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A Hole Between Rooms Ch. 06

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You know that feeling after an orgasm where your head gets fuzzy, the edges of your vision go dark, and you can feel tingles going down the length of your fingers? Yeah, I was riding that high.

Relaxing into the couch, I put my feet up on the coffee table and stared up. The white, popcorn-textured ceiling gave plenty of points to draw my eyes.

It felt so surreal. I had just touched Eve. Really touched her. I felt a closeness and familiarity I hadn’t had with anyone else. Being who I am, I looked up the info to remind myself what kinds of feel-good drugs the brain gives off post-nut. It’s a helluva thing.

While laying there, four steps into a wiki rabbit hole, I heard footsteps coming from the stairwell.

I ensured my pant button was fastened, then resumed the look of reading on my phone, though I’d changed the page.

Nola entered the room, a wafting smell of chocolate and cream cheese flanking her approach. It was only then that I noticed how hungry I felt. My mouth watered at the prospect of the legendary dessert.

People, I cannot overstate how good these things are. The perfect, gooey-but-not-too-gooey homemade brownie while hiding small pockets of salted dark chocolate slivers. Finally, the Philadelphia cream cheese swirled in it gave a texture and consistency to die for.

And that’s not evening mentioning that these had just been in the oven, though given a little time to cool off to be just warm rather than falling apart.

My stomach protested as though a black hole had materialized inside me, demanding to be satisfied.

“I think you’re gonna liiiike thiiiiis!” Nola said, holding a 9×9 glass cooking dish.

Setting the brownies on the table, I lifted my feet off and thanked her for her perfect timing.

Her head seemed to cock at that but was quickly replaced with walking to the kitchenette. I went to the fridge and got a couple of beers.

We met back on the couch, me in my eternal spot. Nola spread out a couple of plates and napkins, using a knife to cut pieces.

She edged her butt closer to the table. Bringing her to sit on a spot recently occupied. Occupied by Eve. The Eve that had just orgasmed.

Nola placed the first brownie on a plate when she shifted uncomfortably in her seat. Then, lifting her right cheek, she looked down over her shoulder and fixed her eyes on the couch.

“Jay, why is the couch wet?” she asked, “Did you spill something?”.

Now, I need you, dear reader, to be forgiving of me here. I was dizzy, high, joyous, and starving. I had one hand on the plate, the other clutching this heart-attack-inducing gift from the gods, and my mouth just spoke without any real input from my brain.

“Eve-” I said, taking the first bite, my hand not letting my tongue deviate from this delicious goal.

It was perfect.

“Lovely,” Nola replied, “what did the ballerina spill this time?”.

As I opened my eyes to meet hers and form an answer, I was exposed to the image of Nola’s hand on the wet patch, rubbing it with three fingers, then bringing it to her nose. She breathed in, her eyes pointing upwards in concentration.

My own eyes were locked on her hand.

Nola’s brow wrinkled in confusion, then she pulled her hand forward, looking at her fingers.

People, I was frozen in place while I watched bahis siteleri in seemingly slow-motion what happened. First, her lips parted, a darker shade of red than Eve’s. Then, with the ease and carelessness of someone who feared nothing, she licked just a little.

Her brow furrowed in further confusion as though trying to connect disparate thoughts together. She looked at me, then changed her expression to one of shock. We started at one another for a few seconds.

“You…Eve?” Nola asked, her eyes drilling into mine.

You could hear a pin drop. I sat the brownie down on the plate, bringing my finger to my lips.

“Be chill, Nola,” I whispered. She still seemed stuck, her brain not willing to shift gears.

After what felt like an eternity of silence, I dropped a long-standing joke between the siblings. “Would you believe me if I said it was a hooker?” I offered, giving a toothy faux smile.

Her change from a face of shock to one of laughter was immediate; the little creases at the edges of her eyes gave away her genuine happiness.

I took the opportunity to steal another bite of brownie. It really was THAT good.

