Ara 10

A Hot Texas Afternoon

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It was a hot, humid Texas afternoon, but I was comfortable in a cool white t-shirt, lightweight navy sports shorts, and sandals. I ambled over to the café, purchased a large shaken, iced-tea, and was lucky to find a table in the shade. I sat myself down to sip on my drink and read. Behind my sunglasses I occasionally people watched.

“Would you mind if I shared this table?”

Surprised, I looked up from my tablet. The person making the request was a young woman. I put her in her mid-twenties — I could be her grandpa. She would be considered chubby. Not quite BBW, but definitely not skinny. She perspired uncomfortably in the heat. Beads of sweat trickled from her forehead and down her cheeks. Her clothes were damp and sweat-stained. Her top was a size too small and clung to her. It was low-cut, revealing an impressive cleavage. I shook my head. Sadly, she wore a bra. The top exposed a cute navel. I watched as she smoothed her skirt. She was embarrassed at how it kept riding up, revealing more of her thick thighs. Her skin was smooth and the color of cinnamon. “She would be a good fuck,” I thought.

“Pardon?” I said.

“May I share this table,” she repeated — a note of peevishness in her voice. “There’s no other available.”

A quick glance around, showed she was right. The café was overflowing with customers wanting to quench their afternoon thirst at inflated prices. I pointed to the seat opposite, “Sure.”

“Thanks. May I leave my bag with you, while I get my drink?” Quite trusting I thought. I smiled in what hopefully was a reassuring manner.

“Sure. I’m not going anywhere.” She smiled and turned to walk into the café. Her ass was full and round, and bounced attractively as her hips swayed. It was an ass that begged to be smacked. Likely the cheeks also hid a tight, puckered hole that needed rimmed and fucked. Minutes later, she returned with her drink and sat down. The sipping on her straw drew attention to her full lips. The deep pink lipstick glistened wet with the drink. I wondered what it would be like to kiss them… to have my cockhead rub across them… better still to force them apart and skull fuck her.

My gaze naturally traveled down to her tits. Twin mounds of cleavage heaved as she breathed. Given how her tits were pushed up, obviously, her bra was too small. That she had huge, dark chocolate areolae was plain to see. The bra was insufficient to cover the corona that framed her nipples. It was tantalizing to wonder what size her nipples were. Were the button impressions pushing against the top her nipples or just the style of the bra?

“It’s rude to stare,” she said.

“I’m wearing sunglasses. How can you tell?”

“I can sense your eyes on my cleavage.”

“It would be impolite not to appreciate your tits. From what I can see, they are both beautiful and amply sized.”

“That’s vulgar.”


“You called them “tits”.”

“What would you prefer? Udders? Tetas?” The image of her on all-fours, tits dangling ready to be milked by my hands swept into my mind.

“Certainly not — I’m not a cow.”

“You’d make a fine cow. Those tits hold the promise of lots of milk,” I replied before taking up my tablet again, then added, “You likely have a fine cunt too — plump labia waiting to be kissed and smacked… an inner pink paradise to eat… and a shy clit waiting to be teased out of its hood. Of course, I’m just guessing. Unless you spread your thighs to show me — and are not wearing panties, but since you’re wearing a bra, in this heat, you’re probably wearing panties too. They’re likely wet with your juices and sweat. istanbul escort If I sat close enough, I would probably be able to smell the scent of your cunt.”

“Pervert,” she gasped.

“Yes, I am, and a dirty old man.” The strange thing was that she remained at the table. More seats had freed up since she first sat down so it was not as though she had no choice.

“You’re old enough to be my father. You should be ashamed.”

“So you have daddy issues?”

“No…” The hesitation in her voice suggested she was not being completely truthful. “Come sit closer… it’s more shaded.” I pointed to the bulge in my shorts and laughed. “That’s your fault. If you want, you can feel my cock. Think how much it’s like your daddy’s. You’ve seen his cock, haven’t you? Sneaked peaks when he was bathing or showering. Watched as he lay down on his bed with no sheet to cover him.” Under her dark skin, she blushed. I had struck home. I pushed more. “You’ve probably played with your cunt picturing… wanting his cock inside you. You’ve watched him fuck your mom and been jealous of her.”

