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A Homecoming. Chapter 12.

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They returned to the hotel sometime after lunch. Ben and Erika exchanged greetings and a few words before she left to go home. Christine prepared something to eat, and the three, Gerd, Ben and Christine, settled down in the empty dining room for their belated lunch.Their talk was about the new resort and its opening for the coming winter season. Gerd regretted that their café-bar would not be ready until next year. Christine, using Ben’s neutral presence, asked Gerd who was going to manage this business.Gerd had kept Christine in the dark about his plans to extend the cabin into a commercial hunting lodge. Until now, she had not even known that Gerd had acquired a license for rebuilding the hut as a bistro.Gerd realised, of course, why Christine would ask. She had the know-how to manage and run such a business while he had not. Gerd hesitated. Then he hummed and hawed that it was too early to think about that. What he would not tell Christine was that getting the license for a winter-season bistro was a scam. It gave Gerd the cover to build a clandestine hunting lodge, a business which he alone planned to run.Ben watched the couple’s exchange with amusement. And he decided that he would tell Christine everything he knew of Gerd’s plan.Once in his room, Ben found a lengthy and explicitly sexy text from Erika on his Pad. It told him in detail how much and why she missed him. The coming week was Ben’s last in Gastein. Therefore, Erika texted, the “BOSS” would have to give her at least four afternoons off as the reward for Erika having done “her duties” over the weekend. Especially as her service had, probably, allowed the “BOSS” to spend a wild night with him. Erika’s text concluded with a promise, “On each of the four afternoons, I will prove to you that anything my sexy, naughty BOSS can do, I do naughtier and better! Love, E.”Ben smiled as he reread Erika’s sexting. He delighted in Erika’s new raunchiness in the text. Also, how she said things for which Christine, when she read them on their Pad, was the primary target. It told Ben that Erika had, it seemed, gleefully accepted that they were a Threesome. Ben, therefore, did not text a reply to Erika. Anyway, she had gone home, and he could wait if, as he expected, Christine would join in the game and respond to Erika’s missive.Quite late at night, Ben was already in bed reading, his iPad binged:For Ben: – “After last night, I am missing you badly, alone in my bed! In case you are wondering, Gerd and I sleep bahis şirketleri in separate rooms. Even though you refused to fuck me next to snoring Gerd, God, you made me come!! What a memory, what an appetiser for next time! Took the Pad with me to bed and looked at the sexy pictures you took of Erika and me. They show how much you love us both! And us, turning so sexy for you, shows how ready we are to be fucked! Both of us!!! And God, not just fucked: Devoured!!! As you are leaving us next Saturday, Erika can’t possibly have four afternoons with you in our last week. Two, at the most, spaced out. I want you as hungry for me on Wednesday night as you were last night in the cabin. When it comes to being ‘naughty,’ I promise I’ll exceed all your expectations!! Love, C.”The following day on getting up, Erika’s message was already on his Pad. It was terse as if punishing him for what Christine had said in her text:To Ben: – “She is mean, giving me only two afternoons off. On which days can you spare the afternoon for neglected me? I suspect she would not give me Wednesday, hah, hah! Let me know at breakfast. And keep your hands off me. Otherwise, you’ll have me on the table. Again! E.”Over breakfast, Erika repeated her seductive game of hip and thigh, accidentally touching Ben’s arm. As she leaned in to pour coffee, her breast again brushed his cheek. More tables were occupied this morning, and Ben desisted from stroking Erika’s temptingly close leg, nor did he answer her query. So, eventually, Erika asked him in a conversational tone what he was going to do today. Ben smiled up at her and told her he was resting this afternoon: He was still a bit tired from his weekend excursion into the mountains.Later on, as Erika bent over to clear the table, she hissed, “Resting! Just you wait!”Ben spent the morning sending off some emails to his university hosts in Germany and some preparatory work for his guest lectures. After lunch, he showered and shaved. Clad in his robe, he continued writing as he waited for Erika.When Erika entered and saw Ben sitting at the desk in his bathrobe, she walked up to him. Pushing the collar of his robe aside, she buried her face onto his shoulder to draw in his smell. With an aggrieved pout, Erika complained, “You have showered already. What about our foreplay?”Ben grinned, and his hand stroked the inside of Erika’s leg up all the way and then over her ass before he said, “We can’t settle into a routine. You’ll get as bored bahis firmaları with me as all wives do with