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A Little Bit of Faith

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[This is the first story that I have submitted to this forum. I have been reading LitErotica for years and have always thought about writing my own stories but never really got around to it until now. While I honestly have no interest in incest with my actual family, the idea of it has always been a turn on for me since I read my first taboo story on this website many years ago. They are now almost the only stories that I read. I really enjoy tales of relationships between family members where the premise is somewhat believable with a slow build up and where the relationship is based on love. That is what I have attempted to do here. As I said, this is my first attempt so I would really appreciate any comments and/or votes that readers would like to offer me so that I might know how I did and progress in my new hobby. Enjoy!]

My little sister Faith is as stubborn as a mule. And extremely competitive. She never backs down from a challenge. I guess that’s what got us into this in the first place. Well, that and the fact that I love to provoke her. Let me give you a little bit of background.

My name is James and I’m 19 and a senior in high school. Faith is 18 and also a senior. You see, I got left back in freshman year. Something that Faith never lets me forget. I’m not stupid or anything like that. I just have a learning disability. I don’t test well as it is and after starting high school I guess I got carried away with the partying and feeling like a “big kid” and my schoolwork really suffered. Since then I have gotten very respectable grades and have some pretty good prospects for colleges to attend next year. Even knowing this, Faith never gives up on harassing me about it.

She is 5’1″. I call her a midget, which she hates. Faith is beautiful, but she doesn’t see it that way. Due to her short stature, smallish breasts (she’s probably a B cup) and cute babyface, she looks more like a freshman than a senior and because of this, she doesn’t get much attention from the guys in school, who all seem to be much more interested in the sexy older-looking uber-developed cheerleader types. The guys in her group of friends anyway. I really don’t understand this as she is a really sweet girl and very pretty too. But maybe just because she’s my little sister I’m used to her looking so young and can’t really see it from their perspective. The one thing that is very developed on Faith is her ass. She has a huge ass. I mean, if it wasn’t for her long blonde hair, you would think she’s latina if you saw her from behind. She hates it and of course, being her older brother I provoke her relentlessly calling her fat-ass. But she deserves it the way she calls me dummy all the time. It’s all in good fun really and we get along pretty well, like all siblings, we just tease each other mercilessly. But I really do love her and I know that she only calls me dummy out of affection and I act like it bothers me much more than it actually does.

– – – – – –

It started one Sunday afternoon. I was sitting in my bedroom with my books strewn across my desk studying for a math test. You see, in New York, in order to get a high school diploma there are statewide “Regents” exams that we have to take to get the credit required for each subject. So every high school student in the state has to take the same exams. And this was exactly what I was studying for when Faith bounced loudly into the room. I looked up at her, very irritated as she turned on the TV and my PS3, picked up a controller and plopped down onto the easy chair I had right next to my desk. I stared at her incredulously.

“Hey, would you mind getting the fuck out of here? I’m trying to study.”

She smirked at me and said, “Don’t even bother dummy, we both know that you can study all you want for that test and if you even pass, it will be just barely.”

I laughed and swatted her lightly with a spiral notebook. “Fuck you fat-ass. I’m serious. Please go away.”

She stared at me for a moment before replying, “No.”

I groaned. “Come on Faith, please. I’m not like you, I really need to study to try and get good grades like you get without even trying.”

She laughed. “Study all you want, I’ll still get a better grade than you without even trying.”

I knew that she was probably right but I saw an opportunity to make her disappear. I would play on her stubbornness and refusal to give in.

“You’re not even letting me try.”

She turned back to the TV and turned up the volume. She didn’t even look at me as she spoke “Whatever.”

“Fine Faith, I’ll make you a bet.”

She paused the game and turned to look at me. I had her attention.

“A bet?”

I smiled. “Yes a bet. I bet you that I can get a higher grade than you, but only if you leave me alone from now until the exam and let me study.”

She smirked. “Bullshit. Besides, what are we betting?”

“Whatever you want,” I replied, hoping she wouldn’t make the stakes too steep, knowing I would almost definitely lose.

She stared at me hard, biting her lower lip, obviously thinking about what she wanted. Then she replied.

“OK James, If I win I want your PS3,” She said nodding towards the game console “So I can play in my room whenever I want.”

I laughed at her. “There’s no way I’m betting you my PS3.”

She smiled. “Yea, because güvenilir bahis you know you’re going to lose.”

“No, Faith, because you have nothing of equal value to bet against it.”

