noticed that too. “Your enjoying this aren’t you boy!”, he asked. “For sure… But you best show me how it’s done first… I’ve never sucked off a tough leather guy like you before.”, Chris said with a mean dirty grin, as he pulled his own cock from his jeans.The guy did not seem to grasp that Christopher was playing him. Chris actually did not expect that he would get sucked, but the Leather clad guy dropped to his knees. He gently touched Chris’s cock and stuck his tongue out to lick the dick head. The cock got stiffer quite quickly and Chris was enjoying the sight. Him standing there in a leather biker jacket, and a leather wearing guy on his knees in front of him. Chris put a hand on the head of the man. That signaled the guy to proceed. The dick head and shaft got a good licking before it was sucked in the mouth of this rough dude. Chris panted and moaned loudly, he liked it very much. He was not blown this nice before. The guy clearly knew what he was doing. While the man was bobbing his head up and down over his shaft Chris started pumping his face. That pleased the leather clad man. He moaned; “You have a tasty dick… Give me your load, boy… Shoot it in my throat…”. Chris got excited by the dirty talking guy and fully fucked the skull of the guy now. “Here i cum!… wash away the puke with this!… you dirty little biker boy!… Swallow!… Swallow it all… Arghh… Oh Fucking hell yeah… Oh god… Arghh…”, exclaimed Christopher. As he dumped stream after hot fucking stream of semen in his mouth. And the guy swallowed it with great joy.”Fucking hell…”, the guy shouted while dumping his own load and licking the cock of Chris clean of every last drop of his jizz. He came in full ecstasy on the bathroom floor. When he stood up he pushed Chris down. “Clean me boy!”, he ordered. And Chris did that. He licked and sucked the man taking every glob of sperm in his mouth. Chris had a bit of a hard time with the Prince Albert in the guys cock head but he managed to clean the dick good. The taste of an other men’s jizz was amazing. He stood back up and kissed the guy, giving back some of his own sperm in his mouth. The guy was totally amazed by this. “Did not know you where this dirty, dude!… I am loving it!”, he whispered all hot and bothered in Chris’s ear.”Hell yeah… that was new for me too… but I did like it very much. Especially your fucking cool leather gear…”, Chris panted back. The guy looked in amazement at Chris. The leather man removed his cock strap with metal studs from his own cock and balls. As he dropped back to his knees in front of Chris’s still stiff cock. He licked Chris’s hairless balls and sucked his cock in one go deep in his throat and held him there long. Pressing his nose firmly against Chris’s belly. Chris moaned and panted again loudly. That feeling was fucking amazing. He was not deep throated before. And the guy got a second dump of Chris’s sperm in his mouth. When Chris was spend the Leather men tied the cock strap around Chris’s cock and balls. “There you go, dude… a little present to remember me by…”, he said looking up horny at Chris. He stood up and pressed Chris with his back against the bathroom stall. They tongue kissed once more. Now it was Chris that tasted his own cum as he lusciously rubbed his hands over the leathers. “Thanks dude… I hope I will see you some more… There is a lot more I can teach you if you like… I am staying at the ‘Harbor view’ campgrounds…”, the leather man softly grunted. “Ah… ha ha ha… So am I. So who knows, we may meet up again perhaps!”, Chris laughed. Chris put away his cock and balls. Proud of the present he had gotten from the leather man and the sex he just had with him. When the guy had left Chris proceeded to mop the bathroom floor clean. “Ah, here you are Christopher…”, he heard his uncle say. “We are about to dock… prepare to help the passengers with their luggage again. And then go to the island ticket office. You still need to pick up your return ticket. Your aunt Dianna will be there. She will be happy to help you Chris.”.Chris helped the passengers and when every one had left he reported back to the steward. “I am done, sir… Permission to disembark?”, he asked politely. The captain overheard Chris’s request. “Sure thing Chris. Thanks very much for your help, son.”, he said friendly, pressing a 50 Euro bill in his hands. “No thank you, sir! I have enjoyed the cruise very much… Even though it was only a short one…”, Chris Joked. “That’s funny boy… Now go quickly pick up your gear… I saw your grandmother standing on the dock waiting for you! See you later Chris.”, he said with a smile. Chris got excited and thanked the guys once more and he left for shore. That’s a damned good beginning of this holiday, Christopher thought to himself with pleasure.

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