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A Mothers Love For Her Son

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All individuals in this story are over 18 at the time of the occurrence of this fantasy.

I had just broken up with a long time girlfriend, my Mother invited me to move back in with her until I got back on my feet financially and emotionally. As my Mom was living alone, she had her routines. She had gotten used to only taking care of herself and when I moved back home, it was if she was happy to have me home just so she would have someone to take care of.

I swear my Mom must have turned into a nudist, cause I must have seen her naked more than I saw her clothed. Well, she babied me with hugs and kisses, washing my back in the tub, and cuddling on the couch while we watched all sorts of TV shows.

Remember, I guess I was somewhat over stimulated by always being in the presence of such heavenly naked body over time, I couldn’t help but lust after my Mom, and enjoyed her nakedness, her frank open minded approach to sex and life between adults.

After about a week of being home with this open life style, I began to get very horny and started to fantasize about making love to my Mother. Every time I saw her naked or in her see through night gown, I would get that feeling. It made for a good jerk off session.

Well about two weeks into my return, she had gone out to visit with some friends and it was late evening when she returned. I was already in bed reading a book when she came home, My bed faced the door looking out into the hallway, The bathroom was in that hallway.

She came into the hallway and saw me reading and told me she was going into the bathroom to take a bath and she would come and see me in a few. I started to think of her getting undressed and washing her body just a short distance from my bed, it excited me, my cock started to get hard. I remember thinking, no trying to will her to come to my room naked from her bath.

I guess it must have worked, as when she came out of the bathroom, she was naked and came right into my room, stood by the bed and began to tell me how her visit went. She stood close enough that I could have touched her. My cock was really enjoying the view, as I had a transfer of my brain to the head of my dick. I remember to this day how good she smelled after her bath. The image of her naked next to my bed is permanently burned into my other brain.

So far, I have not told you what my mother looked like, so to let you know to help you with your mental visualization, let me describe her to you.

She was then in her late 50’s and had had 5 children. But she was one of these women that was able to retain a good figure over the years. She was about 5’5″ tall, thin woman, I would guess she weighed about 110 to 120 pounds. Very light brown hair worn down to about shoulder length, she wore glasses and had a face that reminded me of those beauties from the 20’s and 30’s.

He breast were not huge, just very visually nice sized, they did not hang flat but still retained a nice round shape. He nipples were dark brown and large as my index finger, the aureoles were dark and about the size of fifty cent piece. He stomach was not flat but had a slight bulge, with some faded stretch marks. He pussy was covered with a thin layer of very light brown hair, and was perfectly formed in a triangle leading down to cover her entire sex. Legs to match the rest of her body. She was a pretty woman.

Eventually she sat on the side of the bed as we continued to talk about her day and mine. As she sat down, her weight pulled the covers tight across my body. My hard cock was pushing up on the blanket. I had plenty of time to look at her nakedness and cock just had a mind of it’s own and would not go down. I know she saw it, she would have had to be blind not to, as I was on my back, naked, propped up by some pillows so I could read, even covered by a blanket it was apparent I was hard.

She then stood up and said “Scoot over, I am getting cold.” I scooted over and she lifted the blanket and climbed into bed with me. güvenilir bahis This isn’t the first time we were in bed together, as over the years she has climbed into bed with me many times, except she and I were never naked like this time.

She scooted over to me on her side and put her right arm under my pillow and began to tell me, “Mmm, that’s much better, you are nice and warm.” Then she laid her left hand on my stomach and lifted her left leg over mine, I could feel her pussy pushing up against my leg and we just laid there for a moment. I did not dare move, course I didn’t want to any way.

I can tell you that the touch of her hand and leg on my naked body, was electric, the context of her being naked, snuggling up against my naked body, feeling her breast against my side, her hand on me and her pussy tight against my leg, her body was practically molded to mine, this was nothing like just hanging out without clothes as we have done many times before.

Who was I to argue with the situation I now found myself in, wasn’t it me that was lusting after her in my mind, wasn’t I the horny one? I was soon to find out just how much my Mother loved me and wanted me to feel good, she was about to take care of her little boy, in a way only a Mother can, even though it was not a way in which most Mother’s would sooth their sons, but for her it was like it was perfectly normal.

She looked me in the eyes and said, “I know you are lonely, I have seen how you look at me lately, and I can see that your mind and body is reacting to my nakedness!” With that she slid her hand down my stomach and put her hand around my cock, I couldn’t help but make a sharp intake of my breath, my Mom just took my cock into her hand.