Her cheeks flushed even redder. I wondered how far I could push her before she finally stormed off. Like a moth to the flame she was caught. One part of her wanted to run… the slut in her (there’s a slut in every woman) wanted my cock… wanted an old man’s cock. Confused, she sat, her clothes increasingly wet in the cloying heat and humidity of the afternoon. I imagined the wet patch on the metal seat as her cunt and thighs seeped. “Cafés should provide seat wipes like gyms!” I thought. It was quite erotic. I wanted to smell her cunt, to feel and breathe in the dampness of her panties. I watched her cleavage rise up and down. The rate was much faster than when she had first sat down. Her cunt was probably much wetter too. I wanted her. I cursed her for making my cock hard. I came to drink and read. Now my mind was filled with thoughts of fucking the slut and how her huge tits would feel as I squeezed them.

I pointed to her tits. “Go to the washroom and take that ridiculous bra off. It’s plain you’re uncomfortable wearing it.” I waved at the other tables, “I doubt whether many of the whores here are wearing bras in this heat.”

“Women are not “whores”,” she retorted. “We deserve respect.”

“Like every woman, you’re a slut, whore and fuckmeat. You’re three holes to fuck and a body to chastise when you’re disobedient.” I watched her face. Shock and curiosity fought for supremacy. “In your case, you want a daddy cock in your holes. You long for…no, you lust for and dream of daddy spreading your thighs and fucking you. You want to kneel before him, take his balls in your hands and suck on his cock.”

“I don’t…” The hesitation was obvious. She stood up. I could almost hear her sweat-covered skin peel from the metal seat. With a toss of her head she turned and stormed off. I chuckled — her ass and thighs had a wickerwork pattern — and returned to reading my book. Fifteen minutes later, the seat legs scraped over the concrete pavement. I looked up and smiled.

“I told you that you would be more comfortable without a bra.” Freed from the bra, her tits hung beautifully. Her youth meant that she did not have the sag of more mature, heavy tits or the silver lines of stretch marks. They curved upwards, and finished with large and hard button-sized nipples. That the top clung to her tits served to further accentuate their beauty. She grunted in response and sucked deeply on her straw.


A avcılar escort shadow moved across my vision. Looking up I watched the sky fill with dark, gray storm clouds. A few large drops of rain splattered on my arm. Typical Texas. In a short while, the sky would open up and a deluge of rain descend. The temperature dropped slightly causing goosebumps to spread over her uncovered skin. “It will rain soon.” I pointed to the parking lot. “There will be no room in the café. My car is over there, on the other side of the line of trees. We should run to it now. You can finish your drink and I’ll drop you off home — or wherever you want.” She hesitated, but a burst of raindrops on her cleavage convinced her to move.

We were half-way to the car — it was parked a reasonable distance from the café and as luck would have it, pretty much on its own, when the storm broke. Scrambling to open the doors as the rain beat down, we slid inside and finally caught our breath. Our heavy panting quickly steamed up the car. The curtain of grey rain reduced visibility further. It was like our own private cocoon.

I looked at her. Her wet top was like a second skin and nearly transparent, showing off the massive tits. Hard and erect nipples strained to punch through the material. With each breath she took, I wanted her more and more. In my flimsy shorts my cock showed just how much I lusted after her body.

Our eyes met. She looked at me with big, brown eyes. Her gaze dropped to my pants and her eyes widened. “No…” she whispered. I reached over, grabbed her long hair tightly until she winced, and pulled her towards me. I was very thankful for the bench seating of the Grand Marquis. My lips mashed against hers. She resisted, but my tongue forced its way into her moist mouth, coiling like a snake around hers, and then fucked her mouth with deep stabbing thrusts. Her hands beat against my chest as I dominated her, overwhelming her defenses.

In her mind she thought, “It’s just a kiss,” but it wasn’t. It was an invasion. I wanted possession of her.

My free hand gripped her wet top and pulled it down sharply. The flimsy material tore, releasing beautiful, abundant tits. One hand on her throat kept her down. I paused kissing her to feast on the sight of her tits.

“No more. Please, no more.” Her pleadings were more effective than Viagra. My cock was swollen and throbbed inside my pants. I wanted inside her.

Tears coursed down her cheeks and splashed on the car seat. I lay on top of her. In the cramped space it was impossible for her to move. My hard crotch rubbed against her cunt mound. My teeth, tongue and lips covered her tits with bites and kisses. Betrayed by her body, she moaned. My mouth covered her nipples, sucking and biting them until they were hard in my mouth. There was no love in my assault — only a deep, dark lust for her young body. She moaned again. Her nipples were hyper-sensitive and sent ripples of pleasure down to her cunt. She trembled, caught between surrender to an animal lust that was overwhelming her senses and social convention.

