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A Late Night

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Like most people, I didn’t consider myself gay until I had my first gay experience. Let me start from the beginning. My name is James and I work for a company that creates advertisements for large companies. I am the junior vice president but only because I am not old enough to be the full VP. So most of the time I get a lot of paper work. I live in a two-bedroom apartment but one I use as my office. It’s a rather large apartment, well at least for only one person. Anyway, back to the story. My boss is a really nice guy but he hates his wife. So most of the time, when all of us are leaving he is still there “working late.” What his wife doesn’t know is that he just wants to spend as little time he can at home. One morning I had gotten a rather large job to do. Bigger than usual, and my computer at home had broken. I had taken it to the repair shop and they said it would take a week. That was just long enough to make me have to work like a dog. Since I didn’t want to spend any of my vacation time doing this work, I often stayed late to finish as much of it I could as soon as possible. One night when I was just about finished, my boss, whose name was Bruce, came into my office. “James, would you like to go out for drinks tonight. My wife and I had a horrible fight before she left for her business trip and I am still kind of upset about it and a few drinks normally help.” I was kind of surprised at his question because he had never asked me to go out with drinks before. The only thing he asked me was to go get him lunch. It was normally someone else. He asked for drinks. I guess it was because I was the only one there besides him. “Sure. I guess so. I am just going to be a few more minutes but I am almost finished. By the way which bar are we going to?” I asked.

“Oh, no place fancy. It’s just a little bar on the corner of 127 Street and Lincoln Ave. Do you know it?”

“I’ve been there once or twice.” I said and he left. I had finished up about 15 minutes later and I went into his office to go and get him. He got his coat on and we left. The bar wasn’t too far but it wasn’t close either. We both took our cars so when we left we could go our separate ways. We got a small table because we were going to get dinner with our drinks. We had drinks first. He had a beer and I had a Martini. After having a drink or two, we ordered dinner. We must’ve eaten very quickly because it was only another half an hour before we had clean plates and another few drinks. We had gotten totally güvenilir bahis smashed and then we left. “I don’t think I can drive home,” he said. “Me neither. Why don’t we just go back to my place and you can crash on the couch. It’s only a block or two from here.” So slowly we started off for my house. Unsteadily, stumbling down the street. We made it to my apartment in about half an hour, a walk that normally takes 10 minutes. Neither of us was tired and since we were already smashed, I figured what the hell, “Do you wanna get wasted? I got some weed in the bedroom and some really nice rolling paper.”

“Sure. I’ve never been high before and I’ve always wanted to see if it really is all the say it is.”

“The bedroom is this way,” I said. He followed me to all of the way to the back of the apartment and I shut the door. He didn’t seem to know where he was going because he ran into the bed. My bed is black and extremely high off of the floor so he probably didn’t see it. “I’ll get the weed. Make yourself comfortable.” With that he sat on the bed and waited for me to come back. I had gone into the bathroom to get more comfortable. I changed into a pair of boxers and a tee shirt that had a weed plant on the front. “This is always what I wear when I toke up,” I said as he looked up at me.

He said, “That looks really comfortable. Do you have a tee-shirt that I could borrow?”

I went back into the bathroom and came out with a tee shirt that I didn’t want anymore and said, “Here. Throw this on.”

He didn’t seem to care that I was there and he changed right in front of me. He had the most beautiful 6-pack I had ever seen. He was extremely built in the arms and was standing at about six feet two inches. He was slightly taller than I was.

“Do you work out?” I asked.

“Yes. As a matter of fact I do,” is what he said.

“It definitely shows.”

“Do you like what you see?”

I snapped back to attention as he caught me staring at his body. “Well let’s just say I wouldn’t mind a body like that. How do you do it?”

“Well I go to the gym twice maybe three times a week. It all depends on my work hours, and I run two miles on a treadmill, and then I do some light lifting with some free-weights. And then depending on how much time I have, I more than likely will do 10 to 15 laps in the swimming pool. I’ll do 30 if I have a lot of stress or wanna stay away from my wife, but usually the most I do is 20.”

“That sounds like some work-out. türkçe bahis Do you ever see your family?” I questioned only saying that to sound like I had no idea that his marriage was going to hell and back.