She laughed, “Jamie you can have whatever you want if you win, because we both know that you’re going to lose.”

“It still needs to be a fair bet sis.”

“OK, then pick something. Anything. I’m still going to beat you.” There it was, that stubborn competitiveness. I laughed before replying sarcastically.

“Faith, to be equal to the PS3, you’d have to give me a blowjob or something.”

She stared back at me, and then raised her chin slightly in defiance. “Fine, if you win, I’ll give you a blowjob.”

My eyes widened and I began to backpedal nervously. I’d only been joking trying to make a point that she had nothing to bet. “Sis, I was only kidding.”

She shook her head. “No, if you win I’ll give you a blowjob. The odds are stacked against you anyway so it’s only fair that your payout should be higher than mine.” She paused before smiling. “Besides, like I said, we both know that you are not going to win.”

I just stared at her feeling dumb and confused. She stood up and quickly walked towards the door. Then she stopped before exiting the room and turned to me. “Better get studying.” Then she was gone. I slowly turned towards my math books. ‘What the fuck just happened?’ I thought to myself. I didn’t want my baby sister to give me a blowjob. The idea of it was gross. But then I imagined it. I didn’t mean to, it just happened. The image of her between my knees with my dick in her mouth just popped into my head. I couldn’t help it. Suddenly I felt very uncomfortable and realized that I was getting hard. ‘What’s wrong with me?’ I thought. ‘I don’t want a blowjob from my little sister!’ Then I thought about her cute little baby face and her tiny boobs and big ass. I thought about her pouty lips and her pretty brown eyes and what they would look like looking up at me. ‘Do I?’

– – – – – –

We had two weeks until the Math Regents. I was studying every day and Faith never bothered me. Everything was pretty much normal, as if she hadn’t offered me a blowjob as a prize if I scored higher than her on the exam. But one thing was different. Before that day, I swear, I had never thought of my little sister in a sexual way, at all. She always looked so young and innocent. And she was my little sister! But after making the bet I couldn’t help it. I began to notice little things about her all the time. The way her whole cute little face would light up when she smiled or was talking animatedly about something she was interested in. The way her big tight butt would dance when she walked. I couldn’t tell if she had suddenly just started flouncing around everywhere but knew that I was probably only now just noticing it. I had also never noticed before that she never wore a bra. Her breasts were so small and perky that she really didn’t need to, but I had never been looking at them before. Even though they were really very firm they would bounce around a little bit whenever she skipped around the house. She had become very distracting to me and I was glad that she took the terms of our bet seriously and stayed away whenever I was studying.

When we had made the bet I felt confused. I remember asking myself why I agreed to it since I really didn’t want to lose my PS3 and I also didn’t want a blowjob from my little sister. But somehow I had agreed. Or rather silently assented. But as the days wore on I found the idea of my cute baby sister sucking my cock as a huge turn on. And I began to feel guilty about it. I began to be afraid that I would win. The first time we played GTA together after dinner since making the bet I couldn’t help staring at her from time to time, watching her little boobs twitch as her whole upper body got into the game and the cute little facial expressions that she made while playing. She didn’t seem to notice but I got a raging hard on and had to struggle to hide it from her. She would talk to the game under her breath and I noticed for the first time how full and pouty her lips were. Especially her lower lip. It was like a little cushion. It looked so soft. Suddenly I realized. I wanted her. Bad. I would have an erection whenever she was around me. I wanted my little sister and the more the time wore on, the more my lust overtook my guilt. I redoubled my studying efforts.

– – – – – –

The day of the exam finally arrived and I was really nervous. I didn’t want to lose the bet and I was afraid to win. Faith saw this on my face and called me out on it. We were sitting at the kitchen table having breakfast before we were going to go to school.

“What’s wrong Jamie?”

I shook my head. Of course, she didn’t give in.

“Come on, you look pale. Are you ok?”

I looked up at her. “I’m just a little bit nervous about the test I guess.”

She smiled her beautiful innocent smile at me. My heart fluttered.

“Afraid you’re about to lose your toy?”

At that moment my mom swept into the room. And I mumbled my reply.

“Something like that…”

Mom spoke up, “Come on guys, put your dishes in the sink and get going you both need to be on time for the exam.”

We both got up and Faith shouted, “I’m driving!”

I grabbed the keys off türkçe bahis the counter and walked quickly out of the room.

“No, you’re not.”