Hungry for her, I bit down on her tits and nipples. I slapped them, leaving dark welts on the flesh. Fingerprint bruises surfaced as I squeezed and twisted the soft fleshy mounds. Bite marks covered the expanse of her tits. She cried out at the unceasing battering of her defenses.

“Please stop.” She closed her eyes. She rationalized that it was only her tits being used. She could suffer that. She cursed the trembling pleasure in her body, wishing it would stop… but at the same time not şirinevler escort wanting it to stop?

I kissed and licked her belly. She squirmed as my tongue licked her navel and along the valleys of her soft belly rolls. They tasted salty. She whimpered a final, “No…” as her skirt was pulled away and thrown into the back of the car. My hand forced her thighs open and I felt between her legs. I smiled. The slut had taken her panties off as well as her bra. In a final act of defiance, her thighs clamped tight on my hand. I slapped her face, tits and cunt hard. She cried at the treatment, but her thighs opened.

I rubbed her full, luxuriant bush. I moaned — a hairy cunt was such a rarity especially in the young with their propensity to waxing. I buried my head in her cunt and took it as my own, savoring the almond and honey taste of her juices. My tongue fucked her wet cunt. Cunt hair in my mouth was a pleasure not an inconvenience. She gasped at the raw intensity of the pleasure that crushed her resistance. Her hands clasped my head, holding me, pulling me deeper into her pink cave.

Exposing her clit, I mercilessly licked, sucked and bit the fat pink pearl. Fingers rapidly beat it. Her body flushed pink and glowed with shimmering sweat. Her thighs clamped around my head. This time she wanted me much deeper inside. Her desire was for my tongue to explore and take every pink ridge inside her cunt. I worshiped her cunt, feeling her gasp in pleasure. There was no need to hold her down. She had surrendered.

“No!” she begged. This time the plea was for me not to stop. Her body writhed in unknown depths of ecstasy. She thrashed as her orgasm came closer. My finger slipped inside in her dirty hole, sliding in and out like a small cock. It tipped her over the edge. She screamed as she came, begging me to stop. Her orgasm was agonizing in its intensity. I did not and she came again… and again… and again.

Hair lank with sweat in the boiling hot car, the windows totally steamed up, she lay back panting, moaning. After-tremors of her orgasm made her body twitch. Hands and fingers roamed her body playing with her tits and cunt. Her bush was matted with cunt juice. She licked her fingers clean savoring her taste. The car stank with her sex. Cunt juices stained the seat.

I sidled up next to her and kissed her lips enjoying the taste of her cunt. Her hands tugged on the waist of my pants and she pulled them down. Manicured nails stabbed my ass cheeks. “Bitch!” I groaned and she laughed in a deep voice husky with sex. She fondled my cock. It throbbed rock hard, and warm in her hand. “Oh my god, it feels so big,” she gasped. “Show me.” I sat back on my knees. My thick, uncut cock pulsated and throbbed. She gasped. There was a hint of fear in her voice. “My god, it is so big — and I’m so tight.”

Then, with a hoarse voice, she shouted, “Fuck me, you perverted bastard. Cum in me. Breed me.” It was an offer that would never be refused. A hard cock rammed deep into her sopping wet, yet still very tight cunt. My ass rocked up and down as I pinned her to the car seat with deep thrusts. With primeval delight I took her with long bruising thrusts. She squealed and shrieked in pain, but kept moaning, demanding, “Fuck me you old bastard. Fuck me you pervert. Ruin me.”

I grunted. Thick creamy cords of seed spurted into her. She screamed more and came at the touch of hot cum being pumped deep into her cunt. Her legs locked around me as her deep cunt muscles milked my cock. I collapsed on top of her. Panting hard and with both bodies covered in sweat, we savored the hard rutting. Absentmindedly, I squeezed her tits and twisted her fat, sweaty nipples between finger and thumb. She writhed in pleasure. I could feel her body tense in anticipation of another orgasm.

She coughed. I looked up at her quizzically. “May I call you daddy?”

I laughed, “Of course you can.”

She smiled, “I have a lovely ass for you to fuck, daddy”

I grinned, “Yes, you do.”

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