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A Memory from College

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I recently ran into some old friends and we got to talking about college, we were doing the standard thing where is this one and that one when someone mentioned Debbie. I had not thought about her in a long time but the memories are shot but sweet.

As I have stated in the past college in the 80’s was heaven. Debbie was in my finite mathematics class. Yeah she had big hair and was tall about 5’8″ so she always wore flats. She wore the stretch leggings a lot with hose under and that was what always caught my eye. She would sit in the row to my left so I always got a good look at her hose covered feet. She would always cross her legs and have her foot on my side dangling her shoe. She had an exquisite arch and a lovely ankle and I had a hard time following my professor because of her. One day she moved and sat behind me and that’s when things changed a bit.

While she was behind me she always had her legs crossed and her right foot would be alongside the chair of my desk. These were the ones that had the seat connected to the top all one piece. All I had to do was glance down and there was her foot, mad she gave me a hard on everyday. Then it happened, I had my left leg back and she whispered to me that her feet were cold, I wondered why she shared this with me then I felt her shoeless hose covered foot sliding up under the leg of my jeans and she placed her foot on my bare leg. Well that answered my question and almost caused me to fill my pants with cum.

“Wow your legs are warm, mind if I keep my foot there?”

“Nope not at all, as long as you need to keep your feet warm help yourself.”

Ok what else was I supposed to say I know it sounded stupid but it worked. From that day on she would keep her feet warm by sliding them up under my pant leg. I would alternate legs depending on which foot she wanted to warm up. One guy noticed and said something about it and she just said that I was nice enough to help her out, he tried to make a big deal out of it but like most women she unleashed her sharp tongue and cut him down. I didn’t get to say a word. Yes her feet were cold I noticed that right off but would never complain. Through talking to her I got to know her more, she had a boyfriend but her was not in school but working and other idle info at the time. Then she asked me to come over her house and we could work on math together. First I made sure the boyfriend wouldn’t get mad then agreed since hell I thought she was pretty and hey I might get to see her feet in hose some more so I agreed to meet her later that day. She gave me directions and told me to be there around 7 p.m.

When I got there I almost shit myself, she had on cut off jean shorts and tan hose with her black flats. Still can’t remember what top she had on. She lived with her dad and he left shortly after meeting me to go work. So we were alone together sitting at her kitchen table. This lasted about and hour and I didn’t learn anything about math.

“Lets go watch some TV.”

We moved to her family room and I sat on the couch, she sat next to me.

“My feet are cold.”

Before I could say anything she moved back o the couch and place her feet on my lap. I grabbed them quickly and held them.

“Your hands are nice and warm, that feels so good.”

I started to rub them and I know she could feel my erection under the back of her leg.

“I know you like my feet and legs I see you staring all the time, that’s why I moved behind you. So I could put them on your legs and tease you. Did it work?”

I was shocked that she said this but replied quickly.

“What do you think, of course I like it and I like this now.”

So we talked about this for a bit and she told me how she started wearing hose while she worked in a restaurant while in high school and just kept doing it after that. She wore them every chance she got. At that point she placed her foot on my erection and smiled at me. She told me that she liked it when someone talked dirty to her so we changed positions and started to kiss, I was rubbing her hose and nibbling on her neck.

“I want to start at your toes and kiss and lick my way up your hosed covered leg, kissing every inch then moving behind your knee bahis firmaları and kissing that spot in the back then slowly working my way to your thighs and to your sweet pussy.”

I could tell she was liking this are her breathing got a little faster and I touched her leg everywhere I mentioned kissing it, she was a great kisser as she started kissing me then the friggen phone rang, I thought I was going to explode and wanted her to let it go. This was before caller id. She answered the phone and mouthed that it was her boyfriend, he wanted to know how our study session was going. She told him fine and they talked a bit. While she was talking she moved her foot back to my crotch and felt my erection through my jeans she smiled and nodded to the floor. I quickly got the hint. I moved to the floor and while she was on the phone with her boyfriend I was kissing her hosed covered feet and rubbing her legs. Man it was fucking great. She placed one foot on my shoulder and I knew what she wanted. I started doing everything I told her and she loved it. When I got to her crotch she still had her shorts on but I could feel the heat from her pussy and smell her, it was a nice musky scent that made me want to lick her pussy so bad. We did this for about 10 minutes; so much so that my tongue was getting a bit sore form licking her hose covered legs and feet. God I needed to cum so bad. She placed one foot on my cock and pressed down, hanging up the phone,

“He is on his way and should be here in about 5 minutes. Sorry I guess we have to call it a night.”

