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A MESSENGER’S LIFE part 1It’s me Ryan, 20 yr. old part time messenger guy. EYE COLOR: GREENHAIR COLOR: BLONDE, shortHEIGHT: 180cmBODY TYPE: ATHLETICI am an independent working student living in an apartment very far from my parents. My brother and sister both 1 yr. old since they are twins will be going to school once they grow up soon, so I have to strive harder to be able to help my parents and my siblings once I graduated and get a stable job.Mondays to Fridays 8:00am – 4:00pm, I’m at school, Saturdays I stayed in my apartment, well I don’t go out much and have less friends too and by Sundays I go to the office where I work to get everything that I have to deliver to the houses I am assigned. I work 9:00am – 5:00pm, once I finished delivering the mails, I go back to the office and stay there to help my boss. I was designated to five houses, one of which is a big house with a gate. If I don’t have classes sometimes I go to work, or visit my parent’s house.It has been just months that I have worked as a messenger and I have been enjoying it as days goes on. Two of which houses belongs to the high-class levels. Big gates, magnificent swimming pools, alluring gardens and nicely-built houses can be seen in their ground.The biggest of which is the house of the Wells. A working mom and dad, with a handsome son living in that luxurious habitat is such an interesting scenario to unravel. Mostly, when I ring their bell, I get to talk to Mr. Wells and in a few times with Mrs. Wells. I never get a chance to talk to their son but I always get a glimpse of him inside their house or sometimes when he goes to swim in the pool. He looks cute and sweet.My usual routine goes the same way until came that one Sunday that I get a chance to see the son of the Wells at close as he was the one who opened the gate. However, our first meeting was kind of awkward and I can feel from him as relaxbet güvenilirmi well that he felt alike. He doesn’t seem to notice my entire look as he was shy with what happen. My eyes grew big seeing his boner. His cock was erect! I can sense from his voice he felt unusual as his voice trembles when he said thank you. So he just took the mail from my hand, smiled and closed the gate.I felt small with the way I reacted, yet I enjoyed our first meeting. After that instance I have been so excited to deliver the mails. But then I haven’t seen him long enough, since it had been Mr. Wells who takes the mails. Summer was about to end, then last Sunday for summer, I was amused to see a different handsome sexy man opened the gate from the Well’s house. He seems so friendly and funny.“Hey, good morning, nice to see you, my name is Mike, I’m Kevin’s cousin, the one who talked to you the last time?” sexy man introduced himself.“hmm, hi, I’m Ryan, I came to bring the mails for Mr. Wells.” I replied.He seems so cheerful talking to me, and was so inviting. :)“So, you talked to Kevin right?” Mike asked.“ahhh? No. I just have to drop this mail today, the same way. I have to go now, thanks” me trying to say.“hey, wait, do you still have mails to deliver? I can see you don’t have anything left in your bag right? Why won’t you stay for a while, it’s still early so I’m sure you still have time.” Mike wanted me to stay.I was sort of hesitant at that point and not so sure what to say, but then, yeah he was right, it’s so early yet, and anyways I have finished my delivery, maybe I could stay for a while.“hmm, oh okay sure” I decided.“cool, let’s get inside then..” Mike said happily.Mike led me through a chair to sit. He looks so hot and tempting. He’s so nice and comforting. We were just there talking about the usual things like most common strangers do. relaxbet yeni giriş I wonder if his cousin was here. As our conversation goes long, Mike just initiated the sex topic. He shared to me the stories of his vacation here and having sex with his cousin Kevin. As we went further, the atmosphere seems to heat up then I started stripping him and suck his cock. He went to undress me too, suck my cock, fuck me hard until we cum. Then Kevin walks towards us already naked, with his hard cock dripping precum. He started another action and we started fucking again.After that I wave goodbye with joy, and went back to the office. I never expected it to happen. I still feel his hot cock inside me, their sweet kisses and smooth bodies against me.I came to report back to my boss that I finished my delivery, it was still 10am when i arrived. Today was the fastest day that I had delivered the mails so my boss was surprised to see me.My boss was sitting on his usual chair ignoring the piles of paper works in front of him as he stares at his laptop. His name is Kurt Bryans. He just wants his employees to call him Kurt. He is a very handsome man and young looking at his age. Nice posture and smooth face at the age of 27. Somehow I sometimes had a feeling of liking him but I find it way too awful to like older men, I just like men around my age, so most of the time I tried to convince myself that I shouldn’t like him.Since I was too early, Kurt asked me if I could deliver the other mails since one of his messengers did not report. Since I’ve got nothing to do more, I did deliver the mails and reported back to Kurt by 4:45pm and then he let me go home.On my way home, I bought some fruits along the street. I settled everything in the fridge, put my bag down on the chair and then I went to take a shower. As I was slowly undressing myself, I just remembered relaxbet giriş what happened earlier that morning. It was just a joy to reminisce. By just thinking about it, my body went to heat up, so I started rubbing my nipples and biting my lips.“hmmmm,,, slllllrrrrp,,,” thinking about Mike’s cock while I’m sucking it.I keep on rubbing myself until my nipples harden, then went down to feel my stomach. After that, I went to squeeze my butt.“yeahhhhh,,,, mmmmm” me moaning.I fingered my ass imagining it was Mike’s cock inside my ass again.. slowly pushing it in.“ahhhhhhh,,,,,,,” still moaning.As I keep on pushing my right middle finger in, I also rubbed my nips, using my left hand to feel more pleasure.“hmmmmm,,, haaaaaa,,,,, hmmmm…” I just can’t stop moaning.Tracing my body way down until I reach my soft cock. I went to touch it sensually. I take my time before making it hard. Imagining Mike licking it, it brings chills to my body.“ahhhhhh,,,, ahhhh,,, ahhhh…” I keep moaning and moaning.Now, I can sense the blood running through veins of my tool, and it looks like blowing air to the muscles of my dick as it eventually stood erect. I went to stroke it slowly.“hhhhhhhhhhuummmmm, hmmmmmmm” massaging my cock softly.While directing my hands to play with my balls and massage it sexily, I can feel pre-cum peering through my dickhead. I went to pinch it and brought it to my tongue as it tasted sweet.“slllllllllrrrrrrrp” loving the taste of my precum.As I keep on thinking about what happen earlier today, I went to stroke my cock harder and harder… all the fucking experience I had with those two handsome men was such an inspiration for me to feel horny. Mike and Kevin was such a gem.“ah,,,,,, ah,,,,,,ah,,,,ah,,,” jerking faster.I felt electricity creeping in my whole body as if reminding me that I am about to cum.. so I went to jerk harder,,“hmmm,,, yeahhh… ahhhhh” groaning louder..Tracing my cock up and down hardly, I shoot out my cum straight to the wall….. A very sticky cum sliding down the floor.”whooaah” sighing as if a sign of relief.Then, I went to finish shower…I prepared my things for school tomorrow and went to sleep………………………….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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