I walked outside and got into the driver’s seat of our car and started it. Faith got into the passenger seat without saying a word. I was surprised that she didn’t fight me on it. For Christmas last year our parents had bought us a used Honda Civic that we were to share, but being older I used it a lot more than her. Even so, she would always correct me when I referred to it as “my car.” I started driving keeping my eyes on the road and beginning to feel a little bit nauseous.

Faith grinned at me. “We’re still on for our bet right?”

I paused for a moment before answering without looking at her. “I don’t know Faith…”

She immediately responded. “Well I do. A bet is a bet and I plan to collect.”

“But what if I win?”

She turned and looked forward.

“Then I’ll pay up,” she replied before adding, “But you won’t.”

My cock twitched. I felt really uncomfortable and more than a little bit turned on. I turned to look at her “But I’m your brother…”

She stared stubbornly forward. “A bet is a bet.”

– – – – – –

As soon as the test started I stopped being nervous and just got into it. I felt totally focused and tried to remember everything that I had studied. After I had gotten a little bit more than halfway through I started to panic because it seemed a lot easier than it should be and I looked around, glancing quickly at some of the students to my left and right and saw that they were both a page or two behind me. That never happens to me. On some tests I’m even given extra time because of my learning disability. I plowed ahead continuing until I had finished. I looked at the clock and realized I still had a half of an hour to go with the allotted time. I was very anxious and sure that I had messed up somehow. There was no way the test was this easy or that I had finished so fast. I was sure that I had done something wrong. I considered taking the extra time to go back over it and check my answers but when I tried I could barely process the questions because my anxiety was welling up so intensely. I got up and went up to the front of the room and handed the test to the teacher. She accepted it slowly and looked at me warily. She whispered so as not to disturb the other students. “Are you sure you don’t want to check it over again James?” I shook my head and walked quickly out of the classroom and continued walking until I was outside. I stopped and took a deep breath. Everything was spinning. When I had calmed myself down I walked over to the parking lot where Faith was sitting on the hood of our car playing with her phone, waiting for me. She looked up from her phone in surprise.

“That was fast,” was all she said.

“Yea, whatever,” I replied as I unlocked the car and got into the driver’s seat. Faith wordlessly got into the passenger seat and I could feel her pity wafting over from her side of the small car. She watched me. I ignored her and turned the radio up loud as we drove home in silence.

– – – – – –

For the next week we didn’t discuss the test or the results. I don’t know if Faith told our parents about what had happened or if they could just intuitively tell not to ask, but no one questioned me about how the exam went. Exactly one week after the test had been administered we were able to log into our Regent’s accounts and check our scores. Something I was not looking forward to. My mother reminded us of this Saturday morning while I was hanging around in my room playing video games. I was trying to get the most out of the damn thing before I lost it to my little sister. I begrudgingly paused the game and got up and walked downstairs into the kitchen. I knew that mom would want us all to check the grades together with her on the family computer. When I walked into the kitchen, Faith was already sitting down at the computer with my mom hovering over her shoulder as she logged into her account. I plopped down on a chair at the table and watched. All of a sudden Faith let out a whoop and spun around to smile at me.

“Good job honey!” my mom exclaimed to my sister before giving her a big hug. “James, look how well your sister did, aren’t you proud of her?” I got up and looked at the screen. She had scored a 97. Not surprising. I put on a smile and said “Good job sis.”

She gave me a big grin and replied, “Why thank you James, I think I’m in the mood to play some video games.” I couldn’t help but grin back at her sheepishly as she got up.

My mom gestured to the computer chair, “Your turn son.” I dropped myself into the chair and rolled it in before logging into my account. It took a minute for the page to load and I hovered the mouse over the link for MATH REGENTS without clicking it. My mom was staring at me, “Click it James, I’m sure you did fine.” I let out a big sigh and clicked the link. I stared at the screen, so did mom. Neither of us said anything. Finally mom spoke in a very soft voice. “I can’t believe it.” I smiled. So did she and then she enveloped me in a powerful hug that almost threw me off of the chair. “I’m so proud of you! You see what happens when you study hard? Faith look at how well your big brother did!” Faith walked over from the fridge where she was getting güvenilir bahis siteleri a drink and looked at the screen. Her mouth dropped open and I couldn’t help but let my smile grow even bigger. I had scored a 98.

