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A Mother and Son Ch. 02

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It’s late one night and I am getting ready for bed when I hear you knock on my bedroom door. My heart jumps, I am completely naked and I’m hoping that when you see me, you will want to make love to me again. It’s been almost a week since we’ve been together and I am getting incredibly horny. “C’mon in, Mom,” I call out.

You open the door and stop and look me over for a minute. You’re wearing your silk robe and you hair is still wet from your shower. You smile at me, clear your throat and begin to speak, “Baby, can I talk to you for a little while?”

“Sure Mom, sit down,” I say as I sit down on the bed.

You sit next to me, place your hand on my thigh and say, “Baby, you’re going off to college tomorrow and I really wanted to give you something to remember me by.”

“What’s that Mom?” I ask.

Without saying a word you move closer to me and start kissing me very deeply. You push me back on to the bed and you lay down on top of me as you continue to kiss me. You slowly remove your robe and I can feel your naked body pressed hard against my naked body. After a few moments you take your lips from mine. I’m about to protest but then I feel your mouth against my neck.

You kiss my neck gently over and over causing me to let out little moans. You work your way slowly down my neck to my chest. You cover every inch of my chest avoiding my nipples, driving me out of my mind. Finally you open your mouth and take one of my nipples between your lips. You suck on my nipple and then slowly let it slip out between your lips causing chills to run from my nipples to my aching cock. You do this again and again, alternating nipples until I can’t take any more and begin to push down on your shoulders.

I feel your breasts rub against me as you kiss your way down my body. When you reach my stomach you slide off the bed, down on to your knees on the floor. You cover my stomach with kisses and then my thighs, avoiding my cock. I moan in frustration, moving to get my cock closer to your mouth. Finally you start to kiss your way up the length of my shaft.

You swirl your tongue all over the head of my cock and then run your tongue up and down my shaft. You run your tongue all over my scrotum and then take my balls into your mouth one at a time to suck on them gently. I push myself up on to my elbows so I can watch you. As you continue to suck and tease my testicles with your tongue you start to stroke my cock with one hand and finger your dripping pussy with your other hand. You take your hand away from your pussy and you slip one finger deep inside my ass. I drop back down to the bed and cry out from the pain and pleasure of your finger invading me.

Quickly you take my cock into your mouth and the sensation drives me wild. I can’t stop myself as I start to thrust into your mouth. I push myself into your mouth again and again as you slip another finger into my tight ass. You reach up with your free hand and pinch one of my nipples hard. I growl and push myself off the bed. You pull your mouth off of my cock just in time to watch me spray my cum all over myself. The first shot lands on my neck as the rest coats my chest and stomach. I shoot so much cum that I’m almost completely covered with my juice.

I collapse back down on to the bed and you get up and leave the room. I watch your gorgeous ass as you walk away. After a few moments you come back with a towel. You lovingly wipe away my cum as you cover me with kisses. When you’re done you ask, “Is that better Baby? Mommy’s little baby is all clean now.”

I don’t answer, I just grab you and kiss you deeply. Your tongue enters my mouth as you grind your body against me. I can feel my cock beginning to stir again as your rub your pussy against it. You push your body up mine and güvenilir bahis command me, “Suck on Mommy’s tits, Baby!”

I push myself up onto my elbows and hungrily take one of your nipples into my mouth. I suck hard on your breasts like I’m trying to feed off of you. You grab my hair and shout out, “Yes Baby, yes!”

I suck harder and begin to tease your nipples with my tongue. You moan loudly and push your breast into my face. I feel almost like I’m going to suffocate but I’m too turned on to care as I suck with everything I’ve got. You pull your nipple from my mouth and push your other breast into my face. I suck and tease your other nipple until it becomes too sensitive and you pull that one from my mouth too.

“Yes, Baby! That was so good, you’ve made Mommy so wet! Do you want to taste Mommy’s pussy?” you ask.

“Oh yes Mommy, I want to taste your wet pussy,” I answer.

“Good Baby, because Mommy wants to sit on her little angels face!” you exclaim.

You push yourself up my body as I cover your stomach with kisses. Finally you kneel over my face. You weren’t kidding, your pussy is actually dripping your wetness. I’ve never seen you this turned on before. You slowly lower your self down and I stick out my tongue to taste you. I slip my tongue as deep inside you as it will go. You moan and start to slide up and down my tongue like it’s a cock. After a few strokes you push yourself back down and twist your hips a little so that my tongue rubs against your clitoris.

