Oca 10

A Mutual Learning Experience Ch. 12

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Many thanks, once again, to tangentjoker for editing this story.

This story is about incestuous relationships. There are also references to bondage and non-consent. All the characters are age 18 or older.

To better understand this story, you may want to read the previous chapters, especially chapter 11.

Martha and her daughter Ruth were telling us how they had begun an incestuous relationship.

Martha started the story: “It all began when I caught Ruth and Rick making love. It was a couple of months after her eighteenth birthday. I was very upset and angry. I acted in a way I was later to regret but it might not have worked out as well if I hadn’t done what I did.”

Ruth spoke up: “Rick and I were in love. I had been in love with him for a couple of years. He knew it but he made me wait until I was eighteen. We’re still in love.”

“Well, I had a talk with Rick,” Martha went on. “I told him that if he didn’t do as I told him, that I would turn him in and tell the authorities he had been raping his sister since she was fifteen. That she was too frightened of him to tell the truth.

“I kept them separate that night. The next day, I took Rick to the army recruiter. I made sure he signed up.”

“I was furious when I learned,” Ruth said. “Rick would be leaving in only four days. Mom was keeping us apart. She made me sleep with her at night. That’s how I turned the tables.

“I tied Mom’s wrists to the bed posts. She woke up just as I was finishing her second wrist. Her ankles were harder because of her struggles. She tried to scream, too, but I was ready for that. I stuffed a stocking in her mouth.

“I had to get Rick to help me bind her feet. We had her spread eagled then and helpless.”

“I was frightened,” Martha told us. “I really was helpless and both of children, my captors, were angry.”

“We followed the script that Mom had used on Rick,” Ruth continued. “We explained that unless she did as we told her we would report her to the authorities with the story that she had been having sex with us since Rick was fourteen and I was thirteen. When we hit puberty.”

“That frightened me even more,” Martha continued next. “The kids would be believed. I wouldn’t have a chance. Even if I could prove my innocence I would face disgrace. There are always those who will believe the worst about anyone; and people who love to gossip and spread malicious tales.”

Ruth picked up the thread. “We cut her nightgown off. Then her bra and panties. She was naked and powerless. That’s when I decided that Rick should have sex with her. I explained to Mom that since Rick and I were already guilty of incest that we might as well bring her into the circle, too. I was playing with her while I talked, trying to get her wet. But I wasn’t getting much result.

“I had to convince Rick to have sex with her but he finally agreed. Mom tried to fight us but Rick prevailed. Mom was crying and trying to sob through her gag. Just before Rick came, she started to get wet. He was able to pump harder then. I watched as she reacted to him. She tried to hide it but it was there.”

“I couldn’t help myself,” Martha said. “I have some submissive tendencies. I never knew about them before. Maybe, too, I harbored a secret desire to make love with my son. I don’t know.

“When Rick had cum, Ruth and he explained to me what must happen. I would have to replace Rick for Ruth. I would be a lesbian lover for her until Rick returned.

“I was aghast and shamed. I could never consider such a thing.”

Ruth picked up the story. “We explained her position again. She knew what her options were but still refused to see the light.”

“It took all four days, but by the time Rick left she accepted the fact that it was her error that caused her captivity and that she had to atone.”

“I accepted the responsibility,” Martha put in. “It was my sin that caused Ruth, and now myself, to lose Rick. You see, I now wanted him as much as Ruth did. I wanted to make love with Ruth, too. I would gladly become a surrogate for Rick. I had fallen in love with them both.”

“And I came to find that I enjoyed making love with Mom. I was in love with her as much as with Rick.

“We all agreed that we would be a loving family when he came home. We would all love and make love with the others.”

“Rick got home on leave three times before he got shipped out,” Martha said wistfully. “They were wonderful times for all of us.”

“Sometimes I miss Rick,” Ruth said. “I often get angry with Mom when that happens but then I remember that I love her.”

Martha patted Ruth’s hand. “That’s the basic story without too much detail. It’s rather sordid but the end result is beautiful for all three of us.”

Edith responded to the story first: “I’m glad it all worked out in the end. It could just as well have been a tragedy.”

“Yes, it could have,” Ruth answered. “We all three know that. Rick and I have a lot of amends to make to Mom.”