“Not much,” he said, “But it’s okay. My wife works full-time too. Well let’s stop chit-chatting and light up that blunt.”

Not wanting to waste any more time, I lit it and took a huge drag. After giving it to him, he took a drag and then before he could even exhale he coughed it all out. “This is some strong shit,” he said before taking another drag.

“Yea. It’s also some of my best,” I said as he was passing me the blunt.

We sat on the floor since both of us feared that we would fall off of the bed and hurt ourselves. I turned on the television so we didn’t have to talk so much.

After watching television for a while I noticed that the V.C.R. had turned on. To my surprise I had left a porno tape in there and he had noticed. At that moment my heart just sank. He didn’t seem to mind though because he just got even more comfortable. He got up and got some pillows from the bed put them behind his head and just “made himself at home”. He must have forgotten that I was there because he had started stroking his cock which was starting to grow and at the moment was an amazing 6 inches and still half soft. To make sure he hadn’t forgot he wasn’t alone, I sat next to him. He was a little surprised but didn’t stop. He was still rubbing his dick, which was now up to 9 impressive inches and was now 2 inches around. This was about all he had. I was now ignoring him and was also watching the porno. Three men were fucking this woman with incredibly huge tits. They were occupying every hole she had. Anyway, soon I felt myself wanting to jerk off and since he had already begun, I didn’t feel any embarrassment to not go ahead and join. I slowly unzipped my pants and pulled my boxer shorts down around my knees. I slowly started stroking my cock to get it fully hard. That didn’t take long that didn’t take long because when I smoke pot, I always get a little hard. We were both stroking softly now and somehow we began to stroke in unison. I had stopped to take a break because if I didn’t, I would cum any second and I didn’t want that to happen because it looked like he could go on forever. I just sat there watching the porno when suddenly I felt a hand on my thigh. My cock twitched at the very feel of the warm, soft, smooth skin of a hand that slowly started rubbing my leg. Up, güvenilir bahis siteleri down, up, down. Slowly rubbing my leg in almost unison with the stroking of his cock. After about two or three minutes he grabbed my hand ever so softly and moved it from my lap to his cock. I didn’t know how to react so I simply started stroking. I must have been doing a better job that he was because he moaned out loud and laid his head back and closed his eyes. I was looking into his eyes and saw them slowly open. They were the prettiest color of ice blue. He opened his mouth but didn’t say anything. I kept stroking his cock and soon started thinking what it would taste like. I just thought and didn’t say anything or do anything because I didn’t want to get him mad because I was having the time of my life and didn’t want him to feel that it was getting too weird and make me stop. Because of that, I just kept stroking his cock. I took off my shirt and he soon followed. I reached over and started to fondle him and soon I heard yet again another moan. While fondling him, I soon felt him tense up and found myself the moving target of a cum canon. Some of it hit my mouth and without thinking I licked my lips. It tasted so good and warm that I decided that if this ever happens again I was definitely going to suck him off and swallow all of his cum. All of it hit my chest and arms, except what hit my lips and I soon found myself wiping it up with my finger just to get the last taste. “You like that do ya?” he said as I was getting the last bit of it off of my chest.

“Yes as a matter of fact I do.”

“I thought you would. You look like a cum guzzler.”

I hadn’t came yet so he then took my cock in his hands. He was getting a little frustrated it looked like so he began to pump harder. He had been jerking me for about two more minutes and he then was hit with my cum. It was the biggest, longest, most outrageous orgasm I had ever had. It went all over his hair and chest and the floor. “You like it too I see. Is that why you don’t like to go home to your wife?” I asked as I saw him licking it of from every where.

“Is it that obvious that we hate each other?”

“Not really, I just pay a lot attention.”

We soon washed up, watched the rest of the porn and fell asleep next to each other, cuddled in each other’s arms.

We woke the next morning and with a fright I asked, “What will you tell your wife?”

“I’ll just say that I had a lot of work to do at the office but I got it all done so there was nothing to worry about.”

We showered, shaved got dressed and went to work. On the way to the bar to pick up his car, he said “James meet me in my office tomorrow at 3:00. We need to have another “meeting”.”

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