I start to lick your clitoris madly, like an animal. You moan and cry out as you reach down and grab my hair. You push down onto my face making me take your clit into my mouth. I start to suck on your clit making it grow even harder. “Yes Baby, suck on Mommy’s clit! Suck it hard!” you scream.

I suck as hard as I can on your clit as I feel your wetness cover my chin. I hold your clit between my lips as I start to flutter my tongue over it. This always pushes you over the edge and this time is no different. You scream loudly as your body begins to shake uncontrollably. I feel more and more wetness running all over my face. You push your mound hard into my nose. I can barely breathe but I keep licking and sucking until your body goes weak. Your hands drop down to the bed just over my head and you go down on all fours lifting your pussy a little away from me. I use this opportunity to lick your wetness from your vagina and then from your lips and thighs.

You drop down to the bed next to me and lay on your side. You run your fingers through my hair as you stare at my with half-closed eyes. “That was wonderful Baby. Mommy got so excited she thought her heart was going to stop,” you say.

I slowly caress your thigh and hip as you recover from your orgasm. “Mmmmm…that feels good Baby. You have such a gentle and loving touch,” you whisper.

You roll over on to your stomach and I start to rub your back. You moan as my hand presses into the small of your back. I get up and kneel over you, my semi-hard cock pressed against your buttocks. I start at your shoulders and begin to massage your back. I’ve been giving you back massages for years, but only recently like this. As I continue to rub your back I start to get excited. I rub my penis between your buttocks. From your moans, I can tell you’re enjoying it as much as I am.

Every time my cock head rubs against your anus you moan louder, so I start to push the head against your opening. Without any lubricant I know I’m in no danger of pushing inside you but the pressure against your anus drives you nuts. Over and over I rub my cock against your anus and press against it, until without realizing it, I’ve stopped rubbing your back. Neither of us really seems to care and I reach down to spread your türkçe bahis buttocks open. I continue to rub my cock against your ass until I feel it start to throb. I know if I continue I’m going to cum and I don’t want that yet.

I slide down your body, still holding you open. I bury my face down in to your ass as I start to lick your anus. You squeal in delight as I tease your ass with my tongue. Your squeals turn to deep moans as I push my tongue inside your ass. As I start to tongue fuck your ass, you cry out, “Yes Baby, yes! Stick that long tongue of yours up inside my ass!”

I keep pushing my tongue inside you as you push your body up to meet my thrusts. You get up on all fours and keep pushing back against me, taking even more of my tongue inside you. “Put your cock in my ass Baby, now!” you command.

I reach over into my nightstand and pull out one of your tubes of lubricant. You grab my cock pulling me to your mouth. You start to greedily suck my cock, covering it with your saliva as I lube up two of my fingers and pushing them into your ass. I finger your ass as your head bobs up and down my cock. I pull my cock from your mouth as you let out a little whimper, and then I move behind you again.

I press my cock against your anus and you push back to meet it. The head of my cock easily slips into you. We’ve been doing this so much that your ass easily accepts me with very little pressure. You keep pushing back until every inch of my cock is stuffed into your ass. Then you slowly start to slide back forward before ramming back against me. Usually I like to do the thrusting, but your so turned on I let you take over. You ride my cock slowly sliding up it and then pushing back hard making your ass slap against my abdomen and thighs.

You push back hard against me making me fall back in to a sitting position. You fall back on top of me and sit in my lap. You push yourself up and down on my cock. You tilt your head back and kiss me, pushing your tongue into my mouth. You break the kiss and whisper into my ear, “Cum in my ass Baby…I want to feel my son’s hot cum deep inside my ass!”

I grab your hips and start thrusting inside you. It only takes a few thrust and I explode deep inside you. You moan loudly as my cum burns inside you. When I’m completely spent I fall back on to the bed and you ride me until I go completely soft.

You turn and smile at me as you rise up until my cock comes out of you with a popping sound. You crawl up my body and kiss me gently and then smile again. “Do you know what Mommy is going to do now? Since you fucked Mommy’s ass, Mommy is going to fuck your ass. Would you like that Baby?” you ask.

