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A girl keeps warm in the gents toilet

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A girl keeps warm in the gents toiletIt was a freezing night, -15C and to cap it the snow started falling, ‘What the fuck’, flashed through my mind, too cold to snow?I gather my coat around me, trying to trap what heat I was generating, my short skirt and bare stockinged topped legs, were numb, so there was my heat loss, not from my head, but from my crotch, still I loved this kind of attire, showing my ass and white flesh, framed in black, frilly knickers and stockings, large mesh, fuck I can feel my pussy flow at the thought of a hard cock pushing into me.I look at my watch, and shiver, ‘Shit twenty minutes until the next fucking bus’, and now the snow is falling fast and furious.I look to my left and there is a gents toilet, one of those ones that are underground, with the square blocky glass you cant see through, a sixties product, frustrating for a girl wanting to see men piss into a urinal.As my thoughts wander I realize a good fuck would be nice, but there are no cocks walking around, and I curse the weather, a good shag would generate some heat, and a nice orgasm to warm the cockles of my being.I was sixteen on that night, and already a veteran at cock manipulation, a girl with an enormous appetite for sex, and group fucking, a girl in a perpetual sexual high, a girl who craved cock several times a day, even shagging my brother istanbul escort meant nothing to me, it was just a cock, a fleshy pole dance, fitting nicely into my tight hole, my vagina blessed with a sharp right turn, that drove men wild and made the cum, sometimes too quickly for me, but then there was always another ready to use me like a warm tight-fitting condom, I loved that analogy, and as if to emphasize it, I started to masturbate, thank fuck for that hole in my coat pocket.I was going at it, hammer and tongs, and did not see or hear him approach. Only when he coughed did I turn, in time to see him disappear down the stairs to the toilet.I looked around and it was just a white out, and as if the silence could render the sound of falling snowflakes, the sound of the cubical door closing in the toilet, was more welcome and I wasted no time in following him down into the piss smelling toilet.I dropped onto my knees and looked under each cubical in turn until I saw his feet, then went into an adjacent cubical, and coughed, to let him know I was there and a female, by that brazen approach, there was no room for error, and to emphasize my need, without question, I slipped of my boot off and stuck my stockinged foot under the partition, he coughed in response, and I said, ‘Hi’.I avcılar escort waited and sure enough he slid his cock into the hole, conveniently placed at mouth height, today they call them ‘Glory Holes’, but back then, we called them ‘Blind BJ’s’, and I was a consummate cock sucker, blind or otherwise, I sucked on men’s poles, chewing their ‘Bell-ends’, like a starving Black chewing on a hot-dog’, and washing it down with a salty white sauce with my saliva, now you get my drift, see just how fucking dirty and horny a slut I am. I blew him and sucked him down my throat, never ‘Gagging’, no breathing and sucking cock was an art, my own mother taught me that, using her boyfriend to show me, it was one of those mother daughter nights, a MILF and her highly sexed u******e daughter, with a man in his thirties, Mother got the load as I was halfway up his anus with my tongue, licking men’s bum-holes, is cool, as long as they wash it before I start poking into them.Needless to say, as I performed my felacio in the dirty piss ridden cubical, my bus came and went, and the sound of it being driven off was replaced by footsteps descending towards my soaked pussy, I had forgotten to close my cubical door, and there I was with my full blown lips pressing hard against the formica that separated the sexes, with a cock şirinevler escort fully inserted into my mouth, and moments later with another shagging my bare ass and cunt, now this is what I liked, thank fuck the bus came and went, thank fuck for cock-mobiles, I stopped sucking momentarily, to look back and encourage this new cock, to fuck me harder.Of course u******e sex, or sex with a minor, although abhorrent in the eyes of civilized men, but widely practised by those same men, in fact I could be providing a warm back and front release for two of them right now, ‘Fuck the age thing’, I once uttered, ‘Just shag my arse off’, and as if those proverbial words had come back to haunt me, my head banged of the formica partition, as both lover sought to shoot their cum into me, the one in my pussy being the more violent, as my age spurred him on, hung for a lamb as a sheep.I sat down on the cold porcelain, not even bothering to lower the seat, my legs shook, with a mixture of cold and sexual excitement, both men had scampered, once depositing their loads into me, and I had achieved a good orgasm with their endeavours and my dirty mouthings.There were no phone cameras back then, so it could be considered a private meeting between two adult men and a teen girl, no evidence, except for the cum dripping from my pussy, the other load now ingested in my tummy, with little nutritional value, but yummy just the same, especially the way it was received.I rose and made my way out to be met by worse conditions than from what I had entered, with no buses left to boot, so it would be taxi, lets hope the driver likes a free fuck, as my pocket and purse were both empty.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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