Mother looked thoughtful but she didn’t say güvenilir bahis anything. For myself, I wondered if Ruth was really sane. I didn’t know how anyone in their right mind could do such things. I wondered about Martha’s sanity, too. She seemed normal on the surface. She and Ruth seemed to share a real love but was there underlying damage?

“How should I know?” I thought. “I’m an engineer, not a shrink.”

I would definitely have to talk to Mother.

After a break to order pizza for dinner, Ruth continued.

“I guess I should tell you about Shirley, too. I’m not sure she will approve, so I hope you can keep it quiet.”

“I think we can assure you of that,” Mother said. Edith nodded in agreement.

“Shirley and I corresponded with each other for years. Ever since Uncle Cliff’s funeral.” That was my father. Martha, Rick and Ruth had flown in from the West for it.

“At first we only exchanged occasional letters, later emails. But over a period of several years we began to confide more in each other. I told her about how much I loved Rick. About how badly I wanted to be his lover. About how he was making me wait until I was eighteen.

“In turn, Shirley told me about her boyfriends, about how she lost her virginity. She was beginning to suspect her mother was bi. About a month before I turned eighteen she emailed me, asking what she should do. She was wondering if she was bi, too.

“I replied to her email saying that if I was there we could find out in a minute. I added LOL at the end.”

I noticed Martha was listening closely to Ruth’s story. She apparently had never heard it.

“Shirley emailed me back saying, LOL, maybe we should try.

“I got serious with Shirley. I asked if her mother turned her on. She emailed back that sometimes she did get hot thinking about her mother. That sometimes she dreamed of her and Elaine masturbating together.

“I advised her to wait until she was eighteen before she tried to bring things to a head. That would be for her mother’s protection more than her own.

“Later I told her that Mom and I had become lovers and how when Rick was home we all made love together.

“Shirley thought that was hot.

“After her eighteenth birthday, Shirley emailed me that her mother had asked her about her sexual orientation. That had led to a frank talk. That, in turn, had resulted in their going to bed together and making love. Shirley was delighted to find she enjoyed it immensely.

“When they visited yesterday, she was enthused about getting Mom and me in bed with her and her mother. Although there were several variations on that theme she seemed to be just as excited about.”

Martha looked at her daughter with a wary expression. “I hope you didn’t commit us to anything, Ruth.”

“No,” Ruth answered. “But that didn’t dampen her enthusiasm.”

The pizza arrived and we all ate around the kitchen table. Edith had to leave after we ate. I offered to carry her bag out to her car, even though it was quite small.

We paused in the garage for a hot kiss. As we continued to her car, I asked Edith what she thought about Martha and Ruth’s story.

“I find it somewhat disturbing,” She said. “To be sure our whole family seems to be involved in an incestuous lifestyle. But, until now, it has been based on love and mutual attraction. I think we’ll need to know more about Martha’s mental state. I don’t give a shit about Ruth’s except if she might hurt Martha more.

“Even then, I’m not sure we can do anything about it. Not unless Martha wants to break away.

“And,” she continued. “There is always the possibility that we’d do more harm than good. All in all, I think we should just keep an eye on things.”

“You know,” I told her. “There seems to be genuine affection between them. I saw them holding hands.”

“That’s interesting,” Edith replied. “That could possibly change my opinion.”

We kissed again at the car but not one that would scandalize the neighbors.

It was growing dark as I walked back to the house. I was thinking that I tended to agree with Edith. Hands off, for now.

Things were much as I had left them in the kitchen. Ruth, Martha and Mother were making idle conversation. Someone had cleared the dishes from the table and put them in the dishwasher.

I sat with them and the idle conversation continued for a few minutes. Then I asked, “Why did you decide to move back here?”

Martha answered, “I really didn’t have any reason to stay out west. I thought I’d like to move back to where my remaining family is; and my old friends,” Martha looked at Mother as she said that.

“I didn’t have any close friends there, either,” Ruth added. “The few friends I had in high school had gone away to college or married. I think, too, that I will be able to let people think that Rick is my husband. That wouldn’t have been possible where more people know us.”

I wasn’t sure how well it would work here. There were still people around from Mother’s high school days. They weren’t very türkçe bahis close friends, though, more like acquaintances.