– – – – – –

Mom left the room and Faith and I were left alone. I smiled at her while she just stared at the screen. “I can’t believe it,” she mumbled under her breath. I pinched her arm and said, “Who’s the dummy now fat-ass?” She giggled and swatted me away, “Fuck off!” Her giggle subsided and she looked at me hard, the smile fading from her face. My smile faded too when, at about the same moment, we both realized what this meant. I spoke first.

“Faith, you don’t have to do it…”

“Yes I do,” she replied immediately.

“No, you don’t. It’s ok, you’re my sister and I only even said it as a joke. I just made the bet to get you to leave me alone so I could study. And it worked, so I’m good.”

“James, I have to do it. A bet is a bet.” There she was digging in, being stubborn.

“Besides,” she added “I wasn’t going to let you off if I won so it’s only fair.”

“Sis, you really don’t have to.”

She paused and just looked at me, looking slightly stung. Again I was confused.

“Don’t you want me too?”

“I do! I mean, I don’t… I don’t know, I’m confused. You’re my little sister.”

She frowned. “You don’t think I’m pretty.”

My eyes widened. “Of course I think you’re pretty. You know I do.”

“You just say that because you’re my brother. You have to.”

“No Faith,” I reached out and placed my hand on her cheek “you’re beautiful.”

She beamed. Then her smile faded into a look of defiance. “We’re doing it. A bet is a bet and you can’t make me back out of paying up. Fair is fair and you won.”

I stared at her for a long moment before replying weakly, “OK.”

She turned and walked to the door that leads from the kitchen into the living room before turning back to me and looking up. “Tonight, in your room, after mom and dad go to sleep.” I gulped deeply as my cock twitched. “OK,” I said again, it was all I could manage. She walked out of the room. I watched her leave, her beautiful as swaying as she went. My cock lurched again. I was alone, my thoughts were racing and it was a moment before I realized how hard I was. This would not do. I decided to go and jump into the pool to cool off. I went upstairs to get changed.

– – – – – –

The rest of the day dragged on. It must have been the slowest day of my life. I couldn’t get my mind off of the fact that in just a few hours my cute baby sister would have her soft lips wrapped around my hard cock. As with most Saturdays after dinner all four of us were sitting in the living room watching a movie. I had no idea what was going on in the film and could barely keep my eyes off of Faith. She seemed to notice. While she didn’t look at me I could see a little grin playing on her face when I would stare at her, watching her little breasts rise and fall with her breath. Finally at about 10 my parents both got up and went to bed. Faith and I watched the rest of the movie in silence and when it was over I got up to turn it off and turned around to see Faith watching me. I grinned sheepishly before asking, “So what now?” She looked really nervous and hesitated before replying.

“Go up to your room and get comfortable, I’ll be in in a few minutes. After I’m sure that they’re asleep.” I just nodded and left the room, quickly climbing the stairs to my room. When I closed the door behind me, my heart was racing. I quickly took off my shirt and then my jeans and looked at myself in the full length mirror on the back of my door. I smiled. I’m pretty confident about my body. I’m not spectacularly muscular. I don’t have a six pack or anything like that but I’m in very good shape and my chest is really defined. I pulled my boxers down and looked at my cock which was already harder than I could ever remember it being in my life. I pushed down on it and watched it spring back up. I smiled to myself and turned to the side, examining it. It’s definitely not huge. I had looked up statistics online and knew that at not quite 6.5 inches it was a little over average length but I was happy when I learned that the thickness was about an inch over average. I hadn’t been with enough girls to know for sure what they thought about it but had never gotten any complaints. I was a little bit self-conscious about what Faith would think. I pulled my boxers back on and looked at myself again. ‘Should I be dressed when she comes in?’ I paused for a moment deliberating and decided to put on a pair of pajama pants and leave my chest bare. I sat on the bed. My heart was racing and I was excited. And terrified, which only added to my excitement. After what seemed like forever but was probably only a minute or two there was a soft knock on the door. “Come in,” I said, hearing the shakiness in my voice. The door opened slowly and in walked my little sister. My eyes widened and my jaw dropped. She was only wearing a little t-shirt that she often slept in, which stopped just above her belly button, and black lace panties. Her little body and huge butt looked incredibly sexy and my already painfully hard cock twitched yet again. She didn’t look at me when she walked in and when she turned around to softly close the door behind her I got an eyeful of her huge ass fighting to pop out of those little panties. After closing the door and turning around to slowly look at me she must have noticed the way I was staring at her and she suddenly looked embarrassed.

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