Thinking your going to use another vibrator on me again like you usually do I nod in agreement. “Say it!” you demand.

“Yes Mommy, I want you to fuck my ass,” I meekly say.

“Good Baby. Like I said, this is going to be a night to remember,” you say as you get up and leave the room.

I squirt some lube on to my fingers and push two of them into my ass. I finger myself to get my ass loose for you, finally pushing a third and fourth finger inside my aching hole. I’m so lost in the pleasure I almost slip into a trance, having no idea how much time has passed. I hear you call my name and I open my eyes and look towards the doorway. At first I think I’m dreaming as I see you wearing a harness and strap-on dildo. Then I realize what you have in mind and I start to panic. “Mom, I’m not so sure about this…” I say frightened.

You stop me and say, “Shhhh Baby, it’s ok, you know Mommy would never hurt you. You’re going to love this. See? The dildo is actually smaller than the vibrators I’ve used on you. It’s going to feel really, really good Baby.”

You move over to the bed and between my güvenilir bahis siteleri legs. You’re right, it is smaller than the vibes but I’m still not sure. Before I have any time to think about it you lift one of my legs and push the tube of lubricant into my ass. I tell you that I’ve already got myself ready for you but you explain that the more lubricant you use the better this will feel. You squeeze and I feel a large amount of the cold gel fill me. It makes me cry out and my nipples get rock hard. You’ve filled me with so much that I can feel the lube leaking out of my anus and down the cheeks of my ass. You pull the tube from me and squeeze some into your hand.

You wrap your hand around your fake cock and start to slowly stroke it. You shut your eyes and start to moan just like a guy masturbating. I know it’s wrong but I start getting really turned on watching you stroke the dildo, your breasts swaying with each stroke. You slowly open your eyes and look at me with a complete look of lust.

You slide a large pillow under my hips and then set my legs on your shoulders. You press the head of the dildo against my asshole. I close my eyes and you push it inside me. Strangely, there’s no pain, the dildo is kind of rubbery, like a real cock and it slips inside me easily. You continue to push until it is completely buried inside me, and then you pull back and push back in again. I enjoy the sensation for a while before opening my eyes to look at you. You stare into my eyes as you push in and out of me. I watch your breasts rock with each thrust inside me.

I push myself up so I can watch the dildo slide in and out of me. You lean in and kiss me deeply. My knees are pressed against my chest letting you go even deeper inside me. You seem to have touched a very sensitive place inside my ass and I start to moan loudly every time I feel the dildo rub against it. You back up a little bit so I can be more comfortable but the dildo still keeps hitting that spot.

You reach down and take my cock into your hand. You start to gently squeeze it and I feel my cock start to grow. When it’s hard enough you start to stroke it. It still has some lubricant on it and your hand slides smoothly up and down my shaft. When I’m rock hard again you continue to fuck me for a few moments, then you pull out of me.

I pull my legs off of your shoulders as you pull the pillow out from under me. You climb on top of me and position your pussy above my cock. You take me in your hand again and then slowly lower yourself down. I slip inside of you and you slide all the way down until your sitting on me. I look down and realize you still have on the strap-on. It looks strange, you riding my cock while your fake cock bounces up and down.

As you slide up my cock I reach between your legs to rub your clitoris. You moan loudly as you reach down to pull and twist my nipples. I feel jolts of excitement running from my nipples to my cock. “Stroke my cock, Baby!” you demand.

It seems strange, but I’m too turned on right now to say no. I wrap my hand around your dildo and start to stroke it like it’s my own cock. You moan loudly as if the cock was actually yours. You start pushing down even harder on my cock. It doesn’t take long until I feel that familiar tenseness growing down below. I push harder and harder up into you, and you cry out with each thrust. I push up one last time, my hips coming off the bed as I fire my cum up and inside you. When you feel my hot cum slash against your walls you scream out. You pussy tightens against my cock and you push me back down on to the bed trying to take more of me into you. You scream as your orgasm rocks your body and I ejaculate shot after shot deep inside of you.

You collapse on top of me, your hips still bucking involuntarily. I wrap my arms around you and gently kiss your cheeks. After a few moments we both fall asleep, my cock still inside you, your dildo pressed against my stomach. No Mom, I don’t think I’ll ever forget you…

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