“You’d have to introduce Ruth as your daughter-in-law, I think,” Mother said.

“That’s what we think, too,” Martha responded. “No one around here has seen Ruth for years. They may remember that I had a daughter, but I doubt they remember her name.”

“It might work,” I said.

“I want to go to school, too,” Ruth told us. “I don’t know what I want to study but I have a few thoughts. Writing is high on my list of possibilities. Rick’s in the same boat. He thinks he should go to school but has no idea what to study.”

While Ruth was talking, I became aware that Mother and Martha were exchanging glances. Ruth didn’t seem to be aware of it yet.

I continued talking to Ruth, suggesting that both she and her brother should consider the local junior college to start with. Especially since both of them had been lazy students in high school.

I explained that if they got good grades at the local college that they could probably get into the university I attended.

All the while I was watching Mother and Martha out of the corner of my eye. I wished Edith were still here. She was very good at moving things along in situations like this. I had no problem with Mother making love with Martha. I was starting to feel something in the air. Sexual tension? Anticipation?

Mother got the ball rolling. She suggested that she and Martha move to the living room to talk about things while Ruth and I discussed colleges.

Ruth watched them walk to the living room. She turned back to me with a slight smile.

“I wonder if we’re seeing latent attractions coming out?” she said. “I wouldn’t have any objection, would you?”

“No, definitely not,” I replied. “But Mother usually won’t go with anyone unless I’m there.”

“I don’t think that should cause any problems.” Ruth said. “Except for me. I don’t want to make love with any man but Rick.”

“Mother feels much the same way about sex without me there. She can get surprisingly prudish at times. She says that beyond a certain point enjoyable sex gives way to debauchery. I think she has a point.”

“I think Mom feels about the same. She is enthusiastic about making love with Rick and I but has never given any indication that she was interested in anyone else. Her love for my brother and me brought out her sexuality. She always seemed quite prudish before, even with us, maybe I should say especially with us.”

‘Should we encourage them?” I asked.


We looked at each other and smiled. We had become conspirators.

“By the way, David, if Mom should want you it’s okay.” Ruth told me. “Rick and I won’t object. I think she may want a man.”

“The same goes for Mother and you,” I said. “But she may feel she needs to limit herself to your mom. However, she may forget herself in the heat of the moment or look on you as an extension of Martha.”

Ruth laughed then.

“Here we are planning things out for them. Maybe we should let nature take its course.”

I laughed, too.

“You’re right. But we can help things along. How about some porn?”

“Mom and I watch it sometimes,” Ruth said. “How about you?”

“Occasionally when we’re alone. But usually when someone is with us like Edith or maybe Janet.”

“Janet? How far does this incestuous lifestyle extend?”

“Quite far. And it’s still expanding.”

“Interesting, I would like to talk to you about that subject. It seems far more prevalent than is generally thought. At least in our families.”

“I think it may be. I’ve wondered.”

“Back to the porn,” Ruth said. “Do you have any that would be suitable? We have a few in our bags.”

“Let’s get a couple of yours and I’ll get two of ours,” I suggested.

“I’ll go get some,” Ruth said. “Why not see if they’d like a glass, or two, of wine?”

Ruth had to go through the living room to go upstairs. Our videos were already in the living room. Mother and Martha were sitting on the couch together but there was still a little space between them. I asked if they’d like a glass of wine. They both said yes.

I served them both, putting the glasses on the coffee table in front of them. I also poured Ruth and I each a glass at the kitchen table. I brought the bottle back to the living room and left it.

Ruth came back with a couple of videos. “These are the ones Mom responds to best,” she said. “They are the ones I play when she and I are alone.”

“Mother’s got more experience, I think,” I said. “So let’s play what works for your mom. It may work for mine, too.”

“Give them a few minutes,” Ruth said. “Let the wine loosen them up.”

Our conversation moved on to other things. What my plans were. How I kept my relationship with my mother secret. What I saw ahead for the two of us. Some of the questions she asked were about things I hadn’t really thought about. I realized that they could become important some day and I should güvenilir bahis siteleri be thinking about them.

For instance, marriage and children. How staying single would affect my career. I was coming to realize that Ruth was a very intelligent woman. My respect went up several notches.

We got back to the subject of our mother’s.