She wanted me to wait and meet her boyfriend so it would seem normal not like I was leaving the scene of the crime. When he got there, I knew him and he was a complete douchbag. We talked a bit then I left, I played with my cock all the way home. The next day in math Debbie informed me that we needed to finish what we started some day and I smiled in total agreement. Until then she teased the shit out of me in class. Every time she put her foot up my pant legs she would press my leg and rub it flexing her toes just teasing me to the brink.

We did get together again going to a wedding reception and we did finish what we started.

For whatever reason he had Debbie’s boyfriend didn’t want to go to the wedding, his loss was my gain. I think at the time they were on rocky ground and he really didn’t like her friends who would be there so he opted to do something else. Oddly enough he was ok with me taking her. Yep the dumbass!

Luckily the wedding was in the spring so all the ladies were in hose. Even though it was the late 80’s you still had the occasional oddball who would go bare legs. I picked Debbie up at her house, Her dad opened the door and I said hello then he let me in to wait for Debbie, she wasn’t quite ready. We made some small talk her dad was pretty cool and seemed to like me. When she came out I was just dumbfounded and even told her how great she looked before her dad could. She had a nice cream-colored floral print dress that came down to mid calf and a blouse and jacket to match with cream 3″ heels and tan hose. With her heels on she was just a few inches shorter than me, we had talked before and she was worried about that. When I assured her that I didn’t care how tall she was and if she wanted to wear heels then that would be great. I told her that I thought she would be sexy in heels and man was I right.

I opened the door for her and watched as she sat then brought her legs in, wow that was just sexy to watch and she knew I was watching. It had been about two weeks I think since our little night together and she had teased the stuffing out of me since then while in class. We had about a 30-minute drive to the reception hall and I took my sweet old time. I drove a two-door coup with reclining seats. The passenger seat was back all the way so she had room to cross her legs. I had a c.b. radio on the floor and it partially blocked my view, friggen thing. Wee talked a bit about the couple getting married and about the night we had together, she asked me questions about why I liked hose and feet, which shocked the shit out of me. You don’t run into a girl who is like that every day but I opened up to her. She told me kaçak iddaa she always knew from the first week of classes and she shifted to give me a better look. She looked so nice sitting there in her skirt and just enough of her foot showing for me to se her hose and her arch. Man was I getting horny.

The reception was nice, there were many people we knew who were shocked to see us together and we assured them we came as friends. They used long banquet tables for seating and we grabbed a seat next to each other and I went for drinks. We talked some more while everyone ate and she would occasionally rub her foot on my leg and grin at me. When the dancing started they dimmed the lights and we all let loose, I couldn’t help but think about her feet in those hose and heels, she kept her shoes on while most didn’t. I was happy about that, as I didn’t feel like cleaning her hose with my tongue later. After a few fast ones a slow song started and I moved to leave, she grabbed my hand and pulled me back. We danced a bit then she moved in closer to me,”Is that for me?”

“Well you caused it so yeah its yours.”

I couldn’t help it I was harder than Chinese arithmetic and she pressed into it. I slid my hand down to her ass and rubbed it as I turned her towards the wall so no one could see. No panties, fucking pay dirt! After the dance we sat, I went for drinks and she sat with some friends. I got about 4 each so I didn’t have to go back for a while. I took the seat across from her, as it was the only one open. I was looking around when I felt her foot on my crotch. She was still talking like nothing was going on. Instantly hard and she smiled a little as she pressed her foot into my cock. I looked down and saw her sheer toed hose and her nails were painted dark pink. I leaned into her and lowered my head a bit trying to catch her foot scent but no luck too many smokers. So for the next 30 minutes I had one hand under the table feeling her sheer hose covered leg while she teased my cock. A couple of times I had to slide back a bit and hold her foot off my cock. She smiled knowing that she almost made me cum in my pants. After that we got up and danced a bit more and talked to some friends, we kept drinking and both had a nice buzz when she said she didn’t feel good and wanted to go home. FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, there went the night. I held the door for her and she got into my car and got in myself.

“Are you mad we left early? I Am sorry about that.”

“Nope I am not mad at all, are you feeling ok?”

“I am now!”

With that she leaned over and kissed me hard pressing me back into my seat. My hands were all over her but made a beeline for her skirt hem. I slid my hand up her leg slowly feeling her hose and I nibbled on her neck. Remembering what she said before I started talking to her about what I wanted to do to her.

“I want to start at your toes and kiss and suck each one through your hose then work my way along your arch to your ankle twirling my tongue around your ankle bone then make my way along your Achilles up the back of your calf taking my time enjoying your hose covered legs slowly making my way to your sweet pussy.”

