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A hotel room

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Big Tits

A hotel roomCassi and I discussed and decided to save up to book into a room, at the formula one hotel one night to have a few hours of rough and wild sex, as we battled to find alone time together accept for Friday nights at the mall where we took number of drives and had sex in the back seats of my car a few times. This Friday in winter, just before school holidays we had saved up enough money to have a fun evening in the hotel. Cassi’s mom dropped her off at the mall a little after 6pm and we immediately set off to my car where I had already bought condoms cold drinks and snacks. We were soon at the hotel checking in and making our way up to the room before 7pm.Once in the room we closed the door and immediately through ourselves at each other and started kissing and stripping.Cassi was soon laying on her back with her legs spread in the air, begging for me to eat her sweet cunt.I made my way between her sexy legs and started to eat her cunt.Sucking her puss and licking up and down her lips she was soon moaning as her body tensed up as she started to orgasm uşak escort from me muffing her.After she finished orgasmning I moved up kissing her belly up to her tits where I sucked her horny hard nipples and finally reaching her lips. We kissed as I placed my hard cock by her wet puss and shoved it into her puss for the first time without a condom. As our lips aparted Cassi asked what about putting a condom on and I told her I’m not going as I’m going to fuck you and then pull out and cum on you body. She wasn’t all that happy with my idea but my cock was already in her cunt and I started fucking her hard and rough in missionary position. The feeling of my bare cock sliding in and out of her wet cunt was so great that I soon was on the vurge of cumming. I kneeled upwards as I pulled my cock out of her puss and as I gave my cock a 2nd stroke, it exploded as Cassi looked at me. My first bit of cum shot out my cock and flew over Cassi’s sexy body and landed on her tits. I continued jerking my cock until all my cum had shot out onto her van escort body. I then got up to get toilet paper for cassi to wipe up my cum. Thereafter we laid chatting a bit as my cock recovered for round two. Although Cassi was a bit grumpy at first when I shoved my cock into her cunt without a condom, she admitted that the skin on skin contact between her puss and my cock felt real good, but asked when we fuck again just now if I could please use a condom as she would like it hard and rough without stopping. I said sure thing and as we finished snacking on a packet of chips I then made my way down to between my little whores legs and started to lick her cunt up and down again. I sucked the lips of her puss as well as her clit as she started moaning and soon started to cum. After she finished cumming I pulled her to sit up and I shoved my hard cock into her mouth while I opened a condom. She sucked my cock, deepthroating it, making herself gag on my hard cock for a few moments. Once her mouth left my cock I put a condom on and then laid escort bayan on my back.Cassi climbed on top of me and guided my cock into her wet cunt and started fucking me back and forth. She road me hard and rough and soon her moans became louder as her clit was getting stimulated as she road me. He cunt tightened around my cock as her body trembled and she started to orgasm again. After she finished orgasmning she fell down onto my chest and I rolled us over. I kneeled and told her to get in front of me on all 4s which she did. I shoved my cock back into her puss and started fucking her hard and rough in doggy style. She was screaming from the pleasure as my cock hit up against her back walls. I grabbed her hips and pulled her back into me as I drove my cock deep into her cunt. He body became weak as she orgasmed again and I then fucked her harder as my cock exploded shooting my cum into the condom.After I finished cumming I pulled my cock out of her cunt and we both laid down next to each other. After catching our breath and checking the time, it was nearing ten and we quickly hopped in the shower where I washed my whores body and she washed mine. Once clean and refreshed we got dressed and collected all our things to make our way back to the mall after some well spent money to have some amazing rough sex.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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