“Mom has a very submissive side,” Ruth told me. “I don’t know if it’s something that developed since we held her prisoner or if it was always there. Mom doesn’t know, either, except she does say she always let my father take the lead when having sex.” Ruth paused then. “I found out I have submissive tendencies, too. Not as strong as Mom’s but very definitely part of me.

“Mom and I take turns being dominant. Usually it’s me. I enjoy that, too. Weird huh? How can one have domineering tendencies while being submissive?”

I shrugged. I had no idea how to respond. Not at first, anyway. But then I wondered how she had discovered submissive tendencies in herself.

“Mom will take the lead sometimes. When she does, I’m happy to let her. That’s when I let my submissive side have free rein.”

I asked her the question that was on my mind.

“Mom and I had been sleeping together,” she said. “I woke up one morning with my hand cuffed to the bedposts. Mom was sitting on the side of the bed looking at me. I won’t go into all the details but by the time Mom released me, a few hours later, I knew it. Even more, I felt fulfilled. As though submitting myself to her filled a hole in my life. Maybe it did.”

Ruth stood to take a peek into the living room. “It may be time,” she told me. “They’re holding hands now.”

I took a look for myself. Their clasped hands were resting on Martha’s thigh. They had moved closer together so that they were touching at hips and thighs.

When Ruth and I entered the room they looked at us, both smiling.

“We were talking about when we were teenagers,” Martha said. “And how close we’d come a couple of times to making love.”

“We might have done so,” Mother said. “But we didn’t even know that women made love with women.”

Mother looked at Martha fondly. “It might have happened anyway if I hadn’t started dating your brother.”

Mother and Martha were at the center of the couch, so there was room at both ends for Ruth and I. Ruth sat next to her mom. I put the video in the player, gave the remote to Ruth and sat next to Mother.

Ruth spoke first. “David and I thought you might like to watch a video. He and I both agreed that we’d like to.”

Martha smiled. “I think that might be nice. Would you like to watch one, Mary?” She asked Mother.

“Yes,” Mother said. “Sometimes a good video helps things along.”

I didn’t say anything. I thought, though, that things were far enough along that they didn’t really need the video. It appeared they had already decided to make love. Though they may not have acknowledged the fact yet. They just had to decide on the details.

Ruth looked over at me, holding up the remote. I nodded and she started the video. It was a well done lesbian film, one with a little class. Mother was watching it intently. I started to unbutton her blouse. She helped me, I think without realizing it. I fondled her plump tits and opened the snaps on her bra. It fell open to expose her dark areolas and her erect nipples.

Ruth was following my lead. Our mothers seemed wrapped up in each other and the video.

Once Ruth had her mom’s tits free, she whispered in her ear, “You may love her. Love Mary.”

With a soft gasp, Martha threw her arms around my mother. Mother responded in the same way. The two ladies were soon locked in a deep kiss.

When they broke for air, Mother said, “I think we should go to the bedroom. We’ll be much more comfortable there.”

Mother and Martha stood and held out their hands to Ruth and me. Ruth and I followed our mothers up the stairs.

Ruth turned to me, and said, “I’d like to, with you, but I can’t. I hope you understand.”

“I do,” I replied. “My mother thinks the same way.”

“Thank you,” she said softly. “I’ll get a vibrator for when the fun starts,” she grinned.

Then she said thoughtfully, “I would kinda like to have a go with your mother. I don’t have any reservations about that.”

“If she wants to, go ahead,” I told her. “Like I said before.”

“Does she like strap-ons?” Ruth asked.

“She’s used them and enjoyed it.”

“I’d like her to fuck me.” Ruth had a dreamy look.

“Fantasies?” I asked.

“Yes. Brand new ones.”

“Maybe the best kind.”

I didn’t think Mother and Martha, directly in front of us on the stairs, were paying any attention to the conversation between Ruth and I. They had their arms about each other’s waist and didn’t seem to be paying attention to anything but each other.

In the bedroom, they faced each other as they undressed. Ruth went to their bedroom. She came back with several toys including a strap-on. I looked at it to see if it was plain. Mother wouldn’t use any other kind. She was set in her ways.

The light in the bedroom was dim. Just bright enough to see. That’s the way Mother and I liked it. It was enough that we were able to watch our mothers’ activities.

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