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A language exchange

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A language exchangeA few months ago I was on a short trip to China, in the nice city of Hangzhou. As I was exploring the city and the difference in culture, I went online to find someone with whom I could hangout and explore even more the place. I was pleased to see that a girl responded to my invitation. We met in a restaurant on the third day that I was there. I had seen a picture of her on the chat application we were using but I didn’t realize how cute she was actually before I saw her in real life. She was stunning beautiful, a nice smile, beautiful lips, small in stature but full of energy. We spent the day going around the city, in all kind of shops. Being in couple myself, I knew I was at risk to stay with her, but it felt right to be with her. Arrived at night, we went in a shop where she tried on a qipao, a traditionnal chinese dress. There was an opening on the side where I could see all her leg all the way to the her hip. That bahis siteleri took me off guard and really turned me on. She invited me to her apartment so that we can enjoy more of the night, Me being stupid I thought she was just being nice, but really I wanted to make her mine. We arrived at her place, she was nice, I found her so beautiful. We kissed like first time lovers, passionately. She was feeling bad that I was not single, and so was I….We kissed even harder and at 4h in the morning we went on her bed, completely naked. She laid on top of me, I could feel her pussy soaking wet on the top of my dick. She didn’t go further, so after 3 sec of hesitating, I grabbed her and push my dick inside her so tight and wet pussy. At first It didn’t go all the way, she was going crazy for the size of it. She was moaning “So big, So big” as I went back inside of her that time I made it deeper. She moaned even harder, putting her nails in canlı bahis my back. I went always deeper and deeper in her finy pussy, I could smell her, it smelled delicious like crazy.She was on her back as I was giving her to her the biggest dick she had ever had in her life. I gave her an orgasm in no time which she had ahile breathing heavily, so damn hard. She was about to rest thinking I was done with her, but I was not. I took her firmly by her hips, spread her legs and I began to insert my tongue the deepest I could in her pussy. She was crazy with pleasure. I then did a test; I played a little bit with her asshole. Starting with my finger gently, She was not refusing it. I then took it further I began to lick both her asshole and her pussy. As she was losing her mind with pleasure, She told me I was the first one to do that to her. Me being surprised of that, I took even further. I turned her around, with her ass spread in the güvenilir bahis air and her face on the bed. I then put my full tongue in her ass while inserting 2 fingers in her pussy. Her asshole was like no other I have seen before or tasted before. So tight and pretty, the taste was great, As her pussy, a little bit sweet.My dick was not getting any softer as I was all focus to give that cute girl some anal pleasure, like she never had before. She then turn around and begun to put back my dick in her mouth. She was going deep, almost chocking everytime she was going down. I grabbed her ass and put it right on my mouth So I could lick her some more. Her tiny pussy, was covered with so much liquid, and more and more was coming out. A week I was supposed to go around the city, being a tourist, I finally had crazy wild sex with that girl everyday for at least 3 times each day. Everyday, we couldn’t help but just keep exploring each other fantasy. Her pussy was sore indeed, but when she was turned on, she wanted me inside, there was no question to ask. I will always remember the softness if her skin, the tadte of her pussy and her willingness to do everything crazy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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