Washing the food down with beer, I opened the other and offered it to her. She took it greedily and pulled hard.

After her second gulp, she turned to me. “What the fuck is going on down here?” she asked, a tiny bit of desperation ringing her face.

“I do not have a fucking clue,” I replied, taking another sip. “It’s kind of insane-.”

“Is this about the hole? I knew something was going on there, I fucking knew it!” her voice raised just above a whisper. She hadn’t seemed to notice she was still sitting on the wetness.

I reached over and grabbed some napkins that she’d brought from the kitchenette, offering them in a gesture toward her thighs. She accepted and slid them underneath her leg.

“It’s kind of a long story,” I said.

“What did you guys do on here?” she paused, then “When did this happen?” gesturing toward the spot. Then, “Were you guys fucking out here?”.

“Uh, well, technically speaking, no.” I tried to find words that would say what I wanted without having to actually say them. Does that make sense? “It all started as an accident, there was no intent behind it…in the beginning.”

I proceeded to describe to her a trimmed-down version of what I’ve been telling you all with Eve. I left out most of the titillating details; I could only articulate so much with such a heavy feeling in the air. I explained to her as well that I didn’t feel anything romantic toward Eve; it was all physical. She then stopped me with a question.

“Have you actually TALKED to Eve about all this going on? She may not feel the same way.” Nola said.

“I mean, sort of? She said in her room she thought it was hot…but we haven’t actually TALKED about it.” I said.

Nola thought about this for a few seconds; another sip of beer was drunk. “So this has been going on for, what, a few days?” she asked.

“Wow, it feels like it’s been so much longer, but yeah.”

“That’s what she said.” Nola spits out, a dribble of beer falling down her chin.

I raised my hand in mock surrender to the jibe and asked the growing question on my mind.

“Do WE need to talk?” I asked, my eyebrows going up.

“Uh, yeah, I had actually come canlı bahis siteleri down here to do just that.” She said, leaning back into the couch, her feet now finding the coffee table. “Something’s obviously been happening here, with us. It’s…interesting. You’re my baby brother, but I feel as though this has gone far past the limits of teasing. I’m…I feel hot when we’re going back and forth. You asking for my porn, and my taking your lube, it gave me a huge rush!”

“Same here, same here.” I said then, “are you going to use it?”

Nola’s face went red, she looked down, and her volume lowered.

“I’d like to.” came her response, her hand casually swirling the beer in her bottle.

“Please do,” I said gregariously. “The family that shares together, stays together after all.”

She giggled, her hand going to her mouth out of habit. She looked at it, then looked at me.

“So… I’ve tasted Eve’s pussy now. Not what I expected to be doing with my evening.” she mused.

Knowing her experience with other women, I couldn’t help myself from asking, “and how does she compare?”.

As soon as the words were out, I felt myself getting red in the face.

Nola grinned widely. “What, you want a 1-10 rating?” she asked. Then, taking the napkins out from under her, she brought them to her nose. A deep breath in, her eyes closed.

If I hadn’t just come, I would have been hard as fuck, no doubt.

Nola opened her eyes, glancing at me. “All the fruit she eats shows. Ten out of ten.”

Pleased with herself, Nola set aside the napkins and cut out another brownie. She put it on a plate and then gave me the sign for quiet. Taking the plate with her, she walked to Eve’s room and knocked on the door. Eve came to the door quickly, dressed in a robe once again. She saw the brownie Nola was carrying and brought her lips in an “ooooh” face, accepting the plate and thanking Nola.

Eve went to close the door when Nola’s hand caught it above her head.

“Listen,” Nola said evenly, “I was thinking of starting up the hot tub out back and relaxing tomorrow. Interested?”

“Yes, thank you, that would be heavenly,” Eve replied, smiling innocently at Nola.

I observed all this, not saying a word. What could I say?

With Eve’s door closed, Nola walked back to me, a sway in her step that hadn’t been there before. She approached, then stood over me.

