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A hot afternoon with Pedro

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A hot afternoon with PedroAbout a long week had passed since that night at Caroline’s back yard. Although I was having good sex during night with my loving Victor; I still wanted and needed more and more. I was horny about Pedro’s dick…It was a Saturday afternoon when I saw Caroline’s car leaving her house. My husband was playing tennis and would not be home during afternoon. Then I decided to go see if Pedro was at home. I wanted him to fuck my tight pussy again… and I even could try his hard black dick in my ass…I was wearing a ribbed tank top and a tiny denim mini skirt. I had just gotten out of the shower and my hair was still damp. I had looked in the mirror and I saw a sexy horny mature woman, just seeking for some hard sex…I knocked on the front door to their house. There was Pedro, smiling at me.Then I asked him where Caroline had gone. He said she had gone to pick up one of her girlfriends and they were going to some antique place to shop. He wasn’t sure when she would be back but it could be for few hours…I nodded and then asked him if we could sit down and talk. He smiled and offered me to sit on the couch in the den. As we sat down I kicked off my sandals and put my feet under me and turned toward him. He was wearing a t-shirt and shorts and looked like he was about to do yard work. He turned toward me and asked me what was on my mind.Looking at that huge black guy made my heart start beating fast. I think he saw that I was a little nervous and he reached out and took my hand. When he did that I felt a warm sensation spread from my tits to my pussy. I sighed and looked down. Pedro laughed and asked if I had I been out on any night time adventure… I smiled and said no, because my hubby was fucking me real good on those days…He confessed me that Caroline had let their male Doberman fuck her twice since our last encounter; but she had not allowed Pedro to participate. He even was forbidden to watch them while fucking in the back yard. She wanted all full attention from Bandit just for herself.Suddenly I shivered feeling a nearer kind orgasm and Pedro asked me if I was feeling alright. I said that I was fine, just having a light problem…I was still producing too much milk and my breasts ached really badly sometimes. I said I could use a breast pump, but that was so cold and mechanical. I missed the warmth and contact of a real mouth on my nipples.Pedro looked at me and asked me if they were full right now. I said they were and that they were also so swollen I could not even wear a bra today. I saw him look down at my heavy boobs. My nipples were hard beneath the ribbed fabric of the tight tank top. He swallowed hard and looked back up at me and asked if he could help me with my problem. I smiled and asked him if he was begging me to suck my milky boobs…He could barely get the word out, but finally güvenilir bahis managed to say yes. I accepted his nice proposal and he said we could stay there on the couch. Then I reached for the bottom of my tank top and peeled it off. My nipples were very hard and my areolas were swollen. I leaned back on the couch and told him he could have his way with me. Pedro leaned forward and smiled as he touched my heavy boobs. He leaned down and gently took my nipple into his mouth. His tongue swirled around it and I bit my lower lip. He adjusted his position on the couch to where he could lay down with his head facing me. Getting comfortable he began to suck more of me into his mouth. My milk started to flow and I held his head against my breast. He was actually very good at this. It was a nice rhythm he was keeping and I could feel the pressure start to ease in the breast he was working on. The pressure in my crotch was not easing however and I could feel I was getting wet there. Pedro switched back and forth between breasts making sure they got equal attention. I just wanted them to be less full and to have a warm mouth do it. I had my head back with my eyes closed and my hand stroking his head. This felt wonderful and the excitement of knowing he was my friend’s lover and I was letting him do this was making me wetter. Suddenly my mind drifted back to that night and I pictured his huge black cock entering my pussy. It felt so good I forgot to tell him to pull out. That guy was very potent. My desire was to have him fill me up with his dick.Then Pedro let go of my nipple and rolled off the couch. I still had my head back and my eyes closed. I felt his hands on the waistband of my tiny skirt.He slowly pulled it down and off. I wasn’t wearing any thong…I opened my eyes and looked at Pedro. I could see the desire in his eyes and I could also see the desire in his cock which was hard in his shorts. I asked him what he was doing. He said that earlier I had told him he could have his way with me. Then I asked him if that was what he really wanted.He just nodded. I asked him what about his shy wife. But Pedro smiled and said I should not worry about her…I opened my legs very wide for him. He quickly took off his shirt and shorts. His huge cock was already very hard and pointed straight out. The huge head was swollen and wet. He leaned forward and kissed me. Our tongues swirled and I could taste my sweet milk. Breaking the passionate kiss he made his way down between my breasts to my belly. He lingered there kissing it and tracing the outlines of my muscles. He finally got to my lower belly. There was a hair strip down to where my pussy lips started and they were bare. He followed that path and soon I felt his warm breath on my swollen pink lips. He kissed them and ran his tongue between them. I whimpered türkçe bahis as he did this. I was breathing hard and my stomach was