She then said, “I can take care of this for you, if you want me to!”

“Really?” I said.

She then went on to tell me that she is willing to help me with my “Problem”, all I had to do was ask.

I was shocked, dreams can come true, I know I fantasized about doing this, but up to that point it had just been that, a fantasy.

Well, after a moment of hesitation, I asked, “Would you really make love with me? You are my Mother and things don’t usually happen this way!”

She told me, “Yes, I am your Mother, you are my Son, but you are also a man and I am a woman!” She went on to tell me that she didn’t want me to go out to find sexual satisfaction in bars and one night stands, and, “Certainly not with that crazy redhead down the street.”

“I will take care of you until you find a nice girlfriend, and once you start having sex with her, I will stop making love to you!”

“What if it takes a long time for me to find the perfect girl?” I asked.

“What ever it takes.” She said, “I just want you to be happy!”

Well it was now or never, I turned on my side facing her and tentatively touched my lips to hers, and like a spark, that lights a wild fire, that first tender kiss turned into a hot passionate kiss, between two lovers, our tongues exploring each others mouths, my hands wandering all over body, hers doing the same to me.

Taking her breast in my hands, tweaking her nipples, sliding my hand down her stomach to find her sex, caressing with my hands every square inch of her body, exploring her pussy with my finger, finding her clit, watching her jump as I touched it, taking one of her nipples into my mouth, sucking it, nibbling it as I slide one of my fingers into her pussy hole. My Mom had a plus that not many older women have, she could still produce milk! Don’t know how or why, it just was, I knew this, as one day, maybe a year ago, she discovered she still could squeeze milk from her nipples and she showed me.

As I sucked on her nipples, the milk began to flow, not in copious amounts, but in an adequate flow that did nothing but add to the erotic nature of fucking my Mother. Later in the following days and months, she would let me nurse on her tits when ever the mood stuck me, her flow naturally increased and türkçe bahis she really liked the notion of me being her little baby again, and naturally her breast did gain some size and her beautiful nipples did get bigger as they began producing more milk.

Well, we just continued to please each others bodies and I love to eat pussy so I slide down to take her pussy in my mouth, she put her hand on my head as if to stop me and said, “You don’t have to do that!”

I looked up into her eyes and said, “I want to, Mom, I want to please you so much!” She just looked at me and as I returned to kissing and licking her pussy, she laid her head back and just sighed, “OK”

I was in heaven, her pussy was so sweet, and her juices were flowing as I put my tongue in her hole. Her breathing became faster and shallower, as I moved higher and started to pull her clit into my mouth, touching and caressing her clit with my tongue, her legs began to squeeze my head and shake, her hips began to move in a fucking motion, she started moaning and all of a sudden, she tensed up and let out a low growling moan, then all of a sudden she started saying, “Yes, yes, yes.” over and over again and she let out a loud moan and she came. God I love that sound, and coming from my Mom, I nearly came my self, it was soooo erotic, so taboo, so…I cant find the words to describe what I felt when I made made my Mother cum. I felt so proud, almost like I was a little boy, showing off for Mom, my Mother just came on my tongue.

After a moment while watching her come down from the effects of her orgasm, I moved up beside her and just held her to me. I then looked into her eyes and asked,”Did you like that?”

She replied, “Yes, I have not done that for such a long time, I have done myself, but it never felt like that!”

I asked her if she would like for me to eat her again, and she said,”No more tonight, but I will expect you to please me with your tongue as much as you can stand!”

She then looked me in the eyes and said, “Now it’s my turn!” I could not believe my Mom was going to suck my cock, but as she slide down in the bed and placed her mouth on the tip of my cock, then she slid it inside and began to caress it with her tongue while hold it in her mouth, she took one of her hands and began to kneed my balls as she started to fuck my cock with her mouth. I looked down to watch her, it was a sight I never in my wildest dreams imagined I would see. My Mom was giving me a blow job from hell.

I watched as her head bobbed up and down, I could see her cheeks caving in from the suction, God, she was making me feel better than anyone has ever done. The truth be know, no woman has ever made me cum with their mouth. I guess a combination of my high state of arousal, the fact it was my Mother, the erotic nature of incest and just plain fact she was making me feel so good, I felt that exquisite feeling as my cum began to rise from my balls, I told her, “Mom, I am going to cum!”

