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Subject: A HOT HOLIDAY IN AUSTRALIA – PART 10 A HOT HOLIDAY IN AUSTRALIA – PART 10 Saturday late evening Pt Augusta The time passed quickly chatting and drinking with Des. It was soon time to have a shower and get ready to go to the group session Des had organized with the two straight guys. ‘There’s an enema kit in the bathroom’, said Des. Since I was likely to be facing some heavy fucking later, I was glad to hear that and made use of it. ‘I’m bringing some sachets of lube’, said Des, when I came back from the bathroom. ‘The guys only used saliva on their cocks to fuck last time’. He got a six pack of beer out of the fridge and put it in a shopping bag. ‘Let’s go’, he said. The drive to Roger’s house only took about 15 minutes. Although the house wasn’t new, it seemed to be in a subdivision on the edge of town with more empty lots than houses. We got out of the car and walked up the drive and around the back. It was very dark there. Des pointed out a medium sized shed at the bottom of the garden and we headed for that down a winding path, avoiding as best we could some overgrown shrubs. Music or TV could be heard faintly from inside. He knocked on the side door and it was opened by a guy with a Mohawk haircut and bushy beard. This had to be Matty. He greeted us warmly and shook hands and invited us in. I remembered just in time to give a more vigorous macho handshake than usual. Even so, the strength in his large hand was really noticeable. ‘Roger’s just up at the house. He’ll be back in a minute’, said Matty. I looked around. The shed was lined and had a bar with coloured lights twinkling around it. There was carpet on the floor and a fridge in one corner next to a work bench. A TV was positioned on top of the fridge and was burbling away with the late news. There were also weights and a gym bench at the other end. Neon tubes in the ceiling made the light almost too bright. It was a real Aussie ‘man cave’. ‘Grab a bar stool’, he said. He took the beers from Des, stripped the plastic wrapping off them and gave us one each. He sat down on a stool behind the bar as if he was the designated bartender. He picked up a beer that he’d been drinking before we arrived and took a swig. The shed door opened again and Roger came in. ‘G’day! I didn’t hear you pull up’, he said. ‘Good to meet you’. He offered his hand to shake. He sat on another empty stool and also picked up a half-finished beer. ‘So you’re travelling, mate?’ Matty said to me. ‘Where are you from?’ I told him about my life in Sydney and the work I used to do. I dropped in carefully a lie that my partner, Sylvia, wasn’t able to join me on this trip as she was looking after her mother. ‘Sorry, I forgot to ask you about Sylvia before’, said Des, wickedly penitent. I didn’t dare look at him! Roger turned to Matty. ‘Before I forget, young Liam is coming over but he’s running a little bit late’. Matty nodded and rolled his eyes. ‘Liam’s always late’ said Matty. ‘I better explain about him.’ It seemed that Liam was a young guy that Matty had taken a fancy to and was hoping to be able to fuck. Liam was proving resistant, though. He was quite happy to come and watch porn movies of guys fucking but, so far, had not agreed to try anything beyond letting Matty and Roger watch him masturbate. Matty was hoping that if Liam watched them fucking me tonight, it might help him to get the result he wanted. ‘So, if you’re lucky, you might get an extra fuck out of it’, he said. ‘How did you get into being fucked?’ asked Roger. Luckily I had a story ready. ‘I was in the Army Reserve for a couple of years and got friendly with an army sergeant who invited me to have a drink with him one night after Parade. I drank a bit too much and he took advantage of the situation and got me to suck him off. I felt a bit shocked but the following week he invited me around again and, to my surprise, I felt keen to go, knowing what would probably happen. That night he fucked me as well. It was strangely exciting and horny in a forbidden way and it just felt good.’ ‘You never told me about that’, said Des, looking impressed. ‘Tell me more about it later, will you?’ ‘It didn’t turn you off girls, though, did it?’ asked Matty. ‘No, I still went out with my girlfriend of the time and fucked her’, I said, ‘and I’ve been with Sylvia for years. I just saw this as some secret dark side of me. I don’t go around looking for it but whenever opportunities arise to help out a buddy, I’m up for it.’ ‘Well, we’re fuckin’ glad you’re still up for it’, said Matty. ‘I’ll be giving you a mouthful of cock after you finish your beer’. Everyone laughed. ‘We’ll wait a bit longer for Liam’, said Roger. ‘He promised he won’t be long’. Almost immediately there was a knock on the shed door. ‘Ah, here he is’, said Roger, getting off his stool. He opened the door and a young slim guy with long blonde hair came in. ‘Sorry, mate’, he said to Roger. ‘My mother was being a real bitch again tonight’. Roger introduced us and Liam shook hands. Matty gave him a beer and he sat on the last remaining empty stool. Liam was about 19 or 20 and was quite good looking, although he had dark circles under his eyes making him look like he needed a decent sleep. I thought his hair was probably bleached, kocaeli escort giving him a ‘surfer’ look. ‘Who’s being fucked?’ he asked, looking at Des and me. I put my hand up, trying not to look sheepish. ‘Shit! You don’t look gay’, said Liam. ‘He’s not!’ said Matty, as if Liam had said something truly offensive. ‘Some guys just do it for their mates’. ‘Can’t wait to see this’, said Liam. ‘I’ve only seen guys fucking together on DVDs so far and Matty and Roger have been promising to show me a real live fuck for ages’. ‘You’ll be so close to the action here, you’ll be able to fuckin’ smell it!’ said Matty and laughed loudly. ‘Ewww, gross’, said Liam, wrinkling his nose up. ‘I don’t want to see anything with shit on it’. He laughed loudly and Matty and Roger joined in. We chatted some more while we worked on our beers. I had a sense of mounting suspense and hoped it would all go OK. Luckily, I felt accepted by Roger and Matty and, as Des had said, they did seem to be basically nice guys. ‘Fuck, look what’s happened!’ said Matty, from behind the bar. He was looking down. We all looked over the bar to see what he was looking at. He had his cock out and was stroking it. It was rock hard. Roger and Liam laughed. ‘Looks like you’ve got a bit of a problem there’, said Des. ‘Anything I can help with?’ I said. ‘Dammit, I think you’ll have to suck it’, replied Matty, standing up and moving out from behind the bar. ‘I know it’s tough but someone has to do it’. Roger and Liam laughed again. Matty moved to the centre of the shed and kicked his shorts off over his boots. His cock stuck straight out horizontally under his T-shirt. He whipped that off, too and was now standing there in just his boots. He had lots of red fur all over his body, including his shoulders. He had a nasty-looking long white scar on his right thigh from some past incident. His cock was about seven inches long, a thick one with a good sized head on it. It looked very suckable. I took my shoes off and then everything else except my underpants. They could come off when we got to fucking. ‘Kneel on this’, said Roger, tossing a cushion to me. Matty came in close to me and I opened my mouth. He stuck his cock in and I swirled my tongue around the head. I didn’t touch his body at all, remembering not to do anything that could be perceived as ‘gay’. ‘Whoa, that feels great’, said Matty. ‘You’ve done this before’. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Roger stand up and start undressing. He said something to Des, who also starting undressing, too. Liam stayed in his chair at the bar but was watching Matty and me intently. I took Matty’s cock out of my mouth and, putting my hand around the base of it, I worked on the head with my tongue. I could taste that he was pre-cumming already. With my other hand I fondled his balls at the same time. I then swallowed his cock right down my throat. Looking up at him, I saw that he looked a bit startled at that, but then shut his eyes and just enjoyed what I was doing to him. Next, I took his cock out of my mouth, gently played with it and licked and sucked his very furry balls. He started groaning. Then I deep-throated him again ‘Fuck, how do you do that?’ said Liam. ‘That’s awesome!’ When I took it out of my mouth again, Roger’s cock was suddenly right next to Matty’s. The head of it was glistening with pre-cum. ‘Suck them both together’, said Roger. I took them in both hands and holding the two heads as close together as possible, I started licking and sucking them. Then I swallowed Roger’s seven incher right down to his pubes while masturbating Matty slowly. Liam appeared behind me where he could get a better view of what I was doing. He had kept all of his clothes on. Des was naked and gently stroking his hard cock standing next to Roger. He smiled when he caught my eye. I alternated deep-throating Roger and Matty. Matty had the thicker cock with the biggest head. It was really good to suck and he was very responsive, groaning a lot. ‘Let’s see you sucking Des’, said Roger, pulling his cock out of my mouth and stepping back. Des stuck his cock in my mouth and pushed it right down my throat. I worked my throat muscles on it and I had him groaning pretty quickly, too. Then I swapped to Matty’s cock and just got it down my throat again when he quickly pulled it out of my mouth. ‘Jesus, that was close!’ he said, breathing heavily. ‘You’re too good at that’. ‘I think it’s time to get some fucking done’, said Roger. ‘Do you want him to suck you, too?’ said Matty, hopefully, to Liam. ‘No, I’m good’, said Liam who headed, rather quickly I thought, back to his bar stool. Roger pulled an old low backed upholstered chair with no armrests into the centre of the floor. ‘If you kneel on that and lean over the back of it, you’ll be at the right height for us to fuck you’, he said. I took my underpants off and was pleased to see I was nicely hard. Des came over with a sachet of lube and I opened it and put some on my asshole. Then I got onto the chair as suggested, leaned forward over the back and waited to see who would be first. Matty appeared in front of me. ‘Just give this a bit more of a suck first, will you, mate?’ he said. ‘I’ve gone off the boil a bit’. I took him in my mouth and sucked the head greedily. kocaeli escort bayan He was rock hard again very quickly. He pulled his cock out of my mouth and went around behind me. I felt the hot head of his cock touch my asshole and then he pushed it hard up inside me, grunting with the effort. He felt nice and hot inside me and held onto my shoulders and started fucking me steadily. ‘Have a look at this, Liam’, said Roger, who was somewhere behind me out of sight. I saw Liam get off his bar stool and come over behind me to where Roger was. Des was standing off to the side, watching and stroking his cock. ‘I can’t see much’, said Liam. ‘His ass is too low down. I can see his balls but then Matty’s ass is covering everything else up.’ ‘What do you want to see?’ asked Des. ‘The cock going into him?’ ‘Yeah’, Liam replied, ‘that would be hot but I can’t see it properly from here.’ ‘Hey guys, I’ve got an idea’, said Des. ‘Matty, let me fuck him for a minute and I’ll show you what I have in mind’. Matty pulled his cock out of my ass and stepped back. Des told me to get up off the chair and kneel face down on the floor. He told me to keep my head down low and my ass up high. Then he positioned himself half- squatting, half-standing behind me and stuck his cock into my hole, pushing it slowly all the way in. Then he leaned forward over my back, held onto my shoulders and started fucking me. In that position, my hole with Des’s cock in it would be easily visible from the back. ‘Have a look from behind us now, Liam’, said Des. ‘Fuckin’ hell, look at that!’ said Liam. ‘Look how much he’s stretched his hole open!’ Des leaned down and whispered quietly in my ear, ‘Let’s give the little bastard a good show. Moan a bit.’ He started fucking me deeper and harder and I started moaning, as Des had suggested. It felt great and I thought my moaning added a nice bit of drama to it all. ‘You can have a feel, Liam, if you want. We’re not shy’, said Des, breathing a bit harder. ‘No, I’m good’, said Liam from somewhere behind us. The three guys were all watching from the best vantage point, it seemed. I couldn’t see them easily. Suddenly I felt some fingers exploring my hole while it was being fucked. ‘Jesus, that’s fucking tight’, said Matty. ‘Have a feel, Roger’. A new pair of fingers started exploring – Roger’s, I assume. They also reached under me and squeezed my balls and cock. ‘Guys, I’ll cum if I keep fucking him’, said Des. ‘Do you want to have a go before it gets sloppy in there?’ ‘Yeah, let me fuck him now’, said Roger. Des pulled his cock out of me and Roger took his place, pushing his cock in all the way with one thrust. He grunted. ‘Fuckin’ hot ass’, he said and, grabbing hold of my shoulders, he started pumping. His cock was nicely thick, too, and felt really good. He fucked me steadily for about five minutes and then pulled out. ‘Here, take over’, he said to Matty. Before my hole had a chance to close up, Matty’s cock was thrusting up inside me again. This time he pumped harder and after a couple of minutes, the head of his cock started to feel like it was getting bigger. I guessed he was getting close to cumming. He was grunting with each thrust and breathing heavily. ‘Jeez, you’ve got a hairy asshole, Matty’, said Liam. ‘It’s a bit gross, winking at me’. ‘Shut up or you’ll put me off’, grunted Matty, pumping hard. I heard Des sniggering somewhere behind me. Matty’s hands gripped my shoulders tighter and he let out a long groan. I could feel him cumming deep inside me. He slowed down but kept pumping for a while and, relaxing his grip on my shoulders, he put more of his weight on my back and then lay there on top of me while he caught his breath. ‘Did you cum in him?’ asked Liam. ‘I sure did’, said Matty. ‘Filled it up, I reckon’. ‘Fuck!’ said Liam. ‘Are you going to cum in him, too, Roger?’ ‘Yes, as soon as Matty’s finished’, said Roger. ‘I’m ready to pop, too.’ Matty raised himself up and pulled his cock slowly out of me. I could feel some cum dribbling out of my hole and down over my balls. ‘Shit, look at the cum leaking out of him’, said Liam. ‘You must have shot a big load, Matty’. ‘Put that towel on the floor under him to catch the drips, Matty’, said Roger. As soon as Matty was out of the way, Roger got on top of me and stuck his cock in my hole. More cum dripped out of me as he started moving inside me. He picked up speed rapidly and I could feel that he was going straight for a cum shot. With a loud moan, he blew inside me, his cock jerking strongly with each shot. He held his cock tightly inside me until it had stopped jerking and then he pulled his cock slowly out of me, too. A lot more cum was running down my balls. ‘That’s awesome’, said Liam. ‘That ass must be on fire’. ‘No, it feels good’, I said. ‘It’s just really hot and wet inside as well as nicely sensitive. It’s a great feeling’. ‘Here’s another one’, said Des, positioning himself behind me and ramming his cock into my ass. ‘Let’s see how much I can stir it all up’. He started pounding my ass quite hard – much harder than either Matty or Roger. It felt quite thrilling and I could hear myself moaning. ‘Jesus, doesn’t that hurt?’ asked Liam. ‘No, it’s fine’, I gasped. ‘I know what yahya kaptan escort I’m doing’. ‘Can you fuck him harder, then?’ said Liam. ‘This looks really great’. Des increased the speed until he was really slamming his cock into me. The cum already in my ass was being pushed out by Des’s cock fucking my hole so roughly. I could feel it leaking steadily out of me. I knew Des couldn’t keep up that level of speed long without cumming and he shot his load into me after a couple more minutes of frenzied fucking. He stopped moving and, as soon as he got his breath back, he pulled his cock out of me. ‘Want to see the cum inside him?’ Des asked Liam. He pulled my ass cheeks apart and then prised my hole open with his fingers. ‘Fuckin’ hell, that’s loaded’, said Liam, excitedly. He had moved in quite close to have a good look. ‘It’s a real creampie like in porn. Can you make it cum out like they do in videos?’ ‘I’ll try’ I said and pushed carefully. There was an almost embarrassing bubbling noise and I could feel a fair bit of cum surging out of me. ‘Wow, that was really full’, said Liam. ‘Awesome!’ ‘You want to shoot yours in him, too?’ asked Matty. ‘No, I’m good’, said Liam. ‘It’s just great to watch it’. ‘Well, what about being sucked off by him?’ said Matty, ever hopeful. ‘No, I’m really fine’, replied Liam. ‘You could jerk off all over his face’, said Des. ‘Just like in porn. He doesn’t have to touch you or anything’. Liam hesitated for a moment. ‘Would you let me do that?’ he asked me. ‘Sure’, I said, making it sound like an everyday occurrence. Liam didn’t say anything for a moment and I felt everyone was holding their breath. ‘Yeah, OK, that would be amazing’, he said. I got down on my knees and he pulled his pants down around his ankles. His cock was already hard and was about seven and half inches. It would have been nice to be fucked with it. I noticed his public hair was dark brown, so I was right about his bleached hair. ‘So what do I do?’ asked Liam. ‘Just jerk off and aim sort of centrally at his mouth’ said Des. ‘Let him know when you’re about to blow so he can shut his eyes. Then just have fun drowning him in it’. ‘Oh, man, I’ve dreamed of doing this’, said Liam, moving in close to my face. The head of his cock was just about two inches from my nose as he started jerking off. The others crowded in close to watch. Liam jerked off steadily and had his eyes closed a lot while he did it. Suddenly he started pulling on his cock very fast and was breathing heavily. He leaned in a bit closer, opened his eyes and, looking down at me, he gasped, ‘I’m cumming’. I closed my eyes and opened my mouth. The first big squirt went across the bridge of my nose, spattered on my forehead and went on into my hair. The second one was just as big and gave me a complete mouthful, which I quickly swallowed. The third one splashed hotly onto my right cheek and into my beard and the next one went into my mouth, almost filling it again. There were a couple of smaller squirts and then he breathed out with a long satisfied sigh. I opened my eyes. A thick blob of cum was hanging down from the head of his cock. I resisted the desire to reach out with my tongue and lick it off. ‘Look what you’ve done’, said Des. ‘Fuckin’ hell, that’s awesome’, said Liam, looking at the huge mess on my face. ‘Did you swallow all the cum that went in your mouth?’ ‘Sure did’, I said. ‘Tasted good’. I could feel cum dribbling through my moustache and ran my tongue over it, catching all the drops. Liam watched me do that with amazement. ‘I need a towel’, I said, feeling cum dripping down from my right eyebrow perilously close to my eye. Roger gave me a hand towel and, standing up, I wiped all the cum off my face. Then I wiped the cum off my ass as well. ‘I should have taken a picture of the cum on your face’, said Liam. ‘My first facial, wow!’ We started to dress. Both Roger and Matty seemed a bit quiet, but Liam was very talkative. He still sounded quite excited. ‘You can sure smell the cum in here, can’t you?’ he said. ‘It’s really strong’. It was time to go. We all shook hands. ‘Thanks for doing that for us, mate’, said Roger. ‘I blew my balls off in you’. ‘Me too’, said Matty. ‘Fuckin’ brilliant!’ Des and I headed out to the car. We didn’t speak until we drove off. ‘Enjoy that?’ asked Des. ‘Yes’, I said. ‘It was certainly something a bit different. Roger and Matty were a bit quiet after it was all over, though, weren’t they?’ ‘Maybe they’re not so cool about it after all, said Des. ‘Maybe it’s post-coital guilt or homosexual panic or something?’ We both laughed. ‘That was inspired of you to suggest blowing on my face to Liam’, I said. ‘I just had a feeling about that’, said Des. ‘There was no way of asking you first but I thought you’d be up for it. I really enjoyed seeing it happen, too. That was a big load he shot’. ‘I’m always up for a facial’, I said. ‘These days, I need all the beauty treatments I can get!’ We laughed again. I dropped Des off at his house and promised to call him tomorrow afternoon. Then I drove back to my motel and, after a shower, including carefully shampooing my hair and beard, I got into bed and fell asleep quickly. To be continued…. Comments welcome at ail. You might also enjoy my previous stories ‘A Hot Holiday In Pakistan’ and ‘A Hot Holiday in Europe’. They are also here in the ‘Encounters’ section of Nifty. Readers, enjoy the stories here but remember that Nifty needs your donations to keep providing them — fty/donate.html

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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