clenching. He used his fingers to spread me open and he licked all around my soaking wet entrance. Having a dog lick me there felt great, but this Cubn tongue was heaven for me. He knew exactly what he was doing. Finally his mouth found my clit and sucked it in. Although the night before I had been well fucked by Victor, I shuddered with my first orgasm. I bucked off the couch some and he held on to my hips. He knew not to linger too long there because my big clit was hyper sensitive. As I was catching my breath, Pedro stood up and flipped me over the couch. My ass and wet pussy was now presented to him and I knew what he was going to do.He moved in close behind me and rubbed his swollen head across my pussy lips wetting it. I had opened up like a flower and he pressed his cock into my core. Slowly he went in taking his time. He didn’t want to hurt me by thrusting too fast. I would let him know if I wanted that. His huge cock was stretching me and it felt so good. He started a slow in and out motion getting gradually deeper. When he hit the bottom he asked me if it was fine for me. I told him how good his monster cock felt inside me. I could feel that cock get even bigger. He was using longer strokes now and I was pushing back into him. I could feel his balls slapping against my clit. I felt him grab my legs and turn me over. I was now on my back on the couch and he did this without pulling out. I wrapped my legs around him and watched his muscular chest above me. I could tell he was concentrating wanting to please me. Neither of us wanted this to end…It felt so different in this position. This was much more personal the doggie style. Our bodies were as one. We were as close as two people could get. He was now making love to me and I was to him. This had gone way beyond just casual sex, I could tell. I broke our kiss and I told him I didn’t know how I would be able to stop doing this with him. He looked me in the eye and told me he never wanted to stop doing this with me. I pulled him down to kiss me again.Then he broke our kiss and rose up over me. From the look on his face I could see he was close and so was I. He looked to be almost in pain as he stroked faster. Grabbing my hips he pulled deep within me and I felt it. His huge cock was spasming inside me. I felt his hot semen shoot out in a huge eruption. I quickly was overtaken by my own intense orgasm. My vagina fluttered and squeezed him. As I gave into it, my whole body thrashed about. I couldn’t help it. Pedro hung onto me and finished draining into my hot cunt. We both finally slowed down and he collapsed forward onto my body. He held me and I held on to him as his cock stayed inside me, not wanting to leave. My güvenilir bahis siteleri cunt muscles gripped and squeezed him, milking every drop…Then he rose up and smiled, slowly pulling his magnificent cock out of me. When the big head popped out I actually felt empty. He helped me stand up and naked we held each other again. He asked me if I wanted to take a shower and I told him no that this had been risky enough. He laughed.I said we could get caught. Just as I said that we both heard a noise in the kitchen. We looked and there was Caroline; staring at us standing there naked in each others arms. She had a questioning look on her face…Then Caroline said that this looked like it had gone way beyond some swinging casual sex. It looked like we were doing this behind her back… I tried to say something, but she just went in her bedroom, closing the door. I sighed and picked up my clothes and got dressed. Then I walked out and went back home.Two hours later there was a knock at my door. I went to open it and there stood my handsome black Cuban lover. I smiled at him and invited him in. My heartbeat sped up and I felt warm. Pedro asked me where my husband was. I said Victor was playing tennis…We looked into each others eyes and smiled. He reached for me, pulling me close and I could not even resist. He kissed me long and deep. Then I took him by the hand and led him into my bedroom. Undressing each other we climbed up on the bed. I felt his hard cock between our bodies.I rolled him on his back and climbed up on top. I rose up and guided his swollen tool to my wet entrance. Slowly I lowered myself as he squeezed into me. I had to back off and stop then continue to get him in. I was fully impaled on Pedro’s black shaft and started to ride him in a wild way…Then Pedro rolled me over on my back and fucked me with long strokes. I closed my eyes when I felt him cumming inside my hungry cunt. Then I begged him to fuck me in my ass. I really wanted to feel that huge black dick tearing my tight asshole. Pedro smiled and made me bend over the edge of my marital bed…He grabbed my hips firmly and then I felt him ripping my ass apart with that huge piece of black cock. He entered me very slowly, but I felt pain instead of pleasure. I groaned but begged him not to stop.Pedro smiled and then he shoved his dick even deeper inside of my rectum.I was now in heaven; all of a sudden, I started to feel pleasure. He pumped my ass real hard, as I ordered him and he made me cum twice before he finally unloaded his semen deep inside of me…I told him I would love to have him fucking me hard from time to time…Before he left my bed, I asked Pedro about Caroline. He smiled and said that his shy girlfriend was fine and in that moment she would be for sure letting Bandit to fuck her in the middle of their backyard… He added that from now on I would not be welcomed to Caroline`s home and I should not approach to her nice male Doberman anymore. Then I said Pedro to tell her that I had understood and it was fine for me… I could still approach to her boyfriend…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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