“OK, start the car lets go take me home.”

I was dazed a bit and had to get my composure,

“ok dumb question, your not sick are you?”

“Nope just really horny, teasing you has gotten me hot as well.” She laughed.

We still had a 30-minute drive and I was ready to speed.

“Slow down, my dad works tonight and he will be gone in about 45 minutes.”

She leaned back and turned placing her shoeless feet on my lap. Giggling she would place one on the side of my face and slide it around,”smell my feet.”

Like a little kid but she knew it turned me on and man they smelled great. Not too strong but warm and musky with a little sweat from a night of dancing. I took her foot and held it to my nose breathing her scent and I licked her foot.

“You are going to get a chance for that later.”

She took her feet and placed them back in her shoes. Shit she was killing me and she knew it. I was going to fuck the hell out of her!

We arrived and dad was gone, once we got into her house I guided her to the big armchair kaçak bahis and knelt on the floor. I buried my head under her skirt and pressed my face into her hose covered pussy, god she was soaked and it smelled great. I pressed my nose hard into her clit and she grabbed my head and pulled me tighter.

“God let me get my hose off I want to feel your tongue on my pussy.”

That was all I needed to hear, I bit right through her hose and tore a hole. Her cotton gusset was soaked and ripped nice and easy exposing her pussy to me. She pulled her skirt up and looked at me,

“Hey you owe me a pair of hose!”

Once I was back licking her pussy she quickly changed her tune. Her pussy was soaked and she had the biggest clit I had ever seen. I sucked on it hard and flicked it with my tongue and every time I did she would squirm. Her pussy was neatly trimmed but outlined with hair,”remember this was the 80’s not everyone shaved” She was rubbing my cock through my pants with the top of her foot but she was having trouble as I licked her. Without warning she grabbed my head pulling me tight, I knew what was about to happen and I took her clit and sucked hard. I thought she was going to pull my hair out. Her juices flowed and I drank as much as I could, she didn’t squirt but there was a nice about of cum. When the last tremor ended she pushed me back the placed a foot on my chest digging her heel into me a bit and pushed me all the way to my back.

“Stand up I want to watch you undress.”

That was a first but hell I did it as fast as I could, I was in my 20’s so I was in shape.

“Lay on the floor”

She stood over me and slowly walked up my body looking down smiling. She teased my cock with the toe of her shoe a bit then placed both feet on the floor and started to pull her skirt off. Once that was done she stood there over me in nothing but heels her blouse and hose, so fucking hot. She dropped onto my cock rubbing back and forth, I could feel her pussy lips then her hose every time she did this then reached down and grabbed my cock and guided it into her pussy. She just sat there and I could feel her flexing her muscles on my cock. Holy shit that was great. I hoped the alcohol did its magic and gave me some endurance as I was so wound up I was afraid I would cum before we started.

Slowly she moved back and forth on my cock as my hands ran along her hose covered thighs all the way to her feet.

“Talk to me.”

“I love the way your pussy feels and how you teased my cock all night with you hose and your feet. You taste so good I want to lick you pussy all the time”

This was working she was moving faster, I reached down and placed my thumb on her clit every time she rocked foreword. That was working well and soon I was getting that old feeling. I told her she was going to make me cum, I wanted to warn her since I wasn’t wearing a rubber.

“Come on I want you to cum inside me.”

With that she took off her shoe and held it over my nose.

“Smell my shoe, I want to feel your cum inside me.”

Well that did it; I exploded inside her for what felt like the most intense orgasm of my life so far. With the first spasm she came again and dug her nails into my side pulling onto me for all she was worth. When her orgasm subsided and we both stopped trembling she lay on me with my cock still inside her. I cold feel it softening and my cum running out.

“Wow that was great I have never cum like that before.”

“I wish I could have lasted longer for you but you teased the shit out of me all night.”

She got up and started to take her hose off, my cum started to run down her leg and she used her hose to wipe it up. Then she turned to me lying there and did the same with her hose. Needless to say if you have ever felt hose that is soaked with cum you know what that did to my cock.

“Hey he’s back, looks like we get to play some more. Lets head to my room.”

I wish I could say she put more hose back on but she didn’t but we did fuck most of the night. I left about 5 a.m. Man I was tired and my dick was sore but it was worth it. She was supposed to meet her boyfriend for lunch the next day and I chuckled to myself on the way home, man if he only knew.

We continued to study together and always talked about hose and feet ending the study sessions.

I have not seen her in years and I wonder if she stills wear hose as much. Hope so.

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