May 17

A Little Fantasy

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The lock snicks back and I push the door open, already your hands are on my ass, squeezing, slipping up the back of my dress to touch bare skin. I smile and reach back to grab your hand, turning as I pull you into the room so you’re pressed against me. I drop my bag on the bed as my own hands reach back to grab your ass, smacking you lightly.

“You’re always a naughty boy.” I wink at you as your hands slide into my hair, pulling me close as your lips touch mine. The kiss is deep and urgent. We haven’t been alone together in so long and I’ve missed having your hands on me. I spin round and give you a shove, you take the hint and lie back on the large bed behind you. I stand at the foot of the bed and slowly pull my dress from my shoulders and let it pool at my feet leaving me standing in nothing but a black bra and a scrap of lace that passes for underwear. I straddle your hips on the bed, your hands reaching for me, cupping my breasts before reaching round to unsnap my bra. I pull it free from my arms and toss it on the floor, my own hands grasping the ends of your t-shirt and pulling it up. You finish taking it off and I lean down to kiss and nibble your chest, my tongue teasing your nipples, tracing a line of kisses up over your neck. My mouth finds yours again as I begin to grind my hips over the roughness of your jeans, the tiny thong covering my pussy giving it no protection against the friction.

Teeth sink into my lip and I moan, spreading my legs wider to press against you as much as possible. In one quick movement you turn us over so I’m lying beneath you, my legs splayed wide. You push against me and I quickly undo your jeans, pushing them and your underwear down your hips so your cock springs free. Your breath catches as I run my tongue over your sensitive head, already feeling the first drops of your precum coating it.

Pushing my thong aside you press your cock against me and I gasp as it brushes my clit, already throbbing before you’ve even touched it. Thrusting your hips softly drags you over me and I arch my hips toward you, already wanting you inside me. Instead you pull back from me and I moan softly with longing.

“Please.” My whisper can barely be heard above our heavy breaths.

This time you straddle me, over my chest and bring your cock to my lips. My tongue flicks out to catch the bead of precum about to drip from you and I feel my pussy contracts at the first taste of you. You lean forward a little so I can wrap my mouth around your tip, sucking gently and swirling my tongue around. Wrapping my hand around the rest of your cock I begin to stroke you firmly, working you harder and faster, my mouth keeping pace.

Fisting your hands in my hair you draw yourself slowly from my mouth. I lift my head to run my tongue over you one last time. You move down my body, kissing and licking here and there. Stopping to suck my nipples into your mouth one at time, grazing your teeth over the sensitive buds. Feather light touches over güvenilir bahis my sides have me writhing on the bed, trying to escape you, I’ve always been so ticklish. You pull off my underwear, throwing it to the floor along with your jeans. Kneeling between my thighs you spread them wide, exposing my glistening pussy to your gaze. You trace your fingers over me, gathering my wetness to rub over my clit.

Without warning you plunge two fingers deep inside me, my hips buck on the bed as I let out a small scream at the sudden intrusion, feeling so full and stretched so unexpectedly. The slight sting of pain only seems to heighten the pleasure as your thumb begins to sweep small circles around my clit. Thrusting my hips back at you, you begin to finger-fuck me hard. Gasps and moans escape my throat, I don’t even try to hide them. Here in an anonymous hotel room I can be as loud as I want, as loud as you can make me be.

It doesn’t take long until I’m cumming, my juices soaking your hand and the bed beneath me. My pussy contracts hard, pulsing over and over again. My hands fist in the pillows above my head as I moan loudly. Finally it becomes too much and I push your hand away from me, needing a moment to rest and recover. I reach for you and bring you to lie next to me, my lips seeking yours, my hand reaching for your cock. I wrap my hand around you, feeling you hot and hard in my palm, it’s one of my favourite things, knowing I cause that kind of reaction in you. I let my fingers stroke you slowly, using your precum as lube to make the movements smooth, paying particular attention to the sensitive underside of your cock.

You grip my thigh and pull me over so I’m straddling you again, directing your cock towards my slick entrance. I let the tip of you slide inside me, even though I’m soaked and desperate to have you in me it’s a tight fit. I sink down slowly. My hands pressing down on your hips to stop you thrusting your entire length into me. Finally you’re inside me as far as possible.

“You always feel so big inside me.” I gasp this out to you, you feel so big inside me I’m not sure I can stand it. If I had taken you before I’m not sure I could’ve stayed there with you pressed inside me as deep as you could go, so deep I could feel the tip of your cock pressed hard against the very end of me. I lean down to kiss you, our tongues flicking together, letting my teeth nip you gently. I give a small thrust of my hips and you moan, gripping them hard, urging me to ride you. I comply, thrusting my hips hard and fast, the way you like me to. Your thumb touches my clit, thrumming it quickly, bringing me close, tipping me over the edge before I even realise I’m at it. I link our fingers and press your hands back to the bed, gripping tightly as I cum, my hips still moving in an uneven rhythm as waves of pleasure wrack my body, causing my pussy to spasm around your cock.