their husbands. So, shower and think about what foreplay we could have after.”Erika, obviously curious, showered quickly. When she emerged from the bathroom, she hesitated a second. Ben was still at the desk and now, as if surprised, turned towards her. But then he opened his arms, and Erika hurried into the embrace and the comforting feel of Ben’s robe on her prickling nakedness. Ben kissed Erika on the shoulder, her neck, then long and light-teasing her lips, which brought out her probing tongue. As one hand cupped a breast, Ben’s lips closed over it, and he sucked it deep into his mouth.Then he pulled her onto his lap. Sliding a hand caressingly up her thigh, Ben told her what he had in mind, “I would like us to have today a new sexy-hot foreplay. You must tell me if you agree.”“Yes, yes! What will we do?”“You’ll be stretched out on the desk again.”“Yes, like last time. I loved it! God, you made me come!”“This time, I’ll eat and fuck your pussy! Change over, taking you again and again right to the edge of coming. Do you want that, Erika? Will you allow me to do that?”“God, yes! Can’t wait! But I won’t be able to stop coming. Feel me. I’m wet already.”“And then, when you twist and turn on the table in the grip of almost coming, I am going to take some shots of you on my iPad. I want to remember you like this when I text you from Germany and Australia. Will you let me photograph you like that?”This time Erika could not find words to answer. Instead, her lips found his for a hotly affirming kiss before she freed herself from Ben’s embrace to stand up. She was ready to begin when Ben’s “Wait” stopped her.He took off his robe and spread it over the desk. Then he pulled the chair close and lifted Erika onto the desk’s edge. He kissed her lightly on the lips and asked, “Do you want to give me your pussy now? Show me first how it likes to be kissed?”Erika laughed. Then her enterprising tongue began to give Ben an expert lesson. Then Erika sank back on the desk and invitingly spread her legs.Ben sat down in the chair, lifted Erika’s legs on his shoulders and began, with broad strokes of his tongue, to lick her – by him now so well-known pussy – wide open. He also closed in token bites his teeth over her pussy’s lips as he sucked them hard. Erika’s belly heaved, and her sex ground against his mouth as her ass lifted off the table. And Ben heard the sweet kaçak bahis siteleri music of Erika’s gasps and half-swallowed cries, and then the shrill ones as his tongue found her clit and a finger pushed into her cunt.When Ben stood up, with Erika’s legs on his shoulders – she had crossed them behind Ben’s neck holding him captive – his rock-hard cock rammed full-length into her. Erika greeted it with a triumphant shout. It became a drawn-out whimper as he bent forward to kiss her, which forced his cock into the ultimate depth.Not wanting to push Erika further over the edge, Ben pulled back into an upright stance. He continued to fuck Erika with, at first, slow, pussy-lip-teasing strokes as he caressed her beautiful breasts. Erika’s eyes were on Ben’s lips as he told her that he loved her. That he was crazy about her, could not get enough of her. And he panted, that soon he was going to eat her hot, sexy pussy again because it was at its most delicious after having been fucked!As he pressed out these words, Ben fucked Erika now with ever harder thrusts. Erika met them with guttural moans and urging counterthrusts out of her hips. It was Ben that had to pull back from the edge of tumbling into a climax. As he sat down, Erika, her thighs shaking, immediately pressed her throbbing pussy onto his mouth to gain more of the pleasure the withdrawal of his cock had denied.But Ben held her away for quite a while. Instead, he began kissing the soft inside of her thighs, sucking her, marking her as his. He selfishly relished that Erika’s husband would never see that it was so. And when his tongue brushed lightly over her pussy as he passed from one thigh to the other, he saw that Erika’s fingers were pressing her pearly clit out of its sheath. It was an invitation that Ben could not refuse.Ben knew that he could not tease Erika’s oversexed, little clit too much without sweeping her into a climax. So, he only began a play of circling licks over her clit and feasted mostly – with sucking and teasing bites – on the swelling-up lips of Erika’s pussy. It made her gasp and whimper, and Ben tasted the hot juices welling out of her cunt. Her quivering thighs, her frantic hands in his hair told Ben that the waves of a coming were more than just licking at her defences.So, Ben stood up. As he reached for his Pad, Erika’s hands urged his cock into her pussy. As Ben began to fuck her sensuously slowly, Erika stretched out. In a show of wanton lust, she arched her tits and perky nipples in the air. And Ben, as he took the first snaps, could read from her lips, her face expressing her lascivious pleasure, a repeated “Fuck me! Look at me! Yes, Ben, Yes! Fuck my pussy! Do you love my tits? Love what you see!”

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