Oca 08

A Jealous Daddy’s Girl

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I heard my father and his new dating partner having sex next door, in which totally irritates me. I know that Daddy doesn’t love her, but rather uses her to avoid me. He had been avoiding me ever since the discussion he started with me about our so-called “Immoral sex life.” I do not know, and do not care what that means, but that I want Daddy.

The woman he is having sex with now is a fat, blonde bimbo in her late 30’s, who always tries to talk to me and make stupid jokes. Now, I will tell her what a joke she is. I forgot to tell you her name, her name is “Marielle,” The typical fat bimbo name.

I took off all my clothes, and wore my see-through white robe that came to my hips. In which I knew my mocha skin color, 36C cup firm breasts, long legs, nice firm butt, and a nice teenage face with a pointy nose, small lips, and big eyes made me look ‘hot’ wearing the robe with nothing underneath. In which my soft, shaved, smooth cunt and breasts exposed very clearly.

I walked down the hall towards my Daddy’s room and knocked the door.

“Who is it?” My father asked. “Who else could it be Daddy?” I said. ” Daddy, güvenilir bahis I am having a big headache, can you come out and see what is wrong with me?” I faked.

Then Daddy came out with a towel wrapping around him, in which behind, I saw Marielle laying down looking at me from the bed as Daddy was at the door. Without hesitation, I wrapped my arms around Daddy, and began kissing him. He was trying to push me away, but I didn’t let go and continued to kiss him deeper and deeper. Then, he began kissing me more passionately, and then he picked me up and so I wrapped my arms and legs around him as we kissed.

“Paul, what are you doing?” Marielle called out. But I pushed Daddy’s head closer towards mine and we kissed more passionately.

Then he laid me on the bed, in which I realized he did not notice that Marielle was next to me. (I am too attractive for Daddy to resist). Then, I spread my legs wide open, and Daddy began licking and eating my juicy wet smooth cunt. I turned over and went on top of him.

As I had him in between my legs, I began kissing and licking his ears, in which I felt my breasts türkçe bahis brushing on his chest. Then I kissed down towards his neck, chest, massaged his chest, down to his stomach, then I hummed his testes inside of me. Then I glided my tongue down his cock and reached the tip. I hummed the tip in, and began moving my head up and down, while my hands rubbed his cock in a circular motion. Now, we are in a 69 position.

As I blew my father, I looked at Marielle, and saw the discomfort in her. Then I saw her masturbating. She was gliding her middle finger up and down her clit as she watched us.

While blowing Daddy, I didn’t want him to reach climax, therefore, when I felt the heat in him and felt that he was almost reaching climax, I rode on him. I slid his massive erected cock in me and began moving up down up down faster faster and faster! I was in an uncontrollable motion as I rode on him and him rubbing my breasts. I was moaning desperately. MMMMMMMMMMM…YESSSSSS …DADDYYYY!!! YEESSS!!!UUHHHHUHHHHHAHHYHHUMMMM!!!!!!!

As I was riding on Daddy, I saw Marielle put herself in a doggy style and finger fuck güvenilir bahis siteleri her butt hole moaning like a dog. She looked like a total desperate female dog, with her fat stomach, bushy cunt, big butt filled with cellulites, and misshapen breasts. Now, I understood why Daddy didn’t mind having sex with me in front of her. She was too ugly and fat compared to me, in which she was just something dad used as a bottle to let himself cum. “OOOHHH OHHH, LISA MY BABY!! OOHH!! DADDY Is CUMMING!!!!” Daddy called out as I was still riding on him, but I was paying attention towards the fat Marielle finger fucking her fat cunt more.

Therefore, Daddy came, and came all around me. Now, I was in the center between Daddy and Marielle. I certainly hate Marielle, she is so annoying that she has no respect for herself. She didn’t even care seeing me Fuck DADDY!!

The competition is not over, in which I will make her feel how fat, unattractive and unwanted she is from Daddy. I want her to know that Daddy is mine, and that he wants me and not her. I don’t know whether it is that she is so stupid that she doesn’t understand what I am doing, or she is just too smart. After all, she is one fat dumbass!

“Daddy, do you want more of Lisa’s juicy cunt?” I said in a moaning way as I lay on the bed all sweaty, and rubbing my middle finger up and down my juicy smooth cunt.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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