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A Good Relationship Ch. 3

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A few weeks past before Howard invited me over for “some fun”, I knew what he meant. He said in the note he left at my house, that he had a friend coming that wanted to meet me. Howard also said he had bought me some sexy presents, new outfits and undies, and that he was looking forward to seeing wearing them. I was to go to his Sunday at 4 o’clock, so , I left my house in plenty of time but it was raining so I put on a long raincoat and put up an umbrella and walked to Howard’s front door and rang the bell.

He invited me in taking my wet coat, and, leaving my umbrella in the hall, we went into the living room. Howard said that his friend Matt would be here soon, he wanted me to try on a new outfit, before he arrived. Laying on the table was a black suspender belt with very wide frilly suspenders, thin almost see-through pink frilly panties, black seemed stockings, a black bra with built in foam tits and a school girl outfit, white blouse with a light blue gymslip. Howard told me to get changed, so I got undressed and put on the new clothes, they all fitted very well, Howard came and had a check and said I looked very sexy, he lifted up my skirt and ran his fingers over my frilly suspenders.

Not long after, Matt arrived, Howard brought him into the living room and we were introduced to each other. Matt was about 60, tall ,very broad, quite heavy and strong. Howard said Matt was going to film us later on, we all sat down Howard opened the customary bottle of wine and we drank and chatted for a while. We were half way down the second bottle when Matt suggested I went and sat next to him on the sofa, I looked at Howard, and he nodded. Matt was saying how sexy I looked, Howard got up and left üçyol escort the room to get more wine, Matt placed his hand on my leg just above the knee and stroking gently slowly worked his hand up under my skirt. I did not know what to do, Matt had now lifted my skirt high in the air and was touching my suspenders then feeling my balls through my panties. He said he had not felt this sexy for a long time.

I heard Howard coming back so I got up and pulled my skirt back down. Howard came back into the room as he placed the new bottle on the table Matt said he would like me to sit on his lap, Again I looked at Howard who smiled and nodded, Matt guided me onto his lap, facing Howard. Matt said to Howard that I had nice legs as his hand once again was stroking my leg moving up under the hem of my skirt, he pulled the hem up higher and said he loved the wide frilly suspenders stretching one out and letting it snap back against my thigh. He placed his hands on my knees and pulled them apart opening my legs quite wide, Howard had a good view as Matt began feeling my balls and cock with one hand, the other was squeezing my padded bra. Matt said to Howard that they felt quite real and that all I needed now was a wig and make-up. Howard said he would see what he could get.

He was watching Matt playing with my cock, he could see I was enjoying it as, my cock was getting harder pressing against the flimsy material of my panties. Howard got up and picked up his camera of the table and came over to us, he reached down and pushed my legs really wide apart, then taking hold of my skirt he lifted it right up high. He had a good photo of me, my skirt up high, he could see the waist üçyol escort bayan of my suspender belt above the top of my panties, Matt’s hand feeling my cock the other on my “tits”. Howard said he would like some photos of my sucking Matt’s cock.

He took my hand and pulled me up off Matt’s lap, I turned round as Matt was just getting his cock out of his trousers, it was not long but it was very fat , I knelt down in front of Matt, but, Howard told me to stand up and bend over and suck his cock. My lips touched the tip of his cock as Howard behind me lifted up the hem of my gymslip over my back, so he had a photo of my suspenders and panties from the rear with Matt’s cock wedged in my mouth. Matt must have been very excited as very soon he pushed my head back away from his cock just in time to shoot his first load of cum into my face, then a second, then a few smaller spurts landed on my chin. Howard took lots of photos of this, I even had cum in my hair. Howard gave me some tissues to wipe my face with, then he gave the video camera to Matt, who had now put his cock away.

Howard took me by the hand and said I had been very naughty and I would have to be punished, as he led me to the big table at the other end of the room. Matt followed filming as we went, Howard bent me face first over the edge of the table, lifting my skirt up over my back he began rubbing my panty covered arse. Then he began to spank me, after six sharp slaps he took hold of my panties and tugged them down to my ankles then he carried on spanking my now bare arse. The cheeks of my bum was now throbbing, he stopped the spanking and lifted one of my ankles at a time and took my panties escort üçyol off. He then spread my legs and bending over began to lick up and down the crack in my arse rubbing and squeezing my bum at the same time. Howard got some cream on his right hand and rubbed some around my bum it was nice and cool, then I felt a finger pushing against my asshole, slowly he pushed it inside and worked it around a bit, then two, then three, lubricating my orifice.

The tip of his cock soon replaced his fingers at the entrance, with a little force he pushed the head of his big cock inside me. Then very roughly thrust it all the way in, his balls slapped against the back of my legs. He then began to fuck me really hard pulling his cock almost out before slamming it back in. He was pumping away so hard the table began to slide a little across the floor. Then with a few short thrusts he squirted load after load of hot cum deep inside me. He removed his cock from my well fucked hole and cleaned it, he asked Matt how the filming had gone, Matt said he thought the video should make good viewing later on. Howard said unfortunately I would have to go now as he and Matt had to catch a plane they were going to Africa on business.

Howard picked up my panties and gave them to me, I put them on. Howard said I could keep the new clothes, he said he would get me to wear them for him from time to time. The clothes I came to his house in he put into a bag, Matt helped me to put on my long coat, as it was still raining, Howard patted my arse a few times as we made our way to the front door, he gave me my umbrella and said he would ring me when he got back and we could look at the photos and videos together. As I walked back up the drive I could feel Howards cum begin to ooze out of my arse, soaking into my panties, he must have cum a hell of a lot, it was now beginning to run down the inside of my thighs I could feel it soaking into my stocking tops. It was a nice feeling. This was a good relationship!!!

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