“I expect to see you there, Jay. I’ll bring May and June as well. It’ll be one big party. I’m already thinking of some games we could play.” Nola said, a lilt in her voice.

She then leaned down over my legs, her left hand resting on my thigh as her right hand grabbed her plate from the table.

The contact was electric; the feeling of weight there made me start sweating.

“Sure thing, wouldn’t miss it,” I said, my eyes drifting to her chest. Nola’s v-necked shirt gave a peek at what was underneath.

Of course I looked. I’m human.

But Nola caught me, her eyes meeting mine. She paused a moment, the barest hint of a smile, her hand still on my thigh, then straightened back up and walked off. Without another word, she walked up the stairs and out of my evening.

Not long after that, I had had my fill of brownies and stored the rest for later. I entered my room and sat in my chair, writing everything canlı bahis down that had happened. While doing this, a text came through my phone.

“We’re good right? I had fun, hope you had fun too.” came Eve’s message.

With little hesitation, I responded in kind, though not in words. I pulled up youtube and sent her a link to “I Like It, I Love It” by Tim Mcgraw. Neither of us enjoys country music.

I heard her laugh from the other room, loud and throaty.

“Do you have Snapchat?” came her text response.

Now, in case I haven’t mentioned it before, I’m not a social media user. I stopped using Facebook in 2012 and only have TikTok and Reddit for content consumption.

But despite my limited understanding of that internet space, I still knew what Snapchat was used for. I quickly rushed to the app store and downloaded it. I created a new account, though I hated how the program seemed to want access to EVERYTHING on my phone.

The app found Eve’s account in my contacts, and I sent her a wave emoji. She replied with the same, then text followed.

“Do you know what snapchat is for, Jay?” She asked.

“Bible study?” I offered, rewarded with a loud laugh from her side of my wall.

“Sure, you fucking nerd,” she said.

A new notification arrived on my phone, letting me know I had a “new snap” to open. I do so and am rewarded with a low-light picture of Eve’s chest, shirtless and without a bra. Her tits are magnificent, perhaps just barely a C-cup? Across the screen is a line of text, “thought you might want to see what you were playing with.”

I sat there and stared. I knew these pictures were temporary, and I wanted to burn them into my mind. As I was doing so, I got another Snapchat notification, a new chat from her. “Will you be joining us in the hot tub tomorrow, Jay?”

“Wouldn’t miss it for the world. Also, amazing assets you have there, should make them an NFT.” came my response. A small laugh comes from her room. Then, another thought crossed my mind.

“Got something you need to know,” I messaged.

Instead of a text reply, she sent an audio clip over snap.

“Tell me, Jay, I want to hear it,” came her lusty voice. God, the things this woman does to me.

I responded with audio in kind, “There may, just possibly, be the chance that Nola knows about us.”

Silence, then text came through, “possibly!???”.

“Pretty much…100%…I had to tell her,” I typed back.

More silence. It stretched. Then, I heard her door open, fast quiet footsteps ran the distance between our rooms, and then came a furious but soft series of taps on my door. I opened it, seeing Eve looking up at me. She pushed me inside and closed the door.

“What the fuck, Jay!” she whispered furiously, “You told Nola?”

“Well, in a funny sort of way, YOU told Nola…” I started.

Eve’s arms came together, her face forming a pout, “what are you talking about?” she asked.

I proceeded to fill her in on the couch wetness and my conversation with Nola. At first, Eve looked horrified, but her appearance changed as I got closer to the end.

“I’m speechless,” Eve said, her eyes pointing down at her feet in concentration.

“It’s wild, that’s for sure,” I replied.

“…Nola really said 10/10?” she asked, her eyes meeting mine. The giggling that came from her was infectious, and we both just laughed standing there.

“Okay, okay,” Eve said, tears in her eyes, “I need to sleep on this. Don’t tell Nola ANYTHING else, you punk. Good night.” And with that, she left.

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