She just continued to suck me, maybe in a more earnest nature, but as I erupted in her mouth, I had a hard time just staying conscious, it was a feeling I had never experienced before, and it was my Mom who had done it for me. I know it felt like I was cumming so hard it was like I was being turned inside out. Mom continued to suck and didn’t miss a beat as she consumed what seemed like every drop of sperm in my body.

The feeling seemed to last an eternity, but all to soon, it was over. As I looked down she finally withdrew from my cock, want to guess what she said?……”Yummy!” That floored me!

She slithered up my body and cuddled to me, planting kisses on my face, my lips and then she whispered in my ear, “Does my baby feel better?”

What could I say, but “Yes.” Shortly I told her she was the first woman to make me cum with her mouth, she looked at me and said, “Really?” I affirmed the fact and told her that I was so happy it had been her. She just smiled and then licked her lips while having a big grin güvenilir bahis siteleri on her face. Man my Mom looked so hot, so beautiful…words cannot describe what a sight she was for me.

I nearly fell asleep, but she shook me and said to me, “Don’t you dare fall asleep, I am going to get my pussy filled with your sperm tonight so you better get you cock hard so I can climb up on top of you and ride you like you have never been ridden before!”

After the blow job my Mom gave me, I didn’t think I would be able to ever get hard again, but she started to caress my cock with her hand, whispering naughty things in my ear, I started to return the caresses she was giving me and soon my cock was up and ready again, Ahhh, to be young again!

Finally she was satisfied with the hardness of my cock, she rose up and straddled my waist and positioned my cock between her pussy lips and leaned forward and began to rub up and down on my cock, soon she looked me straight in the eyes and said, “Ready to fuck your Mother, is this what you have been fantasizing about?” I just nodded.

She raised her hips up slightly and slide forward and all of a sudden I was being slide into her pussy, I can’t say she was tight, or loose, but just right as she continued to engulf my cock until she had me completely in her. After a moment of sublime feelings of being inside of my Mothers pussy, she slowly but deliberately began to slide up and down my cock, I was feeling the most erotic sensations, my mind was going wild with thoughts o f me finally fucking my Mother, how bad we were being, I then began to be filled with the thought it felt so right, so where I belonged.

She began to rock back and forth, gaining momentum, I reached up and gripped her tits, tweaking her nipples. I could feel her clit getting harder and rubbing against me, soon she was right, she was riding me with such speed, it was like she was in a wanton frenzy, all of a sudden she quite, and with a shudder, tipped her head back and she howled, I mean really she did, and she came. She continued to shake, her pussy was gripping me like a vise, then I began to feel her pussy muscles pulling me deeper into her, sort of like a griping milking feeling, this was like nothing I had ever felt before.

Soon she resumed sliding up and down on my cock, this time it as more in a loving, comfortable pace as she caressed my cock with her pussy. In a short time I could not, didn’t want too, couldn’t help myself, but I simply said to her, “I am going to come.” Her pussy than began to act differently, as she slide down, it was loose, then on the up stroke, it was squeezing me. Up, down, up, down and “Boom,” I came in her pussy. It felt like I was never going to stop cumming, rope after rope of my sperm flooded her pussy, as she continued to pump my cock, she took all of the sperm I had left in me.

Soon she stopped moving and laid down on me, just holding each other as I began to soften inside her.

When my cock was finally unable to stay in her, it slipped out and I began to feel our juices seep out of her pussy covering my cock, balls and soon we were soaked. She stayed there of a little more, then slide off of me and we took each other in an intimate embrace, kissing and nuzzling each other.

She asked me if I was satisfied with what just happened and and I told her it was more than I could hope for.

We went to sleep and later as the sun was coming up, I awoke with her mouth around my cock, she looked up at me, took her mouth off my cock and said, “Good morning, son I hope you don’t mind, but you cock was hard and looked like it needed more of Mommies love!”

Well, we were lovers of over a year until I met the girl I would later marry. You want to know the truth? I really didn’t look very hard for a nice girl to marry, I was having too much fun with my Mom, we didn’t miss a day sucking and fucking all during that time, even when we had family visits. After I married, we still got together for some mutual love making. It was then my turn to take care of Mom’s needs for some time. My wife, my brother and sisters never knew, or at least I don’t think they did. It really didn’t matter if they did, Mom and I were happy, and that was all that mattered.

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