I find myself on my back, you’ve turned us over, your cock still buried in me giving türkçe bahis long, slow, deep thrusts. I wrap my legs around you, bringing my hands down to grip tour ass and pull you deeper into me. Occasionally I give your ass a sharp spank, every one drawing a moan from you. I don’t know who likes a spanking better, me or you but I always love your reaction to it. You draw away from me and I know what you want. I get on my hands and knees, wiggling my ass in the air. Your hand smacks me, leaving a red mark I know you’ll enjoy seeing as you slide inside me. You go slow, you always feel so much bigger from this position and I need to time for my pussy to adjust. Once your entire cock is seated deep inside me you ait, your hands running soothingly down my back and sides as you lean over and kiss me neck. The waiting is for me, the signal is to be mine and I push my hips back hard on you, a cry being forced from my throat.

Bruising force grip my hips as you begin to thrust hard and deep into me over and over, I slip one hand underneath me and play with my clit, occasionally reaching to give your balls a fondle. You push me so my chest is lying flat on the bed and you can thrust as deep as possible. Loud slapping noises fill the room mingling with the pants and gasps forced from me with every thrust you give. I reach over the bed for my discarded bag and turn it upside down. I grasp the bottle of lube and hold it behind me, looking around to give you a smile.

Cold lube touches me as I feel you coat the small pucker of my ass. Pressure lets me know you’re pressing your finger into me. I try to relax and concentrate on the feel of you inside my pussy, thrusting slowly now. I see your hand grab a small toy from the pile of stuff on the bed and I turn to watch you as you push it into my ass. I bite my lip and you stop moving, leaning over to kiss me, waiting again for me to adjust to this extra feeling of fullness. My pussy feels like it grips you tighter, like there’s even less room for you inside my tight channel now. You grip the small plug and begin to move it in and out of my ass in the smallest moments. My hips follow these moments, feeling the toy moving in and out of me at the same time your cock is.

More lube joins what’s already there, the small toy slipping in and out of me easily now. You withdraw your cock from me and the toy from my ass. I grip the sheets in apprehension, waiting to feel the broad head of your cock pressing against my ass. Finally I feel you, slippery with lube pressing against my unused opening. Small movements, back and forth, has you easing into me, my ass accepting you little by little. The head of your cocks pops fully into me and I throw my head back in a scream, the suddenness of it catching me by surprise. This time you don’t wait for me to adjust, just continue to press inside me, the lube making your entry inevitable. Soon your entire cock is in my ass. I can do nothing but stay still, adjusting to your invasion. I’m surprised by how güvenilir bahis siteleri little it hurts, just that full stretched feeling that always accompanies your cock, no matter where it’s filling me.

You begin to move, drawing yourself out of me until only the tip remains before pressing back inside fully. Pulling away from me you draw me up off the bed. One of the hotel room walls has a full length mirror and you sit yourself down in front of it, pulling me down with you so we’re both facing it. I lift up so I’m holding myself over your cock and you steady me as I sink down onto your cock, feeling it filling my ass again. You spread your legs, mine on the outside of yours, forcing them wide so my pussy is exposed to the mirror and both of our gazes. I notice then you’ve brought a toy down onto the floor with us.

It’s a small dildo I bought especially for tonight. Watching you press it into my pussy while your cock fills my ass was something I had thought about for months. You reach around us to press the tip to my opening, still dripping with my juices. It presses inside me and I grip your wrist, forcing you to go slow, stopping you every time another part slides inside me. I watch your face in the mirror as you watch what you’re doing to me, I can feel your cock twitching and know how desperate you are to thrust into me. Slowly the dildo slides to the hilt inside me. I’m past the point of full now. I can see my filled pussy in the mirror, your cock deep in my ass.

Using my hair as a handle you tip me forward onto my knees. You begin to fuck me. There’s no other word for it. Your thrusts are hard and rough inside me, I can feel the toy begin to slip from me and I reach down to press it back inside my pussy.

“Fuck yourself.” Your lips are against my ear as we both watch our reflections in the mirror. I listen to you and begin to move the dildo inside me. My pussy providing plenty of lubrication. I alternate, trying to time my thrusts with yours so my pussy and ass are filled at the same time, knowing how tight it must make my ass around you. Then I try filling my pussy at the same time your cock leaves my ass, ensuring I’m never empty. I can’t think of anything, The only thought in my head is the feel of being doubly fucked. Your thrusts get harder, more out of control. I let go of the toy and brace my hand against the mirror, holding myself still for you, letting you use my ass. I feel you thicken inside me, I know you’re close as I push back onto you, urging you to cum deep in my ass.

Finally you do, gripping my ass tight in your hands and sinking yourself deep and hard inside me. I feel your cum splash inside me, hot and thick. I rise up off my hands and wrap my hands around your neck, your arms come around my waist, clutching at me as you shudder and try to recover from your orgasm. I pull the toy from my dripping throbbing pussy and let it drop on the floor. Your cock slips from my ass, I feel your cum drip from me, joining my own juices in running down my thighs.

Somehow I make it to my feet and walk over to collapse on the bed, waiting for you to join me and slip your arm around me. No words are needed, I know you enjoyed the little fantasy I planned for you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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